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"I'm Zodiac Girl this month. Did you know that? It's a very special honour, you know."

The Zodiac Girl series is a Young Adult series of eight books written by Cathy Hopkins. Each book focuses on a young teenager with a different zodiac sign who is going through a tough time and is at a turning point in her life. The ten planets, who each have a human form, offer her guidance for one month, in which she typically turns her life around or learns a lesson. Typically, none of the characters meets all ten planets, and emphasis is put on the planet that is ruler of their sign, eg: Uranus for Aquarius. The books can be read as standalone, as the only thing connecting them is the setting and the planets.


Although there are twelve star signs, there are no known plans for books featuring the remaining signs: Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

The current books are (with zodiac signs in brackets):

  • Dancing Queen (Aries)
  • Discount Diva (Taurus)
  • From Geek To Goddess (Gemini)
  • Brat Princess (Leo)
  • Star Child (Virgo)
  • Bridesmaids' Club (Libra)
  • Double Trouble (Scorpio)
  • Recipe For Rebellion (Sagittarius)

Tropes found in this book series:

  • Alpha Bitch: Sara from From Geek To Goddess. She generally goes out of her way to make Gemma feel unwelcome, even inviting the other girls to a midnight feast on the same night as Gemma to eliminate her chances of making friends.
    • Beta Bitch: Mercedes and Lois are this to Sara. Subverted with Tasha, who is one of their friends but isn't sure she wants their friendship and eventually ditches them.
  • Always Identical Twins: Eve and Lilith from Double Trouble. One little girl even mistakes Eve for a clone.
  • Black Sheep: Thebe in Star Child thinks she is this, even being pushed out during her time as Zodiac Girl. Her cousin Yasmin also considers herself this.
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  • Boarding School: Gemma moving to one of these in ''From Geek To Goddess" is one of the reasons she is at a turning point in her life.
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: Taken Up to Eleven with Leonora from Brat Princess, who has several tantrums during the first half of the book and gains the titular nickname due to her behaviour.
  • Call-Back: In Star Child, Thebe tells her friend that one girl stamped on the phone she was given as Zodiac Girl. This most likely refers to Leonora from Brat Princess, who deliberately broke her phone the day she got it.
  • Control Freak: An interesting case with Thebe, who as a Virgo, needs to keep her life in order and hates to feel out of control. The main lesson in her story is to know when to let things go.
  • Cool Old Guy: Dr Cronus occasionally shows himself to be this, such as when he does acrobatics in Dancing Queen. Most of the time he's a Grumpy Old Man crossed with a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
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  • Career-Ending Injury: Marsha in Dancing Queen is disappointed when she hurts her ankle and arm and can't dance a part in a play that she desperately wanted, even dyeing her hair white so she looked the part.
  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: Every girl is told that the planets are on Earth in human form, and often take some convincing, but it IS actually true. Some believe it, while some don't get the full picture. Danu from Recipe For Rebellion thinks it's a crazy idea until seeing proof that Joe (Jupiter) can turn into a centaur at will and completely believes everything afterwards. In contrast, Leonora admits that she's not sure if the planets were ever legitimate, but isn't too bothered about it.
    • Tori's friend Megan from Discount Diva believes in fairies and magic, and is the person to convince Tori that the planets might really be who they say they are. She does this by explaining how an apple pip becoming a tree is just as magical as the planets being on earth in human form.
  • Cute Bookworm: Ruth, Gemma's roommate from From Geek To Goddess.
  • Ill Girl: Amy from Dancing Queen. She has a type of cancer, but does her best to live a normal life and the nurse says that while she's in for a tough time, she will recover.
  • Important Haircut: Gemma gets her hair done at Pentangles during her second week as Zodiac Girl and lives up to the book title From Geek To Goddess.
  • Meaningful Name: Some of the girls are named with references to their star sign - Gemma Gemini, Leonora Leo, and Tori Taurus.
  • Not with Them for the Money: A non-romantic version with Tori and her friends in Discount Diva. Tori is terrified that her friends will ditch her if they discover how poor her family is. After she finally confesses to her friends, they tell her they don't care how much money her family has and the other girls reveal insecurities about being dropped from the group for their own reasons.
  • Rich Bitch: Leonora at the start of Brat Princess. After reforming, she reverts to being more Spoiled Sweet.
  • Spoiled Sweet: Leonora at the end of Brat Princess, and the Crazy Maisies (sans Tori) from Discount Diva.
  • Theme Twin Naming: Eve and Lilith. Lilith is the elder twin and the first born daughter, and her name means "first woman". Eve was the name of the second person to be created in the Bible, just as she is the second twin.
    • The twins' older brother is named Adam, as he was the first-born son.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Chloe is the girly-girl to her sisters Clare and Jane (not tomboys, but closer to tomboy than girly-girl). Chloe is not sure where her sister Marcie is as she used to be more like Chloe but gets more like the two older sisters as she ages.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Leonora's younger sister Poppy. She died of an asthma attack after bullies stole her inhaler. Leonora blames herself as she was meant to be walking home with Poppy but went off with one of her friends. This is the main reason Leonora acts the way she does - because she never got over Poppy's death.
  • Twin Switch: Eve and Lilith try to do this in Double Trouble since Eve isn't as interested in being Zodiac Girl as Lilith is and wouldn't mind letting her take her place.
  • Unwanted Glasses Plot: Gemma gets ugly glasses just before auditioning for the school play. The drama teacher thinks she's wearing them as part of a costume for a different role. Luckily, she later on gets cooler glasses.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: A dream Leonora has about having died has her family's chef saying this, showing that her bratty act only began after Poppy's death.
  • Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma: Often the case, especially in "Recipe For Rebellion". Only happens in dialogue.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Danu in Recipe For Rebellion wears her hair in pink and green dreadlocks in an attempt to look like a rebel.

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