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Finding a Bra in Your Car

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Man #1: Since when have you worn an earring?
Man #2: Ever since my wife found it in the car.

There are certain places one should expect to find a black, lacy Ann Summers bra, or some other intimate feminine garment. The glove compartment isn't one of those places. When someone does find it there, hilarity may well ensue, or a strange face at least.

See also Auto Erotica.


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    Comic Books 
  • Superman: In Action Comics #822, Lana Lang once left a pair of her panties in the Kents' bedroom in a fit of jealousy when Clark refused to listen to Lana's claims that Lois was a bad wife.

    Comic Strips 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Overboard, the haughty Rich Bitch with amnesia (Goldie Hawn) is convinced by her creditor carpenter that she's his wife in order to work off her debt. At one point, she finds her own underwear (embroidered with her real initials) stashed in his glovebox and accuses him of having an affair. The carpenter tells her the truth, but, naturally, she assumes he's trying to cover up the affair with a ridiculous story. Finally, his best friend tells her that he borrowed the truck and picked up a hooker, who left it there. When the carpenter asks his friend why he lied, the guy tells him not to screw up a good thing (not the debt but a real relationship that's developing).
  • In Rat Race, Tracy finds a bra in her truck; it's from the other woman. She proceeds to cram it down her cheating boyfriend's throat. In a twist she only finds the bra after she'd already caught the boyfriend in a Two-Person Pool Party with the other woman, so the bra was really just the cherry on the top.
  • In A Guide For The Married Man, one episode involves Terry-Thomas, who had a fling with a pretty girl in his bedroom in his own home. When it was time for her to go, she couldn't find her bra. "Maybe your wife will think it's hers," she says. He replies, looking at her ample bosom, "You must be joking." During this scene, Thomas is a young-looking man. It is explained that he knows the bra is in the bedroom and that it's only a matter of time before his wife finds it. The episode concludes by introducing Terry-Thomas at the gym. He looks about 95. "How long ago did this happen?" "Last week."
  • In a borderline-clever moment in John Tucker Must Die, the Granola Girl finds a bra in John Tucker's car and is outraged until the "100% hemp" tag tells her it's hers, apparently left behind when they were dating.
  • Not shown, but Karen does express distaste at noticing someone else's undergarments in the backseat of her husband's car in Out of Africa.
  • Backdraft: Brian McCaffery is having sex with his girlfriend on top of a firetruck when the alarm goes off. They quickly put on their clothes, but find themselves racing through the streets on top of the vehicle, its sirens blaring. When the firetruck gets to its destination, a fireman unreels the hose (stored on top of the truck) and is surprised to find a bra entangled in it.
  • In Swimfan, Madison realizes that she left her panties in Ben's car after their tryst. It isn't clear if she did this intentionally so that his girlfriend would find them.
  • In Battle of the Sexes, Billie Jean King is alerted by a friend that her husband is on the way. King scrambles to hide all evidence of the other woman who spent the night with her but forgets a bra, which he finds in the bathroom. As it isn't her size, he realizes immediately what's been going on.
  • Invoked in Parasite (2019). Ki-jeong leaves her underwear in the car to make it seem like the Park's family driver likes having sex there. This makes the Parks uncomfortable enough that they fire him, which was the plan all along.
  • Doctor in Love: When Dr. Hare tries to offer Dr. Barrington a cigarette, he opens a desk drawer and finds women's underwear, left over from one of Dr. Burke's patients.

  • A man is undressing at the gym when one of his friends notices that he happens to be in a girdle.
    "Since when have you been wearing a girdle?"
    "Since my wife found it in the glove compartment of my car."

  • In Tricky Business, a pool cleaner recalls the time he was going to a client's house, a successful lawyer, but found him wearing a business suit and a scuba mask, getting his clothes out from the pool where his wife was throwing them. The lawyer was yelling that this was a really smart thing to do, the wife retorting that the only thing smarter was to keep a pair of his girlfriend's panties in the car...

    Live-Action TV 
  • Ducky finds one of Agent Lee's bras in the autopsy area in NCIS. Palmer spends the rest of the episode trying to track down the matching panties.
    • In another episode, Abby finds a pair of lacy pink vibrating panties in Director Shepherd's car.
  • In Waterloo Road, Mr. Cleaver returns a bag to Ms. Koreshi. The bag falls on the floor, disgorging her undies from the previous night.
  • That '70s Show: Eric finds undergarments (and cheese or peanut butter...) in his car the morning after his middle-aged neighbors — the parents of his girlfriend — have sex in it.
  • In an episode of Two and a Half Men, Charlie hands Alan a bra he found in the back of his car. Alan is jealous... until Charlie reminds Alan that their mother borrowed his car.
    Alan: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! [flings it away]
    Charlie: No, no, unholy mother of us!
  • Kings: The secretary's bra is planted into the backseat of Jack's car so that the media will not suspect that Jack is gay.
  • This frequently happens on any paternity/cheater/lie dectector test episode of Maury.
  • In an episode of Scrubs, JD notices that Dr. Kelso is sporting a rather flashy earring. In a flashback, we see that Enid has found the earring and accused him of adultery, and Kelso proves that the earring is his by giving himself a very bloody impromptu piercing with the earring.
  • In Freaks and Geeks, Neal finds a second, unfamiliar garage door opener in his dad's car; he and the other "geeks" spend the rest of the episode riding around town on their bikes trying it on every house they can get to.
  • On One Tree Hill, Brooke changes clothes in Lucas' car. She purposely leaves a leopard-print brassiere behind.
  • In an episode of Speeders, a cop found a pair of black panties in a guy's car along with a box of condoms.
  • In an episode of Babylon 5, Garibaldi is searching Ambassador G'Kar's quarters and finds a pair of pink panties.
    Garibaldi: Yours?
    G'Kar: GET! OUT!
    Garibaldi: Let me just say, from the bottom of my heart, pink is definitely your color.
  • In one sketch on The Kids in the Hall, a man is caught after a wild weekend when his wife finds a pair of earrings on his nightstand. He tries to pass them off as his own, saying that all the "hip" men wear earrings, going so far as to force them through his not-pierced ears. He goes to work like that, seeing a number of his male co-workers wearing, variously, a bra over his shirt, a garter belt over his pants, and... a second tie.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Joyce Summers pretends to have left her bra in her date's car after Buffy complains of the lack of passion when they departed at her door. Buffy flees upstairs.
  • On Port Charles Karen finds a pair of panties in her fiance's car (while searching for her missing engagement ring, no less). He's flabbergasted, and rightfully so, as he's been completely faithful to her. As viewers know, the panties have been planted by either his ex-girlfriend Courtney or his brother Frank in an attempt at Gaslighting poor Karen, as they want Joe and Karen, respectively, for themselves. Adding insult to injury, Courtney also stole the engagement ring as part of her scheme and a slight inversion of this trope—she wants to "find" the ring to make Karen look bad and herself look good.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210: Brenda finds an earring in Dylan's house and confronts him. She's pacified when he claims it belongs to his mother, but in truth, it belongs to her best friend, Kelly, with whom he had a fling while Brenda was away for the summer.
  • The Brittas Empire: The plot of "Temple Of The Body" kicks off when Gordon finds a pair of underwear down the back of one of the couches in his main office, which is later revealed to be the result of a one night stand that his wife had. Unlike most examples of this trope, Gordon never does find out that it's his wife’s; he initially assumes it comes from one of his staff, and he drops the subject once he discovers Carole's bedroom in the leisure centre.
  • In one episode of Bones, the victim was suspected to be cheating on his wife because he smelled like perfume and there was a gaudy earring in his car (said wife was a nurse and avoided scents that might bother her patients and bulky jewelry). Turns out he was actually a Drag Queen, and both the perfume and earring were his.

  • A Chorus Line, in "At the Ballet":
    When I was 5, I remember my mother dug earrings out of the car
    I knew that they weren't hers, but it wasn't something you'd want to discuss.

    Western Animation 
  • In an episode of The Simpsons, Milhouse's parents get back together and he gets jealous because they aren't paying him any more attention. Bart suggests using this trope after seeing it on The O.C.; unfortunately, they use one of Marge's bras which has a name tag in it, which boomerangs back around and makes Homer think Marge is cheating on him and very nearly destroys the Simpson family.

    Real Life 
  • A "Dear Abby" letter featured a woman who had found a bra not belonging to her in her laundry bag. After angrily confronting her boyfriend, he claimed it must have accidentally gotten mixed up with their things and chided her for throwing it away. The next day, a lawyer friend of his called her and claimed that it was in fact evidence in a criminal case and also chided her for throwing it out. The woman was actually asking Abby how she could make things right with her boyfriend, but Abby gently but firmly pointed out the major inconsistencies in the two stories and told her that not only was her boyfriend unfaithful, he was too cheap to buy the mysterious other woman a new bra.