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Nightmare Fuel / The Lion Guard

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Follow my lead! That's all you need! Yes, I have a plan!

It may be Lighter and Softer than the film it's based on, but there are still things in this show that are dark. And Season 2 is confirmed to delve into even ''darker'' territory.

Oh my, this show was rated Y, and when do we start? Oh yeah!
  • Janja's song, Tonight We Strike, is rather unnerving in the fact that it shows Janja's personality in full force; he has no qualms about disrupting the natural order of things, he is perfectly okay with going for OUT RIGHT GENOCIDE to satiate his pack's hunger.
  • The crocodile mashindano, which is a brutal sport used to determine who becomes the new leader of the crocodile float. Even for a kid's show, it's an intense scene.
  • In "I Just Can't Wait to be Queen", Kiara goes to the Outlands alone to meet with Janja...who has his pack there...ready to eat her. YEAH...
  • In one episode, when Bunga thinks he's invincible, he thinks it's perfectly okay to go for a swim in LAVA. Think about it like this; a CHILD thinks it's a good idea to swim in a VOLCANO!
  • A downplayed example, but there's something very creepy about the fact that Makuu nurses a grudge against Kion for his humiliation in "The Rise Of Makuu", but he waits either twelve episodes or twenty episodes to act upon it in "Never Roar Again" note , when the incident has long since started to slip Kion's mind, the cub has let his guard down, and he's at his most vulnerable. "The Savannah Summit" makes it clear that Makuu is one of the only antagonists in this show that Kion bears personal resentment towards (besides maybe Janja), and there's a reason for that.
    • There's also the fact that in "Beshte and the Hippo Lanes" Makuu suddenly makes an attempt to bring down Basi at his weakest, after being humiliated by him and Beshte at the beginning of the episode. It makes you wonder if Beshte told Kion about this incident which fueled the cub's resentment for Makuu.
  • The whole episode of "Beware The Zimwi" gives off rather ominous and unnerving vibes.
  • Zira's song, Lions over All basically talks about how she thinks that lions should be ruling through fear and intimdation. Here's some lyrics: "We Crush any Resistance/So enemies keep their distance" and "Lions must rule forever."
    • Zira in general. While she was always an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight obsessed with avenging Scar, here she's actually shown to be quite composed, making her Manipulative Bastard tendencies all the more prominent. Not to mention that the events of Simba's Pride aren't the first time she's tried to kill Simba: she plotted to do him in as soon as he became King.
    • When Kion refuses to join Zira's pride, Zira surrounds him with her Outsiders and, if it weren't for the show's lighter tone, likely would've killed him right then and there.
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    • Zira's "lions are the Master Race" viewpoint takes several levels of creepy when you remember the Nazi-inspired imagery in Scar's villain song...
  • The scene where Kovu enthusiastically invites Kion and Jasiri to meet Zira, all with the sound of genuine happiness. This implies that aside from the one brief moment following him meeting Kiara in Film Two, Zira has managed to maintain a friendly civil façade to the young cub. It is a very disturbing sight to see Kovu act as though he thinks his adopted mother is a sweet person, not understanding that she is a deranged killer, since anyone who has seen Film Two will know how fast Zira can turn from friendly to violent.
    • What's more troubling in a meta sense is that Kovu isn't the biological son of Zira (as Word of God confirmed for the sequel film) and that he isn't even aware of this fact. By the time the episode ends, he's left stuck with a sociopath pretending to be someone she isn't and also one who is filling his head with violent and misleading ideology he won't be able to walk away from until the second film many years later. What makes this saddening is that out of all the times in his youth, this could have been his chance to get away from the dangerous environment and yet he is left on the villain lions group.
  • Scar killing his Guard with the Roar of the Elders. Scar was always a dangerous villain: he had an amazing intellect, commanded legions of hyenas, and was pretty strong despite his scrawny build. Add in the fact that he now had a magically-enhanced roar at some point in his life (which is what incidentally helped lead him to become the villain he is now), and it's no wonder why he was the Fiercest of his Lion Guard.
    • With the backstory we see in the show, Scar's initially assumed Freudian Excuse has pretty much been rendered moot—Scar wasn't The Unfavorite at all. He had a powerful and important position in the pride, by birth right, already. The reason he tried to overthrow his brother was because he wasn't satisfied with just that and felt like he was entitled to the throne as well. The Lion Guard successfully shows that Scar truly was an evil, selfish monster from day one.
    • Scar's appearance in the series proper: while Mufasa appears as a benevolent spirit in the clouds, Scar's likeness is portrayed with fire. And just as Mufasa appears whenever Kion asks for his guidance, Scar appears after Kion accidentally uses the Roar of the Elders in a fit of rage.
    • Him coming back as a fiery head is even creepier when you remember that in the original film he was basically both eaten alive by hyenas AND burnt to death.
    • Just his first words in the series "I am. . . Scar." The smirk he gives right afterward too.
    • Know that as a spirit, his voice echoes when he speaks, which adds to his evil presences.
    • His truly magnificent Evil Laugh as he explodes out of the volcano.
    • And now we have his new villain song "I Have A Plan", in which the visuals for said plan are Scar's army invading the Pride Lands and making it burn in a fiery apocalypse.
    • Just what said plan entails: uniting all the Outlanders under his command. Despite countless encounters with the Guard that result in their defeat, one can only imagine what they could accomplish if they allied.
  • In "Swept Away", Scar roars out of the volcano in frightening fashion, and forces Janja to pathetically grovel when he learns that Beshte is alone in the Outlands. Even as a spirit, Scar is able to terrify Janja into submission.
  • Janja steps up his attempts to kill the Guard and their friends in Season 2. In "Swept Away", he traps Beshte in a canyon and rains giant boulders down on him, one by one, until he runs out of places to run, only stopped at the last minute from finishing the job by Beshte's friends. In "Rescue in the Outlands", Janja manages to trap Jasiri, along with her young relatives, Tunu and Wema, in a steam vent which is filling with lava. If the Lion Guard had shown up a few seconds later than they did, Jasiri and the cubs would have suffered a very painful death!
    • It gets worse when you think about this. Even with the Lion Guard's timely arrival in the episode, the only hope of saving Jasiri and the cubs is for Beshte to save them alone by shifting a solid boulder into the vent while the other members of the guard are forced to fight Janja's entire clan. Now, imagine for a moment that the plan to kill Beshte in Swept Away had been successful. Without Beshte, there would be no way of rescue, not with Janja and the hyenas standing in the others' way. And because they were there, Kion and the Guard would be forced to listen or watch as their friends perished inside the vent.
  • The crocodile battle from "The Little Guy", which is probably the most brutal so far. Especially when Kiburi came close to defeating Makuu due to the latter being injured, and the Guard is too busy handling the evil crocs to stop him (Kion tries to, but Tamka pushes him away at the last second). If it hadn't been for Hodari, the leader of the Pridelander crocs would have been Killed Off for Real.
  • "The Scorpion's Sting". Simba is poisoned by a scorpion sent by Scar and will die by sunset unless the Lion Guard retrieve volcanic ash from the Outlands. But once they do, Scar finally reveals himself to them and calls all of his forces (lizards, crocodiles, jackals, hyenas, vultures, etc.) to attack them. The whole climax is an intense race against time where it keeps looking like either the Lion Guard could potentially die due to how trapped they are being between Scar's army and the lava, or that they'll lose the volcanic ash or not make it back by sundown, it which case Simba will die. Of course, neither of those happen, but it ends up as a very last-minute thing, and even at the end the Lion Guard is solemn since they now know of Scar's existence and that the war has only just begun.
  • In "Undercover Kinyonga", when Shupavu alerts to Scar about Kinyonga's presence, Scar responds with a furious "Who dares to spy on me?!".
  • Scar having a near Villainous Breakdown in "The Hyena Resistance" over the failures of his army, to the point he roars at Janja blowing him back.


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