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"With great power, comes great lasagna."

PippingFool is a 19-Year old Troper was born and raised (And currently resides) on the right side of the planet. She enjoy's TV Tropes and spends a lot of her internet time on there. Avid Gamer and doll collector who wants to be an Egyptologist in her later years. Her only contribution to the site was launching the Alfies Home page. Whether she is proud of this or not is a completely different question. Also, There is no such thing as an Animation Age Ghetto, anyone who believes there is is missing out on a lot of good shit.

A trait that you should know about me is that I am a quite bright and bubbly, Girly Girl and adore completely saccharine works such as Monster High and Ever After High while also reveling in the rather deranged, demented and bleak works such as the writings of Bertolt Brecht and Albert Camus.

She is currently on a quest to acquire every movie in the Disney Animated Canon, and has 47/52 movies so far. Current Target: Make Mine Music (Unedited).

Current Obsession: Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure

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Feel free to vandalize here:

The faeries welcome a fellow Australian to the forums! Now, the main rule is that everything is still trying to kill you so be weary. - a faerie

Greetings from across the ditch! —Slouch

  • G'day!

Did someone say "Fool"?. o3o - Hobgoblin

  • I love the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Next time, post Hellfire.

Thanks for quoting me about the Wii U. I'll need you to testify when my parents wonder why I've become a hobo. Much love. :D - X2X

  • Put me on Stand-by.

You're read Catch 22? It's such a good book, isn't it? :D - Anomalocaris20

  • Yep

Oh, so you're from Australia. I guess it explains your fondness for the Sniper. Well, see ya! (Cloaks and proceed to backstab Pipping Fool) —OrangeSpider


Hey, Pippi! Just checking up on ya. So, are your spelling and grammar skills back up to 100%? - X2X

  • -neck extends- nope -walks off-
  • ... $%#&. Welp, back to the drawing board. - X2X

Your ironic love of badfiction and Poops is an inspiration to us all. And especially to me. Credit where it's due. — T-bone61

hey, i might just suck at searching, nut i can find any mention of fracktail on the charicters page for we are all pokemon trainers.-Gantradies Dracos

Hello! Glad to see yet another fan of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic! Outta curiosity, favorite pony? NES

  • Rarity all the way