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  • Bastard!!: In volume 19, Uriel transforms itself to fight a demon. An effect of that transformation is one half of his body change colour. Dark Schneider starts mocking him, calling him -among other things- a Baron Ashura rip-off.
  • Cannon God E Xa X Xion: When Hoichi infiltrates his school incognito, he uses the surname Kabuto.
  • Dr. Slump: One of the Humongous Mecha created by Dr. Mashirito is a parody of Mazinger-Z.
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  • Dragon Half: Several: Damaramu's cybernetic body is made from "Super Alloy Z" and is fitted with a Chest Blaster; Rogue Finn's robot Girls were armed with a Rocket Punch and Torpedo Tits...
  • Getter Robo: The Big Bad of Getter Robo Go is a Mad Scientist with a long Bard Of Evil. His Dragon is an androginous being and his minions are cyborg zombies.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: One of the disguises of Onizuka made him resembling Baron Ashura.
  • Himmlische Krieger Evangelion: Gendo uses a grappling hook on a Super Alloy Z pipe to make his debut.
  • Lil' Formers: In this vignette Mazinger-Z shows up together with other robots.
  • Mahoromatic: Mahoro defeats an enemy with Torpedo Tits. She even shouts "OPPAI MISSAIRU!"
  • Muteki Kanban Musume: Onimaru is named after the school bully of one of the episodes.
  • Tech Romancer: G. Kaiser and its pilot are blatant Kouji and Mazinger expies.
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  • Sentai School: One of the characters, Koji Alcor, is a spoof of Kouji Kabuto.
  • Urusei Yatsura: During a dream sequence Ataru was a robot fitted with a Rocket Punch.


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