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  • Creator Breakdown: Gundam SEED Destiny was produced while head writer Chiaki Morosawa was undergoing a hysterectomy to treat her uterine fibroids and an ovarian cyst, as well as her battling a severe case of depression, according to her 2008 interview with Animage Magazine.
  • Disowned Adaptation: Fukuda, in a series of tweets, wasn't happy over how Gundam SEED Destiny was adapted in the Super Robot Wars games (specifically, Super Robot Wars Z), presumably due to the Fix Fic nature of the games:
    To be honest, I'm not very happy. The original story is complete as it is, so it's outrageous to add or modify the images and script. However, games are a different media so I think it's fine. The thing I hate most about the games are that even though they use the name (Gundam SEED Destiny), the contents are totally no good... There are many people who think that way, and there are many staff members who work really hard on making (these games), so I don't object. However, spare me from the people who come and go "Director, you're happy too aren't you?"Mitsuo Fukuda
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Jesus Yamato, due to Kira's apparent infallibility in moral questions and immortality.
      • Where would Jesus Yamato be without the aid of his Virgin Mary Clyne?
    • Also Darth Shinn/Darth Asuka and Chancellor Gilpatine for Shinn and Gilbert Durandal, respectively, thanks to their portrayal in the last ten episodes or so. Similarly, Darth Lux/Empress Palpacus, after the closing shot in Final Plus, with Darth Kira making an appearance in the fourth TV Movie.
    • Meer Campbell is frequently called "Lacus Clone", for obvious reasons.
    • Andrew Waltfield's Ace Custom Murasame is known, especially in Gundam Vs Series fandom as "Torasame", after Waltfield's Red Baron nickname, Sabaku no Tora/Desert Tiger.
    • Director Mitsuo Fukuda is sometimes known as "Flashback 'Em All" or "Clip Show 'Em All'', due to his constant use of flashbacks and recap episodes, and in reference to Yoshiyuki Tomino's "Kill 'Em All" nickname.
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    • Mu La Flaga, The Zombie of Endymion, based on his original Red Baron moniker and the fact he came back from the dead with nothing more than a cool scar.
    • Captain Todeka is the Gundam Universe's Bruce Ironstaunch after he lets the Archangel go after they kidnap Cagalli and repeatedly taking Yuna to task for his grasp of tactics.
    • One of the Destiny's weapons, the Palma Fiocina, is called the "Destiny Finger", in reference to Domon Kasshu's finishing move, the Shining Finger/God Finger.
  • Flip-Flop of God: Fukuda is frequently accused of these. How much is actually true, how much is the result of bad fan-translations of interviews he's given is, and how much is the result of fake translations made up by haters of the series up for debate. (It IS pretty much widely accepted that his wife Chiaki Morosawa's supposed "interview" was a fake.)
    • The Strike Freedom's technical info seemingly gets RetConned every time a new model kit or MS design book is released, to the growing frustration of the fans. At this point there have been approximately five different explanations for its golden joints. To make matters worse, this doesn't apply to Infinite Justice; its joints are silver only to make them a matched set.
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  • Franchise Killer: During the beginning of the series premiere, there were once hopes that the CE timeline could become the new UC. However, production troubles plagued the second half heavily divided the fanbase and a planned movie to wrap up the saga is in Development Hell (now unofficially cancelled with Morosawa's death on February 2016), making creators and fans give up on the saga and move on to Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Rie Tanaka said in a 2008 interview that she enjoyed playing Meer more than Lacus, despite the latter being one of the most popular characters in Gundam history.
  • Milestone Celebration: Gundam SEED Destiny was released during the 25th anniversary of the Gundam franchise. Similarly, the HD Remaster was released to celebrate Gundam SEED's 10th anniversary.
  • Name's the Same: Done Up to Eleven, with the protagonist's first and last name having been used by the main character of Ultraman Dyna, even if their order was different. Hilarious in Hindsight is that the latter series' actor admits to be a fan of the original Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Non-Singing Voice: As with Lacus, Jillian Michaels was Meer's singing voice.
  • The Other Darrin: For the English version of the HD Remaster, NYAV Post will be redubbing the series, alongside Gundam SEED.
  • Recycled Script: Destiny copied plot lines (with variations) from the last Gundam show, Gundam Seed, some examples being: Shinn and Stella's encounter in a cave (in Destiny) being similar to Athrun and Cagalli's (in Seed), while the final battles in both shows are nearly identical, with the only difference being that in Destiny, the Three Ships Alliance's victory was a Curb-Stomp Battle (and in the TV version, a Flawless Victory).
  • Romance on the Set: Kenichi Suzumura and Maaya Sakamoto were cast as Shinn and Lunamaria, respectively, in their first roles together. In 2011, they got married.
  • Star-Making Role: Kenichi Suzumura was a well-respected voice actor, but this series made him a big name.
  • Troubled Production: Very much describes the second half to the final thirds of the series, production-wise. Arguably the cause of a lot of the problems, especially the haphazard pacing, facing the series. The fact that Chiaki Morosawa was perpetually late with the scripts for a nasty cancer + depression combo, which forced the other writers to come up with quite the padding to fill in, really didn't help.
  • What Could Have Been: Shiho Hahnenfuss was to have been voiced by Nami Tamaki (who sang one of the theme songs in both SEED and SEED Destiny), but she declined the role.
    • In the dub, minor character Auel was supposed to be voiced by Richard Ian Cox, but the voice actor declined the role for unknown reasons.
    • The original names for Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice were "Super Freedom" and "Knight Justice", respectively. In the former case, it would have explained the "Super DRAGOON" and "Super Lacerta" names.


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