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Literature / Metafictionized Phlebotinum Poisoning

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"Yeah, this is a story told from a first-person narrative, but I just happen to be one of those omniscient, third-person narrators. Now isn't that cool? (However, your answer is probably an unimpressed 'no'.)"
—Opening paragraph.

"This has got to be the dumbest thing you've ever done. And that's saying a lot."
—The Author's friend, upon reading this page.

A fantasy/parody Web Original Serial Novel on written by a long-time TV Tropes lurker. While it only has twenty-nine chapters so far, it is noteworthy for the extensive use of tropes taken directly from this wiki. Makes numerous Shout Outs to Harry Potter, Twilight, and Final Fantasy, and many more franchises.


The story revolves around a perfectly normal boy named Tagino Storp. One day, an angel named Arthur Avatar from another dimension accidentally opens a portal in his school. Tagino is then recruited by Arthur in the mission to destroy anything that might anger the Reader god, including Deus Ex Machinas, Monsters of the Week, and the worst of them all, Mary Sues.

Contains high concentrations of Invoked Tropes, Parodied Tropes and Lampshade Hanging. There is also a narrator, who is fully aware of being in a webpage and talks directly to the reader.

Can be found here.

Currently indefinitely postponed.


This Web Original contains examples of: