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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
"Nice to michi!"
  • The substories in which Kiryu is semi-willingly drafted in to be Onomichi’s mascot character, “Onomichio-Kun” are just fantastic.
    • The manager’s and Kiryu’s staring contest as the manager assesses who is tall enough and strong enough to deal with the big and heavy costume, the latter’s realisation of what is actually about to happen followed by the manager’s joyous exclamation that he’s found the right candidate.
    Kiryu: I don’t like where this is going.
    Manager: I found one!
    • The costume itself; a giant orange (as in the fruit) headed creature with fisherman’s boots and a bowl of ramen for a hat. Whose eyes appear to have been poorly scribbled on with a marker pen.
    • The ridiculous introductory spiel in which all of the above qualities and more are explained, including the character’s “charming hassaku face”.
    • Kiryu’s deadpan reaction to being told he’s become Onomichio-kun:
    ’’...well, that’s upsetting.’’
    • Onomichio-kun catchphrase being "Oh No!" when he is embarrassed or bad things happen, naturally one of the first thing the kids do is kick Kiryu in the shins until he says it.
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    • The wrong answers Kiryu can give to the children’s innocent questions while in character, which include explaining to a girl wanting to marry him that he’s a virgin and telling them that he really likes eating sexy women.
    • Beating the shit out of some random goons, while dressed as... it.
    • Later, Kiryu is tasked with performing a show as the character in the New Gaudi Snack bar that he frequents, and has to try and keep his actual identity under wraps while singing karaoke. He thinks he’s managed to fool everyone... until the end when the camera cuts to Mama sitting behind the bar, smoking and commenting that Kiryu never gets a break.
    • And yes, Onomichio-kun can be unlocked as a unit for the Clan Creator mini-game.
  • The live chat activity, not only does Kiryu shows his Covert Pervert side but his ineptitude with computer makes it even better. Typing with only his index fingers held high above the keyboard.
    • When asked if he knows what a chat room is, one of the option is " a room full of cute kittens".
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    • The other participants in the chat run the gamut from "Nice Guys Finish Last", a standard parody neckbeard, to SEXBOT who sends nothing but all caps expressions of how aroused he (it?) is.
  • The substory "Sins of the Father" revolves around the same infamous cult from Yakuza 0, and it's Kiryu's turn to get his shooreh pippi on. As a nice Call-Back, the fight ends almost exactly how it did back in 1988.
    • Suzuki even comments on the sense of Deja Vu he's feeling seeing the current leader of the cult cry out for an ambulance as his brainwashed followers perform a "healing ritual" that has no actual effect.
  • Hirose has a bunch of ski masks that he used back in the day to beat the shit out of higher ranked family member anonymously.
    Nagumo: Still they aren't many thug with ski masks they probably had a few guesses.
  • The Wham Realisation at the very end of the Clan Creator storyline. For the better part of a decadenote , Kazuchika Okada and Joe had formed the JUSTIS group in order to shut down gangs and for Okada to finally get revenge on Satsuki for torturing him and permanently scarring his girlfriend. It's only after Joe and Okada accomplishes what he set out to do all these years later, meeting Kiryu in the process, that they realize... they misspelled the name. Even Kiryu, who freely admits his English is "nothing to write home about", knows that the word ends in I-C-E due to the word popping up so frequently in song lyrics. It gets even funnier when you remember Judgement -Shinpan-, A song Kiryu has an opportunity to call his favorite, has "Justice" as one of it's Gratuitous English lines. Kiryu's knowledge of how to spell it probably came from playing Karaoke back in the 80s.
  • Got a kick out of the Yakuza 5 mod videos featuring Haruka trashing people on the streets? Now get a load of Haruka, the orphans, and others taking on thugs and the game's bosses in this very spoiler heavy video.
  • Pick pro-wrestler Saki Akai as your hostess in the club and come the end of the session, you can have Kiryu candidly admit he loves pro-wrestling; she's more than a little befuddled by this and asks if you should be telling her you love her instead.
  • The Reveal of Yuta being Haruto's father? That's not funny. Matsunaga stopping the conversation cold to question if he "wrapped it up" first? Hilarious. Even better is that Nagumo shoots him a Death Glare, stomps over, kicks Matsunaga in the face knocking him across the room, then turns around and goes right back to putting Yuta on blast like nothing happened.
  • When the Jingweon storms the shrine in a later chapter to try and take Haruto by force, everyone works together to try and keep Haruto away from them... by tossing him between each other like a football. What's even funnier is that, barring the first time, Haruto is completely oblivious to the danger he's in. And even then, he seems to cry the first time because the commotion (yet strangely, not all the yelling earlier) woke him up. After this, there are several slow-mo shots of Haruto smiling and giggling as he flies through the air into the arms of the next free man, culminating in him laughing the moment Yuta has to catch him.

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