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  • In the New Vindicators universe, this power pops up, but its not too common and is often the result of another power-set: Greystone of the European PCs is able to gain super-strength as a result of his shapeshifting, Bulwark is made of rock, Coach Crag gains this when he turns into rock, and so forth. Only a few characters (Crusader, Paragon, both kind of inspired by Superman) have super-strength just cause, in a Muscles Are Meaningless kind of way.
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  • Pretty common in the Whateley Universe, ranging from Exemplars who are just really strong to 'flying bricks' like Lancer who has a PK field so he can lift that car without breaking it. (However, as a nod to "realism" and in line with the generally assumed slightly lower power level of the setting most characters' superstrength explicitly tops out in the "some single-digit number of tons" range. Thus, even a character who can lift a car can't necessarily do the same with an entire bus.)
  • Let us all not forget that Tristan Taylor's Voice gives him Super Strength.
  • Also common in the Less Than Three-Verse. Mr Perfect, The Richards Brothers and The Freak all have super strength, as do a number of background characters.
  • A fair amount of characters from Darwin's Soldiers have this power but Alfred, a Funny Animal bison, is quite possibly the strongest of them. He has thrown boulders weighing hundreds of pounds at his enemies, fought a cybernetic warrior to a standstill and disabled his gun arm - by smashing the ammunition feed port and tied a knot in a piece of rebar.
    • Aimee also has some degree of this (demonstrated when she crushes the barrel of a pistol) with her cybernetic arms.
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    • It is mentioned that bovids in general have some degree of this.
    Random Bystander: Bovids naturally have incredible strength. Trust me, I once saw one tie a knot in a piece of rebar.
    • Subject 18 from New Divide has this and it is further augmented by a set of experimental gloves he stole.
    • Gustave Chiumbo, a Funny Animal Nile crocodile, is the strongest character in the RP.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: This is one of Smug Super Captain Hammer's powers, along with Nigh-Invulnerability.
  • This is one of the side effects of becoming inHABITed, although you probably won't enjoy the front row seats to what he makes your body do with it.
  • In Red vs. Blue, a handful of characters have super strength. Caboose has it (especially when angry), which Church calls "God's way of compensating". In one of his most impressive feats, he entered an area where gravity had been multiplied several times and he didn't notice anything was wrong. Agent Texas has it, in part thanks to her robot body; she's shown catching a very large storage crate as it's dropped on her and then throwing it clear across a warehouse at her assailants. And Agent Maine/The Meta has it, able to stop a charging 'Warthog' LRV and kick it across a parking lot, and also able to punch a man in the head hard enough to kill him despite the presence of a reinforced-titanium helmet.
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  • Dad from the Dad Series. Litterally, he's always bursting through walls with his bare hands and throwing heavy objects such as vending machines.
  • Hank, an otherwise Badass Normal, can rip a man's body parts off with his bare hands [also included are hearts and ears], and impale people with blunt objects just as easily as with swords or knives. As of Aggregation, he has now gotten even stronger after being revived once more.
  • In Happy Tree Friends, Splendid has this power. It also applies to Flippy, who once stopped the blades of a biplane with his bare hands.
  • Quite a few characters in RWBY:
    • Yang Xiao Long has demonstrated several feats of superhuman strength so far, the most spectacular of which include: sending an abnormally tall grown man flying across a nightclub; smashing a grizzly bear-sized Grimm through several trees; catching a punch from a house-sized Mini-Mecha with one arm and then promptly shattering the mech's arm to a thousand bits with her counter punch; shoulder-hoisting a giant speaker that was enough to cause her teenage sister Ruby, a table and a chair to jump up off the ground when she put it down; and punching a car with enough force to send it flying down the street, wiping out several Grimm in the process.
    • There's also Nora Valkyrie, who is capable of smashing giant monsters down with her hammer, and in one "battle" against the aforementioned Yang, hit her with enough force to send her flying through the ceiling and several hundred meters in the air.
    • And then finally there's Penny, who is able to stop a speeding truck with her bare hands.
  • SCP Foundation
  • DSBT InsaniT: Dave is incredibly strong, which fits his brutish personality. It also seems to be his default strength, since he has trouble with having a light touch.


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