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  • Creator Backlash:
    • McJones expressed his displeasure with DayZ Hardcore, sarcastically calling it "everyone's favorite series" in a Twitter post. On the PBG Hardcore Discord server, he also stated that he hates the game itself and uninstalled it as soon as he died, and that there will be no further DayZ seasons. He likewise isn't happy with how MineZ #2 turned out, saying that there probably wouldn't be a post-show podcast for that season (ultimately, there wasn't) because he wanted to just let it end and put it in the "DayZ category", in that, "It probably would have been better if we never did this".
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    • He also seems to have developed a cynical outlook on Hardcore in general after he retired, choosing to word his leaving as him being "completely done with hardcore and anything related to it" and that him coming back is "about as likely as Jontron returning".
  • Hostility on the Set:
    • PBG and JonTron have/had this to an unknown extent at some point, including an argument or two about American politics in 2017, though they seemed to have made amends in another Twitter conversation. PBG claims that their spats on Twitter have nothing to do with the Hardcore playthroughs, though, but the rift in their relationship may have been a reason why JonTron hasn't returned since.
    • In 2017, McJones blocked PBG over a political argument (also involving Jontron) on Twitter. PBG has also gone on record that he doesn't have the same political views as McJones and his family. Judging by this, it may be a contributing factor as to why McJones seems rather jaded about returning to Hardcore.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Following the ProJared controversy, all nine seasons he was featured in were made private, rendering them unwatchable to the general public until Jared's response. During this time, fans of the series uploaded the privated episodes elsewhere for preservation purposes.
  • Missing Episode: Due to the controversy surrounding ProJared on May 9th, 2019, Todd temporarily privated every season he was featured in. This left only six seasons out of the originally fifteen available for public viewing for three months. Following Jared's response video on August 27th of the same year, the videos were made public again.
  • Schedule Slip: Minecraft Hardcore Season 7 Episode 16 and beyond were initially delayed for Christmas weekend 2018, then delayed to early January 2019 due to Todd needing time to polish the editing for the next episodes, which he stated were spoiler-ific.
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  • The Wiki Rule: PBG's Hardcore Series Wiki, as well as the general Peanut Butter Gamer Wiki, both contain a lot of information about the show.
  • What Could Have Been: Luke "Yungtown" Sizemore was originally going to be a guest in Minecraft #4, but was unavailable. He was eventually brought on as a guest in Terraria #3.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • A player by the name of ACrispyWaluigi appeared near the group in MineZ #2 Episode 11. After exchanging words, the group decided to fight the player, and the player ended up killing McJones. After the episode came out, it turned out that the player was a fan of the Hardcore series. He wanted to give the group some rare items, one of which was the very item they were trying to get in the Floating Isles. The group refused the help and kept telling him to leave, but the fan continued badgering them, even after McJones's death. The player took a few screenshots of himself talking to them after the fight, and it's clear the group saw him as someone who was actively stalking them and ruining the Hardcore.
    • On the PBG Hardcore Discord server, McJones commented with some additional context, clarifying that there was a lot of extra footage that got cut out of the group interacting with the fan. McJones stated that he made a rash decision in thinking that trying to kill the fan would be the only way to get rid of him. After the fight, the rest of the group got so exasperated with the fan that they logged out for an hour to try and get him to leave, and even claimed the season was cancelled, which ultimately convinced him to leave so they could finish recording the season.
    • All that, combined with Dean's death being leaked early, led PBG and Todd to speak out about the state of affairs for future MineZ seasons, and how the series may end up being discontinued if they become too much of issues for the fanbase to handle. Todd would later walk this statement back in his post-season vlog, instead stressing that future seasons with public elements (MineZ or otherwise) would have to planned accordingly, including not announcing the season until after filming is concluded.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • McJones is the only cast member who has fought every main boss in Terraria at least twice: the Eye of Cthulhu three times each season, the Eater of Worlds twice in Terraria #2 with Jon and Jeff, the Brain of Cthulhu twicenote in Terraria #3 with everyone except Jon and Jeff, Skeletron once each season, and the Wall of Flesh, on his own in Terraria #2, and with Lucah and Luke in Terraria #3.
  • Each season of Terraria has a different theme song. Season 1 uses "Truth of the Legend" by Kevin Macleod, Season 2 uses the "Truth of the Legend" dubstep remix by $aiyapimp, and Season 3 uses the then-new theme by Josiah McDaniel & PyjamaPants/Julia Henderson. Similarly, each season of Terraria also has a different editor. Season 1 was edited by PBG, Season 2 was edited by SpaceHamster, and Season 3 was edited by Todd. If one counts Starbound as a Spiritual Successor to Terraria, then it too has its own theme, using the Hardcore 2.0 remix by Ace Waters & Richaadeb (although Todd was still the editor).

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