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    Web Animation 
  • From Team Four Star, from Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged, The noises made by the Mako Reactor Mutant in episode 11. The subtitles even lampshade it
  • In Season 4 of RWBY, the Nuckelavee Grimm's call is a loud, piercing, two-toned shriek unlike anything else heard in the show, able to be heard from miles away. It sounds vaguely like a crowd of people screaming in terror and death - likely deliberate, in order to further instill panic in its prey.
    • Then, in the finale of Season 5, we see an illusion of Salem that produces a multi-tonal, ear-splitting roar that outdoes the Nuckelavee.
    • CRWBY obviously thought they hadn't made their Grimm creepy enough yet, for Volume 6 gives us the freaking Apathy. A single scream from them not only haunts the nightmares of the viewers, it also drains Team RWBY of their energy, their will to fight, and even their will to live.
  • Salad Fingers was already freaking people out from day one with "Beware The Friendly Stranger" by Boards of Canada as it's creepy background music, but then it had to get worse in episode 2 where the titular character has a dream that he's speaking to one of his finger puppets, who responds to him with an unidentifiable, ear-piercing screech.
  • Thomas's anguished screams of physical agony and emotional implosion after his locomotive casting bursts open and his warped skeletal innards crawl out when he discovers The Awful Truth about his existence at the end of Shed 17. At first it's terrifyingly inhuman, then it starts to sound like crying, as if he's screaming "WHY?? WHY??"

    Web Video 
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: The Spoony One hearing the noise that the Entity makes when it's claiming one of its victims. Then the creepy laugh that follows it. When hears it, he actually says the trope name word for word.
  • Cammy's screech in the intro to A Couple Of Cunts In The Countryside's ghosts episode.
  • In Diamanda Hagan's review of Sextette, she dubs over Dom DeLuise's musical number with "something a little more pleasant". In the ending credits, she reveals what the noise was; an angry Tasmanian Devil.
  • The first Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has an extremely corrupted woodwind instrument noise at the end (There is Nightmare Retardant at play here as you can hear whoever was playing it and several other people cheerfully crack up after the final note plays).
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • The series has very good voice acting. In the case of Android 18's absorption at the end of Episode 51, too good.
    • Imperfect Cell's debut in the main series with his creepy humming and singing of "Mr. Sandman" counts as this.
  • Marble Hornets: Coughing and audio distortions are the two big ones. The deep imitation of a human voice done by the Operator also counts, though it's a lot rarer.
    • Whatever it is that the ADA did to Mount Rushmore during RUSHMOREREVENGE, one of the "symptoms" was that strange, high-pitched howls of some kind started coming from it five days in, getting especially bad as the mountain grew spikes of some kind.
    • The noises coming from the electrified cavern (assumed to be the Horned Serpent) in MAIZEMOVIEMAKER once interlopers wake it up are vaguely similar. And they're unsettling enough as is, coupled with its thundering.
    • Air raid sirens are unnerving enough as is. An air raid siren during an ADA broadcast hijack perhaps more so, but as the events of DEANDISASTER showed, it was only the prelude to something much, much worse, as every siren in the nation started blaring loud enough to blow out the eardrums of every person in the USA.
    • LIBERTYLURKERS completes this trifecta with lower-pitched, much lowder howls coming from the Liberty Lurker emerged from the Statue of Liberty's pedestal... right after its true nature is revealed.
    • Throughout the series, we're told the Special Trees sometimes sing to draw in specific people; a rhyme also implies they can do this to defend themselves, and that wherever they came from, they all sang as well. We get further and further information into this strange, infinite forest they apparently came from, but never get to hear these songs until LIBERTYLURKERS provides direct footage of their realm. They are indeed all singing down there, an infinite cacophony of alien tones that can cause permanent brain damage if heard too long.
  • In the review of Scooby-Doo, The Nostalgia Critic's trips to purgatory are punctuated with one tone getting louder and louder, not unlike the Joker's theme in The Dark Knight.
  • In Episode 12 of Satellite City and afterwards, we hear a sinister, echoing popping sound whenever the hideous and terrifying Dizzy Jones is on the hunt. Not to mention the same character's voice, which can almost be mistaken for the voice of a normal human. Almost.
  • There Will Be Brawl:
    • Lakitu, since Episode 6, finds terror in Mario's laughter after Mario runs him over with a Yoshi. (Ironic in that this happens while he is reporting that the kingdom is rid of the Mario Brothers.)
    • The electronic chirps and beeps of the Game & Watches.
      Fox: What is wrong? What is noises?
    • Absolutely, the off-screen sound of Ness' bat scraping on the ground.

  • The Slender Man loves this trope. Mostly with the Operator's imitation of a human voice.
    The Operator: Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to... you... Happy... birthday, dear Alex... Happy... birthday... to you...
  • This video Scary Mystery contains nothing except freaking hellish, demonic, extremely loud, shrill ear piercing banshee-like screams that can cause your ears to bleed to death being heard repeatedly while overlapping the background music. An odd blend of scary and super annoying. Fair warning, don't watch the entire thing with your headphones at full volume.
  • The Noedolekcin Archives: Partway in the middle of "Nick Jr. Anomaly (2001, Found Footage)", there is a very heavily distorted version of a child screaming.
  • The Sun Vanished: With how little light there is, one could almost be thankful the dangers out there have distinctive sounds. Almost.
  • In Twig, the Ghosts are modified humanoid who communicate through sounds above human hearing and navigate with echolocation. Realizing this, Helen captures one and kills it slowly and painfully, which allows its screams to be heard by its fellows, manifesting as a distant buzzing on the edge of hearing. The sound of one of their own suffering when they've never encountered a Worthy Opponent before is enough to massively unsettle them and give Helen an edge.
  • In a video of TwoSet Violin's where they unbox and test shoddy, cheap violins bought off the internet, the first one does not make any sound when used with the bow that comes with it, but when played with an actual violin bow, it makes a dreadful half-screech-half-groan that's described as "what you hear when death approaches you".
  • In Welcome to Night Vale, there is the sound of station management when they come out of their office after Cecil angers them by describing them on air.
  • WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK.: Used to great effect in many of the tapes. In some of them, the volume is cranked up too loud, while others, such as "Red Mist Anomaly", feature sounds that can only be described as close to humans screaming.
  • You Awaken in Razor Hill. Scr@pe
    • An interesting variation, because the story is in second person, you the audience is the main character hearing the sounds.
    • Also features cloth rustling sounds, things in the dark, and various other stock Horror movie sound effects. Constantly. Until right at the end. The Narrator actually comments at that point that this is the first time it's ever been ''completely silent'' since you woke up in Razor Hill. Meaning the sounds were so constant, you mentally tuned them out to the point where you don't realize they were still there until they are gone.