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While there're already quite a few examples of Shout-Out in Daily Lives of High School Boys' original anime, the Cantonese Gag Dub has even more by integrating local references and memes, following their dub for Hayate the Combat Butler. Examples of the two are listed separately.

Examples from the original anime

  • High School Boys and Skirts: Yoshitake transmutes a pair of panties. He even mentions Equivalent Exchange.
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  • The Daily Life of a Lady: The titular Lady Yukana looks pretty much like Louise de la Valliere with the lifestyle of Nagi Sanzen'innote , and is served by three men who look like Chili, Cilan, and Cress.
  • Yonpiece appeared to be Tadakuni's favorite manga.
  • High School Girls are Funky — Resentment: Yanagin noted that the little band of theirs is not good enough to go to London.
  • High School Boys and Indoor Adventure: This is basically a Real Life Dragon Quest Roleplay. One role Hidenori played is Depp.
  • High School Boys and Dropkicks: Hidenori gets a drop kick from Emi while screaming Tiro Finale! — a nod to her voice actress's role as Mami Tomoe, who originally uttered the line.
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  • High School Girls are Funky — Women Who Left a Scar: Karasawa asked Yanagin to allow herself to get a dose of his Kinniku Buster as payback for beating him up back in Resentment.
  • The figure Hidenori wanted to get in High School Boys and Store Employees looks suspiciously like Madoka Kaname in her Magical Girl form.
  • The trailer at the end of episode 12 is a jab at K-On! again, calling back what happened in Resentment.

Examples pertaining to the Cantonese dub

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  • In multiple places people referred to "Makoto, scum of the earth." This is the epithet for School Days' Makoto Itou among anime watchers in Chinese-speaking regions.
  • In many places "Has he lost his mind?" was replaced with "Has he got shit in his brains?", which is the local translation of Light's Famous Last Words and is memetic on its own.
    Episode 1 
  • Yoshitake complained he's not Gundam. This is because the Japanese seiyuu Kenichi Suzumura has played Shin Asuka in multple works of the franchise.
  • High School Boys and After School:
    • When Yoshitake started played "the female classmate," Tadakuni shouted, "Case reconstruction? This isn't Police Magazine!note 
    • After the failure of Tadakuni's first attempt, Hidenori commented "the Four Kings of Dynamic Entry are everywhere!"
    • After Tadakuni's second failure, Hidenori commented "now it's messier than Rantaro!" note 
    • When Tadakuni pulls Yoshitake out of his room, he first said "Do not fear; only believe!" note 
  • High School Boys and Skirts
  • High School Boys and Horror Stories
  • High School Boys and the Accompanying Girl
    • When Hidenori explained why he wasn't with Tadakuni, he said, "Maybe he went the wrong way and went back to the Three Kingdoms?"note 
  • High School Boys and the Literature Girl
    • When the Literature Girl sits next to Hidenori, Hidenori first thought whether she wants to play Seven Days in LiveLanguage note 
    • Origninally, Hidenori commented the present scenario as bring "dreamy." In this dub, he said, "[...] Dreamier than The Girl on the Dreamy Street!" note 
    • When he started his one-liners, he said, "Now starts one-lines from 'Freedom' Gin!"
    Episode 2 
    Episode 3 
  • In High School Boys and Summer Plans, Hidenori said "Suzumiya Haruhi August is not endless!"
  • When Yoshitake answers Hidenori's second question in High School Boys and Radio DJ, he started with "Because there's only one truth".
    Episode 5 
  • High School Boys and Ad-libbing
  • High School Boys and Seniority
    • When Motoharu was surrounded by Mino's friends for the first time, he was recalling the local lyrics for Melissa.
    • The comedians the girls recalled was changed to the Abhorrent Admirer in God of Cookery, and Motoharu had to act accordingly.
  • High School Boys and Old Friends
    • When Kiyotake mentioned her sister lost her contacts, "she's impossible to get to the embassy now." This is a reference to the Chinese civic activist Chen Guangcheng, who famously fled to the US Embassy in 2012.
  • High School Boys and the Literature Girl 3
    • Hidenori: "Let me get a 'Freedom' Kyon line!"
    • Hidenori's comment on his first line: "This line is wronger than Wȍng Káichēung (his Cantonese voice actor) and more pathetic than Tomokazu Sugita!"
    • Also Hidenori: "With a bit of creativity scum Makoto (see above) can turn into QB!"
    Episode 6 
  • Opening
    • When Hidenori suspected the "Witches of the Orient" were literal witches, Yoshitake suggested a duel between them and Shaolin Soccer.
  • High School Boys and Christmas Night
    • Hidenori suspected Yoshitake's sister wants to turn them into bloody ending.
  • High School Boys and the New Term
  • High School Boys and Ringo-chan's Troubles
    • Ringo asked the Student Council, "Am I really Arrietty the dwarf?"
    • The Vice President's replies: "[...] after all, Ro-kyu-bu is liked by many."
  • High School Boys and Motoharu's Problems
  • High School Girls are Funky—the Past

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