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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The page picture shows the final boss of the spearfishing minigame: the Bloody Shark, which manages to sneak up on Kiryu and bite down on him, dragging him around the ocean and trying to tear him apart. What does Kiryu do? It's Kiryu, what the hell do you think he does?
  • Unable to act come the finale as Haruka and Haruto are held hostage, Kiryu is at the mercy of Tojo chairman Sugai, who proceeds to take out years of frustration at not being taken seriously by repeatedly smashing Kiryu's face with a length of pipe. Landing a final hit and screaming for Kiryu to die, he expects the Dragon of Dojima to drop in defeat; instead, Kiryu merely returns his gaze to the chairman with a glare that is perhaps the finest ever captured in a game and the pipe has bent; Sugai is visibly shaken, prompting wannabe yakuza Tsuneo to take over.
    • Tsuneo for his part does not fare much better, only getting in a few cheap shots as Kiryu still can't fight back; as the situation suddenly turns against him, Tsuneo moves to finish Kiryu off only to have his punch blocked and basically be told he has no idea who he's dealing with.
    • For as disappointing as the final battle with Iwami was viewed to be by fans, it's still awesome in its own way. It may be easy, but then again, Kiryu can absolutely clean the floor with Iwami's sorry ass. In the end, when it came time to fight, Iwami was all talk. And Kiryu proved that beautifully. As did his thoughts on the objective.
      Defeat Tsuneo Iwami
      He is nothing to me.
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    • It gets better even after the fight is done. Iwami is flat on his ass, backing away from Kiryu and begging for him to stop. Kiryu shuts him down perfectly.
    Kiryu: I've waited long enough. People are expecting you in hell.
  • Kiryu and Akiyama teaming up against Ed in the early chapter.
  • The Power Walk where Kiryu, escorted by Akiyama and Hirose's family, go to the Millenium tower. Kiryu makes it clear he is done with the Tojo disrespecting the former Chairman as he punches a cocky lieutnant asking his business.
    Kiryu: I need to talk to Sugai. But... I can show myself up.
  • The end of the Return of the Pocket Circuit Fighter substory. Not only is there a Back-to-Back Badasses moment when violence inevitably erupts as usual, you finally see him regain his old confidence, repair the relationships between his son and wife, AND you get him as part of your clan, too!

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