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This show has so many instances of stories becoming anti-climatic that it warrants its own page.

  • High School Boys and After School: The boys spent most of the skit practicing a campus "Meet Cute" scenario for Tadakuni... only ending with the latter on a Pose of Supplication, saying it is completely useless in the boys' school they're studying.
  • High School Boys and Scary Stories (1 and 2): Tadakuni told extremely horrifying stories invoking extreme actions to Hidenori, Yoshitake and (the eavesdropping) Mei. They were also made up.
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  • High School Boys and the Accompanying Girl: After seeing Tadakuni walking with a random girl, his Class 2-A classmates decided to put a halt to his "date"... only to find out that she was just asking for directions.
  • High School Boys and The Power of Friendship: Mei asked the trio to find out who had been stealing her panties (it turned out to be Tadakuni and Hidenori). Yoshitake took the heat, but when she started beating him, he ratted out the two.
  • High School Boys and Traditional Events: the three guys and Karasawa go to the principal and discuss the school's "70-hour fast" tradition. The latter, having only been on his position for three years but unwilling to leave them in the open, makes up a story about how, back in 1984, the principal saved the school from complete shutdown due to low attendance by pleading with prefectural authorities for 70 straight hours. Then Karasawa reveals that Sanada North High was only founded in 1989.
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  • High School Boys and the Literature Girl (2): Motoharu went on making wind-related quotes to the Literature Girl. It turned out he spoke to the wrong person — he intended to speak to his sister Mino.
  • High School Boys and the Train to School: Hidenori spent the whole skit engaging in an Internal Monologue about whether or not he should tell a schoolgirl he sees daily on the trains that she has a hair on a mole on her neck, trying to figure out the consequences, and, eventually, why that was never noticed. After he decided to do so (and still feared a backlash), her response was a bright smile and a "Thank you!"
  • The first and last skits of Episode 4 were about Tadakuni trying to get close to Yoshitake and Hidenori, spending most of the skit eavesdropping (High School Boys and Eavesdropping) or asking Nago for advice (High School Boys and Complaining to Each Other), only to find that the two guys he thought were Yoshitake and Hidenori just happened to be lookalikes.
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  • High School Boys and the Cultural Festival (2): Sanada North's Student Council President dared Ringo and her companions to pass through their haunted house without yelling. Ringo coasted through without making so much as a noise... only to finally let out a scream of horror at the sight of a naked Student Council President at the exit.
  • High School Boys and the Cultural Festival (4): After Ringo defeated Sanada North's Student Council President, Karasawa (as an announcer) treated the fighting as but part of a scheduled program.
  • High School Boys and the Biography of a Hero: Hidenori has long idolized "Rubber (Band) Shooter", a masked Bully Hunter who saved him eight years ago. So when he returns to the shrine where he first met him upon hearing the same "Pachelbel's Canon" he played back then, Hidenori ran up the steps only to see... Yoshitake shooting rubber bands. Hidenori dashed off the stairs.
    "Who do you admire the most?"
    Hidenori, before: Rubber (Band) Shooter
    Hidenori, after: Hideyo Noguchi.
  • High School Boys and Holy Night: Hidenori tried his best to avoid being beaten up by Yoshitake's older sister, after he inadvertently pointed out she's always alone during Christmas. Hidenori, being the series' Chick Magnet, went as far as trying to date her. She still beat him up.
  • High School Boys and the New Semester: The boys spent the whole skit discussing the winter break while waiting for the first class of the spring term. Their class teacher came in... and announced that due to a typographical error, school should have started the day after.
  • High School Boy and Ringo's Troubles: Ringo came into North's Student Council to ask whether she is actually too short. After deciding the other members were too nice to be honest, she decided to ask the Student Council President in the next room instead. The Student Council, fearing that the President was going to say something stupid again, tried to prevent her from leaving the Council room. While their tactics didn't work, the President's answer wasn't stupid either... and Ringo still beat him up.
  • High School Boys and Older Brother: Mei and Yoshitake's older sister asked Yusuke to give the boys a lesson so that they could be "less childish"... only to find he was Not So Different from the main trio.
  • High School Boys and Convenience Stores: Hidenori was given the wrong charge by a trainee employee. After another round of Inner Monologue, he decided to try to get the older employee to straighten up the error... That older employee turned out to be a trainee as well.
  • High School Boys and 100: Motoharu spent the whole skit killing centipedes. Then Mino opened the windows facing the forest and let the centipedes in.
  • High School Boys and Older Brothers and Sisters: Yoshitake's older sister is clearly suffering Sanity Slippage over her lack of a boyfriend. Yoshitake and Hidenori at last get Yuusuke to call one of the latter's college buddies (despite all of them being perverts) to date her. While that guy is interested in dating a Joshikousei... what does she look like? Not even Yoshitake knows!
  • High School Boys and the End of Summer: Emi, a girl who lives in Hidenori's maternal hometown, has a crush on Hidenori, who came to visit, and planned to confess to him on the night before he left. The entire episode was about her trying to confess... and right before she's going to say that, Hidenori made a most surprising reveal: they are cousins.
    Emi: And so, my summer ended without me able to do anything.
  • High School Boys and Limits: Mitsuo has apparently been hogging a one-stop store's toilet, forcing Hidenori, who also had a case of Potty Emergency, to search elsewhere. He finds one in the public park... only to be forced to go elsewhere upon sighting the Literature Girl.
  • High School Boys and Kick the Can: Hidenori, Yoshitake, Motoharu and Mitsuo engage in a... rather physical game of kick-the-can — with the latter's Zaku model as the "can", ending with Hidenori kicking the model to oblivion. Turns out the three were planning to give Mitsuo a birthday present in the form of a replacement model... only for Mitsuo to realize that they bought him a ripoff. Come the next Eye Catch he dumps it off in a waste bin.
  • Repeatedly in High School Boys and Frankfurter; Yoshitake, Motoharu and the gang failed to prevent Mitsuo's half-eaten sausage from falling to the ground... and Mitsuo just eats it anyway... and then trashes it after one bite.
  • In the unanimated skit High School Boys and Studying, the boys suddenly found the learning curve for the schoolwork getting too steep, and got into a serious study session... before the teacher announced he wrongly used the senior textbook for the past two weeks.
  • In the unanimated skit High School Girls are Funky: Frog, Yanagin found a frog perching on the vending machine's coin drop. After unsuccessfully trying to kick the drinks out of the machine, she eventually had to remove the frog on her own... only to find she only has a 1,000-yen bill, which can't be used in the vending machine at all.
  • In High School Boys and the Worst, Yoshitake spent the whole skit listing examples to prove his sister is the worst, only deduced at the end that he would be the worst by trying to prove somebody is worse than himself.

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