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  • Beshte says the phrase, "Well, pull my tail and call me a meerkat!" Bunga retorts, "My uncle's a meerkat!", to which Beshte says no offense, then after a beat says, "Aren't you a honey badger?"
  • Simba says he needs to talk to Kion. Kion assumes it's THE Talk and protests that he's heard it already ("Can you feel the Love tonight?")
  • Bunga kicking a beehive in the 'Zuka Zama' song, which, in cartoons, would normally have him getting attacked by bees in a goofy manner. The bees simply fly right around him and leave him unfazed, which is Truth in Television for honey badgers, and a pretty funny way to subvert your expectations for the scene.
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  • Mufasa's first appearance in Return of the Roar has him introduce himself to Kion by saying "I am your grandfather." Admit it, this line totally made you think of someone else.
  • Whilst brief, Kion's grumpy face at Jasiri calling males fools in "Never Judge A Hyena By It's Spots" is both hilarious and cute.
  • The stubborn Babboons in "Bunga the Wise" who were Too Dumb to Live have some funny reactions from the Guard, from Bunga being annoyed with their stubbornness and Fuli just groaning aloud 'Baboons'.
  • In "I can't wait to be Queen", when The Lion Guard and Kiara go against Janga's pack, this was his response:
    Janja: Six on six...Forget it! (Runs away with his tails in between his legs)
  • Kion and the Lion Guard trying to move the Bees instead of a herd of animals.
    • In the same scene, Bunga happily snacks on bees and honey as if he's at a movie theater.
  • The Running Gag about Fuli's fur in 'Fuli's New Family', as she gets more and more frustrated as the episode goes on with people noticing how soft she is. Even funnier when you remember cheetah fur isn't soft at all.
  • In "Follow That Hippo", given the...not-so-great reception Bunga has from fans, it is rather humorous that the Lion Guard's fan club of role-playing kids think of Bunga as the 'dead last' one they like to pretend to be.
    • Fuli getting accidentally drenched by Mtoto and showing serious annoyance at it, along with Ono's reaction. Very likely he guessed it.
  • In "Call Of The Drongo", seeing Janja and the hyenas cowering in terror when Tamma imitates the Guard is outright hilarious.
  • The guard attempting to deal with the zebra herd in "Paintings and Predictions." Honestly, Punda Milia is this in general, especially if you spend a lot of time around horses.
    • The Lion Guard grows incredibly worried about Kion's safety and sticks to him like glue, which quickly exasperates him and in some cases actually puts him in more danger than before. At one point they all panic and follow Kion onto a single tree branch, including Beshte, the very large hippo. Naturally, it breaks.
    • This exchange, after Bunga trips up Kion's attempt at chasing away the hyenas.
    Bunga: And don't come back!
    Kion: Bunga, why'd you do that?
    Bunga: I don't want them to come back?
  • In "The Mbali Fields Migration", Janja receives a kick square to the chest—from a newborn zebra foal.
    • Prior to that, Muhimu tells Bunga she needs to get to the grazing ground before "it is time". Bunga responds to her saying "Don't get all Rafiki on me".
  • "Bunga and the King." The whole thing.
    Nala: Bunga is a good friend, but he can be a bit... trying.
    Kion: Trying?
    Kiara: Yeah, as in Dad's trying not to let Bunga drive him crazy.
    • Heck, Simba seems to be frustrated with the entire Guard the whole episode, as he seems to have finally realized that he's technically placed the safety of the Pridelands under a group of children. With all the nervousness, awkwardness, and naiveness that implies.
    • Since Simba was quite the troublemaking brat himself as a cub, his experience with Bunga in this episode can be seen as Laser-Guided Karma, which adds a whole other level of hilarity to the story.
    • Bunga realizing that, since they were both raised by Timon and Pumbaa, they're technically brothers of a sort.
    Simba: That's King Bro to you.
  • In "The Imaginary Okapi," Punda Milia gets introduced to leopards.
    Punda: Leopard! What's that?
    Ajabu: [panicked] It's something big and mean, with sharp teeth! [looks behind Punda and sees Makucha the leopard] And it's coming this way!
    Punda: [looks behind him and sees] Hmm. So it is. Well, in that case, my advice is... PANIC AND RUN! PANIC AND RUUUUN!
    • Later, Punda Milia finds out that Makucha the leopard doesn't find him that tasty-looking. He's decidedly miffed.
    Punda: I know I'm delicious, but don't eat me! Please!
    Makucha: I'm after somebody a lot tastier than you.
    Punda: ...Well! I've never been so insulted in all my life!
  • In "The Trouble with Galagos", when Ono isn't sure what he should teach Badili.
    Bunga: You could teach him how to fly!
    (Ono gives him a deadpan look)
    Bunga: ...Or maybe not.
  • In "Janja's New Crew", Chungu sings a parody of Kion's Lament note , funny in itself with Kevin Schon using Chungu's voice to sing. But then the song is cut short when he sees a herd of antelopes ahead.
    Chungu: [singing] Now what? What do we do? And who... [song stops] Oh, look, antelope!
  • In "Too Many Termites", the Guard confesses to Mjomba that they kicked him and other aardwolves out of the Pride Lands because they mistook them for hyenas.
    Kion: I roared at you because we thought you were hyenas.
    Mjomba: (offended) Hyenas? HYENAS?! Do I look like a hyena to you?!
    Bunga: Pretty much.
    Ono: Yep.
    Beshte: Uh-huh.
    Fuli: You aardwolves really don't get out much, do ya?
    • Later, after Mjomba explains to his fellow aardwolves that the Guard isn't a threat.
    Mjomba: They didn't mean to kick us out. They thought we were hyenas.
    Haya: Hyenas? That's ridic- [glances at the other aardwolves] Okay, now I see it.
  • "In Beware The Zimwee", Bunga, the biggest thrill-seeker in the Guard, gets way too into the excitement of the Zimwee legend, to the point where he repeatedly scares the hell out of animals the Guard encounters with it. Eventually, Kion has to snap at him to hush up.
  • Harsher in Hindsight maybe, but Nuka is a ball of Epic Fail whenever he is seen on screen, even his voice is wimpier than before. (Despite being the same actor)
  • Ono's friends try to reassure him after he loses his crest feathers in Never Roar Again. It's... not as effective as they'd hope.
    Beshte: Your head's just... smooth! Like a hippo's backside!
    Ono: Great. My head looks like a hippo bottom. This is something to celebrate.
  • Much of the "The Trail to Udugu", primarily Simba leading the Guard.
    • First off we have Ono determined to look his best, much to everyone's amusement.
    • Bunga's song, which primarily gets everything about Simba wrong. Even more funny at the end when it is revealed that Simba was right behind him, indicating he heard the entire song.
    • During the mudslide, Simba tells the Guard to jump on the rocks. Apparently, he forgot that Beshte is a hippo, and when Beshte tries to jump on the rocks, not surprisingly in a case where both Reality Ensues, and Hilarity Ensues combine, he slips, knocks down the entire Guard, and endangers the ostriches' eggs.
    • He then proceeds to get caught in an avalanche and complains his tail is stuck under a heavy boulder, which he treats pretty casually.
  • One line in "Beshte And The Hippo Lanes" sounds pretty funny in spite of the worrying situation where Beshte (when he realizes that he made too many lanes in the wetlands) exclaims to an accompanying Ono, "Oh no, Ono!"
    • The B-plot of the same episode where the rest of the Guard has to lead a herd of sable antelopes to higher ground, and they have to put up with the antelopes' stubbornness.
    Kion: (after using the Roar to clear away the rockslide, to the antelopes) Come on. Let's get you to the floodplains. This way.
    (the antelopes do not budge, to the Guard's annoyance)
    Fuli: Hello? The path is clear.
    Bupu: (sighs) We've already come so far.
    (Fuli looks back, to see they've hardly left from the starting point)
    Fuli: Seriously?!
  • Part funny and heartwarming. but in the comic "The Crocodiles Day" if the reader chooses Fuli's option, Kion will save Zuri from Makku's fleet, and then defeats them with the Roar. Bunga expects Zuri to be grateful to Kion, but Kion believes that Zuri will be snobbish and treat him like a toddler. Zuri will actually praise Kion and thank him, and then proceeds to nuzzle him. Kion is outright stunned and says it was better when Zuri was snobbish, all while the Guard laughs at it.
  • Mbeya and Big Baboon arguing in "The Savannah Summit".
    Big Baboon: I was having a perfectly nice time when suddenly this...this hippo with a horn bumps into me.
    Mbeya: Who are you calling a hippo? I'm a rhino, you baboon!
    Big Baboon: Who are you calling a baboon?!
    Bunga: (deadpan) You are a baboon.
    Big Baboon: Oh. Right.
    • The other Pridelanders do a big gasp when Kion informs them that Makuu has died in a Pit Trap, in order to prompt a response from those responsible for attempting to humiliate Makuu. And then they gasp again when Twiga confesses she dug the pit with Vuruga Vuruga's help. They gasp once more when Bunga lets them believe he's eating fruit Makuu died in. When they gasp one last time after Makuu reveals himself to be alive, Bupu tiredly says "Enough with the gasping."
    • Bunga runs up and randomly hugs Makuu. Considering this is the first time in the entire series they've even been on the same side, it's as awkward as you would expect.
  • In The Rise of Scar, the hyenas trap Kiara behind steam vents and Janja tells them to "entertain" her while he deals with Kion. So they start singing to her, an off-key "oh, oh, oh" version of the show's closing theme song, "Here Comes the Lion Guard." Later...
    Ono: The rest of the hyenas are still guarding Kiara at the steam vents! And... They appear to be singing to her.
    Bunga: Oh, no! We really gotta save her now.
    • There's a Running Gag where newcomer Mankini keeps trying to perform a song about how excited she is becoming Rafiki's apprentice, but she never gets past the first verse. Rafiki even covers up her mouth at one point, because he's here to teach her, not hear her sing.
  • When the Guard confront Kiburi's henchmen in "Let Sleeping Crocs Lie", Kion tells them "If you're smart, you'll stop right now." One of the crocs, Tamka, retorts "Well, we're not smart so get out of our way!"
    Bunga: Listen, you've got nothing to worry about.
    Kion: Ono, come over here!
    Bunga: But I could be wrong.
    Ono: Excuse me, Makuu?
    Makuu: (with an exaggeratedly evil tone) Yeesssss?
  • In "Swept Away", Njano annoys Ushari by yelling for his attention, while standing right behind him.
    • When their plan to get rid of Beshte fails, Janja and his lackeys decide not inform their failure to Scar. Cue Ushari arriving to tell them that Scar would like to see them immediately, while the volcano lets out a small eruption.
    Janja: (gulps) Oh, boy...
  • In "Rafiki's New Neighbors", the Guard find Rafiki taking a break from teaching Makini for her painting ceremony so he can get away from the "noise".
    Fuli: What noise?
    Rafiki: The noise that is a young elephant, monkey, and antelope. They are now living next to my tree!
    Beshte: Next to your tree? Why aren't they with their herds?
    Rafiki: Excellent question, young hippo. And one I could not ask. They do not stop talking. Except for when Makini talks!
  • "The Bite of Kenge" has Bunga taunting Kenge by undermining his scariness and size, and Kenge's subsequent reaction to it. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Bunga.
    • Kenge bites Ono and Bunga after Kion and the others are taken out of commission. Bunga returns to the others while dragging a paralyzed Ono.
    Bunga: Welp, I've got good news and bad news! The good news is I'm immune to monitor lizard venom!
    Ono: (deadpan) Guess what the bad news is.
    • During the final match between Bunga and Kenge, Bunga tauntingly asks the monitor lizard if he can tell the difference between a hyena and a honey badger. When Chungu gets bitten by mistake, he responds to the remark with "Gee, I guess he can't".
    • Later, when the hyenas become paralyzed by Kenge's bite and the rest of the Guard has recovered:
    Chungu: Uh, Janja? Ain't you going to tell us to "Run, fur-brains"?
    Janja: If we could, I would.
  • In "The Morning Report", Zazu takes advantage of Cheezi and Chungu's stupidity and tries to manipulate them into setting him free from his prison; it nearly works if not for Janja showing up.
    • Zazu, feeling in a gossiping mood, is eager to tell Simba all about Bupu's embarrassing predicament involving a tree branch and a bird nest being stuck on Bupu's horn in his morning report, and is only delayed by Janja kidnapping him.
  • In "The Golden Zebra", when Makucha has Dhahabu at his mercy, Bunga (who has a crush on Dhahabu) tells the leopard to take him instead. Makucha's response?
    Makucha: Ugh. No thanks.
  • In "The Little Guy", Makuu's eyes bug out when Hodari jumps on top on him and starts using his snout as a stage for his "I Want" Song. His expression just as quickly shifts into being quietly salty, while the other crocs in his float start to get drawn into Hodari's song. When Hodari meets Kiburi later, he decides to launch into a reprise of his "I Want" Song, but Kiburi (who has even less patience for musicals) cuts him off. It's even more amusing since Kiburi's voice actor, Common, is actually a rapper.
    Hodari: It don't much matter if you're short or you're tall-
    Kiburi: Whoa, whoa, no singing!
    • Kiburi asks Tamka to throw a sparring match with Hodari so the gecko can be 'initiated' into their float. Tamka stares blankly at how limp Hodari's fighting attempts are, before naturally going full ham with his 'loss'.
    • As Hodari grows suspicious of Kiburi, he gets more and more uncomfortable. When Kiburi suggests ambushing the Prideland crocs for revenge, Hodari just gapes and silently licks his eye, finally realizing he might be in trouble.
    • When Beshte and Hodari race to join the croc fight at the end of the episode, they trip over one of the crocs Kion has just beaten and face plant in the sand. Their fail even catches Kiburi's attention, who was previously busy fighting Makuu.
  • In "Divide And Conquer", Janja and his clan try to ambush and kill Rafiki. Rafiki has fought hyenas before and Janja and his clan have already been established as being pretty pathetic, so naturally Rafiki kicks some hyena tail even before the Lion Guard arrives to help him. After the Lion Guard takes over, Rafiki stops to rest. One of the hyenas tries to launch a sneak attack, but he kicks it away with his eyes closed. When Reirei and her jackals arrive to help Janja and two clans descend on them, the Lion Guard regroups around Rafiki to prepare for round two.
    Kion: Rafiki, you might want to stop meditating now!
    Rafiki (dryly): Is the fight still going on?
  • In "The Kilio Valley Fire", Janja, Reirei, and Mzingo sing "I'm Gonna Run this Dump" as they argue who's going to be the leader. They then turn to Kiburi for his part, but he refuses, so they go back to arguing with each other.
  • The entirety of "The Zebra Mastermind" revolves around several of the more imbecilic villains taking advice from Thurston as weaknesses of the Lion Guard. Cheezi and Chungu attempt to make them sneeze with flowers, Goigoi paints stripes on his body to be invisible, and Kiburi's crocs try to put them to sleep by tickling them.
    • A minor one. When the hyenas, crocodiles and Goigoi are deciding which parts of the zebra each of them get to eat, Chungu says he wants a wing.
    • And then Thurston tries to explain to the villains what's the tastiest part of the zebra is, only for them to tell him to shut up refusing to listen to his advices after they've all failed.
    • The fact that Ono doesn't seem to know Thurston's name and instead identifies him by his Catchphrase of "Panic and run! Panic and run!", even imitating the zebra's accent.
  • In "Beshte and the Beast", the first rendition of "Shujaa Ponda" ends with Shujaa using one arm to lift a piece of ground Beshte and Ono are standing on, and then he uses his other arm to lift another with Kion, Fuli, and Bunga on top. What makes it especially funny is the fact that he easily lifted a young hippo with one arm, just to show how insanely-strong the gorilla is.
  • Throughout "Pridelanders Unite!", there's a running gag about Bupu's grudge against the Galagos. When Laini and her herd report for some training, Bupu lets out a rather snobbish "ugh".
    • In general, Bupu's status as The Comically Serious is prominent throughout the entire episode. He's even become aware of the Lion Guard exploiting his odd quirk, because when the Guard orders his herd to stop their stampede, the head antelope crossly gripes "You didn't say please!".
    • Some pre-training trash talk:
    Kion: Good news, everyone! The crocodiles have agreed to help.
    Makuu: Help whip you soft, fluffy dirt-dwellers into shape!
    Bupu: (scowls) I'm not soft.
    Ma Tembo: And I'm certainly not fluffy.
    Laini: (giggles) I'm soft and fluffy!
    • The coda, after another weekly crisis has been averted:
    Makuu: What can I say? You saved our watering hole and my float...
    Bupu: You can say thank you.
    Makuu: Hmm, thank you.
    Mbeya: You're welcome.
    Laini: Glad you're on the team!
    Ma Tembo: (smiles sweetly) You would have done the same for us.
    Makuu: (rather tellingly glances to the side) ...I will now.
  • When Pride Rock is set ablaze by Scar’s army in "Battle For The Pridelands", Anga and Hadithi step in to get to the royal family to safety. Since no one is certain about whether or not a pair of avians will be able to safely fly a five hundred pound lion to the ground or not without dropping them, Simba actually volunteers Nala to go first.
    • Janja has become so accustomed to being a mocking, jeering foe, that being sincere and emotionally vulnerable for a change does not come easily or naturally to him. To convince Jasiri and the other Pridelanders he’s on their side now, Janja awkwardly decides to mangle a reprise of Jasiri’s song, “Sisi Ni Sawa”, and he does it twice.
    • Jasiri gets the most priceless line ever to be spoken in a Disney production when Janja comes to tell her about the fire.
    Jasiri: And you're standing here singing?!
    • Likewise, later on, when Jasiri tells Janja to tell Simba what he's learned (about Scar), Janja instead starts singing "Sisi Ni Sawa" again.
    • As a reformed villain himself, Makuu advises Simba to give Janja a chance and hear him out. He also volunteers to eat Janja himself if the hyena is lying to them. Janja is still standing right there when Makuu makes the offer, and his disturbed expression is golden.
    • During the invasion of the Outlands, Cheezi and Chungu forget that they're with the Pride Landers now and start growling at the rhinos. An exasperated Janja yells at them that they're the good guys now.


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