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If a sequel has a number in the title, that number is usually 2, indicating that the work is the second in the series (followed by 3, etc.). However, sometimes the original work already has a number greater than one in the title. In that case, the sequel title will often add one to that number, instead (with a possible in-story justification).

The original work will often have a better justification for using a number in the title than the sequel does. So, the title of the film The Whole Nine Yards refers to a common English expression, but The Whole Ten Yards doesn't.


A subtrope of Numbered Sequels and Title by Number. Distinct from Sequel Number Snarl in that the numbering is logical, it just doesn't start with 1.


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  • Discussed in-universe in one strip of JumpStart. Marcy reads in the news that a sequel to Se7en has been greenlit, and says it's going to be named 8ight.





  • Soul-Junk uses and inverts this. Their first album was named 1950. Albums that followed counted up (1951, 1952...), while EP's counted down (1949, then 1948...).


     Video Games 

  • 1942 and 1943: The Battle of Midway. 1941: Counter Attack was actually the third game (fourth if you count 1943 Kai).
  • While not a sequel, the hard mode in killer7 retitles the game killer8 due to the addition of a young Harman Smith as a persona.
  • Inverted by the fan game Super Mario 63 which subtracts 1 from Super Mario 64 rather than adding.

     Western Animation