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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why did Dr. Hell Mooks are so different depending on the squad? Because Ashura is a Cyborg created from the remains of couple of Mykene dead milennia ago, so his/her troops resemble Greek soldiers. And Count Brocken is an ex-Nazi officer, so his troops are outfitted and equiped like a modern soldier would do.
  • When you think over it, Shiro is quite active and has a lot of hobbies for a ten-years-old. He likes raising chickens and carrier pigeons, building toy planes, drawing, painting... Then you realize who his grandfather and his father are and even his Idiot Hero of a brother built a makeshift ufo, and you realize intelligence runs on Kabuto family's blood.
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  • The exotic weaponry of the Mazinger family tends to be consistent in portrayl. The Rust Hurricane is always a turbulant stream of corrosive agents that rapidly oxidizes and destroys metallic enemies, the Photon Beams are consistently shown to work like particle beams, and the Breast Fire/Breast Burn/Fire Blaster is consistently shown to be a powerful heat weapon that sets things alight and melts enemy Mechabeasts, evocative of a powerful microwave projection system.


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