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  • Strobe Light, an album produced by Timbaland, featuring Chris Martin, Jay-Z, Bono, Justin Timberlake, Sheryl Crow, Maynard James Keenan, Alicia Keys and Fergie. A sudden departure from his angsty roots. Released online, April 1st, 2009. See it here.
    • Some dedicated fan on YouTube named CD Punk, to celebrate Strobe Light's 10th anniversary, MADE it a reality.
    • There has been an actual NIN/Maynard James Keenan collaboration.
  • somethings gonna get BROKEN
    • Context: During a gig in Philadelphia in 2005, Trent's mic frequently keeps cutting out while performing "Head Like a Hole" and the sound equipment has apparently been glitching out all night. This annoys him.
    "God money not looking for the cure"
    (Mic cuts out)
    (Mic comes back on)
    "—ot concerned about.."
    (Trent turns to the left, presumably to the sound guys)
    "Something's gonna get BROKEN!!!"
    (Trent calms down and tries to get back to the song)
    "God mon-"
    (Mic cuts out)
    (Trent throws away the mic and initiates a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the set while the crowd keeps singing)
  • Ever want to watch someone do the running man to "Down In It?" Well, here's NIN performing on a cheesy 1980s dance program, Dance Party USA.
    • Trent's comment on the footage is a nice bit of bonus funny.
      Trent: Many years ago, a young and naive Nine Inch Nails were asked what TV shows they'd be interested in appearing on. As a joke (and likely drunk), they thought of the most absurd choice they could come up with at the time. They were then informed their bluff had been called and were actually booked on said show... They hopped in their Honda Civic touring vehicle (hatchback) and travelled many miles to (I think) NJ for the big show. They had a laugh making fun of the people, their fashion choices and hairstyles. Life was good. Years later, the internet is discovered... There's a moral in there somewhere. Come to think of it, Skrillex may indeed owe me some publishing on that hairdo...
  • Started out a 2013 show in the Netherlands with this:
    Trent: How're you tonight? Having a good time? Ready to party, have fun? Yeah, well, that was the last guys. Wrong fuckin' band. We're here to have a bad time. (cues "Copy of a")
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  • Not only did David Letterman cohort Larry "Bud" Melman introduce NIN at Woodstock '94, he posed with the band backstage. This was literally the first time many people had seen Trent in a good mood.
  • Songwise, try listening "The Great Destroyer" off of Year Zero, and not laugh at this part:
  • A 2007 performance of "Hurt" in Vantaa, Finland is interrupted by fireworks. Needless to say, a bit of a Moment Killer. Live performances of "Hurt" getting ruined have become a Running Gag in the NIN fandom, but this one takes the cake.
  • During "That's What I Get" on the Pretty Hate Machine Tour, someone threw their underwear onto Trent's mic. What did Trent do? He flipped them off and continued singing. Here's the proof. It's at the 2:12 mark.
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  • Whoever it was on the crew who decided to pull a Spinal Tap and put the miniature Stonehenge on stage beside Trent deserves all the praise in the world. They got a hearty laugh out of Trent Reznor. (To say nothing of Robin Finck!)
  • I can't fucking see the piano.
  • In Metro Trent Reznor performed an unique version of the song "Only" named "Only : The Broken Guitar Remix".
    Trent: None of this really matters anymore, especially with a broken guitar.
  • In the DVD version of Closure, there's a video of the group including Trent Reznor himself laughing while listening to the sample used in the cover of "Memorabilia". In fact, it's actually a prank phone sex call!
  • A rare example of Gallows Humor: in the band's online store, a T-shirt with a picture of the USA with the overlaid text "Used to stand for something" (from the Year Zero track "Capital G") is called the "Suddenly Very Appropriate Tee".
  • There's a story in the NIN fandom where someone tagged Trent to a picture on Instagram showing Pitchfork's terrible review of The Fragile the 2.0 score while contrasting it to the "definitive edition" of The Fragile getting an 8.7. Trent actually responded to the post and basically responded as anybody does to Pitchfork: "Cunts". Can also count as Your Approval Fills Me with Shame.
  • In 2013, Trent decided to host an AMA on Reddit to celebrate the release of How to Destroy Angels' debut LP. A "fan" thought trying to educate Trent on the music industry was a good idea. Trent's response?
    Sorry, the wifi on our yacht is having issues, we can’t get your full question to load. Try sending me an email at
  • The description of Not The Actual Events on Nine Inch Nails' website is surprisingly hilarious:
  • There's something amusing about Trent getting credit for "Old Town Road" and it becoming a Billboard classic. That's right, Trent (and Atticus) got credit for a hip-hop song getting Memetic Mutation fame. And the best part? It was simply because of a samplenote .
  • For her role as the pop star Ashley O in the final episode of the fifth season of Black Mirror, Miley Cyrus covered "Head Like a Hole" and "Right Where It Belongs", creating the non-subtly bowdlerised "On a Roll" and "Right Where I Belong". Yes, really.

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