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  • Acclaimed Flop: Blackout was critically acclaimed but shafted by Billboard at the last minute, who changed their rulings at the eleventh hour before it was due to hit #1. It debuted at #2 and found mediocre success. Since Spears' official return to music in 2008, many critics and fans alike have gone back to the album and given it the credit it deserves.
  • Acting for Two: The music video for Lucky features Britney as herself and an actress.
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  • Appropriated Appellation: Haters of super Britney fans, and not so ardent fans of Britney, call them "Britards", the supposed "Britards" are proud of their stupid love for their girl.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: A lot of her haters and, upsettingly, many fans spend a LOT of time trying to convince themselves Britney could only ever be happy JUST being a stay at home mom and wife. It takes a lot of time and effort to think up these unconvincing theories which have NOTHING to do with her actual choices, people who actually worked with her and you know, common sense...
  • Career Resurrection: She basically came back from the dead.
    • Interestingly enough the start of her coming back was her break down (she began working on what would become Blackout as early as mid-2006 when her marriage was falling apart) and her intent on getting music out even if inside she was feeling nasty and having a Creator Breakdown.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: One of the richest musicians from 1999-2013. One of the top 3 most influential musicians of 2010. One of the richest musicians of 2009, 2010 and 2011. Forbes reported that Spears was the highest paid female musician of 2012, with earnings of $58 million, having last topped the list in 2002. Has expanded her franchise to involve movies, dolls, computer games, traditional games, clothing and perfumes.
    • Made somewhat darker, however, by the fact that since she is still under a legal conservatorship, she has no control over any of that money.
  • Contractual Purity: Being a Disney alumnus wasn't necessary for her success. People were still mad when she acted her age in 2001!
  • Creator Breakdown:
    • From late 2006 to early 2008, until she started focusing on her job again seriously and full time. Since then she's been happy doing what she loves without the drama and chaos of her former life.
    • Narrowly averted with the cancelling of both projects "Shock Your Mind" (Which later turned into her Self-Titled Album in 2001) and "The Original Doll" (which was ultimately canned and instead she began work again on what would become Blackout).
  • Doing It for the Art: Has passed into this working so hard on her career after being such an Iron Woobie all the time. She does it for her fans, and for the show and for the music. She can't quit.
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  • Dye Hard: A natural brunette, she is better known as a blonde, though she has reverted back to her natural hair colour from time to time.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Britney was forced to change her video "Everytime" when the media found out that she wanted to do a video where she kills herself by overdosing on pills. Instead of killing herself, she passes out from a head injury and drowns due to a bump on the head, dies in hospital but is shown resurfacing from the water at the end of the video, probably to reassure critics. Frustratingly, when the new version aired, many misinterpreted her red Kabbalah bracelet as a slashed wrist and criticized her for assuming she kept the suicide ending in the whole time.
    • The Britney album was originally supposed to be titled Shock Your Mind and was supposed to have much edgier, darker songs...she actually had co-written all but one of the tracks for the album. The label was displeased, though, and long-time producer Max Martin was called in to sweeten the sound. Britney was displeased with the meddling, though, and the two clashed in the studio, which ultimately ended in the two not working together for several years. They also cancelled the Crossoroads soundtrack proper and made Britney the album a soundtrack to the movie.
    • They meddled yet AGAIN by completely shelving the unreleased album The Original Doll (now Blackout). Britney angered her label by going on radio station KIIS-FM and playing a rough draft of the lead single for the album, "Mona Lisa," and as a result the plug was pulled completely on the project. Many believe that the label simply didn't think the album was commercial enough to sell well, which was the true reason for the album being shelved.
  • Fan Nickname: Godney, Fierceney, Walkney, Empowerney, Tourney, Oopsney, Blackoutney, Momney, Safeney, Socialney, Breakdownney and so so SOOO many more it can not be understated!
    • Fan Community Nickname: "Britney Army"
      • Detractors like to call Britney fans "Britards;" "Britney's Bitches" is a popular choice amongst fans but it seems like Britney's team is pushing for "The Britney Army" as the definitive name for the fandom. Spearleaders is also super popular
  • Fountain of Expies: She replaced Madonna as the archetype of "pop star" in North America. If a movie or TV series made in the past decade or so has a character considered a "pop star," odds are it will owe something to Britney.
  • Invisible Advertising: Since having her children and passing into a certain level of fame. She's stopped promoting so much. It's more about her priorities being touring/performing for her fans, focusing on her family/friends/significant others and knowing her fans are there for her more than anything else. Some of her fans resent her not doing so many interviews, cameo's, promo's and live performances on shows like Saturday Night Live though. She hasn't stopped entirely, but there has been a slow down since her children came into her life. It's a priority thing.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • She has 5 or 6 fanmade albums of rejected materials/demo tracks on the internet on youtube and various other websites. She also has a lot of bonus tracks and b-sides which are somewhat hard to find. Album rejects and demo's leak every couple of months. It's hard to keep up. Blackout Demo's are also around the internet under different titles.
    • Onyx Hotel and The Circus Tour didn't get proper DVD releases and have various fan made recordings on the web too. Her music videos often trend. "I Am Britney Jeans" & "I Am The Femme Fatale" are also in circulation on various websites.
  • Missing Episode: The Original Doll album was cancelled and fans are ravenous about the full version of Rebellion not being leaked.
  • Old Shame: Sort of. She has said outright she thinks all her past music fucking rocks...but she has said that of all the fashions she's worn, the red Latex Space Suit from "Oops!...I Did It Again" is the one thing she'd never wear again, saying it was hot, uncomfortable, and it felt like wearing a balloon. In 2004, she announced at a show that she never liked her 1998 song "Sometimes." It's well known that she also never liked her song "Outrageous," but her label made her record it.
  • Promoted Fangirl:
    • She was a huge Madonna fan growing up, went on to work with Madonna on Me Against The Music. After performing with her at the VMA's, kissing her as part of a live performance and featuring on her tour. Madonna has also said some rather positive statements about Britney and how she feels maternal towards her while respecting her talent.
    • She performed a duet with Michael Jackson, live.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • "I Wanna Go" music video she plays an ass grabbing rock diva who sleeps with cops to get out of trouble and kicks paparazzi's butts multiple times. This is the exact opposite of her Nice Girl image and all her other videos where she either dances a lot or places a Good Bad Girl.
    • Also her role as a judge on The X Factor forced her to be more verbal about what she expects out of fellow artists and be rude sometimes.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Britney reportedly signed on to record "Ooh La La" for The Smurfs 2 as her sons enjoyed the first movie. Her children also appear in the music video.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "The Original Doll", a jazz rock acoustic singer/songwriter record was cancelled by the recording company. Had it come to be she might've become more respected musically by the general public. Although the album that did ultimately result was her first to be critically acclaimed anyway.
    • Doing "Telephone" with Lady Gaga and releasing it either as a duet or on her own.
    • The original idea for Britney was to be an album called Shock Your Mind, with more grown up and personal lyrics. This was halted by her recording company who felt Max Martin was needed for at least one more album.
    • The "Everytime" original video.
    • "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" had an original video which was sexier then the released version.
    • "Dramatic", "Look Who's Talking", and "Guilty" getting released would've told her side of the story instead of letting Justin Timberlake hold a pity party for himself. Everytime did the trick in a different way though.
    • Original "Gimme More" video.
    • The original "Perfume" video.
    • Circus the album getting a song from "Circus": the album as the last single instead of "Radar". Maybe even "Unusual You" a fan and critic favorite.
    • Was supposed to play an heiress who shoots her philandering boyfriend in Chicago."
    • Many suspect that Femme Fatale was originally meant to be a much, much different album than the final product we all know and love today; a leaked track titled "Everyday" is rumored to have been a cut track from the album and is as different as night and day from anything included on that album, as it is a sweet, introspective ballad that was more than likely written as a love letter to her fiance and references her past hardships as well. Many have commented that Femme Fatale was supposed to be a much slower-paced, vocal-centric record that was light on dance tracks, hence why Britney looked like she was gearing up to promote the album as early as late 2010 (her high-profile appearance on Glee; anybody who knows the girl knows that she more or less goes into hiding when she's not promoting material). The Powers That Be at Jive, however, had different plans; upon hearing the album they might have decided that the album just wasn't commercial enough and decided to bring in Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and at the last minute to make an album that would do well chart-wise. It definitely explains a lot of the kinks that Britney's team ran into during the era, including her indifference and lack of preparedness when it came to promoting the record, the last-minute recording sessions with, the unpolished look of the album's artwork, etc. Of course, it's all just a rumor, but a compelling one nonetheless.
    • She nearly missed out on recording "Toxic" as it was originally offered to Kylie Minogue. Kylie had rejected it as she felt it did not mesh with the sound she was going for at the time, so it was given to Britney instead. In fact, "Toxic" is actually the replacement for "Graffiti My Soul", which Britney's management did not like. That song was eventually recorded by Girls Aloud.
    • She also almost got Umbrella (currently by Rihanna) for what became her Blackout record. One must wonder how she'd do that career evolving track.
    • According to a biography of Simon Cowell, he wanted "...Baby One More Time" so badly for his boy band 5ive, that after hearing a demo of it from Max Martin, he attempted to bribe Martin with a very expensive Mercedes-Benz if Martin would give him the song. Martin refused and offered up "Bye Bye Bye" instead. Unfortunately for 5ive, they hated the demo and that song became *NSYNC's Signature Song.
    • Speaking of "...Baby One More Time," Max Martin originally wrote the song for TLC, but they had issues with the lyrics, and they were on hiatus at the time anyway. There were no hard feelings from TLC about missing out on it; after all, their comeback single wound up being a huge hit itself - a little ditty called "No Scrubs."
    • In an interview with Richard Blackwood in 2001, she said she got a script and would've loved to have been a part of the movie. She never revealed what movie it was, but, by context clues (the year, "it's a love story", the other woman who auditioned was solely an actress), most people think she was almost cast as the lead in The Notebook.
    • A Blackout tour was considered but it was scrapped when Spears decided to focus on recording the album's follow-up Circus and to recover from her breakdown after the backlash of her infamous 2007 MTV VMAs performance.
    • When she was first signed, Britney considered performing in more of a pop/rock style, or in her own words, "Sheryl Crow music, but younger; more adult contemporary" . The dance pop/ teen pop style of ..Baby One More Time was the label's idea, but she was happy with the material and considered it "more me".
  • Working Title:
    • "Oops!... I Did It Again" was supposed to be called "Sunflower" or "Platinum 2000", "Britney" was supposed to be called "Shock Your Mind" and "In The Zone" was originally called "Getting In The Zone".
    • "Crossroads" was also going to be called: What Are Friends For and Not A Girl (Based upon the "Feature Song" of the movie)
    • "...Baby One More Time" was originally titled "Hit Me Baby One More Time", but the executives worried that the first two words would condone domestic violence, hence the shortening and the ellipsis.

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