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  • So you're not working the street corner tonight, I see. on the Criminal video.
    • Also: *kick* "Now I'm okay."
  • Her SNL appearances.
    • Especially the mechanical boobs gag.
  • In "For The Record" when a person who's been following her falls into the bushes in the opening montage.
  • Many of her rockumentary's show off her adorkable sense of humour ranging from imitating her father to making up her director with lip stick on her cheeks which look...unusual...
  • Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother and Jane the Virgin episodes. All hysterical in so many ways.
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  • The fact that she got Justin's best friend and bandmate Chris to film a interlude for one of her tours? Cool. The fact that he did it in drag as her? Hilarious.
  • Again in For the Record, when she glams up her assistant Brett, asking "is this hairspray?" only for the bottle to change the next shot. Guess it wasn't hairspray!
  • In Womanizer video, her cheating boyfriend at one point tries to grope Secretary!Britney's ass, but she grabs his hands and shoves them off.
  • In an interview she and Will.i.Am were conducting with Ryan Seacrest, she becomes a Funny Background Event as she learns that Seacrest is Camp Straight.
  • "Everybody has been doing emails."
  • Ew!

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