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The only catch is... In this adventure... If you die... You're dead for good.
— The tagline for every Hardcore series.

As legend tells, the seven beloved characters, Link, Donald Duck, Zero, Haseo, Master Yi, Jim Raynor, and Shy Guy are the only heroes capable of slaying the treacherous Enderdragon.
— The tagline in the description of every episode in Minecraft Hardcore #1.

Dean: Oh God, I'm gonna die!
PBG: (casually) No we're not.
— The beginning of Dean's immediate panic tendencies in Minecraft Hardcore #1.

"I'm here, too!"
Barry, after being left out in Minecraft Hardcore #2.

ProJared, sacrificing himself to protect PBG from a creeper's explosion in Minecraft Hardcore #2.

"This is the best thing ever."
McJones, in the opening sequence of Diablo II Hardcore.

ProJared, in the opening sequence of Minecraft Hardcore #3.

BrutalMoose, in the opening sequence of MineZ Hardcore #1.

"Don't make us kill you if you turn, buddy. Come on..."
ProJared, pleading to Dean to make it through his poison in MineZ Hardcore #1.

"You have this horrible disease. You're gonna die. But... Well, I guess there is no 'but'. Goodbye."
BrutalMoose, in regards to leaving behind PBG, Dean, and McJones in MineZ Hardcore #1.

"There is a skeleton..."
Jeff, in the opening sequence of Minecraft Hardcore #4.

"I'm so sorry, I panicked!"
Caddicarus's Famous Last Words in Minecraft Hardcore #4.

"I win! I am the- OH SHIT!"
Dean, celebrating the victory in Minecraft Hardcore #4 and winning the impromptu battle royale.

"I made mushroom soup."
ProJared, in the opening sequence of Minecraft Hardcore #5.

ProJared, right before his death in Minecraft Hardcore #5.

Austin awoke with a start, bolting upright in his bed, or what should've been his bed. Everything around him had turned to gray, the house was silent. He had grown accustomed to this, since he was one of the last survivors, but it felt eerie and out of place. Standing up, he realized that his armor was completely missing, along with his tools and steak. This was...odd. He shook his head, trying to clear the blurry memories of the previous night. The only thing that came to mind was the sickening sound of a Creepers explosion tearing someone limb from limb. As he left the house Austin didn't seem to notice that there was only one bed. Not seeing anything outside, Austin began to feel frightened. What was going on? He was about to give up his search for someone when realization hit him like an arrow. The graveyard was the only place he hadn't checked. Slowly, he made his way over to the graves and was shocked by what he saw. Jeff was there, his tear-streaked face bowed in front of a new grave. Around him were transparent versions of all of his fallen friends, each of them with their faces somber. Austin yelled out to them, but to no avail. He had entered limbo, the place where no voices were heard except your own, the place where all color was banned, the place where every agonizing moment felt like an eternity. All of his deceased allies turned to look at him as he stepped forward. Standing next to Jeff, he could see what words the grave wore.

Jeff turned his head up and stared Austin's grave head on, mumbling something along the lines of "I'm all alone now..." It was hard to tell for sure, with his voice hoarse and a runny nose. Austin wanted to reach out to him, to comfort him and tell him that he was not alone and that he was right here, but he knew he couldn't. He knew that it wouldn't work.

"Good luck, Jeff." Austin whispered, turning around to see the ghosts of his friends departing to somewhere unknown. He followed, not before taking one last look at Jeff and smiling sadly.
Reaper Meep, a Youtuber's take on PBG's death in Minecraft Hardcore #5.

"Follow your dreams."
Luke, in the opening sequence of Terraria Hardcore #3.

"Solo Adventure!... I'm dead!"note 
Jeff, after immediately departing from the house in the first episode of Terraria Hardcore #3.

Dean, after Jeff fell to his death in Terraria Hardcore #3.

"Jeff was an amazing friend. A great teacher of this game. And any time I fire his 'Lethargic The Undertaker', I will think of him, and see his beautiful eyes, as we go into battle, in hopes to one day to join him. It will not be for Valhalla; it'll be for honor."
Luke, in his eulogy for Jeff in Terraria Hardcore #3.

"Well, that's a sucky way to end."
McJones, commenting on the end of Terraria Hardcore #3, where the team is immediately wiped by the Hardmode goblin army after accomplishing their goal.

"I'm just a hot dog."
BrutalMoose, in the opening sequence of MineZ Hardcore #2.

"He died as he lived: being a goddamn fool."
Barry, in response to Dean's death in MineZ Hardcore #2.

Ian Macleod (BrutalMoose): He doesn't actually exist.
The temporary working bio for Ian, in the video description for Episodes 4-6 of MineZ Hardcore #2.

ACrispyWaluigi, typed before he killed McJones in self-defense in MineZ Hardcore #2.

"That was a solid four seconds of entertainment."
Chadtronic, in the opening sequence of Minecraft Hardcore #6.

"I just ate food, but did it even do anything? Do I even need to eat anymore? What am I? *beat* I'm going to bed."
Dodger, contemplating her existence after being revived in Minecraft Hardcore #6.

"Do it, my friends! I believe in you!"
Jared's Famous Last Words before the team successfully defeats the Wither in Minecraft Hardcore #6.

"I can't kill them! I'm playing the trumpet!"
Barry, in the opening sequence of Starboard Hardcore.

"This is what chaos is made out of."
Luke, in response to Barry playing the trumpet and PBG playing the oboe out of sync of each other, in Starbound Hardcore.

"OWO what's this?"
Barry, while finding a secret chest in Starbound Hardcore.

"I took a Xanax or something."
PBG, comparing his character struggling with lag to someone struggling with anxiety, in Starbound Hardcore.

"I'm just gonna make myself [diamond] armor and tell you all to go kill yourself."
Dean, Minecraft Hardcore 7.

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