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Only spoilers for the most recent season of Hardcore are covered below. Be cautioned.

Throughout the entire series

  • Chromosome Casting: For a long time, all the players in the series were male. The streak was finally broken with Terraria #3, the show's eleventh season, which introduced Lucahjin.
  • Killed Off for Real: The driving force of the series; any player who dies is dead for good in that season, although many of them come back for another go-around once the next season rolls in.
  • The Smurfette Principle:
    • Lucahjin in Terraria #3 and Starbound and Dodger in Minecraft #6 guest star as the sole female protagonists of their respective series.
    • Averted in Minecraft NB #1, which features two female guest stars in the returning Lucahjin and newcomer Lady Pelvic.

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Main Cast Members

Series Regulars / Semi-Regulars

    Austin (PeanutButterGamer)
Well intentioned goofball with a strong sense of morality… unless it’s funnier to be evil. He claims to fear leadership roles, but often is thrust into them regardless. He looks to his friends for confidence, and performs in them well. Well-enough.

"I can't even understand this boat."

Appears in: Minecraft #1 | DayZ | Terraria #1 | Minecraft #2 | Mount & Blade | Diablo II | Diablo III (Polaris) | Minecraft #3 | MineZ #1 | Terraria #2 | Minecraft #4 | Minecraft #5 | Terraria #3 | MineZ #2 | Minecraft #6 | Starbound | Minecraft #7 | Minecraft NB #1
Usernames: PBG (main) | PntButterGmr (Diablo III) | Peeebs (Minecraft #5-7, MineZ #2) | Dum Dum Peebs (Terraria #3) | Peebs (Starbound)
Minecraft characters: Link (Minecraft #1) | Shaggy (Minecraft #2) | Luigi (Minecraft #3) | Jean-Luc Picard (MineZ #1) | The King of All Cosmos (Minecraft #4) | Arthur (Minecraft #5) | Elmo (MineZ #2) | A combo meal (Minecraft #6) | TV Color Test Pattern (Minecraft #7) | Mike Dawson (Minecraft NB #1)
Diablo character class: Paladin (Diablo II) | Wizard (Diablo III)
Starbound race: Novakid
Furthest episode lasted:
Overall: Starbound - 22/26
Distance from the end: Minecraft #4 - 19/19, Terraria #1 - 9/9, MineZ #1 - 16/16, MineZ #2 - 12/12, Minecraft NB #1 - 16/16
Earliest episode died:
Overall: DayZ - 1/3
Distance from the end: Terraria #2 - 12/23
Total length of survival: 86% - 234/271

The main host of Hardcore. More info on him can be found on his primary page.

  • Bold Explorer: In contrast to his more cautious brother.
  • Captain Obvious: In Episode 3 of Minecraft #1, he points out that food doesn't heal you, but fills your hunger bar which results in a Regenerating Health effect, a fact that literally everybody, including Dean (then the noob of the group), had known very well by that point.
  • Decoy Protagonist: He is the host of the show, it airs on his channel, he has first billing among the players, he frequently leads the group, and he is always the one to set up the seasons. It usually doesn't help his chances of survival. It's especially jarring in Minecraft #1, where he has by far the most POV shots shown and lasts for an impressively long time, making his death just before the Ender Dragon fight all the more shocking.
  • The Hero: The closest thing to it in every season, at least, due to the reasons stated above, though in later seasons, his commentary and skills occasionally tend to get drowned out by the other members of the group.
  • The Hero Dies: What his death came off as in Minecraft #1, back when the thought of him dying, especially before the final objective, was unheard of, and by extension, the prospect that the "PBG Hardcore" series would continue on without him. While he is still considered The Hero and still dies almost all the time nowadays, it's hardly as shocking as it was back in the debut of Hardcore.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: As usual, with Jeff. Even when they aren’t the only two left alive like in Terraria #1, Minecraft #5, and Minecraft #7, they tend to stick close to each other. PBG even goes out of his way to make sure he’s partnered up with Jeff, attaching himself to Jeff’s team after not being picked for one in Terraria #3 and insisting Jeff and him stay behind to mine together in Minecraft #6.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In episode 11 of Minecraft #1, he reprimands Jon for breaking the grass... while doing the exact same thing himself.
  • Idiot Hero: He is known for recklessly charging forward despite the frequent risks involved, endangering himself and others.
  • Informed Flaw: McJones tends to hold it over his head that he always dies as soon as he wanders off by himself, but this has only actually happened in Minecraft #1 and Terraria #2, where he did indeed fight in the desert at night by his own accord and choose to continue going down in the mines under the house after an accidental recall. Most of his deaths thereafter, however, were within the direct vicinity of someone else, and the cases where he did die by himself were the result of being the Sole Survivor.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: In contrast to his brother McJones, PBG has a penchant for being less calculated and more reckless. The most notable instance of this was Minecraft #1, where he wanders alone into the desert to fight Endermen by himself, only to be overwhelmed and promptly slaughtered.
  • More Expendable Than You: Towards McJones in both MineZ #1 and Terraria #3.
    • In MineZ #1, as they both get infected and McJones starts giving up all hope he tells him that the group doesn't need him, but McJones.
    • In Terraria #3, he harshly argues against McJones taking the "cursed" grappling hook which caused Jeff's death, trying to trade it for his own (actually a tier better) hook and take the cursed one himself.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: In MineZ #2, PBG was much more hesitant in killing the player compared to the other players. Considering his normal Leeroy Jenkins tendencies, it's rather jarring that he was the hesitant one and McJones was the one who charged in.
  • Precision F-Strike: Considering how he normally is, in Minecraft NB #1 he surprisingly drops one when almost getting covered in lava in the Nether.
  • Picked Last: In Terraria #3, when the cast decides to split up and form groups, he actually ends up not picked at all and forcefully inserts himself into SpaceHamster's group. Dean grills him on it throughout the series, to his chagrin.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Jeff and McJones's blue.
  • Sole Survivor: Albeit for only a couple of seconds, he was this for Terraria #1 against the Eye of Cthulhu. And in real time, he was also this for MineZ, outliving the main group by about half a day.
  • Too Dumb to Live: In Minecraft #1. Hunting for Endermen all by himself in an isolated, mob-filled desert in the night, especially after two near-death experiences, was not the wisest of ideas. The fact that he switched from his sword to a bow, ineffectively hitting an Enderman with it, only made it worse. Also an example in Minecraft #6 where he tells the group not to hit any Pigmen and then immediately after hits a Pigman.

A raucous adventurer with a knack for pushing his luck- and he knows it. Another word for Dean would be: polarizing; you either love him or hate him. Love him for his ridiculous (and dangerous) antics or hate him for endangering the team.

"Who needs a map?"

Appears in: Minecraft #1 | DayZ | Terraria #1 | Minecraft #2 | Mount & Blade | Diablo II | Minecraft #3 | MineZ #1 | Terraria #2 | Minecraft #4 | Minecraft #5 | Terraria #3 | MineZ #2 | Minecraft #6 | Minecraft #7
Usernames: balmung135 (Minecraft, MineZ) | balmung (DayZ) | deanelazab (Terraria #1 & #2) | Balmung135 (Mount & Blade) | DeanElazab (Diablo II) | Balmung (Terraria #3)
Minecraft characters: Haseo (Minecraft #1) | Haseo/Marth (Minecraft #2) | Ragna (Minecraft #3) | Kamina (MineZ #1) | Hisoka (Minecraft #4) | Speed O' Sound Sonic (Minecraft #5) | Bakugou (MineZ #2) | Naruto (Minecraft #6) | Kuwabara (Minecraft #7)
Diablo character class: Necromancer
Furthest episode lasted:
Overall: Terraria #3 - 22/24
Distance from the end: Minecraft #4 - 19/19, Minecraft #6 - 17/17
Earliest episode died:
Overall: DayZ - 2/3
Distance from the end: Minecraft #2 - 5/20
Total length of survival: 69% - 157/229

A friend of PBG and crew.

  • The Berserker: Dean had the reputation of recklessly throwing himself into combat and the most battle ready player, at times too much so, getting himself killed because of this fact. PBG and Jeff are aware of this in their Death Road to Canada series on PB&Jeff giving him the trait of "BERSERK!".
  • The Big Guy: Or at least tried, in earlier seasons, attempting to squeeze out whatever ounce of action he could from any situation and screaming his heart out, but has recently grown out of it in favor of a more precautionary playstyle, though he'll still usually act as a main melee fighter in big battles, and of course, still screams his heart out (only this time, in order to signify any sort of danger).
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Almost anytime Dean finds himself in a sticky situation, it's up to McJones to save him before he pursues the worst possible solutions and gets himself killed faster than he would if he took his hands off the keyboard. The aftermath is generally comprised of half an episode of McJones sending Butt-Monkey jokes his way.
  • Butt-Monkey: In MineZ #1, he gets zombie poisoning three times and has one of the most anti-climatic deaths of the entire series.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Despite his status as a memetic Butt-Monkey, Dean is actually tied with Jeff, McJones and Jirard for most seasons survived and can genuinely hold his own and call the shots in situations of panic and danger.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Frequently charged headfirst into battle into the earlier seasons, but grew out of it later. Regressed back into doing so in MineZ #2, however, where despite being the most injured of the group, he decides to charge into an old ruin, only to get swarmed by a zombie and die.
  • Lovable Coward: Has a penchant for getting riled up at the most menial of occurrences, often spooking his teammates in the process.
  • New Meat: Had a noteworthy reputation for this in the earlier seasons of Minecraft, having just played the game for the first time in the first season. Contrast to DayZ Hardcore, where he was one of the more knowledgeable members of the group. Also doubles as The Load, as his limited knowledge on Minecraft survival made him mostly useless compared to the rest of the party. He eventually grew out of it as of Minecraft #4, however.
  • No Indoor Voice: Easily the loudest of the bunch, whether he's letting out war cries or freaking out over any sort of danger.
  • Otaku: It's easier to list everything he's ever said that wasn't in the context of anime. His Minecraft and MineZ skins are also all anime based. (Haseo, Marth and Ragna are a little iffy though, as they originated from video games. Though Haseo and Ragna are arguably from anime games and as of now, Marth can be considered such.)
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to almost everyone's blue, especially McJones.
  • Running Gag:
    • Him not knowing how to build certain items, and saying the wrong name for said items. He was also the person who started the "Who needs a map?" joke way back in episode 3 of Minecraft #1.
    • PBG never has any clue what his skins are supposed to be and usually ends up calling them "an anime". Until Minecraft #6, where he recognizes Naruto... and getting Dean mad at him for ruining the joke.
  • Sole Survivor: For Minecraft #4, after defeating the Elder Guardians and winning the battle royale.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: While a few guests have cursed every now and then, Dean swears the most out of everybody, with perhaps the exception of Dodger.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Marks Jared as this in Minecraft #6, with Dean frequently voicing his distrust of him and Jared in turn making a few jabs at him.

    Barry (Game Grumps)
Quiet, chill, and quick of wit, Barry’s the rock of the group. He wouldn’t say this, far too modest, but you just can’t help but think he’s so dang cool. While he’s not one for leadership, affixing Barry to a task almost guarantees it’ll be done safely and quickly.

"I'm here too!"

Appears in: Minecraft #1 | DayZ | Terraria #1 | Minecraft #2 | Mount & Blade | Diablo II | MineZ #1 | Terraria #2 | Minecraft #4 | Minecraft #5 | MineZ #2 | Starbound | Minecraft #7
Usernames: razzbarry (main) | razzadoop (Mount & Blade) | Barry (Terraria #2, Starbound)
Minecraft characters: Shy Guy (Minecraft #1) | Kermit the Frog (Minecraft #2) | Beaker (MineZ #1) | "Fuzzy Pickles!" guy (Minecraft #4) | Pumkin (Minecraft #5) | Paddington (MineZ #2) | Mike Wazowski (Minecraft #7)
Diablo character class: "BarBARRYan" (Barbarian)
Starbound race: Glitch
Furthest episode lasted:
Overall: Minecraft #2 - 20/20
Distance from the end: Minecraft #1 - 18/18, Minecraft #2 - 20/20, MineZ #1 - 16/16, MineZ #2 - 12/12
Earliest episode died:
Overall: DayZ - 2/3, Minecraft #7 - 2/19
Distance from the end: Minecraft #7 - 2/19
Total length of survival: 61% - 124/202

Former co-host and editor of the popular Game Grumps channel. More information on him can be found on the Game Grumps characters page.

  • The Chick: Will have fun with the group like everyone else, but is the one most likely to be the mediator for the group by calming them down whenever things get too crazy for their own good (usually when they finally notice that he's off actually doing something productive), reminding them through his actions that it's time for them to focus on the task at hand.
  • Crutch Character: Could be considered this in comparison to the main cast, at least for the Minecraft seasons. While his skill was about on par with that of an averagely experienced player, he was nonetheless the cornerstone of the group's progression in the earlier seasons as they failed to get too much done out of goofiness and/or inexperience with the game. As they finally began to get a proper grasp on the feel of the game and caught up to his level of skill, his contributions gradually became less vital to the completion of the goal, now that even Dean was competent enough to hold his own.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: While he would eventually become a recognized personality through Game Grumps, Barry began his Let's Play career through PBG's Hardcore series back when he was relatively unknown, appearing in several seasons before becoming an Ascended Extra on the Game Grumps channel.
  • The Quiet One: Tends to be pretty mellow in comparison to most of the other members.
  • Sacrificial Lion: If he doesn't end up as the last man standing, he typically is the first one to go, dying first in Minecraft #4, #5, #7, and Terraria #1.
  • Sanity Slippage: A severe one in the end of Minecraft #2, being left alone in the Nether for hours on end to slowly descend into madness, and a comparatively milder one at the end of MineZ #1, where he is killed shortly after his friends and spared the pain, but not without immediate babbling.
  • Sequel Non-Entity: Was absent for the third seasons of both Minecraft and Terraria, where other soft-spoken adventurers took up his mantle.
  • Sole Survivor: For quite a few seasons. In Minecraft #1, he won the battle royale against Jon after defeating the Ender Dragon. For Minecraft #2, Barry was left alone to aimlessly search for Wither Skulls after PBG and McJones both died. And in MineZ, according to the episode itself rather than what occurred in real time, he was the last one left facing off against the Giant.

    Jeff (SpaceHamster)
If Austin is goofy then Jeff is bonkers. He has a penchant for escalation when things get silly, but when it’s time to lay out the logistics, Jeff becomes calm and collected. A competent adventurer, Jeff is arguably the most reliable before, during, and after a fight to get the job done.

"I just wanna... make things pretty."

Appears in: Terraria #1 | Mount & Blade | MineZ #1 | Terraria #2 | Minecraft #4 | Minecraft #5 | Terraria #3 | MineZ #2 | Minecraft #6 | Starbound | Minecraft #7
Usernames: SpaceHamster (Terraria #1 & #2, Mount & Blade) | TFG65 (MineZ #1) | SpaceHammy (Minecraft, Terraria #3, MineZ #2, Starbound)
Minecraft characters: Jar Jar Binks (MineZ #1) | Shrek (Minecraft #4) | The Genie (Minecraft #5) | Tingle (MineZ #2) | Barney (Minecraft #6) | Toad (Minecraft #7)
Starbound Race: Apex
Furthest episode lasted:
Overall: Terraria #2 - 23/23, Minecraft #5 - 23/23
Distance from the end: Minecraft #4 - 19/19, Minecraft #6 - 17/17, Terraria #1 - 9/9, MineZ #1 - 16/16, Terraria #2 - 23/23, Minecraft #5 - 23/23, MineZ #2 - 12/12 Minecraft #7 - 19/19
Earliest episode died:
Overall: Terraria #1 - 9/9
Distance from the end: Starbound - 15/26
Total length of survival: 89% - 168/188

Co-host of the PBGGameplay channel's sister show PB & Jeff and affiliate from Hidden Block. Began as a guest star, before being promoted to a series regular. His channel can be found here.

  • The Ace: When he isn't smashing into the surface of one of his own architectural creations, he is very competent at whatever game he is playing, often matching McJones in game knowledge and coming first or second in any other category of skill it has to offer. Especially evident in his results, where he will almost always make it to the final episode of every season.
  • Ascended Extra: Officially christened to regular status as of Minecraft #4. He even lampshades this.
    Jeff: I'm a main? I'm a main now?! Sweet!
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: As usual, with PBG. Even when they aren’t the only two left alive like in Terraria #1 and Minecraft #5, they tend to stick close to each other.
  • The Lancer: Generally appears as the co-commander of any given situation, either to PBG in leading the group or to McJones in discussing long-term plans for the next objective, and is usually less in focus than the other two due to dealing with basic fundamentals on the side.
  • Oh, Crap!: When PBG suddenly dies in Minecraft #5 and Minecraft #7.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to PBG's red.
  • Skewed Priorities: Despite the overarching goal of defeating whatever boss in the series, after dealing with the reasonable priority of establishing a stable base and food source, he will usually go one step beyond and aim to fix the house to make it look prettier, sometimes even leading to him being under geared.
  • Sole Survivor: Jeff ends up the last survivor in Minecraft #5. He lasted three whole episodes all on his own, more than any other sole survivor in the series, and he even made it to the Ender Dragon by himself. As a result of unlucky coincidences that result in a death order like in Minecraft #5 in Minecraft #7, he's now had to face the Ender Dragon by himself TWICE. And sadly, he doesn't make it either time.
  • You Are Already Dead: In Minecraft #7, his attempt to climb up to an End Crystal with ladders results in the Ender Dragon knocking him very high into the air, with Jeff realising his fate was sealed before even hitting the ground.

    Jared (ProJared)
Jared is the definition of ‘always on’; if there’s fantasy to be sold you can expect him to captivate. He’s level-headed and roguish in planning and approach, but when it goes down and friends are in danger, there’s few more determined to assist to the bitter end.

"I made mushroom soup."

Appears in: DayZ | Minecraft #2 | Minecraft #3 | MineZ #1 | Minecraft #5 | MineZ #2 | Minecraft #6 | Starbound | Minecraft #7
Usernames: ProJared (DayZ) | Diath (Minecraft #2 & #3, MineZ #1) | ProJared22 (Minecraft #5-7, MineZ #2) | Jared (Starbound)
Minecraft characters: Locke Cole (Minecraft #2) | Gambit (Minecraft #3) | Rathalos Monster Hunter Guy (MineZ #1) | Ramza Beoulve (Minecraft #5) | Balthier (MineZ #2) | Sailor Mercury (Minecraft #6) | Lucca (Minecraft #7)
Starbound Race: Human
Furthest episode lasted:
Overall: Starbound - 26/26
Distance from the end: Starbound - 26/26, DayZ - 3/3, MineZ #2 - 12/12, Minecraft #6 - 17/17
Earliest episode died:
Overall: Minecraft #7 - 2/19
Distance from the end: Minecraft #7 - 2/19
Total length of survival: 69% - 102/148

A former Normal Boots affiliate. More information on him can be found on his own page.

  • Bee Afraid: True to his own channel, the Queen Bee boss fight in Terraria #3 is dubbed with his enthusiastic exclamations of BEEEEEES! throughout the whole fight, despite not even appearing in that season.invoked
  • Blood Knight: Shows shades of this in MineZ #2, to the point where he's legitimately upset that the group hasn't killed anyone by the time they reach Anvalia.
  • Death by Pragmatism: Jared is generally confident and competent in the games he plays. Unfortunately, things seem to blow up in his face.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • In Minecraft #2, he takes the blow from a Creeper to save PBG, unable to move from lag.
    • Again in Minecraft #6, where he tanks almost every attack from the Wither to give the others breathing room to shoot, dying moments before they land the final blow.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In Minecraft #5, after all the introductions in the first episode, Jared says that the group has wasted a lot of time doing the introductions, only for him to immediately spend a minute or two killing a donkey with his bare hands.
  • Sacrificial Lion: With the exception of DayZ, Jared tends to abruptly die in the middle of each season, often just as the group has settled down from previous deaths and become complacent, where the extravagant circumstances of his death and his accompanying last words that could pass for dialogue in a JRPG will breathe new energy into them and revitalize their feelings of dread, often driving the rest of the season into Hardcore's infamous mood of melancholy.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Becomes this to Dean in Minecraft #6, with Dean frequently voicing his distrust of him and Jared in turn making a few jabs at him.
  • Sole Survivor: After the group drops like flies in both DayZ and MineZ #2, he manages to survive just long enough before being blown up by a grenade and falling into an abyss, respectively.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Four out of his six deaths across each of his appearances have resulted from explosions - twice by creeper, one by a grenade, and one by an exploding Zombie Pigman.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Dean accuses him of being one in Minecraft #6 after defending Todd when the others accused him of being evil, suggesting he might be in league with Todd and repeatedly stating to not trust him.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Made mushroom soup out of his earnings from a mushroom biome in Minecraft #5, and was ecstatic to make it once again in MineZ #2.invoked

Former Regulars

    Stewart (Professor McJones)
Discerning and knowledgeable, McJones steers the group in the right direction and provides key information on the task at hand. Due to this role, he’s a little more cautious, but more than ready to play along with shenanigans when there’s downtime.

"We're going to die. You do realize we're going to die, right?"

Appears in: Minecraft #1 | DayZ | Terraria #1 | Minecraft #2 | Mount & Blade | Diablo II | Minecraft #3 | MineZ #1 | Terraria #2 | Minecraft #4 | Minecraft #5 | Terraria #3 | MineZ #2 | Minecraft #6 |
Usernames: McJonesRylie (Minecraft, DayZ, MineZ) | McJones (Terraria #1 & 2, Mount & Blade) | Prof_McJones (Diablo II) | McJones Goldmin (Terraria #3)
Minecraft characters: Master Yi (Minecraft #1) | Regulus (Minecraft #2) | Hazama (Minecraft #3) | Quote (MineZ #1) | Dedan (Minecraft #4) | Professor Layton (Minecraft #5) | Brad Armstrong (MineZ #2) | Pepsiman (Minecraft #6)
Diablo character class: Sorceress
Furthest episode lasted:
Overall: Terraria #3 - 24/24
Distance from the end: Minecraft #4 - 19/19, Terraria #3 - 24/24, Diablo II - 14/14, Terraria #2 - 23/23
Earliest episode died:
Overall: DayZ - 1/3
Distance from the end: Minecraft #6 - 2/17
Total length of survival: 83% - 175/210

PBG's real-life older brother.

  • Back for the Dead: Of a sort. While McJones to date has died in all but two of the Hardcore seasons, he tends to last a long time. However, of the three seasons in which he died first, two of those deaths were very early into the season. To wit:
    • In DayZ, he spawns far away from the rest of the group and is mowed down within mere minutes.
    • In Minecraft #6, as described in No Peripheral Vision below, he fails to notice a crevice in the cave below him and falls directly into a stream of lava, and melts to death in just the second episode.
  • The Bet: Made one that Dean would be the first to die in Minecraft #1. He lost.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: McJones is usually roped into almost every sticky situation Dean finds himself in, usually forcing him to step in and save Dean from himself as he pursues the worst possible solutions for his predicament, usually coming out with yet another discussion topic to mock him for in the future.
  • Decoy Protagonist:
  • Exposition Fairy: Moments frequently pop up, along with Jeopardy! music (Professor Layton music as of Minecraft #5), where he explains to the group what their main goal or next task is.
  • No Peripheral Vision: The main cause of his early death in Minecraft #6, though in his defense the cause of his death came at a particularly bad angle. While moving to help PBG and Chad fend off a zombie, he failed to notice that the small ledge he needed to step off of didn't have solid ground beneath it, causing him to plummet a few feet into a lava vein that Chad was in the process of blocking off.
  • Not So Above It All: Has his silly moments just like the others, making reckless decisions in an attempt to one-up everyone else, out of plain impatience, or just for his own amusement, like allowing a Creeper to blow up in one of the major mineshafts in Minecraft #4 "because it was faster," making himself a shield instead of a bucket or iron pickaxe in Minecraft #5 and relishing in the team's disgruntlement, and precariously digging through a den of Demonic Spiders in Terraria #3 in a search to bring home the best equipment. In these otherwise rare moments, the family resemblance between him and PBG is quite clear.
  • Only Sane Man: Often comes up with the best and most sane solutions to problems.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Aside from the aforementioned point from Not So Above It All, it's also incredibly jarring when McJones DOESN'T know some part of the game.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: In MineZ #2, when he aggressively attacked a geared-up player despite the player asking to be spared, seemingly going against his usual philosophy for Player Versus Player situations and getting himself killed. It wasn't revealed until after the episode aired that the player in question had been following and harassing the group throughout the whole season, prompting McJones to rashly attempt to get rid of the player in combat.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to almost everyone's red, especially PBG and Dean.
  • The Smart Guy: Often one of the more level-headed and informed members of the group. He didn't earn the nickname Professor McJones for nothing.
  • Sole Survivor:

    Jon (JonTron)

"Bye everybody! I don't even care!"

Appears in: Minecraft #1 | DayZ | Terraria #1 | Diablo III (Polaris) | Minecraft #3
Usernames: TheOnionKing (Minecraft) | JONTRON (DayZ) | Dennis RodmanTron (Terraria) | JonTron (Diablo III)
Minecraft characters: Donald Duck (Season 1) | Jet Black/Dunkin' Donuts Employee (Season 3)
Diablo character class: Crusader
Furthest episode lasted: Minecraft #1 - 18/18
Earliest episode died:
Overall: DayZ - 1/3
Distance from the end: Minecraft #3 - 7/12
Total length of survival: 79% - 33/42

A Normal Boots affiliate to PBG. More information can be found on his own page.

  • An Interior Designer Is You: Played for laughs early on in Minecraft #1, where he seems much more preoccupied redesigning the house than actually surviving. Later in the season, he builds a unique cobblestone design onto the group's safehouse. Also in Minecraft #3 with his infamous "lava lamp".
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: He often seems pretty detached from reality.
  • Demoted to Extra: Was originally one of the five regulars of the show alongside PBG, McJones, Dean, and Barry. After Terraria #1, he was absent from the next few seasons, before appearing one more time in Minecraft #3.
  • The Heart: In Part 10 of Minecraft #1, he's overjoyed when Dean and McJones make it back safely from their treacherous underground adventure, and he compassionately tells the group that, despite his earlier wishes, he doesn't want any of them to die.
  • Ho Yay: With Barry in Part 2 of Minecraft #1 when the two are hanging out back at the house. Though it is mostly just a case of the two being Heterosexual Life-Partners.
  • The Millstone: In his later appearances when he survived long enough, he had been known to cause all sorts of chaos and found himself destroying major parts of the group's main base.
  • One Steve Limit: Zig-Zagged, there are two Jons with names spelled the same way, but they don't appear in the same seasons.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: He often seems pretty detached from reality overall. Even in the worst of times, he is always there to relieve the tension and make everyone else feel better.
  • Properly Paranoid: He admits to acting way too cautious in Minecraft #1, but his paranoia is completely fine considering how dangerous Minecraft is. His words are ironic, though, considering how reckless he becomes in the seasons afterward.


    Jirard (The Completionist)
A fierce competitor, friend, and complete-it-er, Jirard the Completionist is passion incarnate. Bold and courageous, but practical and conscientious, Jirard brings what he needs to get the job done every time. But can he complete Hardcore?

"I say... we eat the duck!"

Appears in: Minecraft #1 | Diablo II | Starbound | Minecraft NB #1
Usernames: TheBeardMan (Minecraft #1), | Completionist (Diablo II) | The Beardman (Starbound) | TheCompletionist (Minecraft NB #1)
Minecraft character: Zero (Minecraft #1) | Jack Sparrow (Minecraft NB #1)
Diablo character class: Amazon
Starbound Race: Apex
Furthest episodes lasted: Diablo II - 14/14, Starbound - 26/26, Minecraft NB #1 - 16/16
Earliest episode died: Minecraft #1 - 1/18
Total length of survival: 77% - 57/74

A Normal Boots affiliate and good friend of PBG. More information on him can be found on his own page.

  • The Ace: Aside from the first season where he died of AFK, he performs very well, surving both Diablo II and Starbound, becoming the first non-regular guest to survive more than one season.
  • Butt-Monkey: Out of everyone who's ever been in Hardcore, he is the only one to end up going AFK and have his character get killed off for it, and all because he had the rotten luck of having his birthday concurrent with the first day of recording. He admitted years later in his Minecraft review that it was a pretty disheartening experience.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Unlike Soah, Jirard isn't brought up much after the first episode of Minecraft #1 due to lacking a proper death. Captions in the last episode lampshade this after Jon forgets to mention him.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Forms a strong camaraderie with Paul by the end of Diablo II.
  • Out of Focus: We don't get a single POV shot from him before he goes AFK down in the mines.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Often gets riled up in particular at Fred, the villager that hunkers down in the team's main base in Minecraft NB #1.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Goes from a rather anticlimactic AFK 'death' in the very first episode of Minecraft #1 to slaying Diablo with Paul and claiming victory in Diablo II.
  • Walking Spoiler: Due to his status as the first death of the series.

    Luke (Yungtown)
If one can be both a lover and a fighter, then one is Luke. He looks out for the team above all else, adventuring carefully and alert. While the group pushes on ahead, Luke covers escape routes, watches for ambushes, and says encouraging things in his famously pleasant voice.

"Follow your dreams."

Appears in: Terraria #3 | Starbound | Minecraft #7
Usernames: Yungtown (Terraria #3) | TweetTown (Starbound) | Yungtown2 (Minecraft #7)
Minecraft character: Santa Claus
Starbound Race: Avian
Furthest episodes Lasted: Terraria #3 - 24/24, Starbound - 26/26
Earliest episode died: Minecraft #7 - 14/19
Total length of survival: 93% - 64/69

A fellow Hidden Block affiliate. His page can be found here.

  • Determinator:
    • According to the post-show podcast, he was absolutely terrified of the prospect of being the first one dead. He practiced the game prior to the season, and while there were many things he didn't know, he did manage to emerge victorious alongside McJones and Lucahjin.
    • It stands out the most near the end of the series during the Goblin Army fight, where Luke clings to dear life fighting off the goblins.
      Luke: No! No-no-no! This is not happening! This is NOT the way I'm going out!
  • The Ghost: He was first mentioned in Minecraft #4, two seasons and two years before his actual debut, with PBG saying that he was originally meant to be part of the cast for that season.
  • The Heart: Much like Kyrak, Luke is philosophical and peaceful, and has also partaken in laying down kind messages everywhere he goes.
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: He blamed himself for Jeff's death due to giving him the grappling hook which caused his fatal accident. In addition, as revealed in the post-show podcast, he blamed himself a bit for Dean's death due to not blocking off the spikes that killed him.
  • Super Drowning Skills: Luke nearly dies from drowning in a shallow pool of water, and would have if Lucahjin did not point out that he was losing health.
  • Support Party Member: A very unique instance of one, throughout an entire series of players dedicated to offensive playstyles. Despite having the strongest spell of the whole team for a good chunk of Terraria #3, he prioritizes the creation of escape paths, placement of health-regenerating campfires, and presence of spawn-decreasing candles to assist the team before fighting with them.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Most of his loadout towards the end of Terraria #3, comprised of Jeff's Lethargic The Undertaker, PBG's Raincoat, and Dean's Eskimo Hood.

    Ian (brutalmoose)
Hardcore might be an immensely stressful and difficult adventure most times, but Ian’s pretty like whatever about it man. Calm and practical, Ian prefers to play the game smart by avoiding unnecessary fights and warning the group against making poor decisions.

"Team 1 likes touching themselves."

Appears in: Mount & Blade | MineZ #1 | MineZ #2
Usernames: brutalmoose (Mount & Blade, MineZ #1) | mootalbruce (MineZ #2)
Minecraft characters: Ronald McDonald (MineZ #1) | Hot Dog (MineZ #2)
Furthest episode: MineZ #1 - 16/16, MineZ #2 - 12/12
Total length of survival: 100% - 28/28

A fellow web critic affiliated with Hidden Block. More info on him can be found on his own page.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Definitely leans more towards the Deadpan than the Snarker, but is capable of some biting statements.
    Ian: You have this horrible disease. You're gonna die. But... Well, I guess there is no 'but'. Goodbye.
  • Pragmatic Hero: By his own admission in MineZ #2, he cares more about survival and prefers not to take any chances most of the time, forgoing dangerous situations that could reap rewards in favor of hanging back and staying safe. Though, despite what he says, in MineZ #1, Ian gives Barry a golden apple before a Last Stand against the Giant, which becomes one of the primary reasons why Barry was able to outlive Ian.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: His traditional rivalry with Caddicarus, despite them not appearing in the same season, is highlighted by his choice of skin in MineZ #1, given Caddy's in Minecraft #4 was the Burger King.

    Ross (Game Grumps)

"I can't fucking move! FUCK THIS GAME! FUCK!"

Appears in: DayZ | Diablo II
Username: RubberRoss
Diablo character class: Assassin
Furthest episode lasted:
Overall: Diablo II - 4/14
Distance from the end: DayZ - 3/3
Earliest episode died:
Overall: DayZ - 3/3
Distance from the end: Diablo II - 4/14
Total length of survival: 41% - 7/17

A web animator, famous for his role on the Game Grumps sister show Steam Train. More info on him can be found on the Game Grumps character page.

  • Butt-Monkey: Has a pretty laughable death in DayZ when he tries to fire his gun at some zombies, only to accidentally fling glowsticks and cans at them instead, leaving him helpless when one of the zombies gets too close and abruptly kills him. His bad luck continues into Diablo II, where he struggles more than the other players and is the first to die, a mere four episodes into the season, and overall fares much worse than Jirard and Paul, the other returning guest stars, both of whom also ended up dying early in their first appearances but redeemed themselves.
  • Freak Out: Has this in episode 2 of DayZ when his controls lock up and a zombie approaches.
    Ross: How come I can't run? What's going on? I-I can't even turn. The fuck is going on?
    Jared: Um, try pressing, uh, the movement buttons again. Like, hit 'alt lock', press it again you should be fine.
    Ross: No, seriously, like 'alt' is broken. I can't FUCKING MOVE! FUCK THIS GAME! FUCK! IT'S GONNA KILL ME!

    Paul (Continue?)

"Dude, fucking gross!"

Appears in: Terraria #1 | Diablo II
Usernames: Paul (Terraria) | Paultoolegit (Diablo II)
Diablo character class: Druid
Furthest episode lasted: Diablo II - 14/14
Earliest episode died: Terraria #1 - 4/9
Total length of survival: 78% - 18/23

So far the only Normal Boots affiliate and guest star representing the web show Continue?, whose page is chronicled here.

  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Forms a strong camaraderie with Jirard by the end of Diablo II.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Wasn't nearly as far back initially on the badass scale as Jirard, but he too gets little chance to shine in his first appearance before coming to a pretty underwhelming death. He makes a glorious return in Diablo II and, alongside Jirard, manages to claim a triumphant victory.

    Jon (ProtonJon)
Jon’s known far and wide for his ability to play a massive variety of games, and he brings that competence to Hardcore as well. No stranger to self-proficiency, Jon’s keen to travel solo, quietly finding ways to achieve on his own what would elsewise take many.

"The explorer inside of me says this is a good idea."

Appears in: Terraria #2 | Terraria #3 | Minecraft NB #1
Usernames: ProtonJon (Terraria #2) | Proton Jon (Terraria #3) | Proton_Jon (Minecraft)
Minecraft Character: RosaJon
Furthest episode lasted: Terraria #2 - 19/23, Minecraft NB #1 - 16/16
Earliest episode died: Terraria #3 - 11/24
Total length of survival: 73% - 46/63

An experienced Let's Player and streamer, as well as one of the two representatives from Let's Play group The Runaway Guys alongside NintendoCapriSun. His page can be found here.

  • Breakout Character: Due to the many early deaths in Terraria #2 and being able to survive for 19 episodes, he quickly gained a lot of popularity from the fanbase that season. Many fans rejoiced when Jon was able to return for Terraria #3.
  • Deadpan Snarker: One of the first things to come to mind when thinking of his commentary style, and little of it is spared in this series.
  • One Steve Limit: Zig-Zagged, there are two Jons with names spelled the same way, but they don't appear in the same seasons.
  • The Quiet One: While he isn't the quietest one in Terraria #2 (seeing as how there were far fewer people around to carry a conversation without him), he is generally soft-spoken. It is showcased much more in Terraria #3, where, aside from one extremely close call, where he delivered a rather chilling F-bomb, he remains mostly quiet.

    Ray (BrownMan)
Ray’s the boisterous and confident explorer who can get himself into terrible situations as deftly as he escapes them. I say confident, but he’s so deadpan it’s difficult to tell if he’s bluffing. He’s thoroughly capable in all areas of adventure, but greed can sometimes get the best of him.

"Dude, nice meme."

Appears in: Minecraft #5 | Minecraft #7
Username: naMnworB
Minecraft characters: Miror B. (Minecraft #5) | Jorji Costava (Minecraft #7)
Furthest episode: Minecraft #5 - 15/23, Minecraft #7 - 15/19
Total length of survival: 71% - 30/42

A former Achievement Hunter member and popular Twitch streamer. More info on him can be found on his creator page.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Ray is known for being quite snarky.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Develops a solid friendship with Dean, to the point that Ray is legitimately heartbroken when he inadvertently gets Dean killed.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Despite being only half health, he charged in to take on a Blaze and a Wither Skeleton. Despite falling back after a hit, this unfortunately led to his demise.
  • Something About a Rose: Technically a poppy flower in this case, but he holds a red flower like his signature rose through most of the game.
  • Time-Delayed Death: After getting hit by a Wither Skeleton, he ended up dying not from the Wither Skeleton, but rather because of the wither effect on him.
  • The Tragic Rose: His flower was shown to be the only thing left of him after withering away in the final episode montage of everyone's death locations.

    Reese (Lucahjin)
Over the top and quick of wit, Lucahjin’s here to bring laughter in any way she can. While she’s new to the adventure, she’s done her research and has learned plenty about the road ahead. Think of Lucah as the bard of the group! Which may or may not include actual singing.

"I'mma make me a tungsten toilet!"

Appears in: Terraria #3 | Starbound | Minecraft NB #1
Username: Lucahjin (Terraria and Starbound) | lucahjin (Minecraft)
Starbound Race: Human
Minecraft characters: Horse Lawyer (Minecraft NB #1)
Furthest episode: Terraria #3 - 24/24, Starbound - 26/26
Earliest episode died: Minecraft NB #1 - 10/16
Total length of survival: 90% - 60/66

A friend of several Hidden Block members and a Let's Player. Her page can be found here.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Is terrified of spiders. She is immediately freaked out when she, Dean, and McJones discover a massive spider den underground, and she takes satisfaction in seeing McJones flood the nest.
  • The Heart: Not to the same degree as Yungtown, but she definitely shows a lot of care towards the other members, which contrasts to Dean and PBG. Definitely comes to the forefront in Starbound. Thanks to her experience playing the game, she acts like a mother towards the other players.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In the beginning of Terraria #3, she complains how everyone keeps on leaving the door open, as she exits the house and leaves the door open. Jeff lampshades this.
  • New Meat:
    • She and Dean refer to themselves as "Team New Kids" early on in the season, acknowledging how little experience she's had with the game. Despite that, she was able to make it to the very end of the series, even winning the season.
    • Averted in Starbound where she is one of the more experienced players.
  • Reference Overdosed: Especially with her banter with Dean, she makes a lot of the references, often causing herself, Dean, and McJones to point out that no one will get their references.
  • Team Mom: In Starbound, her main concern is keeping everyone safe and alive, eventually leading to the others affectionately calling her "Mama Lucah", A title she is more than happy to have.

    Shane (DidYouKnowGaming?)


Appears in: Mount & Blade | Minecraft #3 | Minecraft NB #1
Username: DidYouKnowGaming
Minecraft character: Waluigi (Minecraft #3) | Walter White (Minecraft NB #1)
Furthest episode: Minecraft #3 - 12/12
Earliest episode died: Minecraft NB #1 - 13/16
Total length of survival: 89% - 25/28
A fellow Normal Boots affiliate and main editor of the popular video game trivia show Did You Know Gaming?

  • Go Out with a Smile: His death portrait in Minecraft NB #1 shows him smirking with his eyes crossed out.
  • Only Sane Man: Like Smooth, he is one of the more level-headed members of the party.
  • The Quiet One: A pretty laid-back and soft-spoken fellow.
  • Visible Sigh: Courtesy of Todd's editing in Minecraft NB #1, a Running Gag involves Shane's portrait doing this quite a bit.

    Lee (Soah)

"We need to dig straight down, to be honest."

Appears in: Minecraft #1
Username: Soah1086
Minecraft character: Jim Raynor
Furthest episode: Minecraft #1 - 2/18
Total length of survival: 11% - 2/18

A friend of PBG and Jirard.

    Tim (NintendoCapriSun)

"Holy mackerel!"

Appears in: Minecraft #2
Username: TheRealNCS
Minecraft character: Yoshi
Furthest episode: Minecraft #2 - 15/20
Total length of survival: 75% - 15/20

One of the two representatives from Let's Play group The Runaway Guys alongside ProtonJon. His page can be found here.

  • The Quiet One: Despite his distinctive personality and voice, he is definitely one of the more soft-spoken players.

    Kyle (Kyrak Jellyman)

"I'll just sit here with the other furniture."

Appears in: Minecraft #2
Username: KyrakThePoet
Minecraft character: Poet Pirate
Furthest episode: Minecraft #2 - 8/20
Total length of survival: 40% - 8/20

A friend of PBG's who often appeared as a guest in his old videos on his main channel.

  • Butt-Monkey: His horrific internet keeps him from being able to contribute much. Every time it looks like the problem is resolved, he lags out again, and in the end he becomes the unfortunate victim of a Mercy Kill "sacrifice" at PBG's hand. It also gives him the distinction of being the only character in the series to be directly and intentionally killed by another member of the team (not counting the Minecraft battle royales).
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Much like Soah above, he only made one Hardcore appearance, the majority of which involved him experiencing various connection issues. Since then, he hasn't returned.
  • Face Death with Dignity: He takes his impending demise remarkably well. After a failed drowning attempt, he chuckles and jokingly says they won't be able to keep him down so easily, seconds before PBG does him in.
  • The Heart: He writes some thoughtful and touching poems and leaves them on signs around the house.
  • The Load: Of no fault of his own, but his poor internet connection keeps him from being much use. He's aware of this, and jokingly compares himself to furniture.
  • Mercy Kill: Eventually, his internet connection became so unstable that PBG decided to put him out of his misery by suffocating him under sand, water, and eventually putting the blade to him.
  • The Quiet One: One of the most subdued members of the series. In many ways he's the opposite of Dean.

    Max (Smooth McGroove)

"I'm going to chop down a tree."

Appears in: Minecraft #3
Username: SmoothMcGroove
Minecraft character: Himself
Furthest episode: Minecraft #3 - 12/12
Total length of survival: 100% - 12/12

A YouTube personality and a cappella musician. More info on him can be found here.

    Satchell (Satchbag's Goods)


Appears in: Terraria #2
Username: Satchbag
Furthest episode: Terraria #2 - 8/23
Total length of survival: 35% - 8/23

A former Normal Boots affiliate and host of the internet web series Satchbag's Goods.

  • Black Dude Dies First: While unlike most cases purely coincidental considering the nature of the series, he is indeed the first to go after falling into a deep chasm.

    James (Caddicarus)

"I'm so sorry, I panicked!"

Appears in: Minecraft #4
Username: Caddicarus_sucks
Minecraft character: The Burger King
Furthest episode: Minecraft #4 - 11/19
Total length of survival: 58% - 11/19
A fellow internet critic and Hidden Block affiliate. More info on him can be found on here.

  • New Meat: Even more inexperienced with the game than Dean, to the point Dean rejoices in no longer being the worst player.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His real name is James- though he dislikes the name and prefers Jim if it has to be used- but most people just call him Caddy.
  • Product Placement: Parodied due to his skin being the Burger King.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: His traditional rivalry with Brutalmoose, despite them not appearing in the same season, is highlighted by his choice of skin, given Ian's in MineZ #1 was Ronald McDonald.

    Chad (Chadtronic)
We've had some good yellers on Hardcore before, but none match the caliber of a hearty Chadtronic shout. That being said, Chad keeps a level head and aware eye, playing the midfield of defending his friends and attacking his enemies at the right times. And then yelling after.

"That was a solid four seconds of entertainment."

Appears in: Minecraft #6 | Minecraft NB #1
Username: Chadtronic
Minecraft character: Barney (Minecraft #6) | Garfield (Minecraft NB #1)
Furthest episode: Minecraft #6 - 17/17
Earliest episode died: Minecraft NB #1 - 7/13
Total length of survival: 72% - 24/33

A variety Youtuber and friend of PBG's. His page can be found here.

  • Adaptation Personality Change: Is noticibly more relaxed in Hardcore than in his usual videos, to the point his quieter voice can be a bit hard to recognize at first. Though, this does get subverted once the hardest part of the adventure is completed with getting the three Wither skulls, and even more once the group completed their goal.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Despite his fairly positive demeanor, he’ll slip into this every once in a while.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Upon the defeat of the Wither, he begins to cheer loudly, similar to how he is in his own videos. While he does so, he failed to see the death notification that Jared died, and the other group members eventually informed him.
  • Keet: Carries over this trait from his own videos, but toned down quite a bit.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: After a competent if somewhat under-spoken contribution and generally comic relief role throughout Minecraft #6, Chad steps up after PBG and Dodger die in the Nether, stepping into much more dangerous fights and even taking charge of explaining the Wither with knowledge that would make McJones proud. Stands out as this compared to previous guests as the shift from newbie follower to experienced team member shows itself with a much more dramatic shift late in the season.

    Brooke (Press Heart To Continue)
The greenest of Minecrafters despite playing it *before* it was cool, Dodger just wants to mine, man. She's quick to excite and quick to fight! It can be difficult to tell if she's screaming in terror, hilarity, or joy at times, but certainly all three are appreciated.

"Stop following me, ya bitch."

Appears in: Minecraft #6
Username: Dexbonus
Minecraft character: Bilbo Baggins
Furthest episode: Minecraft #6 - 10/11, 14/17
Total length of survival: 76% - 13/17

A vlogger and co-host of TheCoOptionalPodcast. Her page can be found here.

  • Back from the Dead: The group ends up using their resurrection on her in Minecraft #6.
  • Cloning Blues: When Dean suggests after her revival that she may not actually be the original Dodger, she gets upset at the idea and launches into a bit of an existential crisis.
  • New Meat: Zigzagged. She started playing Minecraft before anyone else in the group but hasn’t played it in so long that the game’s changed too drastically for her to know how to effectively use the majority of the features.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Almost always referred to as Dodger.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Dodger dies three episodes after her resurrection.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Rivals even Dean in her liberal use of F-bombs and other such swears.

    Jesse (Jesse Cox)
Though the Hardcore group has been around quite some time, Jesse is the first to truly assume the role of "thief". Hijinks and Shenanigans abound, he'll take any opportunity to snag vital resources for his team. Or more likely, his house.

"Castle Von Jessenstein. It's going to huge, it's going to be beautiful, and I want you all to be a part of it."

Appears in: Diablo III (Polaris) | Starbound
Usernames: JesseCox (Diablo III) | Coxbot5000 (Starbound)
Diablo character class: Crusader
Starbound Race: Glitch
Furthest episode: Starbound - 26/26
Total length of survival: 100% - 26/26

A gaming Youtuber and another co-host of TheCoOptionalPodcast. His page can be found here.

  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Certainly not up to Dean's level, but he definitely has a habit of attracting trouble, whether it's falling down over and over again, or attracting an absurd amount of enemies to run away from.
    • In Episode 14, the group splits up into three groups: the Hunting Party, the Mining Party, and him. For a good chunk of time, he was literally by himself in the group chat AND at the house.
  • Sticky Fingers: As his Hardcore bio states, Jesse is the exact definition of a Kleptomaniac Hero - he spends much of his time in Starbound HC stealing roofs and decorative items from various villages the group encounters for his namesake hovels, all of which he dubs as 'Castle von Jessenstein.' This got to the point where the rest of the group went out of their way to take stuff from nearby dungeons for him.

    Amber (Pelvic Gaming) 

"I want my credit!"

Appears in: Minecraft NB #1
Usernames: Lady_Pelvic (Minecraft NB #1)
Minecraft character: Crew Mate (Minecraft NB #1)
Furthest episode: Minecraft NB #1 - 3/16
Total length of survival: 18% - 3/16

A gaming Youtuber.

Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke!

    In General 
  • Character Death
    • Frank is the 1st to die.
    • Tarty is the 2nd to die.
    • Elmo is the 3rd to die.
    • Marlet is the 4th to die.
    • Rupto is the 5th to die.
    • Lawlup is the 6th to die.
    • Wurmpoo is the 7th to die.
    • Camel is the 8th to die.
    • Slappy Magee is the 9th to die.
    • Drnky Mcpanda is the 10th to die.
    • Shedinja is the 11th to die.
    • Gloooo is the 12th to die.
    • Zigzam is the 13th to die.
    • Bloooo is the 14th to die.
    • Larz is the 15th to die.
    • Maginator is the 16th to die.
    • Useless is the 17th to die.
    • Lafawnda is the 18th and final Pokemon to die.
    • Averted with Bee and Nimnat, who survive and become champions of the league alongside PBG.
    • Also Averted, though to a lesser degree, with Titantic, Magomp, Putt Pu, and """""", who all survived the series, but only due to being boxed at the time of the final battle.

Pokemon/Main Characters

Species: Torchic -> Combusken
  • Decoy Protagonist: Due to being the first pokemon to join PBG's team, it could be assumed that he would most likely make it to the end of the series. He is the second one to die.

Species: Wurmple -> Silcoon -> Beautifly
To be added...

Species: Lotad -> Lombre
To be added...

Species: Zigzagoon -> Linoone
  • Breakout Character: One of, if not the most popular character to come out of the series.
  • Decoy Protagonist: After Tarty's unexpected early death, Zigzam slowly became the most popular and one of the most useful members of PBG's party, with PBG himself favoring Zigzam quite a bit. This ultimately makes his death near the end of the series all that more of a Tear Jerker.

Species: Taillow
  • First Blood: In a sense. The first casualty of the run, to a Meditite in the Mauvile Gym.
  • Near-Death Experience: Suffers so many of these that PBG starts to think he probably won't die. Makes him being the first death of the series all that sadder.

Species: Nincada -> Ninjask
  • Action Survivor: He survives the final battle with Bee and becomes a region champion Pokemon.
  • Not Completely Useless: He was a very weak pokemon early on, and was pretty much seen as one of the worst pokemon on the team. By the end of the series, not only has he survived, but he proved to be very useful due to his moveset.
  • The Unfavorite: PBG made it very obvious early on of his dislike of Nimnat. Averted by the end of the final episode, when PBG finally shows how much he cares.

Species: Electrike
To be added...

Species: Geodude

Species: Roselia
To be added...

Species: Numel
To be added...

    Drnky Mcpanda 
Species: Spinda
To be added...

Species: Magikarp -> Gyarados
To be added...

    Slappy Magee 
Species: Machop -> Machoke
To be added...

To be added...

Species: Nincada (Nimnat) -> Shedinja
To be added...

Species: Latias

To be added...

Species: Gloom
To be added...

To be added...

    Putt Pu 
To be added...

Species: Duskull
To be added...

Species: Golbat -> Crobat
  • Action Survivor: He survives the final battle with Nimnat and becomes a region champion Pokemon.
  • Not Completely Useless: PBG was worried shortly after Bee joined the team that he wouldn't be that useful and might die. He ultimately ends up being one of the two pokemon that survives the final battle of the series.

To be added...

Species: Larion
To be added...

Fallout 4 ONLY ONE LIFE!

Main Characters