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  • Give a toast first, before finishing the glass for whenever someone dies. Good luck on series where multiple people die in a single episode. Don't do this on DayZ or either MineZ series for obvious reasons.
    • Add another sip if there's some editing that makes the moment even sadder.
    • And another if the death was absolutely avoidable, if you really don't like having a functional liver.
  • On the rare occasion that it happens, finish your drink when the group finishes their goal.
  • For the ones who really HATE their livers, take a small sip every time the camera perspective changes.
  • Take a sip whenever someone says "Who needs a map?"
    • Take a second sip if someone lampshades that they were trying to stop that joke.
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  • Start drinking whenever McJones is telling everyone what they're doing, and stop once he finishes, or if someone interrupts him before resuming again when he resumes his monologue.
  • Take a sip every time someone says "Not like this!"
    • Double that if they manage to survive the ordeal.
  • Down the drink if someone complains about Dean still being alive.
  • When you hear a line from the intro, take two sips.
  • When a non-fatal mistake occurs, (like the house burning down in Minecraft Hardcore Season 3 or Dean nearly dying from falling down the hole that PBG dug in Terraria Hardcore Season 2), take a long sip.
  • Likewise, take a sip if someone gets close to death without actually dying.
  • For any season with Jon in it, take a sip whenever he endangers the team.
  • Take a sip whenever a foreshadow edit is used.
    • Take a long one if the foreshadowing turns out to be absolutely correct.
  • Take two sips if PBG mentions how no one has died yet.
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  • Pick any of the cast members. If their face flashes red, take a sip.
  • If Dean is insulted in any way, take a sip. And only a sip.
  • In the newer seasons of Hardcore (starting at Minecraft Hardcore 5), take a drink every time Dean calls someone a “beautiful boy”, “sweet boy”, or something along those lines.
  • For Minecraft and MineZ seasons:
    • Take two sips whenever someone shoots someone else with an arrow. The battle royale at the end of Minecraft #4 is excused from this.
    • Finish your glass if someone hits someone else with a sword. Kyrak's death, the fight against ACrispyWaluigi, and any battle royales are excused from this particular rule.
    • Take a sip whenever someone's food bar gets below 10 units.
    • For MineZ, take a sip whenever someone uses the term "Zombie-Aids."
    • Take a sip when Dean calls a baby Zombie or Zombie Pigman a "Wiggly Squiggly."
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    • Whenever string is mentioned, take a sip.
      • Another one if it's Dean.
  • Whenever Dean Screams Like a Little Girl, take a sip.
    • Double that if it's over something that proves to be ultimately harmless.
  • For Terraria #3, take a sip every time Lucahjin breaks into song. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
    • Double it if she sings some variation of "to the left, to the left".
  • For Terraria #3, take a sip every time someone takes gradual damage.
  • Every time Dean or Lucahjin makes a reference to the 80's, take a sip.
  • For Minecraft #6, take a sip every time Dean accuses either Jared or Dodger about betraying the team.
  • Take a sip whenever someone comes up with a new team name.
  • For the Youtube Comments Section:
    • Take a sip if someone posts death spoilers.
      • And a second sip if the death spoilers prove to be fake.
      • Or a second sip if said death spoiler talks about how dumb it was that this person died.
    • Take a sip if someone compliments Todd or Jeff about the editing of the episode.
      • Finish the drink if they compliment specifically PBG about the editing.
    • If someone makes a pun or joke about a major event, take a sip.
    • Pick a popular Youtuber that isn't present in the hardcore, whether it's Chuggaaconroy, Matpat, Egoraptor, etc. If someone says that they want that Youtuber in the next Hardcore, finish the drink.
  • If someone says “skulltan” take a sip.

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