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Moments pages are spoilers off; beware of unmarked spoilers!

  • In general, whenever a Hardcore member posts a comment on a Hardcore video.
    • When a commenter questions the continuity of the series, McJones responds that every series is canon. Except DayZ. That never happened.
    • After PBG died by meteor in Terraria #3, Lucahjin commented with "SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A METEOR, BABY!".
    • When Jeff died in a very stupid way, he commented "Top ten redos you wish you could redo".
    • After Lucahjin dies in Starbound, she comments, "FLY, YOU FOOLS!!"
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  • Whenever pretty much anything happens, expect ProtonToad to make a photoshop, funny picture, or make a comment on either the PBG subreddit or his twitter.

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    Minecraft #1-7 

Minecraft #1

  • The skins used by everyone.
  • "Who needs a map?!", which becomes a Running Gag for multiple seasons. Does end up getting dropped, with implications that Dean, who started this gag, considered it an old shame.
  • McJones mistakes a Creeper for one of their group and lets him inside the house.
    PBG: What are you doing?
    McJones: *beat* ...AAAAAH!
  • "Professor" McJones explaining things or giving exposition to the Jeopardy music. Becomes a Running Gag for any season that has McJones participating, until his retirement after MineZ #2.
  • JonTron gets separated from the group and everyone is afraid that he might die. Things seem pretty intense... until Jon randomly shouts, "SHEEEEP!" in a high-pitched voice.
  • Watching Dean is hilarious because he's a complete newbie when it comes to playing Minecraft. He keeps ending up in situations that almost kill him because of his lack of knowledge or running ahead of things.
    Jon: I LOVE playing this game with Dean. It is so funny.
  • While PBG, Dean, and McJones are stuck in the middle of nowhere digging a cave to survive the night, Jon and Barry are relaxing back at the base, and are using the chat.
    <TheOnionKing> (JonTron) you want porkchops barry?
    <razzbarry> nah I'm good
    <TheOnionKing> barry wanna eat some cotton candy
    <razzbarry> sure!
    razzbarry is eating cotton candy
    <razzbarry> this is delicious
    <TheOnionKing> good nigth barry
    <TheOnionKing> i love you
    <razzbarry> <3
  • After killing a group of spiders, McJones asks if anyone got String as a drop.
    • Everyone claims to not have gotten String, though Dean asks that, if he did, how would he craft a bow?
      McJones: You have String, don't you?
  • PBG dies to Endermen. Watching his footage, viewers can see that he accidentally switched his equipment from sword to a bow, and began beating an Enderman with a bow.
  • The series gained highlight reels.

Minecraft #2

  • The skins.
    • PBG is Shaggy, embracing people constantly telling him that he looks like said character.
    • Barry is Kermit the Frog.
    • NintendoCapriSun is Yoshi.
    • ProJared is Locke Cole.
    • Kyrak is a Poet Pirate.
    • McJones is Regulus.
    • Dean is Marth, though early episodes had issues where his skin was still the previous one.
  • Dean almost makes the first "Who needs a map?!" joke of the season.
    Dean: Who-
    Dean: Needs a—DANG IT!
  • Barry chooses to take the brunt of a Creeper's explosion, hoping to keep everyone else safe.
    PBG: WHAT?! Barry, no—
    Loud Creeper Explosion
    PBG: BARRY! Barry, are you okay?!
    Barry: I'm okay, I'm okay... I lost a toe.
  • Kyrak has connection issues with the game.
    • He mostly remains inside the house, to keep safe while his internet connection is iffy.
      Kyrak: I'll stay here with the rest of the furniture.
    • He also claims that he should be given iron armor, since 'walking around this house is really dangerous'.
    • His connection problems become so bad that he ends up getting booted off of the server, and the game refuses to let him log back in. He sends PBG an SMS about this.
      PBG: I just got some news: Kyrak is dead.
      Everyone: What?!
      PBG: Not in... real life...
    • The group decides to ritualistically kill Kyrak, to relieve him of his suffering. He manages to log back in, and everyone is prepared to do the deed. The first thing to happen is that Kyrak ends up falling into a small hole that Barry chooses to just close up, but PBG insists on 'putting the sword to him'. Barry opens the hole and PBG slays Kyrak.
    • Kyrak's tombstone inscription. Since he was a poet, it's attempted to make his inscription a Haiku. It eventually ended up something else.
      Here lies Kyrak
      He died because
  • The Skeletons get misnamed as Skull-tans, complete with a photoshopped Sultan.
  • PBG, McJones, and Barry head off into a mineshaft to look for watermelon seeds. Barry finds some, but he wasn't recording at the time, so they choose to dramatically re-enact it. With fake acting, Barry finds the seeds in the chest and they all jump for joy, with PBG getting stuck in a spiderweb.
    PBG: This wasn't rehearsed! This wasn't the way we rehearsed it!
  • One of the swords gets named 'Dean', after their fallen partymember.
  • In the final episode, Barry goes insane from being alone. When he realizes he has the Dean sword, he says he can hear Dean's spirit talking to him through it, with voiceclips of Dean's lines in the series 'talking' to Barry as a form of encouragement.

Minecraft #3

  • The skins used by everyone.
    • PBG is Luigi.
    • Shane is Waluigi.
    • JonTron is a Dunkin' Donuts employee, though several of them claim that his skin is on backwards. This does get used for some jokes, like claiming an Enderman got confused when Jon was supposedly 'looking' at him.
    • Smooth McGroove is himself.
    • Jared is Gambit.
    • Dean is Ragna.
    • McJones is Hazama.
  • The last line heard in the Opening: "I GOT A POTATO!!"
  • Episode 4 has JonTron decide to decorate their house with an internal lava-fall. While their house was made out of wood. Everyone is against it, except for PBG, and McJones chooses to build his own house somewhere else.
    • In Episode 5, a stray ember causes the house to catch fire and almost burn down.
      Jared: THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!
      PBG: *while turning around and eating a steak* WHAT?!
  • Dean ends up being the first to die in this season because of a Creeper. JonTron suggests they sing a hymn in his honor. Cue him singing "The Circle of Life".
  • Jared ends up being the first to use the "Who needs a map?!" joke, and gets a huge fanfare of being congratulated about it. Ironically, it occurs shortly after Dean's death.
  • Episode 7 gives us Jon's Secret Shack.
    Smooth: Where are we building the Nether Portal?
    PBG: Jon made another Temple on the other island—
    Jared: Jon's Secret Shack.
    PBG: ...Jon's Secret Shack.
    Smooth: Where's that, is it...
    McJones: It's a secret!
  • JonTron talks about how he tried out meditating by chanting a mantra. The words themselves weren't important, so he picked something that rolled off his tongue, and chanted "Super Nintendo".
  • PBG and McJones get dogs as pets. PBG is pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, but when it seems like the dog died after PBG was attacked... The dog turns out to be fine later.
    PBG: Where's my dog?
    McJones: Did you take damage? He probably teleported to you and got killed.
    PBG: My dog...
  • "I've got you! ...I'd rather not have you!"
  • Horrible as it was that Shane accidentally trapped McJones into a room full of lava, resulting in PBG and McJones dying, it was also really funny.

Minecraft #4

  • The skins.
  • Caddicarus ends up replacing Dean as the newbie of the group. Shortly after the season begins, Caddicarus creates a pickaxe.
    McJones: And you've already proven yourself more useful than Dean.
  • Episode 2 has them talking about how Americans and Brits all 'sound the same'. Caddi mentions that he's often told that he sounds like Daniel Radcliffe. Cue a picture of Daniel Radcliffe appearing on screen, his body getting cut out, and replacing Caddi's picture for the rest of the episode.
  • Dean talks about PBG and Caddy discussing things, stating that the King of All Cosmos and the Burger King are having a discussion about trading burgers for large land masses, but not coming to an agreement. Jeff pops in, saying that it sounds like the plot of The Phantom Menace.
  • Dean critiquing PBG.
    Dean: PBG's the guy who's like, "What kind of shortage are you talking about, guys?", while wearing full iron armor and eating six porkchops, just to clear out his inventory.
    • Becomes extra hilarious because PBG ends up burning through his stockpile of iron and makes a full set of iron armor within a minute of Dean mentioning this. Though he ends up giving armor pieces to those who were still wearing leather.
  • Caddy's skin is the Burger King. He takes it very seriously and any mention of things that are not Burger King offend him.
    McJones: PIZZA HUT!
    Caddicarus: Do not speak of Pizza Hut's name in front of the Burger King. He can't do that.
    McJones: We're not sponsored or anything, are we?
    Barry: Not yet.
    Caddicarus: We are now.
    McJones: We're gonna be sponsored by Burger King? Awesome!
    PBG: If this show gets popular enough, maybe next season we can...
    Dean: We'll all be corporate sellouts!
  • Caddy feeds everyone with the meat from a cow he killed.
    Caddy: It's like the last supper, I feed everyone with one cow!
    Dean: ...that was not the last supper. Get your bible straight.
  • After Caddy dies, McJones asks if this means they lost their endorsement.
  • The group sailing to a small island in Episode 12.
  • The montage of the four hours they spent building bookshelves, with Jeff adding narrative text, talking about getting reeds and how PBG got lost at one point, but he made it back just fine.
  • PBG revives the "Who needs a map?!" joke, when everyone thought it wouldn't happen this season.
    PBG: *for the sixth time* Who needs a map?!
    McJones/Jeff: We were so close!
    PBG: *for the seventh time* Who needs a map?!
  • While sailing back from their victory over the Elder Guardians, Dean breaks his boat, and PBG offers him a new one to get home in. Then Dean shoots PBG and breaks his boat, leaving PBG to suggest to abandon Dean to drown in the ocean. Then he remembers that Dean was mining the gold treasure earlier.
    PBG: How many gold pieces do you have?
    Dean: ...six.
    PBG: Six? ...alright.
  • Returning home from their victory, the group almost dies to a Creeper that moved in while they were gone.
  • Dean moving his character so it looks like he's jacking off on a celebratory statue made for their victory.

Minecraft #5

  • This season's skins.
  • Barely a minute into the first video, a Creeper sneaks up on the group and blows up.
  • Near the end of Episode 1, PBG finally opens his inventory for the first time without using a crafting bench or chest. As such, he unlocks the Taking Inventory achievement.
  • Episode 2 has McJones use iron to make himself a shield instead of making a bucket, leading to a heated argument over his being selfish. Including his head image flashing red, indicating that he was in danger of the group potentially killing him over this.
    • When the others eventually learn the recipe on how to craft shields themselves, they realize the shield doesn't require a lot of iron. In fact, it only needs one. They wonder again if McJones was horrible previously.
  • Episode 3 has PBG use leather to make himself some leather armor, when they need it to make books. PBG claims that he doesn't even like to read, despite his skin being Arthur Read.
  • Episode 7 ends when Barry dies, with the next part opening up with the group reacting to it. PBG even yells, "And Jared, too?!", though that turned out to be just an achievement Jared got right after. Several minutes into the episode...
    McJones: Wait, what happened? Who died? ...Barry's dead?!
  • Episode 10 has McJones explaining their objectives in the Nether, with the old Professor McJones picture being replaced with the new artstyle's head image plastered over Professor Layton, and the character's theme playing in the background.
  • Episode 15 has several laughs to it, despite being a Wham Episode.
    • While being attacked by Blazes and Skeletons, McJones and Ray find an entrance inside the fortress, only to realize it leads to a lower section of the outside wall. Ray calls it the 'Lower Outside', followed by a Dark Souls text graphic and the 'entered new area' sound-bite.
    • Jeff and PBG realize that they are the only two survivors.
      PBG: Oh, Jeff, it's just me and you... we—
      Jeff: PB&JEFF!
  • Episode 17 has the opening replaced with the opening of the PB & Jeff show the two guys had started, fitting with the previous joke. They do play the 'actual' opening, though.
  • The survivors make Dean's grave out of Netherrack and set it on fire, to commemorate that he burned to death. His epitaph is also 'The Roasted'.
  • Episode 18 has the two of them do a ton of mining for materials and talking. The topics range from their favorite ballteam to being about their favorite ball (the ball itself, not a ballsport), and singing. Lots and lots of singing. Todd even lampshades this by mentioning that PBG and Jeff have been down there longer than the video lets on, so PBG has been getting cooky.
    Jeff: What are you mining that you're at level 30?
    PBG: Red Stone and Coal! Red Stone and Coal! I'm mining Red Stone and, occasionally, Coal! ...that's my new single. Don't steal it.
    Jeff: What's it called?
    PBG: 'Occasionally Coal'.
    • While mining, PBG makes a prediction that the first person to find diamonds will die first. And also adds his own version of "A Whole New World".
      A whole new direction! There might be diamonds in this rock!
      But if I had a friend, his life might end...!
      Jeff, don't be my friend 'cause I don't wanna be sad... if you die.
  • Episode 19 shows PBG and Jeff dramatically heading off to an adventure with their boats, only to remember that they need to head back because they need a compass.
  • Episode 20 has PBG and Jeff find some pink sheep, talking about how creepy they look, and claiming them to be bad omens. Shortly after, PBG gets blown up by a Creeper.
  • Episode 23 has Jeff looking for the stronghold and runs into problems with the Eye of Enders. They disappear from his sight, shatter shortly after being launched, get stuck in trees, and one ends up falling into a ravine.
    • Later on, he's running away from the Ender Dragon and singing a song about eating his food and running away.

Minecraft #6

  • The skins for this season, which end up in pairs, mostly.
    • Chadtronic and Jeff are Barney, albeit with different facial structures.
    • Jared and Dean are anime characters, being Sailor Mercury and Naruto, respectively.
    • PBG is an assortment of fast food, and McJones is Pepsiman because he lost a bet.
    • Dodger is Bilbo Baggins.
  • When PBG introduces Dean, he actually recognizes which anime character he is... and upsets Dean for ruining the joke fo PBG not knowing what anime he is. Cue Repeat Cut and PBG pretending he has no clue what Dean's skin is.
  • Todd talking to Jared about the Totem of Undying, and how to use it.
    Jared: And they must be pure of heart?
    Todd: Well... we're kind of out of pure-of-heart...
  • BarneyXBilboXBarney
  • When Jared returns from being kidnapped by Todd, the group jokes if he's actually Jared or just Todd in disguise. PBG gets him to prove himself by asking about something only they would know, which is what they were eating when they were recording together. Jared says it was water and Jack's Pizza. This satisfies PBG, until jokes pop up about how it was actually Tony's Pizza and PBG will have to kill the fake Jared.
  • McJones dies in Episode 2 by walking off a platform near lava, not realizing that there was a gap between two blocks, and landing in the lava. Dean lampshades this.
    Dean: McJones died faster than I did in MineZ 2.
  • Jared and Jeff are in charge of the house while PBG, Dodger, Dean, and Chad mine down below. While taking care of the house and carrots, they start imitating Barney voices, with images of Barney flying across the screen.
    Jeff: Ho-ho-hoooh, boy!
    Jared: Kill me.
  • Jared's reaction to the group spotting Todd and shooting arrows at him.
    Jared: Hey, maybe don't shoot the god of this realm?
  • Jared finds a clue left by Todd, which says 'Search the Jungle'. They set about planning this, while not knowing where the jungle actually is. Todd drops in another clue in the form of a book, which PBG picks up and reads: 'Try holding it, ya dingus'. Jared holds the note, which turns out to be a map detailing the jungle's location.
  • After obtaining the Totem of Undying and exchanging it to Todd to resurrect Dodger, they wonder if Todd can actually be killed.
    Todd: You can try.
    PBG, Jeff, and Jared all swing ineffectively at Todd
  • The Barney sandwich (Chad, PBG, Jeff), and the guys claiming it will lead to fanart of two Barneys lying in bed with a bunch of fast food between them.
  • Episode 11 has Dean commenting that the chickens ruined their last recording and that he hates them, with a flashback showing him and PBG slaughtering the chickens to metal music. Dean says he's going to go Anakin Skywalker on them.
  • While Dodger and Jeff are farming gravel for flint in Episode 12, Jeff states that "this hole is bothering me", referring to a hole in the ground. Dodger says to 'fill it up', which he does with wood. Cue Dodger expressing that out loud and Dean wondering off-screen about the context.
  • Episode 13 has PBG and Chad talk about getting married in Minecraft.
    <Peebs>: PeebxChad
    <Peebs>: Collab coming soon.
  • PBG and Chad have not only gotten married, as they tell Dodger post-resurrection, but they also end up having babies (chickens) together.
    PBG: We had babies! Look at all our babies.
    Dean: Goddammit...
    PBG: I was laying in the birthing bed, and you threw the eggs at me; I didn't think that's how it works.
    Jeff: Oh my god, there are chickens in here.
    PBG: Chad threw his eggs on me while I laid in bed, and now we have babies.
    Jared: Whow, whow, whow, whow, whow... this is getting explicit.
    • Chad accidentally shoots his bow and kills one of the chickens. PBG immediately screams for divorce.
  • While Jared and Chad are still reeling from the horrors of Dodger and PBG dying, Jeff reveals that he ran away from the portal and is still in the Nether, having walled himself in.
    • Chad wonders how he's gonna raise all the chickens on his own, with PBG gone.
  • Chadtronic embracing his keet side when the group returns from the Nether, having obtained the necessary Wither Skulls, and making it home safely.
  • After beating the Wither, the team makes a grave for Jared. But they cannot remember how to spell 'fought', and end up attacked by zombies and skeletons.

Minecraft #7

  • This season's skins.
    • PBG is a TV Color Test Pattern, though calls it 'technical difficulties'.
    • Luke is Santa Claus.
    • Barry is Mike Wazowski.
    • Ray is Jorji.
    • Dean is an anime, but since nobody can actually recognize his Kuwabara skin, they just call him "Ron Weasley".
    • Jeff is Toad.
    • Jared is Lucca.
  • PBG's skin being a reference to the horrendous lag issues and stuttering he experienced in Starbound Hardcore.
    Jared: What are you?
    PBG: I'm Technical Difficulties!
    Jared: I know that, but what's your skin?
  • With Jared's skin being Lucca, he's thankful that Lucahjin isn't part of this season. As such, Dean deams Lucah dead in his season, despite not being a part in it. Cue a shot of the gravestone with Lucah's image.
  • Jared's introduction text refers to his repeatedly dying to protect others, and that he 'hopes to die selfishly for once'.
  • The new feature for this season is positional audio. This means that, the further away they are from each other, the quieter their voices get until they cannot hear each other anymore.
    • PBG demonstrates this feature by walking away from the group, only to rush back when he finds that the voices getting quieter is pretty creepy.
    • Everyone decides to get the attention of members further away from them by yelling as loudly as they can to get their attention.
    • Dean's screaming now has the added bonus of freaking everyone out because it can sound far away.
    • Splinter cells have already jokingly formed between people by themselves.
  • Luke didn't know that Minecraft had friendly-fire, so his first movement involves punching Jared.
    Jeff: The first thing someone does: Santa hurts someone!
  • PBG builds a beacon for everyone on top of a mountain next to their base. He plans to return by building a diving board and jumping down into an ice-covered river. Everyone scrambles to break the ice before he jumps, but PBG has second thoughts. But then he realizes that there's no other way down, so he jumps into the water. He survives, but points out how bad it would have been, had he died so early.
  • Dean is mysteriously absent from the group in Episode 5 and 6, though PBG says that when his group returns home, he's sure that Dean 'has gotten tons done, as well'. Cue a shot of a Minecraft skyscraper and Chirping Crickets.
    PBG: Dean went AFK. (aka 'To work')
  • Episode 9 has PBG enter the Nether, only to immediately return. But a glitch renders him invisible to everyone else, despite standing right behind Luke. He's still audible to everyone, and they declare that PBG is in the Upside Down.
  • Episode 17 has PBG accidentally hitting a Skeleton with a cooked porkchop, and being absolutely baffled as to why it isn't dying. Todd pauses the action to zoom into the food he's holding, and then follows a 'dramatic recreation' of a porkchop hitting a skeleton.
    • PBG and Jeff get ready to use the Eye of Enders to find the stronghold fortress. Except they didn't have any Eye of Enders yet, since Jeff forgot that Blaze Powder was needed to craft them. PBG ends up wasting two Ender Pearls before Jeff realizes his mistake.
    • After finally crafting Eye of Enders, the first one they throw immediately breaks.
  • Episode 18 has them discussing The Lion King. There's an extreme Mood Whiplash when Jeff thinks he accidentally got his dog, Billy, killed. Complete with his take on Mufasa's Death Scene, but with Jeff's head placed on Simba's body. Billy turns out to be fine, though.
    • While they are exploring the stronghold, PBG and Jeff spot a nearby chest. PBG walks through a door to look at it, only to fall through a one-block hole. He survives, but only because he barely moved while falling and ended up landing in water instead of lava.
    • Barely after PBG calms down from surviving his fall, Black Comedy strikes in a Creeper sneaking up on him and exploding, killing PBG.
  • Jeff realizes that he's the last one around, just like in season 5. He screams that this isn't a repeat, but Todd pops in with a lampshade and shows how it's eerily similar to season 5.
    1. Barry was the first to die. (Seasons 5 had him die by spider, this one by zombie)
    2. Jared was the second to die. (Season 5 by being pushed into lava, this one by zombie)
    3. Dean the third. (Season 5 by being stuck in lava, this one by Enderman)
    4. McJones was the fourth to die, while this season had Luke die as the fourth, basically taking the former's place. (Season 5 had McJones die by fire, here Luke was killed by Enderman)
    5. Ray died next. (Season 5 by withering away, here by falling into a gap that he didn't notice and landing in lava; basically the exact death McJones had in Season 6)
    6. PBG was the next one to die, leaving Jeff alone. (Both seasons having him die by a Creeper exploding behind him)
  • Episode 19 ends up exactly the same way season 5 did. Jeff attempts to solo the Ender Dragon, but dies in his attempt.
    • Even better is his death: the fifth season had him climb up the towers with blocks, but he ended up cornered in one of the cages at the top and killed, so he opted for ladders this time. While climbing one of the ladders, the Ender Dragon crashes into Jeff and sends him flying an absurd distance away, before hitting the ground. As Jeff falls in slow-motion, the famous title-theme from Chariots of Fire plays while the voiceclip of Jeff debating on using ladders this time around plays.
  • PBG's comment for the finale of this season: "We hope you enjoyed this remake of Minecraft #5!"

  • Day Z Hardcore Part 1 has McJones dying 2 minutes in, complete with a "montage."
    • Later, PBG and Jontron die in the exact same way—cornered by zombies, they jump off the railing. Dean comments it was just like a zombie movie.
  • In Part 2, Jared makes a joke about Russia's overabundance of blood bags. "You have a cold? Get new blood." And then a picture is edited in of Jared wearing a nurse's cap, a stethoscope, and a button that reads "Trust me, I'm a doctor."
  • The entire series was only three parts long.
  • A bonus trainwreck episode has a large group meeting up in one area... right next to a guy with a gun, who kills them all before they can even start recording.

    Terraria #1-3 
Terraria #1
  • Part 1 almost immediately results in trouble for everyone, who continuously get cornered by slimes (the resident mooks of Terraria) in their dugouts, culminating in everyone but SpaceHamster desperately swinging away at the rare Pinky and almost dying right off the bat.
  • Terraria Hardcore continues the running gag of McJones giving exposition to Jeopardy music.
  • Part 3 has Jontron tossing a bomb inside the house without knowing what it was. The wall and floor blow up.
  • MCJones accidentally killing a bird in part 3 with his spear, then claiming I Meant to Do That.
  • Part 5 has PBG, SpaceHamster, and Jon inadvertently splitting off into different paths while digging, causing their mine to look like an SMG as a result.
  • Dean and McJones dying to a boulder trap in part 5.
  • PBG's ongoing rampage against the bunnies. In part 8, he kills 3 at once.

Terraria #2

  • PBG's character in Season 2 looks a little... odd, to say the least.
    PBG: I'm Ms. Frizzle!
    ProtonJon: ...after a horrible accident, or what?
    Dean: It's like mixed with Freddy Kreuger.
  • In part 3 Dean falls down a hole PBG dug and barely survives.
    • Then Dean's words after he teleports out.
    Dean: "OH GOD IT'S NIGHTTIME! WHAT THE FUCK! NO! *Beat* Okay I'm good."
  • In Episode 10, PBG and Dean start racing home after the group decides to head out of the Corruption. Dean starts to get attacked by a Demon Eye and calls PBG for help, but PBG, focused on winning the race, blissfully ignores him. Suddenly, Barry is surrounded and killed, and everyone is completely shocked and wordless. PBG meekly adds "...I won the race though."Cue Dean getting cornered and killed by the Demon Eye he was asking PBG to help him kill.
  • PBG is abruptly crushed by a boulder underground whilst talking about cutting the segment out since it was mostly SpaceHamster fishing. The slow-motion is even funnier.
    Jeff: To waaatch me fiiiish? Nooo, I'm leeeaaviing it alll...
    PBG: Whaaaaaat?! Deeaadd!
    ProtonJon: ''Whaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt?!''
  • Jeff trying out his new Sawtooth Shark on some trees and enemies.
    Jeff: I'm just like wiggling it. *Beat* *Peter Griffin-esque laughter while flailing it up and down*
  • After PBG's death, Jon is wondering why and how he's stayed alive for so long. Jeff hopes (and theorizes) that the Hardcore will eventually turn out to be ProtonJon's solo Let's Play of Terraria, especially with the fact that Jon hadn't played the game until the Hardcore.
    Jeff: The title would go from "Hardcore" to "Blind Playthrough," featuring ProtonJon.
  • The sheer lack of respect Jeff, Jon and McJones show for PBG after his death. The grave they make him, alongside the dignified stone ones built for Satch, Dean and Barry, is made from whatever materials they had lying around (wood, dirt, ice) and has a sign that reads "PBG sploded", and Jeff throws some sushi at it as a sacrifice (as PBG pointed out in the comments, he doesn't even like sushi). Later, Jeff actually replaces his avatar at the bottom of the screen with one for the penguin, saying that he doesn't need it any more.
    • His avatar is even replaced with the penguin in the next episode's intro!
  • While the survivors are debating the name of PBG's penguin, Jeff finds a second one and declares it '[his] penguin'. He then immediately saws it in half by accident.
    Jeff: Oops. Oh cra- *dissolves into laughter*
  • In the finale, tragic as it may be, Jeff's death could count due to the sheer irony of it. Literally seconds after he muses about how much of an Anti-Climax it would have been if McJones had died on the way to the boss (due to a Sticky Keys prompt), and McJones said it wouldn't be so bad, he immediately hits two stray blocks of dirt and dies upon impact. McJones's reaction makes it all the better.
    McJones: ...uh oh...I guess I... get the running boots... Well, crap!

Terraria #3

  • The season starts with PBG trying to introduce the season but everyone is talking over him and already doing stuff. After that, PBG instantly nonchalantly stabs a bunny for no reason.
  • From the first episode, PBG deciding to be only an archer, and almost deciding to name himself "Peebolas", Lucahjin getting mad about people leaving doors open, only to turn right around and accidentally leave the door open, Jon blaming Jeff for his death last season, and PBG stealing all of Dean's missed arrows.
  • Other such gold:
    Lucahjin: Oh no, leave the bunnies alone!
    Dean: DONE!
    Lucahjin: Rude!
  • McJones killing a worm that Lucah and Dean have adopted and named Frank. Dean then immediately decides to leave the group and build his own house.
    • Gets a Call-Back when they find another worm, and McJones says he's coming to "introduce" himself.
  • Episode 2:
    McJones: They spawn down here...
  • Lucahjin's obsession with wanting to make a tungsten toilet.
  • After ProtonJon dies to a trap boulder, Lucahjin laments that she's single again.
  • Lucahjin and Jeff fawning over the picket fences and aesthetics in episode 2.
  • Dean and Lucahjin forming "Team New Kids". Doubles as Heartwarming.
  • In Episode 3, the team decides to split up. But instead of just randomly picking people, Jeff and Dean are set as leaders to pick members for their group. And to PBG's chagrin, not only was he picked last, it was implied that Dean's group was going to get him as the extra member, but he specifically said that the group was fine without him. PBG immediately called for someone's death afterwards.
    • Dean continually grilling PBG over the fact that he wasn't just picked last, he was technically never picked at all. At one point he even tells PBG to get back on the roof of the base because he hasn't been picked by a team yet.
  • The return of Team 1 and Team B.
  • McJones is picked to be with Team New Kids, and is dubbed the babysitter by them. He says at one point, "How did I get roped into this?"
    • Adding to this, McJones's face on the thumbnail for Episode 5 looks hilarious, and pretty much symbolizes his mood in the video.
  • There's some toast in here.note 
  • McJones finds a snowball cannon, and Dean insists that they roll for it. The kicker is that PBG jumps in with a slash roll from halfway across the world. And while McJones rolled a higher number than Dean, PBG rolled a higher number than both of them.
  • McJones says that he was glad he was there instead of any of the others, as Team New Kids would have likely died to a trap NPC they found. This in itself isn't funny, but imagine McJones saying that with the others around.
  • Talking about the deaths in the previous Terraria HC seasons.
    Dean: All I know is that once I died because you left me and the other time I died holding hands with McJones, which is how I always wanted to die.
  • VIKING JEFF. That's all.
  • This exchange after the first trip to the desert in Episode 10.
    PBG: But there's gonna be so much stuff down there!
    McJones: Yeah. Bugs.
  • Also in Episode 10, McJones peeks into the desert after everyone flees because there's a sandstorm.
    McJones: There's a sandstorm? Ahh! There's a sandstorm!
    • Not to mention, Luke, Jeff, and PBG had been screaming about the sandstorm the entire time, so McJones was really not paying attention to a pretty big extent.
    • Then there's this bit:
    Dean: Angry Tumbler!note  So Tumblr?
    McJones Just regular Tumblr, yeah.
  • Luke absolutely ecstatic about a grandfather clock that Jeff built.
    Luke: Oh! Oh! 7:28 Oh My God!
  • In episode 11, Dean burns PBG, saying that he was going to be cast as the American version of Kira from Death Note. Afterwords, Luke says this.
    • Complete with Todd editing in a bomb with his face incinerating Dean.
  • McJones still holding Jeff's Terraria #2 death over his head from Episode #13.
    Jeff: Wow, dude, you don't trust me not to fall?
    McJones: I wonder why I wouldn't trust you not to fall.
    • Becomes both harsher and Hilarious in Hindsight two episodes later when Jeff actually does kill himself from falling too far while messing around with a grappling hook.
  • Todd's narration of what has happened, all set to peaceful music, before 'it all went bonkers'. Highlights include: Lucahjin hitting the trinket jackpot and sharing her spoils amongst the party. Luke going on his own adventure and managing to not die. PBG getting separated from the group and finding a pink slime... it's unclear how he managed to achieve so little. Luke trading Jeff an amethyst grappling hook. And then Jeff died.
  • Jeff's death. In perhaps the stupidest way to die in Hardcore history, he plays around with a grappling hook outside of the team's home base. He misses a grapple as he jumps from one of the platforms outside the base and splats all over the front gate.
    • Dean summed it up well.
    Dean WHAT. THE. FUCK!?!? THAT'S how we lose Jeff?!
  • The team holds a funeral for Jon and Jeff complete with a sort-of 21-gun-salute and Luke providing a fairly touching eulogy. Then PBG throws a bomb and accidentally blows up Jeff's headstone, even nearly killing Lucah. The team decides to leave the headstone like that in acknowledgement of how stupid his death was.
  • PBG gets access to the Dungeon Defenders II event, and McJones frantically reminds him not to use it. After this, PBG mumbles "I wanna use it" repeatedly as all the faces flash red. The hilarity of this is while McJones said that this was considered a late game event, Tier 1 Old One's Army is meant to be fought at around that point in progression which meant that they could've easily swept the event without too much difficulty.
  • After PBG's death, the team, set to funky music and flashing multicolored lights, give him the 21 gun salute by randomly firing snowballs, lasers, and frost arrows on his grave.
  • PBG's death may give Jeff's a run for its money in terms of stupidity. While mining for meteorite, PBG becomes unaware that he is constantly hitting his head on the meteorite above him, and he ends up cooking himself to death. The topping on the cake is that he dropped an obsidian potion upon death.
  • One from the game in episode 19, when a falling star hits an enemy for almost two-thousand damage.
  • When the team summons the Queen Bee, each of its boss growls and attack noises are redubbed into Pro Jared yelling "BEEEEEEES!"
  • After Lucah gets the Bee Gun, Dean makes a horrible bee pun, saying "Bee careful with that gun."
  • On two separate occasions, Dean asks to roll for loot in the treasure chests and random drops accumulated throughout the underground expeditions. Before he can properly commence with countdowns and the like, Lucah drops in with a 100. Both times.
  • After Dean's death, McJones' reaction:
    McJones: <casually> What happened?
  • In the finale, Luke begins to tell a story about how he went to a horrible summer camp, only for McJones to interrupt and say he's already heard of Holes.
  • "Don't let your dreams be memes." - The Kids
  • In the finale, Lucah going ham with the Bee Gun.
    • And adding on to that, McJones used several bee bombs for the kill against the Wall of Flesh. With both Lucah and McJones doing that, the game begins to start LAGGING from all the bees, and it IS glorious.
  • In the finale, after recalling home after victory, it turns out a goblin army was attacking home. For fun, they decide to fight them. They are all promptly destroyed (because the Hardmode Goblin Army introduces the Goblin Summoner), leaving even McJones disappointed. Though, they did ultimately win their goal, and also go back to film a proper "ending" in the conventional sense.

    Diablo II & III 
Diablo II
  • After Dean died, one of the guys comments on how quiet it has become now and wondering how he'll know when they are perfectly safe, now that Dean isn't there to constantly scream.
  • As annoying as it is, Ross' constant messing around is pretty entertaining as everybody around him just loses patience until this leads to his death.
  • "Uhh. Is it just me or is [Izual] not taking any damage?" [Cue sped up footage set to "The Spanish Flea" while they slowly wittle down his health as the caption (This is riveting stuff) pops up near the end.]

Diablo III

  • Jon's death at the end of Episode 4 is a classic moment from him and the type of thing only he could pull off. The party's Mood Whiplash from giddiness, to shock and horror, is what completes the scene.
    From the comments: "That's what you get for horsing around!"

    MineZ #1 & #2 
MineZ #1
  • McJones is doing his professor bit, explaining how the giant works, but Dean keeps interrupting him, eventually prompting McJones to let out an exasperated, "Why haven't you died yet?"
  • Team 1 and Team B.
  • "Team 1 LIKES touching themselves."
  • The Dull Surprise reveal of Dean's death.
    *camera cuts to the Pirate Ship, cue Chirping Crickets*
    PBG: :Dean died.
  • PBG having to kill McJones's zombie is hampered by it constantly moving out of range.

MineZ #2

  • Jeff is Tingle.
  • While Jared, McJones, and Jeff investigate an area with chests, vines, and towers, Jeff's game glitches out to the point where he can't see the treasure chests that his allies discover. When he disconnects and reconnects back into the game, a chunk of the area around him is invisible.
    • When he disconnects, his character remains, but loses the Tingle skin and regains the default look.
    Jared: You're naked!
    (cue dangerous music, with Jeff's image flashing red)
    Jared: Your skin fell off and you're naked.
    Jeff: So, uh... what do you think?
    Jared: ...6/10.
  • McJones gets most of the good items early on in the game. Jared then mocks him, complete with Todd's animation of Jared holding McJones' character like a doll.
  • The initial naming convention of Team 1 and Group B returns at first, but they are later renamed Team II and Group Bowl.
    • Which inevitably gets combined into a group where the two "I's" in "Team II" are in a bowl
  • After Dean's death, Team II do NOT spare him from the harsh words on how stupid his death was.
    PBG: Land ho, land ho
    It's off to ground we go
    And Dean is dead, and no one cares
    Hi-ho, hi-ho
  • During episode 9, the scenario in which McJones attempts to Batman his way out of a pit of lava is interrupted when Barry and Ian leave the cave and start, um... playing some kind of odd game with shields and a fish.
    • At the beginning of his escape attempt, the team's concern for the situation instantly turns to annoyance when McJones reveals that he's had a grappling hook the entire time.
    • Earlier, the group sees another player and makes ready to attack them... only for it to turn out to be Jeff, who thought they were looking at someone else.
    • The fish game becomes Harsher in Hindsight when right before Barry's death, Ian tells him that they're going to play the fish game at the top of the floating isles.
  • The party can't decide on whether they run away or kill any other player they encounter. Jared is all for killing them, even lampshading later his surprise at how much not-killing players is going on, while the rest would prefer to run away. McJones gets into the spirit for the in-game chat and chants for infidels to beg for their lives.
    • Becomes pretty harsh when the party does decide to fight a player that spawns nearby and McJones gets killed. Jared is intent on following him and having his revenge.

  • Each HC season's title sequence has a random line at the end of each introduction. This season's line comes from Barry.
  • During the introduction of each of the players, a "license to space" card is shown on screen.
    • Upon dying, the player's space card is stamped as VOID.
  • Luke is a birdman and believed to be the only survivor of his race. This leads to him claiming an egg in a nest is his son, as well as having a heartwarming reunion with 'his brother' in Part 12.
    Luke: Brother... is that you? Brother... Hello. It's me! It's Tweet! All this time, you were here. I can't belie- [the NPC starts walking away] Don't you run. I've been looking for you my whole life, brother! Come back. Please, come back. How is mom? How is dad? *starts sob-laughing*
  • The construction of Team J's home base created a lot of hilarious moments.
    • It begins by Jesse insisting that the home base should called Castle von Jessenstein.
    • Jesse, after seeing the mushroom houses near the castle, manages to steal an entire roof from an NPC.
    • Later on, while improving on Castle von Jessenstein, Jesse tried to jump on the wall he's building, but he jumps too far and instead jumped OVER the wall. The resulting fall was played for laughs, especially since he didn't die.
    • This extends to the next planet, as Jesse announce to the now united group that he will build Castle von Jessenstein 2.0!
    • When the group finds an underground castle, they immediately recall Jesse's building, so what do they do? They TEAR DOWN NEARLY EVERYTHING THERE to make Castle von Jessenstein 2.0 even better. Jesse's unbridled happiness when receiving ALL of decorations says it all.
  • Right before departing for the Ark, Jesse steals a cash register, and Jared has to fight off the now agro'd mushroom NPC.
  • In Part 10, Team 1 manages to fell the Erchius Horror and claim the crystals to repair their ships. ...Only for PBG to tell the team he forgot to get his crystals, prompting them to go back in the mining base.
    • This leads to some Fridge Brilliance; PBG is playing as a Novakid, which fits with how he was distracted and forgetful.
  • In Part 11, Team J regroups at the outpost after also defeating the Erchius Horror, only to notice that Jesse somehow managed to acquire its EYEBALL as a weapon.
  • In Part 17 the team hatches a chicken and names it after the recently deceased Jeff in a heartwarming gesture... and then Todd decides to replace Jeff's icon at the bottom with the chicken. He even replaces Jeff's in game character sprite with the chicken sprite in the intro.
  • Jeff and Barry both dying via fall damage in almost the exact same way is kinda funny in a dark way.
  • Several moments in Part 20:
    • Lucahjin unironically stating "I've got some tents, I do" leads to the team ribbing her habit of talking like a British person, with accents so over-the-top that Todd edits in an apology caption.
    • The whole team taking several minutes to discuss which characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation they are:
      • Lucah is voted to be Captain Picard, to her dismay.
      • Jared is Riker, and decides to grow a beard accordingly.
      • Lucah tries to make Jesse Data, but he objects because he's a robot, not an android, so he declares himself to be either the ship's computer, or the EMH/Doctor from Voyager instead (funnily enough, in the actual show, Data similarly objected to being called a robot).
      • Jirard is Worf.
      • PBG asks to be anyone but Wesley Crusher, eventually settling on being one of the random ensigns who occasionally flies the ship.
      • Luke is Guinan.
    • The phrase "Shut up Wesley" is uttered, and everyone becomes worried about being blocked by Wil Wheaton on Twitter. On top of that, PBG's attempted Patrick Stewart impression ends up sounding more like Sean Connery, leading to a series of impressions of Sean Connery commanding the Enterprise.
  • In Episode 26, when making graves for Luke and Lucah, Jesse at first tries to make a dirty toilet Luke's grave.
    • While Lucah's death at the beginning of the episode isn't funny, she lost her footage for this episode and the previous one... So she had to record a "dramatic recreation" of it... and she survives the fall in said dramatic recreation.
    • After Jared gives his dramatic closing speech and eulogy for the dead team members, the team all beam out to the ship for a closing shot. Seemingly unnoticed by Jared is that he left a second before Jesse dug the floor out from under him.

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