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  • Why did Mufasa not exile Scar for killing the other members of the Guard?! Of course, the kings of the past took away his powers, but that is still a very clement punishment in such a horrible multiple murder.
    • Maybe Mufasa could not resolve to banish his own brother. After all, he is family, and exile or death sentence would not bring back the dead. Scar was totally helpless without his powers, and nobody ever considered him as a threat otherwise (mistakenly). But the pride probably made him sit on his own. Note he looks already very lonely in the first film.
      • Retrospectively, it is strange that Simba looks like to be allowed to visit such a psychopath, but even if he was forbidden to do so, you wouldn't expect him to obey, would you?
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    • Who said he was convicted immediately? Maybe it passed for an accident at first, and they took years to find about it, even after his death. We are talking of Scar, a guy who could kill both his brother and nephew the very same day to succeed them on the throne, without anybody ever suspecting anything for years, and he never expressed any remorse. Even when Simba showed back, revealing he was not telling all the truth, Scar managed to come out a totally new story making Simba guilty to keep the pride on his side, without still anybody questioning. They needed him to admit publicly before to react. Admittedly, after such a succession of unfortunate accidents both implying Scar, this makes the lionesses look all the more dumber.
      • He would probably have had some difficulty to justify why he had lost all his powers in the same time, and/or why he did not mount another guard after the terrible "accident". But this is not a challenge for a skilled manipulator like Scar, combined with the prevailing stupidity.
  • Jasiri mentions that, unlike Janja and his clan, most hyenas respect the Circle of Life by acting as scavengers. So why, then, did the hyenas in the first movie overhunt to the point there were nothing left to eat?
    • Obviously the exception to the rule. They were the animal equivalent of criminals and thugs.
    • When you count the hundreds and hundreds of hyenas at the end of the first film (probably not even including the clan of Janja), the word "most" is maybe a little generous, at least for the specimens of the Pride Lands. A poor Hand Wave could be that "most" were deep down kindhearted, but to all appearances stupid and short-sighted, blindly following the evil Terrible Trio. The Writers clearly meant the hyenas to be Chaotic Evil, and used them as a common antagonist in their Black and White Morality.
  • Jasiri is supposed to be a younger hyena around Kion and Kiara's age. Maybe most of the hyenas who followed Scar had a Heel–Face Turn after the movie and, seeing (lately) what devastation they caused, agreed to respect Simba and follow the Circle of Life. Jasiri is part of the next generation of hyenas who grew up with that philosophy, and Janja and his clan come from the few rebels who miss the old days of Scar being in charge when they could eat as much as they want without thought to the consequences.
    • Note that Jasiri talks of the hyenas in general, not her particular clan, and does not insist on the hyenas' role during Scar's reign and the Heel–Face Turn hers possibly did afterwards. Reciprocately, putting aside his experience with Janja, young Kion probably got his bad bias about all hyenas from his own family, and that shows how low the hyenas still are in the esteem of the Pride.
  • When Kion and Jasiri first meet Nuka, he questions Kion's allegiance with Jasiri by saying "What kind of lion are you, siding with a hyena?" Did he forget that his own father commanded legions of hyenas in his time as King?
    • Maybe his pride never spoke well about hyenas. After all, they are the ones who killed personally their beloved Scar. However, it means that the adults certainly withhold some information about the way Scar ruled the Pride Lands. Generally speaking, new generations don't seem to know much about the times of Scar's Reign.
      • Which still doesn't completely add up: Nuka is at least an adolescent by the time of the show and Simba's Pride, so he'd probably be the only one who actually remembers what happened during Scar's regime. Maybe he used to like hyenas, then began hating them once he learned they ate his father alive?
    • Simba's Pride makes it clear that Zira blames Simba and Simba only for Scar's death ("Who killed scar?"/"Simba!"). "Simba killed Scar" seems to be the Outsiders' official view of history — they don't blame the hyenas (whether from genuine ignorance or willful denial should be debated). Zira clearly looks down on hyenas, but then again, so did Scar. He treated them like servants and saw them as tools to further his plans, not as equals. He saw hyenas (and, indeed, pretty much everyone) as beneath him, and so do the Outsiders. Recruiting hyenas to work for you, they could probably understand, but being their friend and fighting alongside them as an equal? Risking your life for theirs? Ridiculous!
  • Another question relating to the Outsiders: Kion uses the Roar on them to blast them into a new area of the Outlands, which greatly resembles the termite mound they inhabit in the sequel (right down to the various animal bones lying about), and they promptly claim it as their new turf. Is it safe to assume this is a completely new area they settle, or did they land in the area they resided in during Simba's Pride?
    • It's probably a nod to the sequel, provided they are trying to maintain a continuity. However, as long as the series continue, no events are definitive and lots of WMG speculate about the way they are going to fit in.
    • Zira could have been sarcastic by calling it their "new home"; utterly frustrated from losing the land they took from the hyenas. It's possible they moved into that part of the Outlands and resided there for some time until being sent back to the termite mounds.
  • Kion was curious as to what lions are doing in the Outlands, but why didn't he first ask his dad if he knew anything about this? A pack of lions out of place wasn't something that looked right for Kion.
  • How did Kion develop such a strong prejudice towards hyenas when he supposedly grew up learning about the Circle of Life and his father rules over hyenas anyway?
    • Kion has not a prejudice against all hyenas in general. He only fights the Janja's clan, which apparently doesn't respect the circles of life by hunting more for fun than hunger. The very first episode deals with this problem by showing a good hyena character, who belongs to an ecoresponsible clan. It is not sure the different hyenas clans fit in the hierarchy of the kingdom, since Simba's Pride states that Hyeans are gone from their desolated land in the first film.
  • The "Roar of the Elders" is a power bestowed on the second-born, the sibling who doesn't become king. So shouldn't the spirits who appear and magnify the current user's roar be previous holders... meaning, not previous kings? Why would a power specifically bestowed on those who don't become king involve tapping into the spirits of past kings? What happens to past holders of the Roar? To make any sense, it seems like the spirits that aid the current holder of the Roar should be previous leaders of the Lion Guard, not previous kings.
    • Well, they are the only one who gets to communicate with living generations, so they could transmit past leaders’ wisdom on their behalf. It is also for them a better way to make sure the current holder won’t be tempted with any bad idea of overthrow. Past leaders of the Guards would probably be less vigilant than past kings themselves to watch over the continuity of their line.
  • Both logically and physically, how could Fuli possibly be the first female in the Lion Guard? Had Kion limited himself to lions like all his predecessors, his only choices would have been female! So would all of his predecessors'!
    • The Pride is supposedly surrounded by beta males, who bring new blood for the lionesses. The quadruple murder by Scar is even an explanation to why we never see any on-screen (survivors probably fled during his reign anyway). Simba may refer to some hypothetic lions who came back since the tyrant’s fall, but we still never get to see one.
  • The second film and this series treat Kiara becoming the queen (regnant, not the king's spouse like Sarabi) like it's no big deal, nothing special, not some big break from tradition, par for the course. So how come there are nothing but references to past "kings," not "kings and queens" or even "rulers"? Do only kings get to communicate in spirit form with future generations? If there were previous queens (regnant, not spouses) like Kiara, why do they get the shaft in the afterlife? Will Kovu, as the (eventual) king consort, get to join the "great kings of the past" but Kiara won't?
    • King means originally the monarch in title. It’s just that, in the male chauvinist medieval context, it had obviously to be a man. Even when women were allowed to transmit the title, it’s their married consort who ruled the kingdom like if he was the true genetic heir. It is not sure whether the Pride considers equally their monarch according to "his" gender, but remember it is a female assembly. The male leader will always appear more special than his female counterpart, notably because he fulfills some... specific needs.
    • That and fraternity logic. Well, after all, maybe the “spiritual link” works exclusively within the same gender. Female Guard leaders on their side (when the second sibling is a girl) would only talk to the past regnant queens.
  • Now that I think about it, the above 2 issues raise another issue together: if their culture has no problem with females ruling, why would they have a problem with females fighting in battle?
    • The lions don't want the lionesses to demonstrate physical prowess.
    • Lions can't mate with injured/dead lionesses.
  • If Scar wants to build up his army again, why wasn't Zira the first person he had his new minions contact? There's a group of lions who have always been on his side, so why hasn't anyone gone to tell them their idol's back and planning something and needs help? Zira would leap at the chance! Why not send Janja to recruit her and her clan instead of manipulating crocodiles or trying to kill targets they've never been able to kill? In fact, why hasn't he shown any interest in contacting his mate at all, practical reasons aside?
    • Zira is a powerful and influent lioness. Even if she is totally devoted, Scar would take a risk to see his name being usurped (ironically) taking account of her mischievous personality. Comparatively, hyenas are more stupid and thus more reliable to not act on their own. Since the two species can't get along because of their mutual hatred, alas, he has to choose one. It’s also possible that the scenarists can’t find room for two big head villains, and prefer to use them separately (shamefully, because these two would make a great evil couple).
    • Perhaps Scar will eventually realize he will never get anywhere with the hyenas constantly failing him. So he will most likely appoint Ushari to consult Zira's pride and tell them news of his return. Once they potentially meet, Scar will order them to chase the hyenas out and subsequently backstab Ushari as well; he would have no more use for them now that he has reunited with his loyal pride.
  • The main savannah-dwelling animals have come into contact with wildlife from other parts of Africa; notably okapis and gorillas. But do they have awareness of animals from other continents? Wild geese are brought up in "Janja's New Crew", an elk briefly appears as a cave painting in "Never Roar Again", but the most recent and probably most intriguing example is the appearance of red pandas and a snow leopard in an upcoming episode.
    • In a similar debate, what locations exist within this universe and are the characters aware of them? No real-life countries have been directly mentioned, however in "Fuli's New Family", Ono clearly addresses Ushari as an Egyptian cobra.
      • It's the problem of Orphaned Etymology in "non-human" universe : here, many names of species are human-related (Thomson's gazelle, Cape anteater...) which doesn't make sense in-universe. Let's say it is for the sake of the translation of their Animal Talk.
    • Zazu explicitly talked about "Africa" in the first film, so they know about the mere existence of their continent at least. It's very plausible they have some notions of geography thanks to the migratory birds, who probably told them about the other Land far in the North (Europe) as well as about some big dry place on the North-East (Middle-East), but certainly not much more.
  • Why do all the prey animals have a cordial relationship with the lions?
    • Mufasa taught Simba to respect all species, including those lions eat. We can assume that Simba passed that wisdom on. Essential to this series's less savory elements is that groups like the Outlanders just don't get it.
  • Trespassing aside what is inherently bad about Hyena's hunting in the Pride Lands? When Shenzi's clan became apart of it, it took several years for the Pride Lands to fall apart and as mentioned in Lion King's YMMV that only happened because of a drought and Scar's refusal to manage the situation with there being no indication that things weren't going relatively well before that. I understand the Circle of Life ideology, but what consequences could come from a few Hyenas occasionally hunting there?
    • The problem in both the original movie and the series is that the hyenas are prone to over-hunting. In the film Scar promised them they would never go hungry again, but once the hyenas forced the lions to hunt more animals and the surviving ones left the Pride Lands, they had nothing to eat (and by then the herds were likely too far away to track). The Guard repelling Janja's clan is mainly to prevent that situation from happening again.
  • Just how far away is the Tree of Life? By the seventh episode of the season, it looks like the Guard must have left Africa via Egypt and walked across the Middle East and India to the coast of Asia. How long have they been gone?

In real life

  • Why does this focus on another child that Simba and Nala have together, and in a retcon moreover? Why not go on with Kiara and Kovu's own family? They could still have Simba and Nala in the series, but they would be going with Kiara's child instead.
    • Maybe they did not like the idea to age up Simba and Nala into grandparents. Simba in particular is a central character of the franchise, and that could break the fan base.
      • And don't forget secondary characters like Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki. They were already adult, or old, the day when Simba was BORN. It is already barely plausible that this four ones remained unchanged at the end of Simba's Pride. If they jumped again another generation, they would need to replace a lot of the casting.
    • It is possible they judged the situation was in a dead end, after Simba's Pride. Since the prides are reunified and the hyenas are apparently gone, there is no more villain to drive the plot. Everything is at peace.... and that is boring.
    • It is a shame they did not try it because, since Kovu and Kiara are of different colours, it would have been a perfect excuse to create a sequel similar to the prequel of Mufasa's and Scar's youth that so much fans craved for; the obsessive fear of a repetition of the past in addition. And thus to complete the circle.
  • The continuity issue just doesn't seem to be worth the trouble. If Kiara and Kion are both present in The Lion Guard, How does Kion fit into the continuity of Simba's Pride''? Thinking of the bed in order to ensure that everything fit together.
    • It's not a problem as long as the series goes on with children characters. For the moment, one can still pretend Kion is offscreen during the Kiara's childhood part of the second film, being busy with his Guard's duty. It would become more delicate once he's grown up, and would be helpful to defend the country against Zira's attack, but the series is not there yet. Some WMG suggests hypothesis about how the scenarist could tie the ends.
  • What's the logic behind making this a preschool show? It could have been far more successful if they had aimed for the same age range they did for The Lion King.
    • That's a very good question. It looks like it was decided that preschool audiences weren't going to notice this series's problems as discussed on this site, which sum up to sloppy writing. If little kids don't notice the writing is crap, they won't care enough to ignore it, and the show gets it's audience either way. It's Viewers Are Morons meets developmental psychology. The viewing population at large has been underestimated, as this show has been fed to the most gullible audience possible.

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