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  • Banned in Korea: The game was suddenly cancelled a day before its planned release in South Korea. The only information given behind the cancellation was that the game included sensitive topics, leading to all kinds of speculation since previous games had been released in the region without issue.
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  • Content Leak: A few weeks prior to its western April 2018 release, SEGA released a demo of the game for the US and EU regions. While the EU demo was effectively the same as the Japanese demo, but in English, the US region got a crippleware version of the full game, with the crippling taking the form of lockouts to ensure that they'd only be able to enjoy the same content that those playing the EU region's demo were getting (the idea being that they can keep their progress and pick up where they left off after buying the full game). The US demo falls under this trope because it was discovered very quickly that those lockouts weren't there, so those that got the US demo, before it was taken down the same day of its release, were essentially getting the full game. After the take down, those that got online a few days after found that their license to use the demo was revoked. The demo itself would not be re-released weeks later, this time with the lockouts in place.
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  • Fan Nickname: "Korean Vergil" for Joon-Gi Han, based on his appearance.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: The "After Hours Premium Edition" for the North American release, which includes the game, a 64-page hardcover art book, and to chill back after a hard day as the Dragon of Dojima, it also includes two bar glasses with Kiryu's dragon design, two ice stones and two coasters with the design of the Tojo Clan's emblem on it. The "Launch Edition" includes the game and a smaller version of the art book that doubles as a unique case for the game, but is only 24 pages and is comprised only of fan art. The Standard Edition is comprised of just the game itself.
  • The Other Darrin: A minor example regarding the orphans.
    • Mitsuo is voiced by Kokei Yamazaki, replacing Kimito Saito.
    • Shiro is voiced by Makoto Ohara, replacing Mariko Tonomura.
    • Both Hiroyuki Miyasako (Nagumo) and Tatsuya Fujiwara (Yuta) have history with the series, as they both voiced Kanda and Rikiya in Yakuza 3 respectively.

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