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PBG's Hardcore! series has a lot of foreshadowing, and amazingly enough (since the series isn't scripted), almost all of it is unintentional. How much, you ask? Enough that the concept has been around since the very first episode of the series, and has become a Running Gag. Sometimes a character's comment will be openly acknowledged with ominous "Foreshadow?!" text appearing on the screen (a few of which end up being false alarms). Other times it isn't lampshaded, but a character will still say something that turns out to be eerily prophetic for a (usually disastrous) event that happens later on.


Spoilers for recent seasons and for season endings will be blotted out, but all other spoilers will be unmarked. Be cautioned.

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    Minecraft # 1 
  • Episodes 1 & 2: Soah warns the group about digging into lava. In the very next episode, he falls victim to the exact fate he cautioned the others about.
  • Episode 1: Dean and Jirard are left behind at the house to mine as the others decide to head out. When it's questioned if leaving them together is a good idea, Jon replies, "What could they possibly do?" When the group returns home later, they discover that Jirard went (permanently) AFK while mining.
  • Episodes 6 & 15: PBG is talking about how they need to go kill Endermen and remarks, "I have a feeling that'll be the end of at least one or two of us." Much later, he dies on an Enderman hunt.

    Terraria # 1 
  • Episodes 2 & 5: McJones warns the others about encountering traps via digging too deep. Three episodes later, he and Dean both die to a trap.

    Minecraft # 2 
  • Episodes 4 & 19: The gang make a joke about "Forever Alone Barry", which is hilarious up until the penultimate episode, when Barry becomes the Sole Survivor again.
  • Episode 9: As the boys are heading down into the ravine to mine Obsidian, PBG comments "unless we have some random slip-ups" that they're doing pretty good. Cue Barry almost dying to an Enderman, Jared viciously ambushed by multiple Creepers and Skeletons, and McJones nearly being knocked off a ledge by a Creeper explosion and falling to his death.
  • Episodes 14 & 15: The group is standing around the graveyard after ProJared's death during a lightning storm and discussing how to find NCS, who had earlier gotten himself lost. A caption appears, acknowledging the foreboding thunder. Sure enough, NCS dies in the next episode.
  • Episodes 19 & 20: Perhaps the eeriest example in the series thus far: PBG spots a cross-shaped formation in the Netherrack in the exact shape of the gravestones built for their fallen comrades, and thinks it's a bad omen. Later in the episode, McJones points out that no-one has yet died in the Nether, clarifying that he doesn't want to jinx it. Everyone remaining then dies off one by one.

    Diablo II 
  • Episode 4: PBG remarks that someone will die in the upcoming dungeon and he thinks it'll be Ross. Sure enough, Ross dies later that episode when they're inside a dungeon. Downplayed in that Ross was struggling more than the other players and having the most near-death experiences, so it wasn't hard to predict he'd be the first to go.
  • Episodes 5 & 10: The group jokes about Dean's death and how bad it'd be as they'd no longer have Dean's skeletons to fight alongside them. Five episodes later, Dean perishes and his entire skeleton army goes with him.
  • Episodes 6 & 14: PBG says it'd be awesome if they got to the final act and it was a duo. Indeed, when the final episode rolls around, the party is reduced to a duo with only Paul and Jirard left after Mcjones was killed.
  • Episode 14: When talking about throwing down a portal in case they need to escape from the mobs, McJones says, "Just make sure you don't retreat before us." Later that episode, Paul and Jirard retreat into a portal before McJones, leading to his death.

    Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars 
  • Episode 2: In the final segment, as everyone is in the middle of the lake frantically trying to figure out how to operate the boat, ominous music starts to play... then a cannonball hits the boat and kills Shane, Barry, and Ian... which also sinks the boat and drowns Jeff and McJones.

    Minecraft # 3 
  • Episode 2 & 11: In Ep. 2, PBG jokes that Shane is his mortal enemy, as PBG is dressed as Luigi and Shane as Waluigi (a joke which is brought up again in Ep. 10). Later in the same episode, PBG comments on how no-one has died to lava since Season 1. When they venture into the Nether much later, McJones and PBG both die to lava, all while building themselves a safehouse no less. As for Shane, him being PBG's enemy turns out to be averted, as Shane never ends up killing him. He did accidentally trap McJones in with the lava, but McJones had taken too much damage and was going to die anyway.
  • Episodes 4 & 5: Jon builds a pillar of lava in the middle of their wooden house, encased by stone blocks to break the flow. When asked if the house is on fire, PBG replies "no, not yet anyway." In Episode 5, the house actually does catch fire when a stray ember from the lava hits the wood.
  • Episode 5: There are barely audible sounds of crackling embers and a very brief shot of wood on fire before Jared calls out that the house is on fire.
  • Episode 5: Dean announces his plan to go outside and asks for somebody to help protect him from Creepers. Nobody goes with him and he dies seconds later to a Creeper explosion.
  • Episode 7: At one point when PBG is meeting up with Shane and Jon, Shane warns that a skeleton is behind a tree. While Jon is poisoned from a witch, a skeleton pops up from behind a tree and kills him.
  • Episode 12: Smooth tells Shane that if Shane dies, they have no hope. Not only is Shane killed later in the episode, but Smooth himself follows mere minutes later, ending the season in failure.

    MineZ # 1 
  • Episodes 2 - 16: After Dean gets poisoned, Jared pleads to him to stay alive, so they don't have to kill him if he turns into a zombie. As it turns out, Jared, Jeff, Ian, and most notably McJones are the ones who become zombies and have to be killed. Dean, PBG, and Barry are the ones that are left to roam as zombies after the Hardcore ends.
  • Episodes 2 & 3: As Team 1 is on their way to Portsmouth, PBG warns of the danger, but the group jovially announces that they'll be fine. Barry points out that it's where a foreshadowing edit will go. In the next episode, the group is ambushed by zombies and has a tense encounter with another player. But aside from that, nothing too serious happens and they escape Portsmouth just fine.
  • Episode 3: Team 1 decides to check out a stone structure and PBG jokes that it won't end in Ian's death. Completely averted though, as they investigate the structure and nothing bad happens at all, aside from Barry taking minor fall damage.
  • Episodes 6 - 16: After stumbling onto a one block-wide hole in a mountain, PBG suggests dropping their Eyes of Ender down it for good luck. When McJones and Jared reveal that they've already thrown theirs away, PBG proclaims that they will die. Sure enough, even though the group loses in the end, McJones and Jared are the first to die in their respective teams after the split at Sirus.
  • In a unique case, many of the events from the original MineZ series with Jared and McJones would draw eerily similar parallels to the events of the Hardcore season:
    • The team begins in two groups and must meet back up at a designated location, just as the Hardcore did.
    • The server undergoes a reset in the middle of playing, which restored Dean's character in the Hardcore.
    • PBG discards two antidotes, which were necessary for him and McJones in the Hardcore when they both got infected.
    • McJones describes the Pig Zombie's explosive properties to Jared, after which he jokingly suggests hugging it. No points for guessing what happens to him in the Hardcore.
    • When McJones claims a flower, PBG jokingly threatens to shoot McJones to death for it, which he ends up having to do to his zombie in the Hardcore.

    Terraria # 2 
  • Episode 3: PBG starts digging straight down. McJones is quick to point out that Dean could fall into the pit PBG made and die. Sure enough, Dean falls into the pit merely minutes later, but survives with just 12 health left.
  • Episodes 4 & 23: PBG comments on how no-one has died yet, to which McJones replies that someone always dies when they say that. PBG responds, "This is me jinxing everybody." Barry again points out that it's where a foreshadowing edit will go. It ultimately comes true, as the entire party is dead by the end of the season.
  • Episode 7: The group is in a desert and Jeff talks about them having to run back. Barry responds, "We'll be fine", then once again comments that it's where a foreshadowing edit will go. This one ends up being averted, as they escape the desert fine and nothing bad happens in the episode.
  • Episode 10: PBG and Dean start racing home after the group decides to head out of the Corruption, leaving, Barry and Jeff to fend for themselves against enemies, together at night. Jeff points out that this is how Barry died in the previous season. A couple of minutes later, Barry gets swarmed and killed by a group of Eaters of Souls.
    • During the race, Dean starts to get attacked and calls PBG for help, but PBG, focused on winning the race, blissfully ignores him. One minute later, Dean is killed by a Demon Eye.
  • Episode 21: Throughout the episode, Jeff and McJones discuss the possibility of a goblin army appearing. Sure enough, they’re soon greeted to a message informing them that goblins are indeed approaching from the east.

    Minecraft # 4 
  • Episodes 1 & 19: Dean asks if he's going to die, and we get the all-too-familiar "Foreshadow?!" caption. Well, as of the finale not only did Dean not die, he actually ended up being the last person left alive after the impromptu Battle Royale.
  • Episodes 10 & 11: The group return from the Nether without any deaths or losses, and McJones tells PBG that the only other time that has happened was in Minecraft #2, when it was the second trip to the Nether that screwed them over, leaving everyone dead. They then realise they forgot soul sand and make a second trip to the Nether, at which point Barry dies, his stuff isn't recovered and no soul sand is found. The trip only gets worse in the next episode, when Caddicarus is killed to a Zombie Pigman, and McJones is almost killed by 6 of them before Dean steps in at the last minute to take down the remaining two.

    Minecraft # 5 
  • Episode 7: The group gets split up while mining, and as Jeff is getting attacked by a spider, PBG muses that someone's probably going to die if the group stays split up. At the end of the episode, Barry gets stuck in a spider web, and is killed by a Cave Spider as nobody comes to his aid.
    • Funny enough, the only person that wasn't in the general vicinity of the group was PBG, making it a case of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
  • Episode 8: PBG ends up in an argument with the rest of the group about the Diamond Sword that he crafted. Jeff jokingly mentions that the one with the Diamond Sword would be the first to die, though he corrects himself and says that the sword wielder would instead be the second one to die, on account of Barry's death in the episode prior. An episode later, we see that Jeff was indeed correct; ProJared, the wielder of the Diamond Sword after PBG gives it to him, dies.
  • Episodes 8 & 10: Tied into the above is another very eerie example - during the mid-season, PBG and McJones each hold small 'pick a number' raffles to determine who gets the available diamond sword(s). ProJared wins the first one, and Dean and PBG win the second and third. The creepy part is that ProJared won by picking two, and Dean won by picking three. In subsequent episodes, they were the second and third people in the party to die.
  • Episode 14: Near the beginning of the episode, the group discuss the behavior of Zombie Pigmen, with PBG saying that sometimes they attack for no reason, as if they detect weakness. Sure enough, PBG is randomly attacked by a Zombie Pigman later and is forced to defend himself. This causes a horde of Pigmen to descend upon the party and they're forced to hide in a shack for safety. This also adds onto the episode 8 & 10 entry, as PBG is not only the one who is first attacked by Pigmen, he's also comes the closest to death due to a baby pigman getting in to the shelter and bringing him down to 1 heart.
  • Episode 15: One of the more meta Foreshadowing moments, but on the same channel Hardcore is on PBG and Space Hamster have a series called PB and Jeff where they play games together. After the events of this video, Jeff and PBG are the only members of the group left.
    • Also in Episode 15: After Ray's death, Jeff notes that he and PBG made it to "the end". Of course, he means that they were the last ones to die, but tragically, Jeff is the only one that does make it to The End dimension. Meanwhile, PBG dies to an explosion in episode 20.
  • Episode 17: When PB&Jeff are searching for diamond, PBG declares that the first person to find diamond will die second, complete with the Foreshadowing edit. Turns out, he was completely right; PBG dies first, and Jeff dies second. Additionally, while Jeff was wrong about neither of them dying, PBG states that they were probably both going to die anyway. And yes, PBG was right.
  • Episodes 19 & 20: The end of Episode 19 sees Jeff ambushed by a creeper from behind that is about to explode before cutting away to a foreboding close-up shot of a creeper hissing. At the beginning of the next episode, Jeff only takes half his health in damage from the explosion. Nay, it didn't foretell Jeff's death - it actually foretold PBG's, when he gets killed by a creeper that sneaks up on him.
  • Episode 20: After looking more deeply into them and starting to get uncomfortable, PBG claims that the pink sheep are bad omens and that everyone should return home. Merely seconds after that statement, he gets blown up by a creeper. He wasn't kidding about that statement.

    Terraria # 3 
  • Episodes 1 & 11: ProtonJon kills the 50th green slime, which triggers a message and surprises the others as a presumed death message. Ten episodes later, Jon actually does die first.
  • Episode 4: Team 1, or rather the team comprising of Jon, Jeff, PBG, and Luke, decides on the name Team Blood, named after their selection of the red team, in a thematic contrast to Team B's much lighter Team New Kids. The blood in the name apparently referred to their own team's - the first three deaths of the season were members of Team Blood, whittling them down to but one member, while Team New Kids didn't lose anyone until Dean was impaled late in the season as the group's fourth overall casualty, and as the last casualty before completing the goal.
  • Episodes 5 & 23: Dean mentions the possibility of someone drowning by having their head JUST underneath the water. Much later on, that possibility nearly becomes reality when Luke nearly drowns in the same scenario Dean posed.
  • Also from Episode 5: Lucah and Dean brag that Team New Kids are observant. This wouldn't be much of a foreshadow, except that MANY deaths occurred from not being observant, one being Dean. Even ignoring that, they do prove to be able to point out many instances where someone was dying, such as when Lucah and McJones were suffocating in slush and when Luke was drowning.
  • Episodes 6 & 15: While Luke is missing many of his shots towards a Blue Slime, he says that he can't hit it "to save his life." Jeff responds by saying "But you have to save my life." And Luke replies that he "will always save his life." The exact opposite eventually comes true, albeit unintentionally: Luke unwittingly gave Jeff the item that he kills himself with.
  • Episode 8: When McJones mentions how they need to gather gems to create a hookshot, Lucah says how they can easily kill themselves trying to use it. Lo and behold, that's how Jeff dies in episode 15.
  • Episode 11: PBG starts off by commenting about how they were doing pretty well in not losing anyone, while the rest of the group complains that he's jinxed their streak. Not even a minute later, Jon unexpectedly dies from a boulder trap.
  • Episodes 13 & 15: Jeff and McJones have a snark-off about Jeff's death from the previous Terraria Hardcore season, during which McJones sarcastically wonders why he didn't trust Jeff to not fall to his death. Two episodes later, Jeff accidentally kills himself in a totally avoidable grapple hook accident while in the safety of their home base, missing a grapple and pancaking himself at the front gate.
  • Episodes 14, 18, & 22: During yet another of Team New Kids's many moments of pride and joy, Luke begins to question whether he should technically be part of Team New Kids over Dean, seeing as how he's also an actual newcomer to the series like Lucah and unlike Dean (much to the latter's chagrin). Eventually, after all of Team Blood dies off effective Episode 18, he is silently integrated into the remaining group, comprised of Team New Kids, who are still proudly flaunting their team name, and their "babysitter" from before, McJones. His inquiry comes to pass for real in Episode 22, when Dean dies off to spikes, leaving him, Lucah, and McJones as the final survivors of the season, A.K.A. the "babysitter" and the "new kids".
  • Episodes 15 & 18: PBG argues over who should get the "cursed" grappling hook, saying "Who better to die than me?" He ends up the next to die, albeit not from the grappling hook.
    • Upon the grappling hook becoming "cursed", McJones takes it, in spite of PBG arguing it'll kill him... Defied, as McJones actually not only successfully lives to win the hardcore, but even counting the bonus goblin army battle and loss at the end, he was actually the last to fall during it, and even at that, it took place after the victory.
  • Episode 18: McJones admonishes Lucahjin for joking around while the team is engaged in a risky mission to mine meteorite. About two minutes later Austin fails to notice that he's jumping into the meteorite and losing health because he's chitchatting with the other players, and dies.
    • From the same episode, PBG wonders aloud how much damage per second the meteorite ore would cause if someone were to accidentally touch it. A few minutes later, he gets his answer the hard way.
    • Also, it figures that the topic that was being discussed immediately before his death is Texas. As in Austin, Texas.
  • Episode 24: Before the Wall of Flesh fight, Lucahjin and Yungtown both express joy for making it to Hell and getting to the final boss, but McJones reminded them to not celebrate too early. Come the end of the fight, they recall into a Hardmode goblin invasion which they all die to, which didn't let them celebrate their victory. At all.
    • The death order during the goblin attack ends up mirroring the deaths not only from the previous season before, but the deaths that occurred PRIOR to the completion of the goal in this season. Lucah dies first, just like her real-life partner Jon. Next Luke dies, just like fellow Hidden Block member Jeff, whose death in this season he blamed himself for. Luke died in a way that is reminiscent of how Jeff normally dies: being killed by being in a bad spot while in the final fight. And finally McJones, following his brother and his friend Dean. Doubles as History Repeats.

    MineZ # 2 
  • Episode 5: In the beginning of the episode, Dean gets swarmed by a few zombies in Stonehenge, leading PBG to advise him against rushing into new locations. A few minutes later, when they arrive at some nearby ruins, Dean rushes in first and immediately gets cornered by another zombie, leading to his death.

    Minecraft # 6 
  • Episode 2: One of the major hints to the location of the Totem of Undying is "the journey will begin with fire". McJones burns to death later in the episode after falling into lava, with his death (and the chance to revive him) serving as a catalyst to hunt down the Totem as soon as possible, the search for which takes up most of the next 8 episodes.
  • Episode 10: After reaching the Diamond Delver encampment and searching around, Dean finds an entrance to a dark tunnel signaled by black banners. Jared immediately thinks it's a death trap that will kill them if they enter it. Dodger bites the bullet, enters the cave first and survives, locating the Totem of Undying needed for a resurrection in the process. In the very same episode, however, Jared's omen comes true, as Dodger is ambushed and blown up by a Creeper right outside the home base.
  • The fact that, if you look at her character art, Dodger's choker looks a lot like her head was stitched onto her neck like Frankenstein's monster seems to unintentionally foreshadow her death in Episode 10 and her subsequent resurrection in Episode 11.
  • In episode 14, PBG wonders if this will be the one season where they don't hit any Pigmen. 10 seconds later he accidentally hits one, resulting in his and Dodger's deaths.

  • Episode 15: During a particularly bad bit of lag, PBG mentions that sooner or later, someone is going to die. At the end of the episode, Jeff falls into a chasm when he accidentally triggers the short-range teleportation ability on his sword, launching him to his death.
    • Almost thirty seconds before he falls to his death, Jeff blows off warnings from Lucah and Jesse that digging straight down could prove fatal, citing his ability to see far enough that it wouldn't be an issue. While digging straight down isn't what ends up causing him to fall, he dies by falling into a dark chasm.
    • In Episode 22, the lag is finally responsible for killing PBG. The lag got to an absolutely ridiculous point while he was on an elevator, causing him to fall off and back on to it several times with no chance to heal.
  • Much of episode 20 is devoted to the team deciding what character they would be in Star Trek. PBG considers a number of prominent characters, but at the end of the episode decides he wants to be "Ensign #2", in other words one of the nameless extras. Lucahjin points out that these are the characters who usually end up getting killed off, but PBG says that's fine because that's probably exactly what's going to happen. Two episodes later, PBG is indeed the next player to get killed, and in a fittingly Red Shirt fashion - dying immediately upon entering the next villain's lair, to an obstacle that gave the rest of the team no trouble whatsoever.

    Minecraft # 7 
  • Episode 1: PBG makes a diving board and decides to jump off of it, even though he could've easily died if he landed on ice, which was covering a large portion of the river. In the penultimate episode of the season, he nearly lands in lava while falling, but managed to adjust his fall to land in a nearby water spring. Shortly after, however, he gets killed by a creeper.
  • Episode 2: While mining, a large cavern full of mobs is discovered, which is promptly blocked off, complete with a sign warning others about it. Not too much later, Jeff accidentally unleashes a large swarm of zombies, which ends up claiming the lives of both Barry and Jared. In addition, Jared's start-of-season bio lampshades his tendency for accidental deaths while trying to be selfless by mentioning that he wants to die selfishly for once. By getting killed while rescuing Ray from the Zombie horde, he notches up yet another selfless death.
  • The season's tagline, "Ooh, I've got a bad hole," uttered by PBG in one of the first episodes, ends up being an ominous omen of events that unfold later in the season:
    • Episode 6: While the party is journeying back home from the jungle, PBG has a near-death experience where he accidentally falls into a deep ravine on the shoreline, bringing him down to two hearts.
    • Episode 15: While exploring a cave, the party continually skirts around two holes that lead to a fall into lava when everything around it is solid. After a brief skirmish with mobs, Ray falls through one of the holes and burns to death, prompting the other party members to block it off.
    • Episode 18: When exploring a stronghold, PBG falls down a hole into a deep ravine. Although he initially survives the fall, as he tries to explore around, a creeper soon falls right behind him and explodes, killing him instantly.
  • Episode 18: Leading up to this point, PBG and Jeff note that the death order so far is the exact same as Season 5. By the end of the episode, PBG, who also died second-to-last near the end of Season 5, ends up dead, and Jeff is once again the last one alive.
  • Episode 19: While preparing to fight the Ender Dragon on his own, Jeff hesitates when he starts to wonder about using ladders to climb the towers, noting that it's probably not the safest way to climb. Sure enough, immediately after he starts to use ladders in the middle of the boss fight, the Ender Dragon smashes into him, launching him to his death— with the aforementioned hesitation playing in the background as he falls in slow-motion.


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