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  • Star Wars has a number of references, as befitting canon:
    • Izuku and Tsuyu meet and train in the Forest Park of Endoru, a redwood forest grown in Japan by a Quirk user after the California forests were destroyed.
    • Tsuyu's middle school is Danchuin Academy.note 
    • After learning about Izuku attacking the zero-pointer, Jiro asks, "Aren't you a little short to be taking out that monster?"
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    • Mikoto and Momo take the same train home, until Doromundo Kass station. note 
  • Izuku makes reference to Jobs, a Hero who was thought to be Quirkless for most of his life, and powers up by eating apples.
  • Izuku calls the cleared Reflective Dungeon that he carries around in his mechanical pencil as a portable Home Base "The Pencil of Solitude".
  • In order to save Tsuyu's life, Izuku needed to make her part of his Party, but that requires her to accept the invitation by pushing a button in The Gamer's Augmented Reality-like interface, something she couldn't do because she was unconscious at the time. Izuku silently thanked Reki Kawahara for giving him the idea of gently lifting her finger to the "Accept" button, a trick the light novel author had villainous characters do in Sword Art Online.
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  • Izuku is a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has Tsuyu and his mom watch some of them with him on his birthday. He finds them to be good inspiration.
  • The active version of Izuku's Run Skill is called Jet Set Runnote .
  • Tsuyu's Christmas present for Izuku is a t-shirt with an image of All Might dressed as Buckaroo Banzai with the caption "No matter where you go, I AM HERE!".
  • The boss of the kung fu skill book sounds and talks like Master Oogway. He tells Izuku that is because his personality is partially derived from Izuku's memories and expectations.
  • When Inko uses her first skill scroll, she remarks "I know Kung Fu.".
  • As part of his speech to the examinees, Present Mic says "That's right, true believers."
  • Setsuna mentions that she basically has the same powers as Buggy the Clown.
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  • Izuku renames his attacks to use fictional locations such as Gondor Smash, Asgard Smash, and Hogwarts Smash.
  • The Quest to do Izuku's dungeon with people other than his usual party is called "A New Fantastic Point Of View".
  • One to Classical Mythology. When navigating Izuku's dungeon (a labyrinth based on Aldera High School), Momo makes a ball of yarn and several nails while suggesting the "Theseus method", a reference to how Theseus did the same to find his way through the Minotaur's labyrinth.
  • Dragon Ball has a few:
    • Izuku's pose for entering his own Reflective Dungeon is the Instant Transmission pose (two fingers to the forehead).
    • When Izuku and Ami start discussing the Year Inside, Hour Outside effect of his Reflective Dungeon upgrade, Mikoto refers to it as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
    • During the Omake Settings the first song that comes up on Izuku's playlist is a cover of Genkai Toppa x Survivor (specifically this one).
  • When the group tries to come up with a name for their guild, Ochako suggests "Izuku's Angels", with Inko and All Might reminisce about the series. Another suggestion is Meta Knights, with Izuku lampshading the reference.
  • In the Inherited Fry Pan dungeon run, the final boss is the Cast Iron Cook. The Bland-Name Product is lampshaded in its description.
  • Kyoka's Talent from doing the Inherited Fry Pan dungeon is called Samurai Jack.
  • After the Inherited Fry Pan dungeon run, Inko orders takeout from Ichiraku Ramen.
  • In Chapter 21, Izuku runs into two villains tiring to rob Ichiraku Ramen named Iori Junpei and Tatsumi Kanji.
  • Apparently, Doctor Who is still around, having been on and off the air for two-centuries and has several shelves worth of books and guidebooks. Izuku even asks the owner of a bookstore he, Tsuyu, and Ami visited if she was a Timelord (after Tsu suggests the store is Bigger on the Inside).

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