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Tear Jerker / Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

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  • The start of Episode 7, while a moment of awesome for the Minerva for managing to shatter the remains of Junius Seven, still subjects us to helplessly watch the destruction of many recognizable cities and landmarks caused by its fragments: London, Athens, the Great Wall... and we know it's impossible everyone got away from them in time. Made even worse when Durandal starts listing off even more hit areas.
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  • "Fields Of Hope", the insert song played during Operation Break The World is sad enough to be a Tear Jerker in itself. The fact that it is played during what is already one of the saddest scenes in the entire franchise just makes it all an even bigger Tear Jerker.
  • When Shinn unknowingly killed Captain Todaka, the man who rescued him after his (Shinn) family's tragic death. The fact that they showed how he rescued Shinn in a flashback after his death was just as tear-jerking.
  • Cagalli is told what the pilots said about Patrick Zala being right, considering that she had been there with Athrun when he had died, and had even helped hold him. She knows more than anyone else just how poisonous Patrick Zala's hatred was, as well as how it affected Athrun and she can't do a damn thing to help him.
  • There's Stella's death in Gundam SEED Destiny, in the arms of her beloved Shinn, who had promised to protect her.. And we also have her Famous Last Words: "... Shinn... I love you..." WAH! ;-;
    • Shinn actually succeeds in Defusing The Tykebomb, and Stella has a momentary fantasy of being reunited with him, and she looks so happy. Knowing what's coming makes that moment absolutely devastating.
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    • Even worse, Kira's forced killing of Stella is a Darker and Edgier re-enactment of Jerid's killing of Four.
    • The scene is interspersed with Shinn having a flashback to his family's death two years prior. Kira really tore open an old wound.
    • The beginning of the following episode is also a real Tear Jerker, when Shinn carries Stella's dead body in his arms and gently drops her into the depths of the snowy lake while uttering the words "Good night".
    • This moment also serves as a tear jerker in another way. Shinn, having wanted nothing more than to be a hero that could save people in need and having failed to protect the one who he cared about despite that he promised her that he would, is now being wrecked by guilt and despair. And all this being the final straw that anchors his decent into madness. What's worse is that, Shinn isn't the only Gundam protagonist to suffer this sort of loss. Kamille, Judau, even Kira suffered the same pain, but they had people who cared about them to provide support. All Shinn had were Rey and Durandal, who used the poor kid.
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    • The worst part is what started the chain of events leading to Stella's death. In episode 25 she overhears Neo being informed of the Londonia Extended lab being compromised. When Stella asks what the lab is, Sting says it was their home before they were deployed. This causes Auel to flashback to a kind-hearted nurse that he saw as his mother. But since "mother" is his trigger phrase, Auel breaks down worrying that "mother could die", unknowingly triggering Stella into a rampage to "protect mother." Just an innocent question.
  • Another truly touching moment in Destiny was Meer dying after Taking the Bullet meant for her idol, Lacus Clyne, it's also one of the few instances where we see Lacus actually angry. Then we have Lacus crying after she reads Meer's digital diary and learns about her backstory.. The Famous Last Words spoken there are among the saddest in the whole franchise: "Lady Lacus... My life, my song... please don't forget them... I'm so sorry!"
    • And then we have her funeral, where she's mourned by everyone in Lacus's crew and her body's shot into space in a capsule.
    Lacus: " Miss Meer, I will never forget you"
  • It's only a Clip Show, but Episode 29 of Seed Destiny, "Fate". Durandal and Le Creuset's ghost arguing over the human experience while we flashback over every, single one of Seed's most depressing deaths is bad enough, but it's only made worse because Le Creuset is narrating for most of it, and we're treated to the flashbacks from the end of Durandal and Captain Gladys' relationship. The episode is absolutely emotionally draining to watch, as it shows you just how far gone Le Creuset was, and actually leaves you rooting for the Chairman, while giving you a lot of insight into how he got to be that way. The incredibly sad music does not help, nor does Durandal's obvious depression.
  • Episode 33 has Mu meeting Murrue again, after he'd been captured in the previous episode. Once he wakes up and see's her standing over him she immediately begins crying, causing him to tease her and ask if she's falling for him, similar to the playful banter the two shared back in the original series. Naturally, this causes her to cry even harder and run out of the room.
  • The final confrontation. Rey is moved by Kira's ideals that every individual can improve and betrays Durandal who has been following since an early age. Although Durandal is still happy since Thalia is besides him, Rey breaks out crying. As the ship where the three is falls and Talia hugs Rey who in his last moment calls Talia "mother."
  • Shinn went through a sad fate during the final fight against the Archangel but it did not get as bad as Rey's. After losing his mind fighting Athrun, Shinn is defeated and wakes up besides Lunamaria. The two embrace sad when they see Messiah falling and are rescued by Athrun. It's in the final minutes where we finally see Shinn meeting Kira again and accepting to work together for a better ending that we get a happy ending.

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