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  • Tom of El Goonish Shive is the fake, manipulative version—in fact, he's too malicious to even count as a Dogged Nice Guy, he's just a straight-up Manipulative Bastard. Good Tom, however, is a parody due to being a perfect, genuine Nice Guy. He apologizes for getting offended for overhearing "Tom is a jackass" (they were talking about the other one), is appalled at the casual misogyny of a romantic comedy, and genuinely apologizes to his girlfriend for taking her there on a date, even though she doesn't care. Oh, and he may or may not have a superpower that lets him tell when random heroics are needed.
    Good Tom: WAIT. A puppy is in danger.
    Tom's Girlfriend: Again?
    Good Tom: Quickly! We must make haste! [runs off]
    Tom's Girlfriend: [following] You are the worst best boyfriend ever!
    • It is later confirmed that Good Tom does indeed have a magical ability to sense when puppies are in danger.
  • Homestuck
    • John Egbert is definitely one of these. General consensus among his friends is that he's kind of a doofus, but that there's something endearing about his derpiness.
    • Jade Harley meanwhile is a Cloudcuckoolander who tends to have mysterious premonitions, but is largely a kind, polite, upbeat girl. She is initially upset by the trolls' antagonistic behaviour, but is quick to forgive once Karkat extends an apology.
    • Kanaya Maryam (aka grimAuxiliatrix) of the trolls is considered by many to be a Nice Girl. Polite, well-spoken and helpful; although she's a meddlesome meddler, she apparently does it only to help people. "Auxiliatrix" even means "a helpful woman". It remains to be seen if she has any ulterior motives, however.
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    • Tavros Nitram also qualifies. One of the trolls notes that he seems to be unable to hate anyone. Which is really odd among trolls.
    • The pre-Scratch trolls bring us Tavros's dancestor Rufioh, who's just too nice for his own good; Kanaya's dancestor Porrim, the Ethical Slut Team Mom; and, oddly enough, Vriska's dancestor, Aranea, who is almost faultlessly polite and forgiving, and whose main negative trait is that she likes to talk a bit too much. At first glance. Underneath everything and when it comes to making plans she turns out to be about just as bad, if not worse, than Vriska.
  • Bob from The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! epitomizes this. He could be considered the weaponized version of this trope, because of his ability to talk his enemies into backing down.
  • Sedgewick from Lackadaisy, whose only faults are his constant need to overwork, being too polite, and once killing a duck that still haunts him to this day. And with the reveal that one major character is about to die, some of the fandom has decided it has to him, because he's just too likable.
  • Mokepon's Kahn Miles is probably the nicest Nice Guy you'll ever meet. He treats Atticus with respect and kindness despite all the crap he gets from him, including saving his life, and he let Atticus beat his already wounded pokemon because he knew it would make Atticus happy.
  • Theo from The Noordegraaf Files is too much of one for his own good - he's a Wide-Eyed Idealist - but people love him for it nonetheless.
  • Elan, The Order of the Stick's Spoony Bard, is such a Nice Guy he ends up being an example of Good Is Dumb.
  • Jeremy from Platinum Grit. He's so nice that he can be this and The Woobie at the same time, because he's too damn nice to get down in the dumps about anything for long.


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