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  • A Very Potter Musical:
    • Lampshaded in a conversation between Hermione and Snape.
      Snape: Can anyone tell me what a portkey is?
      Hermione: A portkey is a enchanted object that will transport whoever touches it to a location decided upon by the enchanter.
      Snape: Very good. Now can anyone tell me what foreshadowing is?
    • Later, horcruxes are brought up.
      Lavender: Professor, can, like, a person be a portkey?
      Snape: No, that's absurd! Because then if a person were to...touch themselves they would be instantly transported. A person can, however, be a horcrux.
      Harry: What's a horcrux?
      Snape: I'm not even going to tell you, Potter, you're just going to have to find that out for yourself.
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  • Pwnage: Unintentional. In their Call of Duty: Black Ops Let's Play where Damian and Kyle are on the same team for once, when Kyle is throwing flash bangs around in frustration at not killing anyone in a while, Damian ask if he's trying to flash bang him. This actually ends up happening. And Damian, in his blindness, ends up shooting his own teammate, costing them both the match.
  • In the Youtube video The Devil And Daniel Webster, the main character, Javez, along with 2 others mention "not selling [Javez's] soul to the devil." After doing so, a character will look puzzled, and whoever said it will reply, "Foreshadowing."
  • Well-hidden in episode three of If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device. Kitten claims that he was the person who led Alicia Dominica to the Hall of the Golden Throne. If one cares to check with canon, the person who took her there was of Centurion rank, second only to Captain-General, indicating that the Butt-Monkey Custodes might be of higher rank than he seems. Come episode eleven and we find out.
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  • In this Left 4 Dead custom campaign video, at about 3:40, the person playing as Zoey tells another person, when asked to predict the future, that he will die and everyone else will live. This actually turns out to be true. Lampshaded by an annotation at the end.
  • In Part 2 of the Ben Mc Yellow series, watch closely when JJ pulls out the map and you can see that he has a picture of the late Mr. Yat clipped to it. In Part 3, JJ turns out to be Mr. Yat's brother.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:
    • All of Bad Horse's communications are sung by a trio of cowboys. Guess what the ring tone sounds like when he calls?
    • Several throwaway lines during the songs.
      "'Cause the dark is everywhere and Penny doesn't seem to care that soon the dark in me is all that will remain..."
      Horrible/Penny: There's no happy ending/So they say
      Horrible: Not for me anyway...
      "It's not a death ray..."
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  • Commonly in The Slender Man Mythos, whenever someone mentions childhood fears or something along the line of that, expect Slendy to be intersected with those fears at some point. For a more specific variant, see Just Another Fool, in which Josh mentions breaking an arm after some man in a suit refused to get off the road, so he swerved out of the way and fell off his motorbike. It's heavily implied that the next time this happens, it's not just his arm that gets broken.
  • The Nostalgia Chick's Xanadu review mentioned her love for robots and had her finally getting pissed off with just doing girly shit. The next episode was a four part arc, starting with Transformers and the Critic yelling at her for going into his territory.
  • Discussed in We Are Our Avatars
    Priere: ...Wonder what'd I'd be like as a, that's a stupid subject, never mind...
    Izzy: Probably do well.
    Jack: With your power, you'd do fine.
    Matilda: I wonder if I'd make a good superhero... What made you think about that, anyways, Prier?
    Priere: ...Dunno. Some sorta premonition, I guess...of what I dunno.
    Hilarity: I hope it's not one of those premonitions where everyone dies, then you tell people about it, thereby saving a select few survivors from certain death, only for those very same people to die in bizarre accidents a short time later, and then someone makes a shitty horror series based off of it.
    Matilda: ...What.
    Priere: ...I really hope not...I don't think I could stand to watch such a movie...
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, foreshadowing happens quite often. Even relatively minor NPCs or objects referred to in passing can end up having a big impact some time later.
  • Broken Saints: In chapter 18, "Forecast", at the end of her Tarot reading the Albino fortuneteller advices Raimi to "chose love". Guess what ends destroying the Big Bad plans.
  • In Chapter 8.2 of Worm, the Travelers stand when Legend tells everyone who faced an Endbringer before to do so. We later find this is because they are victims of the Simurgh, a monster who sets up Disaster Dominoes in those who spend too much time in her vicinity.
  • Noob:
    • The text from the TV ad in Episode 1 featuring Fantöm includes "Cheated?", as an emphasis on him being The Ace.
    • The little that got revealed about Sparadrap's younger brother in Season 1 pointed towards him having his own character on Horizon. Said character's identity still comes as a surprise.
      • The first time we see Sparadrap's brother's avatar, he's seen going AFK to send someone an e-mail, just like Sparadrap did little time after being introduced.
    • Sparadrap's attempts to recruit anything that stands on two legs had him consider recruiting Fantöm into the guild a full season before the plot twist that made the idea no longer completely silly happend.
      • In the same vein, Sparadrap has been considering levels as low as 2 to be "almost level 100". When he tells a potential new recruit that the guild is almost level 100 in Season 4 prologue, it can be mistaken for the Running Gag. However, Omega Zell is heard saying the same thing a little later, revealing the progress made by Noob between Seasons 3 and 4.
      • The fact he ends up being the replacement Guild Master in Season 4 and the official one in Season 5 also gives a new meaning to his "Do you want to join my guild?" Catchphrase.
      • Fantöm accepted to join the guild while Arthéon, the only one who can accept new members due to being Guild Master, was absent. The new recruit didn't realize this and, among all the members present, expected Sparadrap to make his membership official. Eventually justified by the fact that Sparadrap is the one constantly asking for people to join, but still quite an omen looking back.
    • One of the many gags about Sparadrap's pet collection has him refusing to wear a set of fur items because smourbiffs were killed to make it and Gaea getting him to do so by mentionning their death would have been useless otherwise. A phrase about smourbiffs not getting a useless death reappears later, in much sadder circumstances.
    • Omega Zell's Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! moment in Season 2 finale temporarily created a situation that happend again and became permanent during the Season 3 Wham Episode.
    • Despite Nazetrîme's tenure in the Noob guild being quite brief, the audience got a good look at her cursor and hence the exact spelling of her name during that time.
    • The advertizement for Horizon 2.0. in Season 3 premiere depicted a duel between Amaras and Fantöm getting interrupted by an Order player. This is exactly what Spectre did in the same Season's finale.
    • A Season 5 scene has Fantöm worry about paying back the investments others have made into making his victory against Spectre and Amaras easier, only for Heimdäl to basically tell him "Winning the duel will make paying people back easier". Fantöm seems to consider this False Reassurance due to not having won yet, being aware that the means of paying people back won't automatically come if he does win and possibly the fact that he was planning to use all that help to have Amaras win instead.
  • RWBY:
    • Blake's trailer has Adam and Blake raiding a train full of Dust sporting the Schnee logo, which is first seen in the White Trailer as being connected to Weiss Schnee. This sets up the show's plot of the Schnee corporation's monopoly on Dust mining and sales, the Dust-theft and hoarding by White Fang, and the direct history of violence between the Schnee and White Fang organisations. Events regarded by the villains as "Phase 1" of their end-game.
    • In Blake's trailer, she and Adam discuss humans as if they're excluded from that race. The show itself quickly introduces Faunus as a human-like race that struggles with humans for equality. The end of Volume 1 reveals that Blake is a Faunus who is trying to pass for human.
    • When Ozpin and Ruby first meet in "Ruby Rose", he comments that she has silver eyes and there's a scene in the Volume 2 opening credits that zooms into Ruby's eyes as the screen whites out. In the Volume 3 finale, a massive blast of power bursts from Ruby's eyes that freezes the Grimm Dragon and whites out the scene to the next, where she regains consciousness at home. Qrow tells her that Ozpin once revealed to him that silver eyes are very rare; people with them are destined to become mighty warriors with strange powers who are rumored to be able to kill Grimm just with a glance.
    • In "The Shining Beacon, part 2", Blake is reading a book about a man with two souls, each fighting for control of his body. This foreshadows Volume 6, where Ozpin and Oscar, who become paired in the same body in Volume 4, briefly fight for control over Oscar's body because Oscar wants to tell the heroes what Ozpin is hiding.
    • When Pyrrha pins Jaune to the lockers early on, pulling back her spear is accompanied by the sound of a magnetic hum, which is a clue to her later reveal that her Semblance is Polarity, the ability to control magnetism. Although a food fight reveals the full extent of her Semblance in a comedic situation, this is a set-up for her Volume 3 fight against Penny, who jokes to Ruby in Volume 3 about getting a magnet stuck to her head. In their tournament fight, Pyrrha is manipulated by the villains into unleashing her full Semblance against Penny who is torn to shreds in front of millions.
    • Jaune is obviously behind the others from the outset. He didn't design his weapons, which are low-tech family heirlooms. He doesn't know about Aura, the cornerstone of Huntsmen abilities, and has to have his Aura unlocked. Glynda comments that Jaune's application transcript does not match the reality of his abilities, which are too low for Beacon's entry requirements. He faked his transcripts. He has no combat history at all.
    • As a bully-boy joke, Cardin shoves Jaune into a locker that is assigned to students to store their gear whenever they're in class. By entering co-ordinates into the locker, a rocket powers up, blasting the locker into the air and sending it off to an unknown destination. This is foreshadowing for Pyrrha doing the same thing to Jaune in Volume 3 as a way of sending him to before she fights to the death with Cinder.
    • In Breach, it's easy to miss that Weiss conjures an ice blade during the fight. Lessons Learned makes a more obvious hint with reveal of the Schnee hereditary summoning semblance in the form of a tiny sword that neither Weiss nor Winter notice. It finally plays out in Heroes and Monsters where Weiss successfully summons a sword that easily cleaves an Atlesian Paladin but leaves her drained of energy.
    • In the Volume 3 opening, Teams RWBY and JNPR are broken apart from their formation dive, and the camera focuses on Pyrrha falling into nothingness. At the end, Team RWBY is under the Dramatic Spotlight and Ruby is the only one with her head up; everyone else has their head hung dejectedly. Both events foreshadow the fates of all five characters at the end of the volume.
    • In Volume 3's first episode, Nora falls into a panicked rant while explaining what will happen if Team JNPR does poorly in the upcoming tournament, and undergoes Color Failure as she's comforted by Ren. Toward the end of Volume 4, Ren's Semblance is revealed to allow him calm his and others' emotions to hide them from Grimm, which manifests as their colors fading and turning washed-out. So that earlier incident wasn't a sight gag, but Ren trying to calm Nora down.
    • In "Welcome to Beacon" team RWBY is seen playing Remnant: The Game in the library. When Ruby's forces are destroyed, Yang comments that most of her forces were androids, giving more information on the nature of Atlas and also revealing the concept of Grimm allies (which Yang uses against Ruby's fleet). The game foreshadows the Volume 3 finale. Ruby deployed the Atlesian fleet which are defeated by Yang's Grimm allies, and at one point, Atlesian fleet turns on itself. The Volume 3 finale activates the Atlesian fleet, which are overwhelmed by Griffons. A Giant Nevermore attacks the tournament stadium and Roman steals an Atlesian ship, turning it on the Atlesian army. The robots turn on the humans and the White Fang ship in Grimm allies.
    • In "Lesson Learned", when Qrow says "they don't give medals for almost", Ruby replies that "They do, and it's called silver!". At the end of volume 3, Ruby arrives almost in time to save Pyrrha, and seeing her friend die activates her Silver Eyes.
    • Volumes 3-4 hint at Qrow's permanently active bad luck Semblance. Examples include: the bartender knocking over his glass by accident in the Crow Bar; Ironwood coincidentally showing up at the worst moment to embarrass Winter during her fight with Qrow; the "good" luck Cinder feels she has when she realises Ironwood's scroll has been infected with her virus, giving her control access to the Atlesian cyber-army and Penny's schematics — the infection occurs when Ironwood connects his phone to Ozpin's computer in Qrow's presence; during Qrow's fight with Tyrian, Tyrian lands on rotten wood and crashes through a building, and a loose beam falling when Ruby is underneath it.
    • In Volume 3, Pyrrha gives the names of a few Remnant fairy tales in a conversation with Ozpin. The story focusses on the The Story of the Seasons, revealing the origin of four women who wield incredibly magical power, known as the Maidens. However, she also mentions the titles of several other fairy tales, including The Tale of the Two Brothers and the Girl in the Tower. Qrow tells Team RNJR the Tale of the Two Brothers in Volume 4, revealing the two gods are actually real, and created both the Grimm and humanity, and in Volume 6, Jinn explains where the fairy tale of the Girl in the Tower ends and the reality behind it begins. Volume 5 confirms that the wizard in The Story of the Seasons who created the Maidens is Ozpin while Volume 6 confirms that The Girl in the Tower is the story of how Salem's life went horribly wrong, leading to her becoming the villain that now threatens the world.
    • In the Volume 4, Tyrian's blows seem to be damaging Ruby's aura. In volume 7, it's clarified that Tyrian's Semblance is cutting through his opponent's Aura to attack them.
    • The Spring Maiden's fate is foreshadowed throughout Volumes 4 and 5, from Qrow telling Raven and Leo he knows the Spring Maiden is hiding out with Raven's tribe, to the way Vernal's voice is supernaturally enhanced and lightning strikes from a clear blue sky to prevent the tribe from brawling with Yang and Weiss; this includes Cinder demanding proof the Spring Maiden is who she says she is, Raven accusing Cinder of having a fake name to reflect her status as the Fall Maiden (Vernal's name means 'of spring'), and Raven revealing to the audience that she's spent years planning for the day Salem came after the tribe for the Spring Maiden. Every time Vernal appears to use Maiden power, she never displays the fire around her eyes that accompanies a Maiden's power use, while Raven stands nearby wearing her face-hiding helmet. Raven publicly tells Vernal to fight Weiss without using her power, and when Cinder attacks Raven and Vernal in the vault to steal the Spring Maiden's power, she discovers that Vernal has no power: Vernal was a decoy; Raven is the real Spring Maiden.
    • When the heroes first meet Robyn, she offers her hand to Clover when asking him to trust her, with the camera focusing on it and a faint shimmering sound in the background. Clover looks hesitant and doesn't take it. Two episodes later, the reason is revealed: Robyn is a Living Lie Detector who can automatically tell when someone is lying to her as long as they're holding hands.
  • Matthew Santoro:
    • If you pause Matt's video Anonymous, you can see Matt wearing the Guy Fawkes mask worn by the members of Anonymous. This foreshadows Anonymous taking over his video at the end.
    • In Winter is WICKED!, Eugene says that he's a warlock in World of Warcraft. Later, it turns out that he's a warlock in real life, too - he snaps his fingers, and makes it snow.
  • In Receive Of Many after Hades and Persephone make love during the Midsummer all pomegranate trees in Eleusis loss their flowers and form fruit. Persephone thinks this is a good omen that she is pregnant. She is wrong. It’s actually hinting at her and Hades' role in restoring earth’s fertility each year and giving it energy to grow and bear fruit.
  • In The Most Stupid Deaths In Super Mario 64, the bracket guy's first line is "&my name is not known for now".
  • The intro to one Welcome to Night Vale episode makes reference to "that ridiculous god Desert Bluffs has". Said god shows up in the season two finale and it's not pretty.
  • During the season 5 finale of Red vs. Blue, Church is infected by the Omega AI after it's passed through every other character in Blood Gulch. While everyone else turned into maniacal, psychopathic versions of themselves while possessed by Omega, (except Grif, who was too lazy to act on those impulses) Church observes that he doesn't feel any different. While this seems to indicate that Church is already evil and being infected by Omega just didn't do anything to his normal disposition, it's later revealed that Church himself is an AI, and all of the other A.I.s that appear in the series were made by splitting the original AI, Alpha, into many different ones, with Omega being one of these. Church didn't feel any different because Omega is just one of his split personalities back from whence he came.
  • Comes up quite often in Death Battle. If a contestant is noted to have a useful move or a weakness, you can bet it will come into play somehow later on.
    • In "Goku vs. Superman", while discussing Superman's weakness to magic, Boomstick wonders if Superman really could be harmed by something like a magic stick. Sure enough, in the fight, the Power Pole is one of Goku's more effective options, doing quite a bit of damage to Superman. Though not enough unfortunately.
    • In the Pokemon Battle Royale, it's noted that Venusaur is a Jack-of-All-Stats but stressed that it's stats are not optimised. Venusaur's lack of optimised moves fail to significantly harm Charizard or Blastoise, and it's predicted in the +7000 battle scenarios that Venusaur dies first most f the time.
    • During the rundown for "Deadpool vs. Deathstroke", Wiz mentions how Deadpool being diagnosed with cancer hit him like a flaming semi-truck to the face. Three guesses what literally happens to him in the actual battle.
    • In "Yang vs. Tifa", during the former's rundown, the song "Sacrifice" plays. Specifically, the lyric "You can't have my life". Tifa ultimately fails in trying to take Yang's.
    • In "Aquaman vs. Namor," both characters are stated to be able to command marine life, with a specific mention that Aquaman's is developed enough that he can actually affect virtually any living creature and genuinely communicates with sea creatures rather than just telling them what to do. Sure enough, this comes into play during their fight when they try to sic sea creatures on each other, though Aquaman is able to turn Namor's against him, and the killing blow is delivered when Aquaman uses his psychic powers to paralyze Namor and has a swarm of anglerfish tear him apart.
    • Played for laughs in "Wario vs. King Dedede". When Boomstick speaks about the Gordos that King Dedede sometimes carries around, he mentions that they can be a 'real pain in the ass'. Turns out that line came quite literally to Wario, as getting one stuck in his butt as he was about to release a Waft is what lead to his death. The kicker? The first line Boomstick says after King Dedede's victory is as follows:
    Boomstick: "I told you those Gordos could be a pain in the ass!"
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared:
    • In general:
      • There's Astral Checkerboard Decor in every episode. It foreshadows the Lotus-Eater Machine nature of the world.
      • A lot of the teachers' bizarre behaviour and painful or subverted rhymes makes more sense with the revelation in episode 6 that they're all pre-recorded programs.
    • In "Time":
      • Duck notes "an apple that's fresh is ripe to the core". The apple then rapidly rots while saying "But I rot over time and I'm not anymore". At the end, Tony speeds up time to rot the puppets alive.
      • "An old man died" "But look! A computer!". Episode 4 focuses on computers and expands on the Ludd Was Right themes in the second.
      • When Tony speeds up time, Duck Guy is the only one who isn't moving or expressing pain. Duck Guy dies three episodes later.
    • In "Love", the teacher gives his lesson only to Yellow Guy. Three episodes later, he's the only one left. This also foreshadows the revelation that the whole thing was Roy's punishment for Yellow Guy.
    • In "Computers":
      • The episode begins with the puppets playing a game called "Question Fun". The objective of the game is apparently to reach the door in the centre of the board, and Red is the closest. Later, Red is the only one who refuses to join Colin's "digital dancey", despite Colin describing it as fun, and this allows him to find the way out of the DHMIS world.
      • Colin spontaneously appears in the room when the song starts with no explanation as to how he got there. Episode 6 reveals that Colin and all the other teachers are part of a simulation that can place them in the room at any time.
    • In "Health":
      • Once again, the teachers come out of nowhere with no explanation as to how they got in the room.
      • The drawing at the beginning has changed to show Red Guy looking in through the window, Duck Guy with X's over his eyes, and Yellow Guy smiling creepily. At the end, Yellow Guy is tricked into eating Duck Guy alive, and Red Guy is revealed in the end credits to still be alive and be trying to help them from outside their reality.
      • The Healthy Band show the puppets a "health shape" which has Duck Guy's face in the "plain foods" section, i. e., the things the Band are telling the puppets to eat.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: Subverted for Halloween 2012 — he mentioned after his Elemental Gearbolt review that he had some unfinished business after which he turned his head to look at the Eternal Darkness game case present throughout the video. His next video: Ill Bleed.
  • In season 2 of Camp Camp, David shows a surprising amount of emotional maturity twice, first by coolly accepting that as heartbroken as he is that Bonquisha broke up with him the relationship wasn't working for her and he wants the best for her (although he undermines it by attacking her boyfriend afterwards), and second by supporting Gwen finding other work outside Camp Campbell even if he'll miss her. In the season finale, he realizes that the play is just making Max upset and so ditches it to go get him some pizza, telling him that even if the camp makes him happy it doesn't work for everyone and he cares more about Max being happy than following the camp rules.
    • Despite what you might expect, most of the campers' parenting styles in "Eggs Benefits" don't foreshadow their parents' personalities in the season 2 finale, with one notable exception: Max pointedly does not care about the egg at all.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • The mention of a dragon mask in Simon's room hints towards his later association with the Dark Dragon moniker.
    • Hyeon sings along to Alice Cooper's "School's Out", which includes a line about the school being blown up. Cut to the school finals, where it's revealed that Daigo has planted bombs throughout the building.
  • Frequently lampshaded in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. Characters who foreshadow their own defeat or death generally receive facepalms and comments of What an Idiot!. In Chapter 91, Zhao Yun actually gets his way by threatening to foreshadow defeat for Shu.
  • Minilife TV:
    • In "Parting Rose", Goshua tells Monty that he soon might not be able to look after Emery Rose anymore. He doesn't explain why, but in "Life with Death", it's revealed that he has his godhood revoked for revealing Chris and Ian's true purpose, which he does later in the former episode, and part of his plan is to transfer his soul into another body.
    • In "One of a Kind", Emery claims she's seen a vampire like Snowball somewhere before, but she doesn't remember where. It turns out her old hometown, Ollie Valley, was ravaged by vampires.


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