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Heartwarming / Mazinger Z

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Scene from ''Mazinger-Z vs Ankoku Daishogun
  • In an earlier episode, a shy, quiet school kid begins attending Shiro's school. Soon he is being picked on by all bullies on the classroom. Shiro defends him at the beginning, but when he kid shows he is hesitant about standing up for himself, Shiro retorts then he can not help him. The bullying goes on until the point of, when Baron Ashura shows up and offers him a giant robot to scare away his tormentors, the kid does not refuses. However, when the robot predictably disobeys his commands, the kid finds himself locked in the cockpit together his worst tormentor. Kouji tries rescue both of them, but the bully's leg is broken and he can't escape. Still, the kid he has been bullying refuses leaving without him. Later, when Kouji has won the battle, the bully has realized he has beem a jerk and apologises. His former victim tells he forgives him and only want they are friends. Aww...
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  • In episode 14 Spartan K5 is introduced. Unlike other Mechanical Beasts it only defends itself when attacked. It's sent out to sortie in Japan only for Kouji and Sayaka to find it napping on a hill. When Sayaka points out how strange it is Kouji lays down next to it and holds a mostly one sided chat about peace. Spartan K5 can at least nod in reply about enjoying peace. It also doubles as pretty funny.
  • In episode 26 Kouji has been brutally beaten to the point of he is temporarily blind when a new Mechanical Beast attacks. He barely is able to follow Yumi's instructions to dock the Pilder in Mazinger's head, but he hardly can move Mazinger without stumbling or falling, let alone fighting. Sayaka (riding Aphrodite A) rushes to catch him and reassures him she will lead him to the place. And then Mazinger and Aphrodite walk towards the battle holding hands.
  • Episode 27: Aphrodite A has been captured and Sayaka is trapped in Ashura's submarine fortress. Before he/she can cold-bloodedly kill Sayaka, though, Kouji arrives and unties his partner. Both teens hug at each other tightly. Later, when they are running towards the exit:
    • ->Kouji: We will have to dive in the sea to escape!
    • ->Sayaka: But Aphrodite has not been modified to swim! I can not-!
    • ->Kouji: Trust me.
  • Episode 29: Kouji is worried about Sayaka after having seen a Kikaiju destroying the city. He is searching Sayaka, muttering her name constantly, and finally he finds her lying unconscious beside an absolutely wrecked Aphrodite. Kouji wakes her up, and she shocked, tells he needs to get in Mazinger NOW and stop that Kikaiju. Kouji smiles and he tells he was just worried about her.


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