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Nightmare Fuel / Marvel's Spider-Man

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  • In the final Origin short, when Peter confronts Uncle Ben's killer. He is so angry that he declares that he want to hear the sound of his screaming, implying that Peter was planning to either torture or even kill him. Thankfully, he came back to his senses.
    • Not so much came to his senses as he was shocked by the killer's identity enough to let him get out and into police custody. If he hadn't recognized the guy, there wouldn't have been any coming to his senses.
      • How about the fact that in the previous Origin short, Stan Lee ends it with this chilling line since we all know what's about to come.
    Stan: Hey Spider, give me a good pose! Because you're gonna remember this day for the rest of your life...
  • As is tradition in the Spider-Man franchise, the Venom Symbiote is made creepy as hell, even before it bonds with either Peter or Eddie Brock. Particularly noteworthy is its scene in Sandman, where, after being introduced as merely an unknown substance being studied by Peter and his comrads, we get to see it open its own container and crawl behind Peter, while briefly assuming the shape of Venom's distinct, teeth-filled jaws...
    • Combined with this is the subtle way they depict the symbiote's effect on Peter. At first, it seems fairly harmless, giving him a boost in confidence both in his mundane life and as Spider-Man. Then he attacks Vulture on sight and throws him in jail, only to then learn he had been freed and not committed any crime, which admittedly can still be seen as a mistake. Then he catches what he thinks is him stealing things in Horizon High (actually Alistair using the suit), almost beat him up, tracks him back to Oscorp and start assaulting the real Adrian Toomes out of suit. When Harry Osborn understandably tries to intefere and accidentally harms the symbiote with Vulture's sonic scream, the symbiote reacts by hurting him, causing Peter to finally realize something is wrong and go back home. And when him being back causes May to ask what is going on, the symbiote causes him to yell at her while a Venom-like mouth briefly forms on his face. This last action is what fully convinces him to remove the black suit and bring it back to Horizon High.
      • And naturally after this The Symbiote REALLY starts holding a grudge when it creates Venom.
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    • Then, as he prepares to do just that, he removes the black suit and puts the red and blue suit back on... only for the symbiote to immediately jump on him and form the black suit again. Even Peter is disturbed by this.
      • The worst part? As Season 2's trailer shows, Venom is still active, and Eddie Brock is the current host.
  • Sandman's apparent murder at the hands of his own daughter. The show really takes advantage of the fact he doesn't bleed to make his beatdown as brutal as possible, with him being ripped apart limb by limb before being seemingly crushed inside a giant sand structure. And his daughter shows absolutely no remorse, instead slaughtering him in a fit of rage.
  • When Smythe discovers Warren is somehow in prison, Warren comments that he never left and doesn't know him. He could be lying to keep his secret safe or, knowing the things Jackal is known for in the comics, this could be Foreshadowing that he TRULY DID never left. And there's another Warren out there...
    • It was later revealed the Warren in jail was a clone, as Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid would later find out.
  • The mostly comedic Kraven episode takes a dark turn in the second act. After finally succeeding in capturing the two Spider-Men, the hunter, apparently unable to realize these are human beings, attempts to brand them like animals with was appears to be a laser device. Then, when they predictably escape, he completely loses it, and tries to get them back by using an innocent zookeeper as hostage to lure Peter into a pen, so he can have him trapped with lions. And to top it all, Peter then gets captured by Norman, who reveals he fully intends to dissect him, with Miles only barely saving him from this gruesome fate.
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  • Harry is shown with an outfit and a green eye-mask. The Goblin is near...
  • In "The Rise Of Doc Ock" Doctor Octopus mind controls multiple characters so they'll become members of his Sinister Five, teams up with the Jackal, and attempt to murder Osborn. Fortunately, Norman Osborn crushed the radioactive spiders before it was too late. Unfortunately the episode ends with Norman trapped under mounds of rubble and thought to be dead... and he's likely in horrible pain.
  • The ending of "Spider Island Part 2" there is something wrong with Gwen....
    • The ending of Spider Island Part 5 could be considered worse, if not for the long-awaited presence of the Goblin. The Hobgoblin.
    • At the end of "The Hobgoblin Part 2", Harry is clearly inspired by Norman's acts...and is bound to become the Green Goblin that New York will come to know and fear.
  • "The Living Brain" ends with Doc Ock having hijacked Spidey's body (...again) and Peter's consciousness is left trapped in a broken-down robot shell...
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  • Season 3's premise...Venom sending down an army of symbiotes onto Earth. Welcome back to the Web of Shadows.
  • Venom's been revealed to have taken a level in both Badass and Nightmare Fuel in "Superior". He's now capable of forcing himself onto people to use their memories, and his control over his body has grown to the point where he can effectively morph himself into whatever he wants. The crowner? He doesn't need a host anymore.
  • The Secret Origin of Venom, showing the horrifying origin of the Klyntar species as weapons for the symbiote god Knull against the Celestials to subjecting an entire race to becoming slaves when one refused to accept them. Even worse, Venom was a weapon designed for conquest all along and he's had his sights set on Earth!
    • The Framing Device itself is terrifying: it’s Venom telling the story to his latest host Max Modell after stopping an escape attempt, while only showing his Nightmare Face.