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Hey, what's going on, guys? SSundee here...
...and welcome back to some more TV Tropes.

SSundee (a.k.a Ian) is a prominent YouTube Let's Player with over 11 million subscribers; he mostly focused on Minecraft videos, but has recently shifted his focus to Fortnite, although he has spread out into a wide variety of other games, as well as occasional non-gaming related videos.

Along with him is Derp SSundee, who mainly handles the intros to most of the videos, Crainer, who is the one who appears the most in more recent videos, though SSundee has played with many others, including (especially more recently) Captain Sparklez, his wife, Madelyn, who appeared in some videos for a while, in addition to his editor Russell, and several other friends.

He also assists in running his own free music group, Ninety9Lives.


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