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"This game may not actually contain the beating of devils."

Devil Beater is an Animesque Boss Game hosted on the online game platform ROBLOX following the pursuits of a mafia family known as The Alliance (and its sub-groups: Team Dimensonia, Team Varia and the Interns) as they attempt to collect all seven "Artifacts" in order to kill the devil itself. Along the way The Alliance has to overcome legions of other enemies, including (but not limited to):

Devil Beater's story is formatted in separate "Acts" and is expressed almost exclusively through the dialogue of the characters. It also features Loads and Loads of Characters created mostly by
its playerbase, almost all of which are playable. The game has yet to be finished,note  but more characters and acts are planned to be added over time.

You can play it here: [1]

This game provides examples of:

  • Action Bomb:
    • Seth Nasmeh's basic attack causes multicolored explosions to radiate from his body.
    • Zac Ramsay violently detonates upon death, dealing formidable damage to anything caught in the blast radius.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population:
    • Rufaro Hyperius, Seth Nasmeh, Kai and King all have bright yellow skin.
    • Has and Inechi Lovecraft have green skin.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: The "Flames of Fate", an absurdly versatile compound that almost all of the characters' powers are fueled on. It also determines what color of undershirt the character will wear, assuming they wear a suit.
  • Ascended Meme: Quaza Keido. Initially created by the writer of the Empire Arc to mess with players who obsessed over unlocking the game's secret characters, Quaza became an inside joke within the Devil Beater community and later ended up having a story arc written in his name.
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  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: The "50 Skill Point Cap" Gamepass. Every character has the ability to be upgraded in three ways specific to that character, with the normal upgrade cap being 15/15/15. With the gamepass, the upgrade cap gets kicked up to a whopping 50/50/50, which can potentially overpower any character when fully upgraded. This is arguably excusable during the later acts though, as the game's difficulty significantly amps up after Act 41.
  • Character Development: The adult versions of Team Dimensionia have long since cast aside their problems, likely as part of their training.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Annencio Petrin and Senor Banana, who only appeared in two early-game acts.
  • Color-Coded Elements: All of the different elements of the Flames of Fate have respective colors:
    • Aether (Sky), represented by white undershirts.
    • Agni (Storm), represented by red undershirts.
    • Flux (Rain), represented by blue undershirts.
    • Helios (Sun), represented by yellow undershirts.
    • Narukami (Lightning), represented by green undershirts.
    • Stratus (Cloud), represented by pink undershirts.
    • Haze (Mist), represented by purple undershirts.
  • Convenient Replacement Character: Mack Nyte, after Xenon Karambit's departure from Team Dimensonia.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Several characters can be considered this.
    • Keith is a free characternote  and very hard to manage, but becomes one of the best melee characters in the game in the right hands. His standard attack renders him temporarily invulnerable, his E is a spin attack, his R makes him switch his weapon between a sword sheath and a demon staff, and his F is a charge-up dash attack. Combine all of these and you've got a high-damage hit-and-run character who can absolutely devastate most bosses.
    • Zac Ramsay is the game's only designated tank character and has absurdly low damage and attack speed when unupgraded. If you upgrade him to 50/50/50, however, he can single-handedly survive the Trumpet Blaster and dishes out significant attack damage too, to boot.
    • Kiseki Kaboko is a character primarily based on DPS and mobility. His unlock requirement and average health might be off-putting to some, but he can deal insane amounts of DPS if one understands how the hitbox on his chainsaw works.
  • Disc-One Nuke: Before his nerf, King was one of the most widely-used secret characters because of his attacks being able to be infinitely charged up for more damage. Players using him were almost always able to one-shot early-game bosses purely by charging up damage through the pre-fight dialogue.
    • Chester Chai is a popular cheesing character for two factors: His basic attack is a fire-breath attack with infinite duration, and performing his basic attack sometimes renders him invincible to all forms of damage. His basic attack deals very low damage over time, though, so it either takes multiple Chesters or players with way too much patience to efficiently clear late-game bosses.
  • Elemental Powers: The Flames of Fate manifest in the form of seven different elements—Aether, Agni, Flux, Helios, Narukami, Stratus and Haze— which are used by almost all of the characters.
  • Everything's Deader with Zombies: Imogen Shinji, a zombie girl who is constantly rotting and fights with a rusted broadsword.
  • Gatling Good: Alan Batross's weapon is a handheld minigun.
  • Harmful to Minors: Cielo and Drakon have mentioned that the mafia lifestyle has not been kind to the team in the past, which only gets worse when you realize they're likely not adults.
  • Identical Stranger: Seth Nasmeh is almost identical to Rufaro Hyperius in terms of appearance, with the only differences being his suit shirt color and Seth's weapon of choice: His own disembodied head.
  • Inadequate Inheritor: Nick Nebula, upon realizing that the Dane Gang are the last unaffected traces of the Alliance, is quick to point out that unless they play their cards right, the universe is screwed if its fate rests on them.
  • Kid Hero: As a whole, it's strongly implied no one in the Alliance is legally an adult, and very few are older than 16 (Zecon Vermeil at one point states he's the only intern legally allowed to drive... not like he can, anyways.)
  • Locomotive Level: Acts 21 and 22 take place in underground subway trains.
  • Lovecraft Lite: The basis of Inechi Lovecraft's powers, allowing her to summon floating ghosts and even Cthulhu himself.
  • Magikarp Power: The Dane Gang, having been overlooked by an attack that locked the other interns in time, are the only ones not literally Not Allowed to Grow Up. As adults, they finally have the merit they deserve.
  • Power Copying: Robot Joe's ability. He uses Maurice Altara's powers in Act 3.
  • Personality Powers: The primary elements seem to be assigned to people based on their personalities:
    • Aether users are often put into leadership roles, though how effective they are at that is up to them.
    • Agni users are often The Determinator, matching the fire and maelstrom theme.
    • Flux users typically have a deep desire to protect something, employing their defensive powers to do so (with the exception of Ace Lilith, who despite having abilities centered around forming a protective aegis, is... well, guess.)
    • Helios users are typically self-centered (in one way or another) or off-putting but will always circle around back to being a valuable asset for others with the amount of sheer destruction they can potentially unleash.
    • Narukami users are The Heart, helping ease the tensions of their companions in some way, whether it be keeping an otherwise Outside-Context Problem at bay, doing something as mundane as paying the bills, or having a common banner to vent their frustrations under.
    • Stratus users often play the role of Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lovable Rogue, or Cloudcuckoolander, complementing their eccentric and/or supportive abilities.
    • Haze users are typically the Smug Snake, Token Evil Teammate, or otherwise, fitting in with their powers related to deception and hiding in the shadows.
  • Put on a Bus: Team Dimensonia at the end of Act 50, who enter a portal to engage in a ten-year training regimen.
  • Secret Character: Too many to count, most of which venture into the Lethal Joke Character territory. Demixeur Rocktune, Charles Barkley, Ineur Exstinctus Perdere Eur Sinha, Drager, Snek, Fist and King. Just to name a few.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: A problem that the interns currently face due to being initially locked in time but transported to the future anyways.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Featured on plenty of the characters.
    • Cielo de la Asad has brown hair with bright blue ends.
    • Drakon Kyrane, Mack Nyte and Chester Chai all have red hair.
    • Maurice Altara, Emily Belle, Jacob Ze Drakin and Demixeur Rocktune all have blue hair.
    • Claude Klimt and Egbert Mosasaur have purple hair.


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