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  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Karasawa, the Literature Girl, Ringo-chan, Habara/Archdemon and NAGO. Several popularity polls in, and Karasawa and Habara in particular seem to have permanently occupied some of the top places, coming in (as of the March 2012 poll) in 1st and 2nd place, respectively.
    • Given Tadakuni has been seriously Out of Focus after the first volume of the manga and the fifth episode of the anime, his position in the polls—far beyond Hidenori and Yoshitake—also makes him one.
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  • Fanon Discontinuity: Downplayed, but some fans have stated that they prefer to ignore the All Just a Dream ending for the Episode 12 skit High School Boys and ... due to them feeling that it served as such a satisfactory ending to the series as-is. Particularly given the lack of any actual ending.
  • Friendly Fandoms: The relationship between this show's fandom and Nichijou's fandom, both due to them being similar in name and due to them sharing a genre. Both will argue about which show they think is better, but the arguments never get heated, and both fandoms seem to respect each other and their respective shows. If someone has only seen one show and not the other, fans will often urge them to watch the other as well. Later fans of girl-focused series like Asobi Asobase (which shares crass humor and slapstick) and Wasteful Days of High School Girls would also become fans of Danshi Koukousei.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In High School Boys and Ghost Stories 2, Tadakuni tells a story about seeing what's under Karasawa's hat and only says it's hilarious, setting up a chase scene after Karasawa to take his hat, and Tadakuni saying in the background he made it up. Fast-forward to a few chapters/episodes later where Karasawa shows he does have something under his hat, namely, a scar from his confrontation against the Archdemon.
    • In High School Boys and Morning Journey, if Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake are role playing any of Square Enix games (particularly the Dragon Quest,) then come Final Fantasy Type-0 which Eight, King and Jack are voiced by the former.
      • This may count if Megane, Yoshitake's Sis and Yuusuke Tabata took roles as Ace, Queen and Kurasame albeit, he is their mentor.
      • Oh that Demon Lord Jack that Hidenori brought up, he did his role as the Last Boss Goetia
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    • One chapter involved the boys discussing if there were series about Magical Boys. Winter 2015 Anime Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! runs on the exact same premise — and directed by Daily Lives's Shinji Takamatsu, no less.
  • Ho Yay: Hidenori and Yoshitake has been prominent, due to their Mistaken for Gay moment, and then there is High School Boys and Annoyances...
    • During " High School Boys and Dropkicks", Hidenori encounters a girl, Emi who kicks him because she mistook him for a friend she knew, and the aforementioned friend (Kiyohiro) who befriends Hidenori instantly after Hidenori tells him to give her payback for all the times she's kicked him. They then proceed to spend nearly the entire summer together. There's even a Lampshade Hanging from Emi herself and the opening credits of the anime episode the skit was featured in, questioning if this was "boy meets boy".note 
    • And of course, there was the infamous "High School Boys and Skirts" segment, where both Yoshitake and Hidenori admit that Tadakuni looks good in a skirt and proceed to have him put in his sister's clothing.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Would you forgive Habara?
      • NO.
      • Shut the fuck up, Habara.
    • "Oh, so it was a joke." Saying this, she casually threw aside a large rock. note 
  • Shipping: If after the author's comment that the series is strictly a comedy with No Hugging and No Kissing, you'd expect that something like this wouldn't happen, you thought wrong. Indeed, there are several fan-favorites just from the anime alone, including but not limited to:
  • Signature Scene: More like "Signature Skit", but when most people think back to this series, they think of "High School Boys and Skirts".
    • To a lesser extent, there's also the first Literature Girl skit ("High School Boy and Literary Girl").
  • Unpopular Popular Character: The trio from High School Girls Are Funky are desperately try to become appealing characters to branch off into their own show, only to inevitably fail in the process. Outside of the series, they are extremely popular characters.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Tadakuni is a Generic Guy with no backstory and has fewer relationships with other characters than his two friends Hidenori and Yoshitake. Tadakuni's suffers from being Out of Focus, with no presence in some episodes and many chapters. His status is often lampshaded. He's Out of Focus after the first volume and Episode 5, making him somewhat like an Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • The Woobie: Most of the cast becomes this at times, though Habara, Mitsuo, and Overly Self-Conscious Girl are probably the most notable in that they come across as Cosmic Playthings.

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