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”I, as if I was a sane person, chat with imaginary characters, who have a four year long history in my life. Yes, it feels absurd.”
- Jaakko Saariluoma

Putous is a Finnish sketch comedy show. There have been already 4 seasons, the first was broadcasted on 2010. "Putous" means "Fall" or "Drop" in Finnish.

The first season was written and directed by Jani Volanen. On the seasons 2 and 3 the manuscript was written by Petteri Summanen. Miika Nousiainen also was there writing seasons 2 and 3, but he became the head writer not until on the fourth season. The second and the third season was directed by Petteri Summanen. Tuomas Summanen directed the fourth season.


Putous is pretty easily sliced in three parts; the actors/actresses, the sketches themselves and probably the most loved part, "The Sketch Character of the Year"-competition ("Vuoden sketsihahmokilpailu").

Putous actors and actresses are well known Finnish comedians. Five of them have been in Putous cast since it started the first time; they are Aku Hirviniemi, Krista Kosonen, Jukka Rasila, Riku Nieminen and of course Jaakko Saariluoma, who also hosted the first and the fourth season.

Being in Putous cast is a great opportunity to win Finnish people's hearts. For example Aku Hirviniemi and Armi Toivanen broke through in Putous, nowadays almost everyone in Finland knows them.

Till the season four there always were nine people in the cast, but this year (2013) there were only eight; Hirviniemi, Kosonen, Rasila, Nieminen, Saariluoma, Toivanen, Jussi Vatanen and Iina Kuustonen. The hosting is arranged pretty much differently every year, only 2010 and 2013 were entirely led by Jaakko Saariluoma. On 2011 the host was Ville Myllyrinne and on 2012 everyone of the cast got their own leading-turn which was decided by that, who was on "Näytön paikka" in the episode. The host of The Sketch Character competition has always been Jaakko Saariluoma.


The biggest, or at least the most popular part of Putous is The Sketch Character contest. The idea is very simple; the actors and actresses create their own, humorous sketch characters and play them. Every week they get a little task to do with their characters. Almost every year there has been a talent show and a singing contest. Sometimes they also make a parody of already existing contest, like Strictly Come Dancing or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Every week one character must be eliminated, people vote for their favourites via phones. In the final episode there's only two characters left and either one of them will be crowned the sketch character of the year. Already four characters do carry that title; Marja Tyrni (Aku Hirviniemi), Munamies (Riku Nieminen), Leena Hefner, nee Herppeenluoma (Armi Toivanen) and Karim Z. Yskowicz (Jussi Vatanen). Even the characters which don't win do get usually very much attention. It's not unusual for those characters to make a record or get their own TV-show. The happenings in the character competition often do cross the news treshold of papers and the slogans these characters say do root in the heads of Finnish people. The actors/actresses do very good work at creating those little creatures. Even thought the competition is almost purely a joke for them, they still manage to make their characters admirably right; the characters make everyone laugh from little kids to grown-ups, they are easy to identify, very often they take a stance on current talking points, they are sometimes even touching and there's always a little drama between the characters. They can threaten to kick your father's ass, fall in love, have gory fights and arguments, accidentally make their silicon breast explode, get ripped off their Siamese twin, get drunk, almost come out of the closet... Jaakko Saariluoma has jokingly stated that he hosts the competition because he doesn't need a sketch character, he already is one. Since he is the only ”normal” person in the ludicrous world of sketch characters, they often have a special relationship with him. There's also quite a bit of characters who could consider Jaakko as their love interest.


What is your number one reason to learn Finnish? Forget about it. The sketch character competition should be that for you. Seriously.


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     The Sketch Characters 
  • A-Cup Angst: Yosefiina "Yossu" Samantha Näätä. She's naturally kind of flat, but she has one silicon breast at the beginning of the third season.
  • Alliterative Name: Hmm, let's see...
    • Birger Borg (related to Björn Borg)
    • Vaalimaa's Vampire
    • (Mr./Ms.) Aimo Alamansikka
    • Raisa Reikänaama
    • Pilvi Pouta
    • Mr. Mallorca
    • M una m ies
    • Piia Potka
    • Sisko Sikiö
  • Alpha Bitch: Yossu has a big boob (yes, only one), wears pink shirts and too much make-up, she's selfish and maybe even a little bit mean. Guys like her, too. Still, she's so awkward, that she couldn't really be a real alpha bitch, even if she still was in school or had two friends (who would probably be Leena and Pilvi Pouta, just saying) who would worship her. But still, Yossu could be an awkward and humorous version of an alpha bitch.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Veli and Sisko Sikiö's mum and dad. Charming, eh? Still only Veli seems to think them as embarrassing...
    Veli Sikiö: I don't have anything to do with those guys.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Mr. Mallorca. He surely is interested in women, but by the other hand he seems to flirt with... well, everyone. It could only be because of his ”Let's go!”-nature, but sometimes there's very clear implications of him being bi.
    • For example, when he spoke to Jaakko via phone in the contest ”Who Wants to Be a Sketch Character?” (season 4), he said ”Kiitos viimeisestä”, which could mean something like ”Thank you for the fun we had last time”, and continued ”What happens in Mallorca's [[meaning the island this time, not his surname]] night, stays in Mallorca's night”.
    • Also, it's implied that Mr. Mallorca and Timo Harjakainen had something going on during the sketch character competition...
      Mr. Mallorca: During these eight weeks I got to know you throught and throught, maybe even too much... Er, Sorry, Timppa, I let that slip.
      Timo Harjakainen: No, it doesn't matter, if you once let it slip.
    • And, in Mallorca's own programme Mr. Mallorca kohteessa (Mr. Mallorca in the Destination), they apparently had a little something in some episode.
      Interviewer: Did you learn something new about Mr. Mallorca, new sides of him?
      Timo Harjakainen: I won't let anything about them slip from my mouth, ninnannunnan. But one time doesn't make you gay, right... If you're young and you need money.
    • Karim Z. Yskowicz from the fourth season. Karim appreciates women very much and is such a womanizer, at least if you consider the fact he is married and has six children. Still there is some funny confusions with his bad Finnish, for example he told Jaakko Saariluoma, that Ben Zyskowicz is not Karim's brother, but he loves Karim's ”kalu” (means ”cock”). Actually Karim meant to say, that Ben loves his ”käly” (means ”sister-in-law”). Even if we don't take those seriously, there's something romantic between Karim and Jari Sarasvuo. And there's always the scene between Veli and Karim at Sarasvuo's place, at least from Karim's side.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Man, where do we begin? Played for Laughs , obviously, but there's a few...
    • Raisa Reikänaama is probably pretty seriously mentally disabled.
    • Juri Kakka could have a schizophrenia... Scary, but could be.
    • Mr. Aimo Alamansikka could also have a mental retardation, but milder than Raisa. Same goes with Kete Rahkonen.
    • Jone Riksusta could have a bad ADHD.
    • Jari Potsi... Yes, a narcissist.
    • Heck, Leena Hefner has told us about her very own "hiding place", her own delusional world.
    • Well, Jani-Petteri takes also this trope Up to Eleven ; he goes to psychotherapy, for crying-out-loud. It's not even ambiguous anymore, it's just sad.
    • Sanna-Raipe. There's something seriously wrong with this kid.
  • Ambiguously Gay:
    • Veli Sikiö. No one has talked about his sexuality, but he actually looks like a pretty stereotypical, angsty teen-gay. There's a couple of scenes, which could hint, that he isn't interested in women.
      • For example, when Karim said very matchmaker-ishly, that he wanted to introduce Veli for some lovely chicks, Veli just mumbled ”Whatever...”. Normally Veli wouldn't have said anything. Now he actually said, that he didn't care.
      • When Veli was asked about his love life in Huomenta Suomi (Good Morning, Finland), he said ”No comment. This is awkward for me at the moment.” Karim guessed it was because Veli had a crush... But what if it was because of something else..? Well, Veli actually said after Karim's crush-innuendo, that ”we don't have to prattle here about our female-businesses”, but that could be just cover. And, after all, Karim has female businesses, so it wouldn't be incorrect from Veli to say like that, even if he hadn't any interest in women.
    • Also Jari Potsi. The picture tells it better than thousand words.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Sisko Sikiö. Yes, she's sweet and yes, we all love her... But no, we don't envy Veli at all.
  • As Himself: Several.
    • Mikko Kuustonen...
    Leena Hefner: Who are you?
    Mikko Kuustonen: I am Mikko Kuustonen.
    Leena Hefner: ...'nee'?
    Mikko Kuustonen: Also Kuustonen...
    Leena Hefner: Are you rich?
    Mikko Kuustonen: I am.
    Leena Hefner: Terribly rich?
    Mikko Kuustonen: Yes!
    Leena Hefner: Take me to piggyback.
    • Jani-Petteri's new friend; Robin!
    Jani-Petteri: Joke, joke, he's not my friend, I paid him awfully much.
    • Jari Sarasvuo on the fourth season, dancing with Karim.
    • Samppa Linna's "dad", Teppo Ruohonen, came to see, when his "son" got married.
  • Asian Speekee Engrish:
    Sui-Hing: Massagee vely good plicee! Don't wollyy, bee happy endiing!
  • Attention Whore: Yossu is pretty much something like this, she does everything she can to get attention. It's implied she would parody one Finnish infamous scandal blonde, but not necessarily.
    Jaakko Saariluoma: ”What it feels like to be here now?”
    Yossu: ”Zasca, just thingel 'bout it... Terribly good and natural, but I have lots of experience, because I'm, among other things, 'Miss Scanburger' , 2003, the third runner-up, and Yyteri, 'Miss Bitch' , semifinalist -09.”
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Every single Veli Sikiö -fangirl's heart surely stopped for a moment, when Veli hugged Sisko in the end of the final episode. Veli is normally such an ice prince and mean towards his sister, but after all he still cares about her.
    • Also, when Veli (after a couple of drinks) admits that he misses Sisko and confirms it later.
    • Then there's Karim and Samppa. Karim doesn't simply like Samppa, because he's from Turku, and after all that bickering Samppa doesn't seem to like Karim very much either. Still they hugged when Samppa got eliminated. Aww.
  • Big Brother Worship: Something like this is between Sisko and Veli Sikiö. Veli is sometimes too snappy with Sisko, but Sisko still always cheers and praises him.
    Interviewer: Sisko, tell us, what it feels like to be side by side with Veli again?
    Sisko: I can't, like, believe, that my brother has gone this far in a high-class competition like this one, and has, like, broke throught with so great positive attitude, and he has, like, stayed energetic...
    Veli: Okey, that was enough of this... That was enough, thank you.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: Kind of many, because everyone has their personal slogans...
    • Veli, when he tried to cheer Karim.
    Veli Sikiö: Let Kaarim win! (kisses his fingers) Uhh!
    • And Samppa said the sentence that reads in Sisko and Veli's parents' shirt.
    Samppa Linna: As they say, keep it Simpele!
    • Usko and Jani-Petteri did it once together...
    Jani-Petteri: When I'll grow up, I'll be hetero. That's what you asked, wasn't it?
    Usko Eevertti Luttinen: Does it matter?
    • Samppa Linna also likes to borrow other characters' catch phrases and make them sound dirtier than they originally were...
    • Jaakko Saariluoma does this pretty much.
  • Camp Gay: Usko Eevertti Luttinen is a very stereotypical fag with his feminine mannerism and that friggin' giggling everyone loves. And that purple coat. And the little finger.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Usko. Hundred times, Usko. He drank only four communion cups of sacramental wine and got very drunk. Actually, he started to tangle in his words already after the second cup and giggling after the third cup. What do you mean ”lightweight”?
  • The Casanova: Several, but let's name a couple of them.
    • Timo Harjakainen is maybe not the most attractive man on the Earth, but damn, he gets the ladies.
    • Mr. Mallorca's ”Let's go!”-spirit brings all the girls to the yard. He has told that his hobbies are "golf... And other games with holes".
    • Kari ”Köli” Rautiainen is sort of (he gets paid for that, too), but his grade of casanova-ness would probably be C.
    • Karim Z. Yskowicz loves Finnish women and apparently Finnish women feel the same way.
      • All of the above could also be seen as ”Casanova Wannabes”, but actually they seem to get the girls, even thought you probably wouldn't believe it.
  • Casanova Wannabe: Kristoffer Taxfree. He has asked women to dance with him 1741 times, none of them has agreed. He has danced just once in his life, and that was with Sannu Heikkilä in ”Dancing with The Sketch Characters”, so Sannu was paid for that. Poor Krisu.
    • Also Samppa Linna. Yes, he makes women laugh and maybe someone has fallen for him, but let's admit it, he fills this trope pretty well.
      Samppa Linna: An old proverb from Turku says, that if you make a woman laugh, she's half way in your bed - Even if the bed was bought from Masku.
    • Mikko Zetterberg. He just wants to find a damn wife for himself, is that too much to ask? His pick-up lines are absolutely adorable.
      Mikko Zetterberg: Hey, you. Would you become the mother of my children?
  • Catchphrase:
    • Marja Tyrni: Lovely, Finlanders! ("Ihanaa, Suomen kansa!")
    • Kete Rahkonen: Buttermilk! ("Piimää!")
      Kete Rahkonen: The son of his father! ("Isänsä poika!")
    • Jone Riksusta: I'll kick your dad's ass! ("Mä hakkaan sun faijas!")
      Jone Riksusta: Suck the asparagus! ("Ime parsaa!")
    • Munamies: A small egg, a big soul! ("Pieni muna, iso sielu!")
      Munamies: Which one was first, the chicken or me? ("Kumpi oli ensin, kana vai minä?")
    • Timo Harjakainen: The company will pay! ("Firman piikkiin!")
    • Mr. Mallorca: ...and it's very "let's go"! (" on tosi 'let's go' !")
    • Leena Hefner, nee Herppeenluoma: I was so, so terribly drunk! ("Minä olin hirveen, hirrveeen humalassa!")
      Leena Hefner: I don't need anything, I am terribly satisfied! ("Mittään en tarvihe, minä oon hirrveeen tyytyväinen!")
    • Usko Eevertti Luttinen: That's what you asked, wasn't it? ("Sitähän sä kysyit?")
    • Jani-Petteri: Does it matter? ("Haittaakse?")
      Jani-Petteri: Joke, joke... ("Vitsi, vitsi...")
      Jani-Petteri: Shiver, Tero! ("Vapise, Tero!")
    • Yosefiina "Yossu" Samantha Näätä: Just thingel 'bout it!
      Yossu: There's no pissis like showpissis! ("pissis" is Finnish and means a teenybopper)
    • Kari "Köli" Rautiainen: That's what I'm paid for, isn't it?
    • Karim Z. Yskowicz: Uhh!
      Karim Z. Yskowicz: Loovvely! ("Iihhaanaa!")
      Karim Z. Yskowicz: A lovely, Finnish woman! ("Ihana somelainen muija!")
    • Veli Sikiö: Let me become marginalized... ("Anna mun syrjäytyä...")
      Veli Sikiö: Don't touch me! ("Älä koske muhun!")
    • Samppa Linna: Insane jokenderos! ("Mielenvikast läppändeerust!")
      Samppa Linna: You can use it, but hey, you don't have to! ("Saa käyttää, mut ei ol pakko, hei!")
  • Chick Magnet: Jaakko Saariluoma. And he get's the guys too. He's the love interest of several sketch characters, God knows why. Well, he is adorable and cute, maybe that's the reason. Poor Jaakko. The first one that fell for him was probably Raisa Reikänaama from the first season. Many other characters have at least some romantical or sexual subtext with him. The most famous admirers of his include Raisa Reikänaama, Kete Rahkonen (they kissed once), Mr. Mallorca (subtext), Leena Hefner (the most dedicated and desperate), Usko Eevertti Luttinen (subtext), Hieno Åhlgreen... Yeah. Jaakko gets the bitches.
  • Conjoined Twins: Veli and Sisko Sikiö, even thought they got separated already in the fifth episode of the fourth season. The funny thing is, that they are not identical, they're not even the same sex or age; Veli is 27 year old ”big brother” and Sisko is probably 14 year old ”little sister”. They didn't born the same time, Veli was pretty surely 12-13, when Sisko was discovered from his flank; at first doctors apparently thought Sisko was a tumor. How on earth did she grow and became a real human? No one knows.
  • Creepy Uncle: Yossu's ex-boyfriend's Ycä's father Äky, who is at the same time Yossu's uncle. Yes, Yossu did date her own cousin, but that doesn't make Äky's question ”Yossu, would you agree to be casting an adult entertainment film?” any less creepy or perverted.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Leena Hefner, nee Herppeenluoma, after ”breaking up” with Jaakko.
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Leena, what's the matter?
    Leena Hefner: I am so, terribly...
    Jaakko Saariluoma: ...'drunk'?
    Leena Hefner: ...intoxicated!
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Intoxicated, why?
    Leena Hefner: I am depressed!
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Depres-... What has happened?
    Leena Hefner: I am completely numb by our break up...
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Veli Sikiö looks pretty feminine, don't try to deny it. Many people looked at him the first time and thought he was a woman, but then they looked again. The only one in Putous, who has commented about Veli's womanlike features, is Karim. For example, he said that Veli's hair is very lovely but a bit girly.
    Karim: (puts a flower behind Veli's ear) You look a bit like a Finnish chick... (laughs)
    Veli: Kaarim, I have never before been this embarrassed!
  • Dumb Blonde: Yosefiina ”Yossu” Samantha Näätä. Of course. She's just incredibly stupid, a real bimbo.
    Jaakko Saariluoma: What's wrong in the Finnish society nowadays? Yossu, what's wrong?
    Yossu: Huh? Huh? Zasca, I'm here, I'm just okay! Oh.
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Okay, but what's wrong with the society?
    Yossu: Oh, Zasca, the surgeries are wrong, if you now wat I'm walking adoupt...
    Jaakko Saariluoma: ...riiight.
    • Also Pilvi Pouta from the second season. Top it off, she speaks Swedish.
  • Embarrassing First Name: Well, even thought it's not so bad... Jari-Antero Mallorca? Really?
  • Emo Teen: Veli Sikiö.
  • Evil Laugh: Veli, before finally getting separated from Sisko.
  • Fangirl: Sisko Sikiö.
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Welcome, Sisko!
    Sisko: Thank you, Jaska, I'm so glad to, like, be here, because I have like watched all the episodes like from videotape and I, like, know all the lines by heart, and I, like, adore this programme so much, I'm like so hard Putous-fan, I adore this programme more than one can shake a stick at, I have like always hoped, that if I could just come here next to you, and here I am like standing, here, right next to you, and you're like there and I'm like here and there's like nobody between us, and then I just, like, am here, or something like that... But anyway... This is the way we go! Well, Jaska, now it's your turn, will you ask me those questions?
  • Fanservice: Mr. Mallorca's revealing Hawaii-shirt. Nuff' said.
    • The whole character of Veli Sikiö. Those leatherpants, those goddamn leatherpants.
  • Funny T Shirt: There's a text in Mikko Zetterberg's shirt which says "Mikko is a limp dick. -not-".
    • Mikko told that his ex-girlfriend gave it to him and Mikko is now looking for someone who could undress him from this burden of past. Poor thing.
  • Hates Being Touched: Veli Sikiö.
    Veli Sikiö: Don't touch me! Let me become marginalized! Let it be!
    • Even thought when Veli got separated from Sisko, he clearly wanted to touch everyone... He even asked people to touch him. Aww.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today??: Usko Eevertti Luttinen. Everyone knows he is gay, it's written all over his face, speech and mannerism... Even that ridiculous purple jacket screams ”GAY GAY GAY GAYYY”. Still he denies it. Whenever someone says he is ”a homo”, he snaps quickly after that ”...sapiens!”. He is married to a woman and has even expressed his kind of negative attitude towards gays, but still he just is the gayest character of Putous of all time.
    Sulo: ”Usko, ruff!”
    Usko Eevertti: (hides behind his Bible) ”Yikes..!”
    Sulo: ”Are you afraid of anything?”
    Usko Eevertti: ”Yeah, right... We all have those things that make us think, and yeah, erm, well, we live in a confusing world, and, erm...”
    Hieno Åhlgreen: ”Oh, Usko dear, just answer the question already!”
    Leena Hefner: ”Answer, you homo!”
    Usko Eevertti: ”...SAPIENS! I answer sapiens!”
    Hieno Åhlgreen: ”Wrong answer!”
  • Heh Heh, You Said "X": Well, more than one, but...
    Leena Hefner: ...a terribly big perm...
    Yossu: Sperm? Yes.
    Usko Eevertti: (giggles)
    Hieno Åhlgreen: What's so funny?
    Usko Eevertti: Sp-... Sperm... (giggles)
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY":
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Welcome, Kaarim...
    Karim Z. Yskowicz: Karim.
    Jaakko Saariluoma: ...Kaarim...
    Karim Z. Yskowicz: Karim!
    Jaakko Saariluoma: ...Karim Z. Ysko-...
    Karim Z. Yskowiz: Karim, Karim, like this Karim Tapio!
  • Lady Drunk: Leena Hefner, nee Herppeenluoma. She's drunk 24/7 and announces it very often, too, by saying ”I'm so, terribly drunk” (In Finnish: "Minä oon hirveen, hirrveeen humalassa...").
    Leena Hefner: ”We haven't slept, we haven't eaten... We have drunk, and I have been so, terribly...”
    Jaakko Saariluoma: ”... 'drunk' ?”
    Leena Hefner: ”I bet you have, but Jaakko, now I can't start solving your drinking problem here!”
  • Mr. Fanservice: Veli Sikiö and his leatherpants. Million times Veli Sikiö and his leatherpants.
  • Overly Long Name: Usko's full name...
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Could you first tell us your full name?
    Usko Eevertti: Usko Eevertti Rullaverho Penaali Anaali Efraimintytär Luttinen. That's what you asked, wasn't it? I had very playful parents.
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Yes, very playful.
    Usko Eevertti: Yeah.
    Jaakko Saariluoma: Er, is it alright we use the name "Usko"?
    Usko Eevertti: You can use Usko as much as you want, but you can also call me "Efraimintytär".
    • Usko's name, if we would translate it completely in English, would be "Faith Eevertti Rollsign Pencil case Anal Ephraim's Daughter Luttinen". So you understand now, how playful his parents actually were?
      • The name is a parody of Pippi Longstocking's Finnish name, which is "Peppi-Lotta Sikuriina Rullakartiina Kissanminttu Efraimintytär Pitkätossu".
  • Pet the Dog: Everybody was interested about the dachshund Sanna-Raipe told about, but the first question about it came from Veli. Seriously, from Veli. And he sounded pretty excited when he heard it was a sausage dog. Not so cold boy after all, hmm?
  • Pretty Boy: Veli Sikiö. He is just so unspeakably beautiful. Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's maybelline... Well, it pretty surely is maybelline, because many fangirls don't see Riku Nieminen even a half as pretty as Veli. But Veli is beautiful, it's one of the unwritten rules of Putous.
  • Punny Name: Putous simply loves these. Let's see.
    • Jone Riksusta from the first season. Even thought usually we just take "Riksusta" as his surname, it could also mean, that he is "Jone from Riksu". "Riksu" is a nickname for a Finnish City called "Riihimäki".
    • Marja Tyrni would straightly translated mean "Berry Sea-buckthorn". Fits kind of perfectly, because Marja is a baker.
    • Timo Harjakainen from the second season has a funny pun in his surname; "pitää harjakaiset" means having a roofing celebration. Let's just sum up the fact Timo is a supervisory contractor.
    • Jari Potsi. If we use spoonerism, we get "Pori Jatsi". "Pori Jazz" is an international music festival, which takes it's place in Pori. And Jari Potsi is an artist.
    • Sui-Hing sounds pretty much the same as "suihin". "Ottaa suihin" means to give someone a blowjob. And Sui-Hing is a very stereotypical Thai masseuse...
    • On the third season there's Hieno Åhlgreen. It's sounds like the word "åldring". That means a senior in Swedish. Hieno has born in 1900, so she's now 113 years old. Plus, "Hieno" means fine or elegant in Finnish.
    • There's a bugbear called Sulo. It means charm. More likely it's derived from the word "suloinen", which means "cute".
    • Piia Potka's surname means shank, and she's a butcher/carver.
    • Usko Eevertti Luttinen is a priest, and his name "Usko" means faith, believing or christianity. That makes the phrase "tulla uskoon" (means starting to be a christian, but can also mean "come in Usko") pretty suspicious... And then there's his middle name and surname, "Eevertti Luttinen", sounds like "Evangelical Lutheran", doesn't it?
    • From the fourth season, Sisko's and Veli's names mean simply "sister" and "brother". And they are Conjoined twins before they get separated. Their surname "Sikiö" means fetus. A lovely sibling pair, gotta say.
    • Kristoffer Taxfree loves every sort of cruises passionately.
    • Hänman is almost like He-Man; "hän" means he or she in Finnish.
    • Karim Z. Yskowicz's middle name's first letter "Z" and his surname "Yskowicz" do make together "Zyskowicz", and Ben Zyskowicz is a Finnish politician. They have the same political party, "Kokoomus" ("National Coalition Party").
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Veli and Sisko Sikiö. Just watch them. They're actually very stereotypical ”good side – bad side” -twins/siblings. Sisko talks way too much and is always cheerful and happy, unlike Veli, who thinks everything is ”awkward” and spends a big part of his time trying to become marginalized.
  • Theme Twin Naming: Sisko and Veli Sikiö. "Sisko" means "sister" in Finnish, "Veli" means "brother". They are really names.
  • Too Much Information:
    Jaakko Saariluoma: (speaking of Viking Grace) Oh, wasn't it this new boat which had it's maiden voyage?
    Kristoffer Taxfree: Yes... Geez, what a virgin voyage! The boat lost it's virginity, Krisu didn't!
    Hänman: That was a good anecdote!
    Jaakko Saariluoma: ...thank you, Krisu, for this vitally important information.
    Kristoffer Taxfree: You're welcome!

     The Actors and Actresses 
  • As Himself: In the Sari-sketch...
    "Like was that Jaakko Saariluoma?"
    "He's lovely as a puppy..."
    "Yes, he's very chubby!"
  • Dumb Blonde: Even thought everyone knows, that Iina Kuustonen isn't dumb, in many inserts she's seen as some kind of airhead.
  • Running Gag: Several, for example "Jaakko Saariluoma is fat".
  • Shipper on Deck: Krista Kosonen, when Jari Selänne and Suvi Kolehmainen are getting married. One of us. Clearly one of us.
    Krista Kosonen: And I am Krista Kosonen, who is too touched to say a single word... Have a wonderful day!

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