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Trivia / Curious George (2006)

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General trivia

  • The Other Darrin: In the first movie, Ted was voiced by Will Ferrell; in the sequels, he was voiced by Jeff Bennett. It also counts as a role reprise from the TV series.
  • Role Reprise: Frank Welker once again voices George in the three sequels. Likewise, Jeff Bennett reprises the role of Ted (The Man In The Yellow Hat) from the 2006 cartoon for the three sequels.

The original film

  • Breakaway Pop Hit: The film was fairly successful but it was eclipsed by its hit theme song "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson. It was a substantial radio hit. Indeed, his entire soundtrack album is arguably more popular than the movie it was written for.
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  • Creator Killer: The film's mediocre box office intake led to Universal's in-house studio, Universal Animation Studios, undergoing a slow decline as Universal began outsourcing its productions to other animation studios, with their only in-house work being made since the film's release being two animated series based off Curious George (ironically) and The Land Before Time. Its demise was formally sealed when Universal purchased DreamWorks Animation and merged its television animation operations with Universal's. It's now an In Name Only unit for properties not under the DreamWorks or Illumination Entertainment banner.
  • Genre-Killer: Despite its decent success at the box office, the movie had the misfortune of conceding with the demise of traditional animation in the west and only further cemented its status in the 21st century.
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  • International Coproduction: On the animation end, with animation and paint work shipped off to Canada (Mercury Filmworks and Yowza Animation), France (Neomis Animation), South Korea (Sunwoo Entertainment), Taiwan (Wang Film Productions) and the Philippines (Toon City)
  • Life Imitates Art: Curious George Takes a Job ends with the premiere of a Curious George movie, almost 60 years before the actual release of one
  • Saved from Development Hell: The movie had been planned for nearly twenty years.
  • Troubled Production: Until Matthew O'Callaghan stepped in, the first movie was very much this.


For the first sequel, Follow That Monkey:

For the second sequel, Back to the Jungle:

For the third sequel, Royal Monkey:

  • Billing Displacement: Actually averted this time. Frank Welker and Jeff Bennett are rightfully given proper billing as the main characters.
  • Dawson Casting: Princess Isabel, a young girl, is voiced by 28 year old Daniella Bobadilla.
  • Playing Against Type: Production example. Rather than getting Susan Blu, who worked on both the 2006 series and the previous 2 sequels as the voice director, Wes Gleason, who's normally associated with DC animation, is this movie's voice director.
  • Recycled Script: This movie is essentially an expanded version of 2 episodes from the cartoon, those being "New Hundley" and "King Doggy". note 
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Princess Isabel and King Gustavo are Miss Martian and Mano.
  • Talking to Himself: Frank Welker voices George and his doppelganger Philippe.


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