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Recap / Fringe S02 E20 "Brown Betty"

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Season 2, Episode 20:

Brown Betty
I have spent my life making things that bring joy and happiness, to make the world a better place. Bubble Gum was one of my first. Ah. Flannel Pajamas. Oh, Rainbows. And my latest project, Singing Corpses.

The episode begins with Walter smoking his own strain of marijuana called "Brown Betty" while Olivia attempts to find Peter, who has disappeared after learning Walter stole him from the alternate universe. Because Olivia's sister Rachel is unavailable, she brings her niece Ella to the lab for Walter and Astrid to look after. To pass the time, Walter tells Ella a detective noir story in which Olivia is a private investigator.

In the story, Rachel approaches Olivia to find her boyfriend, Peter, who has gone missing. During the investigation, Detective Broyles leads her to Massive Dynamic, where the CEO Nina Sharp informs her that Peter is a conman and industrial spy. Later, Rachel is found murdered, with her heart taken. Olivia finds a check signed by Walter Bishop, an inventor that has created "everything that is wonderful in the world" in order to benefit humanity (hugs, rainbows, bubblegum, singing corpses). Questioning Walter, Olivia learns that Peter worked with Walter, who treated him like a son. One day, Walter made a glass heart but Peter later stole it. Were the heart not to be found, Walter and his ideas would die. To help find Peter, Olivia calls her assistant, "Esther Figglesworth."


Later, Olivia follows Nina Sharp, only to find herself kidnapped by a "Watcher," working for Sharp. The Watcher attempts to kill Olivia by placing her in a wooden crate and sending it out to sea. Fortunately, Olivia is rescued by Peter. After taking her to his hideout, he reveals that the glass heart was his by nature of having been born with it, and that after working with Walter, Peter loved him enough to donate it to him. However, he took it back after learning a terrible secret behind his inventions: they were stolen from children's dreams and replaced with nightmares. Later, the house is under attack by an army of Watchers. Olivia fights them off, but not before they manage to take Peter's heart with them. After placing batteries in his heart cavity to act as a temporary measure, Olivia discovers that Walter set up the attack. In the confrontation, Walter apologizes for his misdeeds and promises to change. However, Peter cannot forgive Walter and leaves him, ending the story.


Ella is disappointed by the ending, so she proposes an alternate ending: when Walter says he can change, Peter believes him and splits the glass heart in two, and together they "lived happily ever after." Olivia returns, having found no leads on Peter's location. Astrid returns Walter to his home, where the Observer watches from a distance and notes Peter's disappearance.

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