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Quotes / Screw the Money, I Have Rules!

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Hier stehe, ich kann nicht anders.note 
Martin Luther

And the sign said "Long-haired freaky people need not apply"
So I tucked my hair up under my hat and I went in to ask him why
He said "You look like a fine upstanding young man, I think you'll do"
So I took off my hat, I said "Imagine that. Huh! Me workin' for you!"
— "Signs", Five Man Electrical Band (1981)

Carter: I say! Can't we simply pay this Fillmore fellow to give us what we want?
George: He spent... the whole night guarding that test. Does that sound like someone who can be bought!?
Fillmore!, "A Cold Day At X"

McGhee: Why couldn't you just let it go? Why do you always have to be "Mr. Clean"?
Gently: Because life isn't a racket, Don.
Inspector George Gently, "Gently Into the Cathedral"

"Your money won't save you any more than it would me."
1st Officer William Murdoch, Titanic (1997)

"I do'nae trust any dollar I hav'nae earned."
Scrooge McDuck, DuckTales (1987)

"Not your money. Not you. Money talks, and I don’t like how this money sounds. She spends five thousand lives like someone else would spend change. Cauldron made innocent people into monsters. They took everything from them. I can’t deal with that in good faith."
Faultline, Worm

"I owe Mr. Amano a debt of gratitude. But he must pay his debt to society."
Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations

John Dagget: I've made you a small fortune!
Bane: And this gives you power over me?

"The Vietnamese are very intelligent. You never know what they think. The Russian ones who help them, 'come and give us their money. We are all Communists.' 'Chinese give us guns. We are all brothers.' They hate the Chinese! Maybe they hate the American less than the Russian and the Chinese. I mean, if tomorrow the Vietnamese are Communists they will be Vietnamese Communists. And this is something you never understood, you American."
Hubert, Apocalypse Now

"Others make cash, we make history."
The Usos, WWE

Simulation Worker: But sir, we've spent so much money on this project!
Kaiba: Screw the money, I have rules! No wait, let me try that again...
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Movie, the Trope Namer.

Bud Fox: What I see is a jealous old machinist who can't stand the fact that his son has become more successful than he has!
Carl Fox: What you see is a guy who never measured a man's success by the size of his WALLET!...I don't go to bed with no whore, and I don't wake up with no whore. That's how I live with myself. I don't know how you do it.

Weekes: If you're not willing to provide us what we want, maybe we need to renegotiate your pay.
Nathan: Alicia, would you mind explaining the terms of my contract?
Alicia: Mr. Ingrim said that he felt this project was his patriotic duty as an American citizen. He's building and selling us the Machine... for one dollar.

"You really are the worst scum in history. What you have done... cannot be paid back with money!"

"As a reptile I've gotten through my entire life without sucking on a teat, and I'm not about to start with the government's."

"Your destiny ... cannot be purchased."
The Gatekeeper, Grim Fandango

"Must be President some day. A man you can't cajole, can't frighten, can't buy."

Milo Thatch: You don't know what you're tampering with, Rourke!
Lyle Rourke: What's to know? It's big, it's shiny, it's gonna make us all rich.
Milo: You think it's some kind of a diamond. I thought it was some kind of a battery, but we're both wrong. It's their life-force. That crystal is the only thing keeping these people alive! You take that away, and they'll die!
Rourke: Well, that changes things. Helga, what do you think?
Helga: Knowing that... I'd double the price.
Rourke: I was thinking triple.
Milo: Rourke, don't do this!
Rourke: Academics. You never want to get your hands dirty. Think about it. If you gave back every stolen artifact from a museum you'd be left with an empty building. We're just providing a necessary service to the archeological community.
Milo: Not interested.
Rourke: I got to admit, I'm disappointed. You're an idealist, just like your grandfather. Do yourself a favor, Milo. Don't be like him. For once, do the smart thing.
(Milo glares at Rourke)
Rourke: I hate when negotiations go sour.

King Jaffe Joffer: I know you have been inconvenienced, and I am prepared to compensate you. Shall we say one million American dollars?
Cleo: No way.
King Jaffe Joffer: Very well then. Two million.
Cleo: You don't have enough money to buy my daughter off.
King Jaffe Joffer: (laughing) Nonsense.
Queen Aoleon: Jaffe, apologize to Mr. McDowell.
King Jaffe Joffer: I will do no such thing. The man is beneath me and so is his daughter.


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