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  • A standard trait of Constructs in Girl Genius, as shown by the Jägers, Punch and Judy, and Von Pinn. This fact has led to some Wild Mass Guessing on whether or not Gilgamesh is a Construct after he managed to lift and throw a Humongous Mecha.
    • It also seems to be a power of any sufficiently powerful Spark when they're in The Madness Place. Then there's the Baron. He’s a Spark and a Construct.
  • Subverted in Van Von Hunter. The magic gauntlets acquired by Van's sidekick let her lift very heavy things, but not throw them, push them, or manipulate them in any other way.
  • Mr. Mighty from Everyday Heroes has this power, as does his daughter.
  • In the Walkyverse, the majority of abductees have superhuman strength and durability as standard powers.
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  • Nova from Overlord Academy has this power.
  • A few characters in Homestuck possess MANGRIT, which is basically Super Strength but manlier and grittier. John eventually develops enough MANGRIT to Dual Wield sledgehammers. John's Dad is strong enough to bend jail cell bars and throw around safes. The troll Equius also possesses considerable STRENGTH — too much in fact, such that his STRENGTH is always referred to in all caps. He injures his Lusus with grateful pats on the head which are done as gently as possible — made even more impressive by said Lusus being one of the strongest on the planet and the only one that could survive raising Equius. Every time he tries to enjoy a glass of milk the glass breaks and he spills it. He wants to be an archer but has to settle for being FISTKIND because he always breaks the bows. No one knows exactly why Equius is so STRONG... he was just born that way. A freak of nature.
    Dave: dude how do you even wield a broken bow? just go around clubbing shit with the two halves?
    Equius: D-->Yes. Sometimes.
  • Demon Lord Horribus from Sluggy Freelance was treated as an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain for years, until his demons finally got their own major story in "That Which Redeems". When he finally confronts Torg in the climactic ending, the gloves really come off. Though it has already been hinted that a Demon Lord is very powerful, his true power is revealed when he attacks the heroes by knocking down stone buildings, picking them up and using them as projectile weapons.
  • The Order of the Stick
    • Roy is able to body-slam a half-dragon by his tail after he obtained a Girdle of Giant Strength.
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    • Thog, when in his berserker state, can shatter steel prison bars and break the support pillars of a palace.
    • Sabine can use her hand to impale a man in the chest.
    • The Monster In The Darkness bats Miko Miyazaki through a castle wall while trying to win a game of "Who Can Hit The Lightest?".
  • Gunnerkrigg Court has Jones, who can crush a stone with her hands. As she explains:
    "Except for my own body, there is no material in existence that I cannot bend, or break, or manipulate like wet clay."
  • In El Goonish Shive, enhanced strength was a side effect of Nanase having access to magic; with it she could bench press 200 pounds.
  • Sally from Cloudscratcher, even in comparison to regular bovines.
  • Alchione from Visseria is shown to be able to destroy metal doors and punch large dents in steel armor... And then we see what she can do to flesh.
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  • The Adventures of Sue and Kathryn! shows that zombies have access to "zombie strength''. In Sue's case, she can easily lift a moving van over her head with one hand.
  • Heroes Unite: As a Superhero Shared Universe this is a common power possessed by Titan, Peligroso, and Sparkle amongst others.
  • In Godslave, this appears to be a classic for gods' minions, as both Turner (of Heru) and Edith (of Anpu) have it.
  • Grrl Power: Local spaz Sydney wants to play with a BFG bigger than she is, which overpowered team leader Maxima is vocally against. Peggy insists she let Sydney do as she wants... and it quickly becomes apparent that Sydney can't even lift the gun an inch.
    Maxima: Okay, sometimes I forget that things have weight.
  • Plume: the sphere artifact called Powerstone gives exactly this, up to 60x original strength.
  • Half-Man: Major Koda has been seen punching though spacecraft cockpit glass, snapping restraints and ripping an entire set of prison bars out. Admittedly, he did wreck his robot arm with that first one.


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