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  • Cash Cow Franchise: Castlevania is one of the guiltiest in Konami for this; some Konami fans are complaining about the other titles cast aside, such as Contra.
  • Fan Nicknames, such as:
    • Somacula, for the evil Soma in the bad ending of either Sorrow game.
    • "Whip Guy" and "Spear Dude" for the protagonists of Bloodlines.
    • For Simon's walk in Haunted Castle, "Wedgie Walk" or "Gotta Pee Now Step" apply.
    • Eeguh - Koji "IGA" Igarashi, the producer of the series from Castlevania Chronicles to Harmony of Despair.
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    • Japan refers to Chronicles Simon as either Red Simon (akai Shimon) or... Homon.
    • Castlevania 64 - The first Nintendo 64 game, properly named Castlevania, starring Reinhardt and Carrie.
    • The Belmont Walk; the Pimp Walk - A peculiar stride that all of the members of the vampire hunter clan Belmont use. This most likely originated from the four frames of animation use for Simon's walk from the original game, but other 2D Belmonts used it too, leading to the nickname.
    • Simon Yagami - Simon Belmont in Castlevania: Judgment, for his striking resemblance to Death Note protagonist Light Yagami. See for yourself.
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    • The Samuel L. Jackson Attack - Shanoa's Nitesco + Weapon Glyph union from Order of Ecclesia that resembles a giant purple lightsaber, just like Master Windu's weapon of choice in Star Wars.
    • Holy Snorkel - The Holy Symbol relic from Symphony of the Night, which allows Alucard to survive underwater and happens to resemble a gold snorkel.
    • Fleaman - Originally called Hunchbacks, people started calling them Fleamen because of their erratic jumping, and the name kinda stuck, to the point that it's the official name in-game for them.
      • They're also called Humpers due to their unfortunate limited animation.
    • IGAvanias - For all the Castlevania games produced by Koji Igarashi, almost all of which were "Metroidvanias". Also used for his spiritual successor Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.
    • Classicvanias - For all the classic stage-based Castlevania games prior to Symphony of the Night.
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    • Metroidvania - For the post-Symphony of the Night installments in the series for their sprawling world map and wide open exploration. It has also become a nickname for an entire sub-genre of 2D action games offering similar mechanics (for better or worse)
    • 3Dvanias - For all the 3D-based games in the series.
    • Wall Meat, for the mysterious healing items (usually some sort of roast) that drop when walls are whipped.
  • Name's the Same: There are major differences between Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes (Alucard) and the Alucard from Hellsing.
  • No Export for You:
    • Vampire Killer on the MSX2. It doesn't help that the MSX is absolutely nonexistent in North America, making VK even more obscure.
    • Rondo of Blood was like this until just recently; ditto the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Aside from the more popular names getting together, it would seem A LOT of other names have also voiced in the Musou Warriors franchise (both in-game and Koei's other works via Drama CD's and the like).
  • Remade for the Export: Akumajou Dracula for the Sharp X68000 was introduced to gamers outside of Japan for the first time as Castlevania Chronicles. Similarly, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood made its first (functional, playable) trip outside of Japan as Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. We don't talk about the SNES Dracula X.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Castlevania Wiki.
  • What Could Have Been: Plans for a Castlevania cartoon date all the way back to 1989 with concept art for DIC showing it as part of what would eventually become The Super Mario Bros Super Show!. Said concept art however, seems to have been for an In Name Only adaptation, showing two modern day kids with Dracula and several other monsters, and not a whip in sight.


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