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  • The Big Bad in Mnemosyne likes the taste of suffering. He also has an army of monstrous angels and godlike powers at his command. Not a good mix.
  • In Coffin Princess Chaika, Arthur Gaz' ultimate plan upon resurrection is to plunge the continent into a new war, then use a network of magical satellites to feed off the resultant negative emotions and become all-powerful.
  • The nightmares/shin of Delicious in Dungeon trap their victims in never ending nightmares and feed on the fear they feel.
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  • All mazoku from Slayers draw power from negative emotion. Cheerful and happy emotions cause them pain. To feed himself Xelloss riles up the main anti-heroes.
  • The vampires of Karin nourish themselves with emotions taken along with the victim's blood. In something of a subversion, they exclusively drain negative emotions (such as despair, pride, or taking pleasure in lying), and leave their victim better off than prior to the bite (albeit a bit weak from blood loss). The effect is only temporary, however.
    • However, this trope is also played somewhat straight - there do exist vampires that feed on positive traits. Elda's grandmother drains love from her victims and suffered greatly a few hundred years before the show started because of it.
    • In the manga, at least, it's also noted that this isn't necessarily a good thing. Calera drains the ability to lie, which could be dangerous. Before the story started, Henry drained someone's pride, making her needy, according to her boyfriend. He broke up with her.
  • Near the end of the anime version of Prétear Takako / Fenrir summons a huge tree that is powered by the feeling of despair, and makes sure she has a power source for it by using Mawata's feelings for Sasame, who already underwent an Evil Costume Switch, to drive the victim into the required state. This backfires in the last episode, when Sasame sacrifices himself to save Takako, which upsets her just enough to become the new victim of the tree.
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  • One of the demons near the beginning of YuYu Hakusho
  • No Face in Spirited Away feeds off of the greed in the bathhouse and goes nuts. However, he gets better.
    • In fact, the reason why he kept following Chihiro because she was probably the only one who was nice to him and thus, probably the best tasting.
  • Feeding off negative emotions is a Godhand trademark from Berserk. Slan in particular enjoys feeding off the negative emotions that she can elicit from Guts.
  • Naruto: This seems to be part of Hidan's reason for being a Jasshinist. The more pain he causes his victims before finally killing them, the more he seems to enjoy it. When he finally killed Asuma it was a narcotic high.
  • While they do not necessarily feed off them, Digimon can be greatly affected by their Human Partner/Tamer's emotions, both positive and negative, resulting in different kinds of evolution.
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  • Fushigiboshi no★Futagohime has the Black Crystal, which feeds off of despair, unhappiness, misery, and anger. The more it feeds, the bigger and stronger it becomes, and as long as it can feed, it will continue to exist.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica has the cute and adorable mascot devour the negative emotions given off by Witches to stop the universe's entropy.
    • And in a roundabout way, Magical Girls are also this. They need the Grief Seeds made from the despair of Witches to cleanse their Soul Gems and keep from becoming Witches themselves.
  • In The World God Only Knows, the runaway spirits hide in girls to feed off of their negative emotions. The Goddesses feed on love instead to get stronger.
  • Inukami! has Jesei who feeds on despair. He says nothing is more delicious than provoking despair. Naturally this means pushing people past the Despair Event Horizon.
  • In Bleach, Ichigo's Hollowification grows more powerful as he sinks deeper into despair. It's later revealed that it's like an overprotective brother. Hollow!Ichigo/the real Zangetsu only gets stronger when Ichigo despairs in order to completely annihilate that source of despair.
  • The Ultimaguil from Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! are a goofy, comedic version of this, but rather than emotions per se, they drain "zokusei" (a concept that has no direct equivalent in the West) — the pleasure a sentient being feels when doing something they like.
  • Neo from Toriko can eat virtually anything, not only matter, but also energy, souls and even luck, but his favorite flavor is despair, which is bad news for his victims, since he prefers to terrify and torture them before eating in order to make them tastier. His ability to taste feelings is also his greatest weakness, since he absolutely can't stand the taste of anger, which ultimately leads to his defeat.
  • In an oddly heroic variation, Maoh Satan of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is able to regain his full powers when large numbers of people are in danger by feeding off of their fear.


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