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Jack Bauer

24: Live Another Day is a 12-part 24 miniseries that aired from May to July 2014 and continues the saga of Jack Bauer, former CTU operative and all-around badass. Taking place four years after the previous series ended, it features Jack, now considered a traitor to the US and an enemy to Russia, attempting to once more prevent a terrorist attack, this time in London, England.

This mini-series contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Kate Morgan is practically a female version of Jack.
  • Actor Allusion: By the time of the sequel series, Heller is now the United States President. This isn't the first or second time William Devane has played someone in that position.
  • And This Is for...: "This is for Audrey, you son of a bitch!" - the last words Cheng Zhi hears before Jack chops his head off.
  • Anyone Can Die: Audrey is killed by Cheng Zhi's men in Episode 12.
  • All According to Plan: Jack is seemingly outmanoeuvred and captured by the CIA in the first episode. However, it is later revealed that was part of his plan, so he could break Chloe out of the Special Activities Division in the CIA's London Station. Only Kate realizes that the escape route he took was suspect, but her concerns are not taken seriously until Jack has already escaped.
  • Artistic Licence - Geography: The notion that Jack could have made it from Knightsbridge to Southampton in less than an hour, driving an SUV — whilst also stopping to pick up Chloe — is comical. The distance is about 80 miles, and 10 of those miles are spent navigating London's urban streets.
  • Bad Boss: Margot, whose quest for vengeance means she'll kill pretty much anybody, up to and including members of her own family. Chopping her own daughter's finger off is nothing to her. One by one, everyone working for her (most of the family) realizes how insane she is and tries to pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here. However, surviving her wrath while doing that is not easy.
    • Steve Navarro, who framed one of his own agents for treason and had Jordan Reed assassinated.
  • Badass Bookworm: CIA Analyst Jordan Reed. He is able to knock out an assassin and disarm him of his main weapon and a hidden one in an ankle holster. Although he later is killed by the same man, he is able to shoot him before succumbing to his wounds.
  • Badass Bureaucrat: Steve Navarro, the head of the CIA London Station. He personally leads an assault team to try and capture Margot, and later knocks out and disarms a British soldier when on the run after he is revealed to be a traitorous Bad Boss.
  • Bavarian Fire Drill: Upon instigating a panicked crowd to barrage the US Embassy so he can enter it, Jack knocks out a DSS Agent and steals his jacket. He then attempts to evacuate Lt. Tanner in order to obtain his flight key. Tanner's superior remains suspicious of Jack, who knocks him out when he attempts to make a call to confirm Jacks 'orders'.
  • Big Bad: First Margot Al-Harazi, then Cheng Zhi.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Would hardly be 24 without one. Cheng Zhi is killed and America and China narrowly avoid going to war with each other, but unfortunately Audrey is killed, Kate leaves the CIA out of shame for failing to protect her (with some guilt over the revelation of her late husband's innocence to boot), President Heller has Alzheimer's and will most likely not even remember that he had a daughter that was killed, and Jack is forced to hand himself over to the Russians in exchange for Chloe.
  • Blackmail: Kate does this to her informant in the London Metropolitan Police. She threatens to tell his DCI that he has been on the CIA's payroll for a number of years, unless he gives her information regarding Jack.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In the season premiere, some background character drops a mention about the presence of a Chinese aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea. That carrier is later destroyed when Cheng Zhi manipulates an American submarine to torpedo it, sending the United States and China to the brink of World War Three.
  • Council Estate: Derrick Yates hides out in one after leaving Open Cell, paying the estate's resident drug dealers to protect him.
  • Crusading Widow: Margot Al-Harazi seeks revenge on President James Heller for ordering the drone strike that killed her terrorist husband.
  • Darker and Edgier: than the original series which was already dark to begin with.
  • Dangerous Deserter : Cheng Zhi. After being kicked out by the Chinese government, he shows little remorse at the thought of subjecting his home country to a potential third world war.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Discussed by Kate. She recalls a time she visited her husband in prison (he'd been convicted of treason) to discuss his appeal, and he slowly realized she no longer believed he was innocent. He was Driven to Suicide shortly after, believing he had nothing left to live for. Audrey's death is this for Kate (and possibly Jack).
  • Destination Defenestration: How Jack kills Margot.
  • Detective Mole: Ken, a Detective Inspector with the London Metropolitan Police. He is on the CIA's payroll, providing them with classified police information that pertains to their activities and investigations.
  • Diplomatic Impunity: After capturing various members of Basher's gang on the council estate, Ritter rightfully warns Kate about the risk if the Metropolitan Police discover that covert American operatives have been detaining British citizens on British soil with no permission or oversight from the UK government. She then orders that all of the gang, minus Basher, are to be released.
  • Do with Him as You Will: Invoked. Kate gets Bashir to talk by driving to a rival gang that wants him dead and threatening to leave him there.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
  • Diplomatic Immunity: The CIA London Station has consular status, which prevents British law enforcement from interfering with their investigations.
  • Emergency Authority: The Prime Minister declares a state of temporary martial law in London in the midst of a series of deadly drone attacks.
  • Evil Matriarch: Margot Al-Harazi is the matriarch of a family of terrorists.
  • Face Death with Dignity: President Heller walks onto the pitch at Wembley Stadium and calmly waits for Margot Al-Harazi to kill him. Fortunately, Jack finds a third option.
  • Fictional Counterpart: 'RAF Lower Heyford' stands in for the real life 'RAF Upper Heyford', which itself was shut down in the early 90's.
  • Final Boss: Cheng Zhi.
  • Fingore: Margot has one of her goons chisel off her own daughter's finger simply as a threat to her daughter's husband who is having second thoughts about the mission.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Mark Boudreau, Audrey's new husband threatens Jack with this. His overprotectiveness of Audrey is further shown when he commits treason by forging the president's signature on an agreement with the Russians to hand Jack over to them.
  • Impersonating an Officer: Jack disguises himself as a DSS agent during his infiltration of the US Embassy.
  • Interface Spoiler: Longtime fans of the show immediately knew that Jack had somehow found a way to save President Heller despite absolutely no evidence of this due to the fact that the episode that allegedly ended with him being killed by a drone strike didn't use a "silent clock" or even mute the signature beeping but leave the background sounds on - like they did when Tony seemingly died but actually didn't. Of course, that means Jack getting the silent clock at the end when he's taken away would seem to seal his fate.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: Between the London Metropolitan Police, the British government and the various covert CIA troops operating on British soil.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: You do not murder a foreign government official without having his countrymen actively pursue you. Bauer, tired of running, needing to ensure Chloe's safety, decides to surrender himself to the Russians and have done with their feud.
  • Monumental Damage: The centre pitch of Wembley Stadium is destroyed by a drone strike when Margot attempts to kill President Heller.
  • Never My Fault: Cheng Zhi's motivation is the result of this. After all his actions during Day 6 such as kidnapping, faking the death of, and torturing Audrey or working with Jack's terrorist father which would be seen as war crimes, his government now wants nothing to do with him and he was abandoned to life imprisonment, contrary to his previous belief that they'd do everything in their power to save him. Being the type of person he is, it seems to completely fly over his head that his actions were what led to his being declared a traitor and he breaks out of prison for revenge.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero:
    • Adrian Cross' alliance with Cheng Zhi results in the liquidation of Open Cell.
    • Mark Boudreau's efforts to have Jack captured by the Russians results in a US sub getting hacked and a Chinese ship getting torpedoed.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: James Heller, from the previous series, is now a President Clueless, though to be fair, he's suffering from the early stages of dementia.
    • Operative words being early stages. He gets more and more savvy about what's going on and takes the reins of things.
  • Only One Name: Belcheck, a former member of the Serbian mob and Jack's sidekick.
    Belcheck: Just one word. Like Madonna.
  • Police Are Useless: Despite being the largest police force in the country, the London Metropolitan Police are barely seen responding to the various high risk incidents that happen throughout the series, including foreign operatives running through the streets wielding firearms (a rare and likely concerning sight in the UK). Even when Navarro is on the run through the streets of London, the only law enforcement vehicles that attempt to block his path belong to the CIA Tactical Division, not the local police.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: The Russian officers who are trying to apprehend Bauer in the later episodes.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Jack, when he learns of Audrey's death.
  • Refuge in Audacity: At one point, Jack needs to get inside a US Embassy that has a large crowd in front of it. What does he do? Shoots some unlucky protestor in the leg, starts screaming "THEY'RE SHOOTING AT US!", and then sneaks inside in the chaos.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Invoked and weaponized by Kate.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: When he learns of Audrey's death, Jack goes on what is quite possibly his most spectacular one yet. He guns down a small squad of terrorists with an assault rifle almost immediately, kills more with his pistol, knife, and a meat cleaver (of all things) before decapitating the man responsible. For comparison in that sequence he not only kills more people than he has in any other single episode, he actually kills more than he has in some seasons.
  • Serial Escalation: Taken to extremes by the 200th episode of the show (Live Another Day, 6-7 PM), in which the show does something Word of God claims they were never allowed to before: kill a sitting President. (Don't worry, he actually survives.) It's also the first season to have a genuinely crooked Head of Station; previous CTU / FBI leaders may have been Obstructive Bureaucrats, but their integrity has been impeccable. Finally, the last episode has two Silent Clocks in one episode (once when Audrey dies, and at the very end when Jack surrenders himself to the Russians); previous maximum density was twice in two consecutive episodes.
  • Sequel Goes Foreign: Although this isn't the first time Jack's been in action outside of the United States, this is notable for being the only time the entire setting is in another country.
  • Sequel Hook: The short 24: Solitary that is included on the Blu-Ray release serves as one. Tony is given plans by a shadowy organization to escape the prison he's being held in, but their motives are unclear. Tony also seemingly claims that he wants to atone for his actions during the seventh season. Additionally, the operative who gave Tony the plans is seen contacting her unseen boss who's voiced by Xander Berkeley, who played George Mason in the first two seasons, with it being left up on the air if it's just some huge coincidence or if he actually does have some relation to Mason.
  • So Much for Stealth: Jack initially tries to enter the US Embassy by posing as a diplomatic courier. When this fails, he resorts to disarming a cop, shooting multiple protesters in the leg and blaming it on the embassy guards to cause a riot. He then runs into the embassy grounds along with the crowd of frightened protesters.
  • The Heckler: Multiple members of the British Parliament openly heckle President Heller when he addresses them regarding the incident with the drones.
  • Torture Cellar: The CIA Special Activities Division operates one in a separate section of the London Station. Chloe is broken out of it by Jack in the first episode.
  • Torture Is Ineffective: Despite the brutality Chloe faces at the hands of the CIA, she does not reveal the location of Open Cell. On top of that, Jack rejects the idea of torturing someone straight away because he knows it won't work. On top of that, one time he squeezes Simone's finger near the place where it's severed when not asking her questions, and responds to the What the Hell, Hero? reaction by responding that he has simply run out of patience with the kind of people who participates in plots like this.
  • Trojan Prisoner Ploy: Jack pretends to have captured Kate, a CIA agent, in order to re-establish contact with an arms dealer operating in London.
  • Time Skip: Apparently the only one in series history. The last episode takes place in Real Time up to the last commercial break; the final segment begins exactly 12 hours later.
  • Waving Signs Around: There are a number of people in a crowd in Britain protesting a drone program by President Heller with signs saying things like "No more drones" while chanting similar slogans.
  • Wham Line: In Episode 10 when the elusive Cheng Zhi reveals he is responsible for murdering all of the Open Cell members.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Margot orders Simone to murder her uninvolved sister-in-law and her niece, just in case the authorities think to pay them a visit.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness:
    • After proving that his drone-hacking device works, Derrick Yates gets fatally stabbed in the ear by Simone Al-Harazi.
    • Naveed gets killed after Margot decides that Liam is a much more reliable drone pilot.
    • Margot attempts to have Simone killed after the latter ends up in a hospital.
    • Cheng Zhi kills off Adrian Cross and everyone else at Open Cell after Cross hands over the override device.