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  • Anti-Climax Boss: The final boss of Yakuza 6, Tsuneo Iwami, is near unanimously seen as the lamest final boss Kiryu has ever faced. While very much an Invoked Trope to display how much of a slimy, greedy and pathetic fool he is. Many find that the final major opponent of Kiryu's story, a simple fight with no real set pieces and against another overambitious jerkass to be a colossal disappointment no matter the developers' intent.note  The only redeeming part of this fight to many players is that his boss theme kicks ass.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Haruka's characterization has gotten a lot of heat in this game, as much of the game's events could have been avoided had she not revealed her Dark and Troubled Past to an audience of thousands of people, lied and run off to Hiroshima, and gotten herself pregnant from a one-night stand without using protection. Longtime fans were not pleased that Haruka Took a Level in Dumbass when she was shown to be Wise Beyond Their Years throughout the series, especially as a kid, and found that her poorly thought-out choices are ultimately to blame for Kiryu having to fake his death. But she does have her defenders who sympathize with her, who argue that people her age make questionable choices when they hit rock bottom and when they're in the heat of the moment. Some also blame Kiryu for not teaching her better and for thinking he could give her a normal life when he can't cut own his ties to his criminal past.
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    • Tsuneo Iwami, who not only serves as the final boss of the game, but Kiryu's story arc. Mostly due to his completely unremarkable appearance and once again hiding behind a Clark Kent Outfit, fans felt that Kiryu's true final battle should have been against a true Worthy Opponent and were very disappointed that the developers failed to deliver on that end. On the other hand, once the localization came out, some fans changed their tune and liked that the Big Bad turned out to be one of the slimiest and most irredeemable villains the series had to offer, someone that even Kiryu grew to hate and wanted to pummel to death, and felt that smashing his face in after everything he had done was worth it.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Returning to the ruins of Shangri-La, abandoned since 2005, Kiryu and Someya encounter what is quite plainly a gimp - complete with leotard, mask and eyeball gag - lurking in the basement; Kiryu never remarks on it, and Someya seems to view it as an odd novelty. The gimp's presence - beyond being a recurring foe - is never explained beyond Someya mentioning Shangri-La has become home to the dregs of society.
  • Broken Base:
    • The choice to only have Kiryu playable again, when the last mainline game to do so was Yakuza 3. Since it's billed as the last chapter in Kiryu's story some people think it makes perfect sense that the story would be primarily focused on him. Others believe that it's for this same reason that they should bring previous characters back for one last hurrah before sending him off.
    • The heavy degree of prominence of Celebrity Cameos. Starting with Yakuza 4 the series has featured many of them in a variety of roles, but 6 is the game that features them the most prominently. Fans of the celebrities involved, such as Takeshi Kitano, love them, and Sega knowingly advertised them heavily on promotional material. But for others, especially long-standing fans of the series, this batch of celebrity-based characters is seen as a Spotlight-Stealing Squad taking away time that could've been spent on old characters such as Majima and Akiyama (overlapping with the above bullet point) and are less interesting than the casts of previous games.
  • Catharsis Factor: While the final battle with Tsuneo Iwami is considered rather disappointing, many still consider the absolute thrashing Kiryu gives him to be one of the most satisfying moments in the series given all the crap that Iwami has done to torment Kiryu and the people around him. Kiryu mockingly calling him "Little Baby Iwami" right in the bastard's face is the icing on the cake in taking the scumbag down a peg.
  • Complete Monster: Tsuneo Iwami is the son of Yomei Alliance chairman Heizo Iwami and CEO of Iwami Shipbuilding. Resenting his father for keeping him out of the Yakuza lifestyle, Iwami takes his own shot at making it to the top of the criminal underworld. Teaming up with Tojo Clan advisor Katsumi Sugai, Iwami is responsible for all the events that occurred throughout the game, even having his own father murdered. Forcing Takumi Someya to fight Kazuma Kiryu to the death by threatening the man's family, Iwami then gives Kiryu a Sadistic Choice to either kill Someya or let Someya's ex-wife Kiyomi die. Someya commits seppuku to appease Iwami, only for Iwami to order Kiyomi's execution anyway. When finally confronted by Kiryu, Iwami reveals that he has Haruka and her son Haruto taken hostage, threatening to kill them if Kiryu retaliates. When finally at the receiving end of Kiryu's wrath, Iwami tries to save his own skin by ordering Sugai to shoot Haruka. Committing numerous heinous crimes just to prove his father wrong, Tsuneo Iwami is one of the few individuals who truly earned the Dragon of Dojima's hatred.
  • Contested Sequel: Perhaps the most heated since Yakuza 3. Being the first game released on the Dragon Engine means that while it's the most immersive and impressive looking entry in the Yakuza series yet, and finally leapfrogs the visual quality of the games to contemporary levels, it's offset by a host of technical issues as well as a lot less content relative to previous games. Most of these issues would've probably been a lot more forgivable for a spinoff game, but the fact that it's meant to be the Grand Finale for Kiryu's story means it's held to higher standards. The story is considered one of the weaker ones in the series, and a lot of fans believe that the game ends on a sour note because of the finale where Kiryu fakes his death and leaves Haruka's life so that she can be happy. In spite of that, the game has also gotten a lot of positive reception for its Slice of Life aspects and its themes of family and humanity.
  • Critical Dissonance: It gained a lot of positive reviews from many game critics on its Western release, but fan-reception seems to be very divisive. See Contested Sequel for more.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Takumi Someya, is well-received by fans for his complexity as an antagonist and status as an Evil Counterpart to Kiryu. His boss battles and his themes are considered to be among the best the series has to offer, and his tragic death after his final battle is a massive Tear Jerker.
  • Epileptic Trees: Before the game's release, the idea that Haruka suddenly had a child shocked many fans and left some in denial, with some believing it was a case of Like You Would Really Do It. Some theories floated around, including the idea that Haruto wasn't actually Haruka's son, and she took him under her wing or adopted him in order to protect him from whatever danger he was in. Despite fans' suspicions, Haruto is indeed Haruka's natural child.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Yakuza 6 is Takeshi Kitano's first foray into video games after designing Takeshi's Challenge, a game that describes itself as being developed by "a man who hates video games".
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Despite the game being billed as Kazuma Kiryu's final chapter, with trailers hinting he would sacrifice himself, several fans suspected that Sega wouldn't kill one of their most beloved and iconic characters and end his story on a sour note, and believed it would end in him faking his death. Sure enough, that's exactly what happens.
  • Nausea Fuel:In Chapter 6 Footprints, a lot of time is spent on getting Yuta to a washroom so he can defecate.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: You're not going to find too many fans who enjoy trying to calm down Haruto when he's crying.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Fans aren't exactly pleased how the relationship between Haruka and Yuta is played out, and is seen as a poor way to end the character arc of one of the series' main characters. Some find the reason she fell for him to be too sudden, and the fact that Haruto was conceived from a one-night stand to be very uncharacteristic of her. Fans are also disappointed that despite Kiryu's efforts to protect Haruka and keep her far away from the criminal underworld, she ends up starting a family with someone with yakuza ties, and believe she won't find the happiness she deserves with Yuta.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • Yakuza 6 is the first game to be released with the current latest gameplay engine, whereas when the series undergoes engine changes it usually does so first with more experimental spinoffs, as was done in Ishin! or Kenzan!, giving them time to refine the gameplay changes for mainline entries. As a result not all of the changes have been well received.
    • A Japanese-exclusive alpha demo for the game, which was released alongside the Japanese launch of Kiwami had Kiryu sporting a completely new design. In it, he wore a bulky blue jacket, grey pants and boots, and his appearance was largely criticized by fans. While some didn't mind Kiryu's new look, it was enough that Word of God had to confirm that it would not appear in the final game.

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