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As a long running channel, Nickelodeon has had plenty of shows that they made work even in the newer times. But it's safe to say that these moments are reasons why the classic fans long for the return of their childhoods.

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Shows with their own page:

Big Time Rush

  • lightning37: While I wasn't the biggest fan of the first half of Big Time Rush season 2, one episode in particular pisses me off to no end, and that would be "Big Time Crush". To start with, Carlos' stupidity was worse than ever - not only does the beginning of the episode have him messing up the cues they had for him to try to get a girl at the Palm Woods pool, but later we get an Overly Long Gag of him showing disgusting behavior to girls or obsessing over his helmet. And Kendall and Jo argue over a girl for him, and he tries to settle on both. Then it gets worse when Katie takes Kyle (a date around her age) and James starts getting insanely overprotective. When Katie and James and their dates go to Fun Burger, James starts being very rude and causes Katie and Kyle to leave, then when James' food is about to arrive he pushes them out. At the climax of the episode when they're in the theater, James tries to drag the three to The Unicorn Princess, which causes them all to leave. In the end all four boys end up dateless because of Logan still having feelings for Camille, Carlos' stupidity and Kendall's jerky behavior. The last scene has them being disgusted by Kiss and Tell, and leaving and causing problems for the movie viewers. This was not funny at all - it was just beyond general stupidity even for a show like this, and James being a total jerk was such a turnoff.
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  • Chimanruler 15: My entry for this show is "Big Time Girl Group." During the fights with Big Time Rush, the girl group repeatedly point out that the guys can't hit them because they're girls. There wasn't any violence, but I didn't like the way that this trope was handled.

Drake And Josh

  • lightning37: As with all Dan Schneider sitcoms, Drake & Josh has its ridiculous moments, but "Theater Thug" in particular stands out. The episode involves Josh re-inacting a scene with a criminal named, well, the Theater Thug. After his take is shown on FBI's Most Wanted, they show a picture of the real thug (who I honestly don't think look like Josh at all). Then, the next day, when Drake and Josh go to The Premiere, out of nowhere, Josh is assaulted by a bunch of old ladies who think he's the thug, even though he states that he just re-inacted a scene. And then, he gets arrested. And that's the rest of the episode-Josh getting arrested ad fucking nauseam. Even when he tries using a disguise he gets the boot! And then, at the very end of the episode, while Josh is closing, the REAL thug comes in, and after he pressures Josh some, the cops show up. Drake comes in, and after a scuffle between him and the thug, which ends with him getting knocked down, Drake leaves Josh to get the cops...who come in right after Drake leaves. The real thug then escapes...and the episode ends as the cops arrest Josh. I know the people in this world are stupid, but here, they looked like headcases.
  • TomPhanto: I'm a fan of Drake & Josh. Mostly since they were on The Amanda Show too. But I did not like the episode, "Tree House" at all. First, the whole episode is a rehash of "The Wedding", where Drake and Josh get stuck in one place and nothing goes right for them at all. It starts when their model rocket accidentally blows up another kids' treehouse and they're forced to rebuild it. Their little sister Megan has to help them too. But Josh grabs the Idiot Ball and traps both of them inside, while Drake forgets the power saw to cut them out. Then Megan decides not to help them. She even unplugs the power drill so Josh can't unscrew the door out. Then she grills up burgers as Drake and Josh are starving, just because she thinks it's funny. All because they made her miss her friends' party. Oh, and then at the end, the tree house falls out making the two stuck for good. Not only is this a rehash of an already painful episode, but it's done in a worse way, even making the most unlikable character in the series even more unlikable.
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  • [[futuremoviewriter]]: Though I hate Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh with a passion, I'm not gonna judge the show by its standard and I want to address not only how angry I got watching "Peruvian Puff Peppers", but how extrememly angry I got in hindsight too. Not nearly as bad as the others mentioned, but just wait! This is the episode that spells out Megan as a Karma Houdini and it's very clear that it's beginning the build-up of her always getting away with everything because the show's Big Bad has to be around for the long haul, but what angers me so much is that this episode begins all that build-up...and it never pays it off! This episode was the formal introduction and it's one that I never wished I had gotten because seeing it, I took some comfort in her eventually being found out and having to answer for everything. I don't have that anymore because it never went anywhere! They created a great villain only to never seen her through to her comeuppance and a satisfying conclusion. Not to mention that Audrey and Walter being so convinced and naive of Megan's innocence and good-nature (even though she's openly bad-mouthed Walter before and after as well as been less than subtle about how much she likes seeing Drake and Josh hurt) and refusing to believe Drake and Josh even without evidence is both stupid and irritating to the core! Before, they played Megan as a sister who yes is very annoying to them, but still cares for them, until they started playing her as a megalomaniac and as someone who could have indirectly poisoned someone at that competition in this very episode just to one up them. "Peruvian Puff Peppers" wasn't the worse, but it's excruciatingly painful as it began the snowball effect in the first place. It should have been clear after this episode, she doesn't really care if they live or die!
  • KrazyTVWatcher: My DMoS for this TV show would be the episode "Battle of Panthatar." To recap, Drake and Josh's "friend" Thornton Locke invites them to a birthday party that's set to air on MTV, only for their invites to get taken back. Here's what really bugged me about the episode: Thornton caught Drake kissing his girlfriend Maria, and he broke up with her. Josh tried to help Drake appeal, only for him to get uninvited himself. At this particular moment, if Thornton's friends were to actually see him like this, he would lose his popularity quickly and his friends. Later on in the episode, Drake gives Thornton a Beatles album, but he still doesn't let Drake or Josh into the party! This episode made me hate Thornton Locke than any other one-time character on the show.

Sam & Cat

  • supernintendo128: My old DMoS for Sam & Cat was #PeezyB but then I saw #TheKillerTunaJump. The idea for this episode is that Dice accidentally wins a batch of man-eating tuna fish from a poker game, never mind that underage gambling is illegal in the U.S. but that's just nitpicking. So Sam comes up with the idea of charging people to watch her jump the killer tuna. Cat objects so they hire The Dirty Skipper to jump the tuna instead which contributes nothing to the plot because he cancels half way through the episode after learning how dangerous the tuna are, leading Sam to do the stunt. The kicker? That's not the A-Plot. The A-Plot is that Jade (from Victorious) meets Sam and the two become friends making Cat jealous leading her to befriend Freddie (from iCarly) to get revenge which, in turn, makes Sam jealous causing her to befriend Cat's boyfriend Robbie (also from Victorious) and the two fight or something. Confused yet? Well, it gets even better! Cat gets over protective of Sam and locks her in the closet so she can disguise herself as Sam to do the jump for her, nevermind that she can barely ride the motorcycle and Sam would have a better chance of surviving. We have a Beatles reference as Sam arrives just in time to watch Cat miss the ramp and knock Freddie and Robbie into the tank with the tuna. Sam rescues Freddie leaving Robbie at the mercy at the vicious, man-eating tuna which is Played for Laughs. Because people getting mauled by man-eating fish is gut-bustingly hilarious. They are both hospitalized and we never see Sam jump the tuna wasting a potential CMoA for Sam. This episode was a cliché, predictable mess. The ending is awful, there's an A-plot that does nothing but shoehorn old characters from iCarly and Victorious in, and the promos are yet another case of Never Trust a Trailer on Nick's part.
  • IAmNotAFunguy:For my first entry on the site, I turn to the Sam & Cat episode "Stuck In A Box" where, Cat winds up stuck inside a box that Dice purchases from a magic store. The entire episode is about them trying to find a way to get Cat out of the box before Sam Cat, Dice and Goomer take a trip to an amusement park for a day of free rides. Late in the episode they finally reach the magic shop where Dice offers the shop's owner his tickets to the amusement park in exchange for getting the box open to get Cat out. When even he cannot open the box, Sam takes him to the back of the store and beats him (knocking over a can of red paint in the process) and they all go to the amusement park with Cat still in the box! As the episode ends, they hit a bump in the road and the box falls off the back of their truck leaving Cat locked in the box in the middle of the road ending the episode with the original problem. If this had been real life, Cat could have died in the box from starvation or suffocation.
  • JustDancerStarships For me (and also my parents), Sam and Cat has a big one at the end of #Knock Out. Sam calls off a fight with a professional fighter because her personal trainer was being a jerk. Then she gives a speech about how she enjoys her lazy lifestyle, with inspiring music in the background. OK, an Aesop on freedom is good, but that was horribly half-baked.
  • Ithoughtyouwere Luigi: The series finale, especially the final moments. I'll just go through the final moments just to save time. First, Cat rips out a boys hair because she thought he cheated in a hair contest. Holy moly cat! Cat has stooped lower than patrick star in the dumb prick meter. Next, when Sam finds out Cat got arrested, she lies to Nana! What kind of friend is that!? Finally, the final shot is Sam and Cat locking Dice in the basement for no reason!
  • [1]: My dethroning moment is for "#Super Psycho". On a whole, I was very disappointed with this episode; it just felt too rushed, cliched and anti-climactic to me. When I heard that Nora was coming back, I freaked out (in a good way) and waited patiently for what I thought was going to be a kick-ass, satisfying end for Nora's character, because while she was a psycho and crazy bitch, I really liked her character development and her personality was entertaining to watch. However, when it finally came out in the UK...I found myself slowly getting more and more irritated by the episode. By the end of it, when Sam & Nora were facing off, my hopes were raised because I thought that there was going to be a badass fight between the two like the phenomenal ones that commenced beforehand, but once again, my hopes were dashed by Sam simply grabbing Nora's foot and tossing her into the well. Just like that. And I switched channels. Okay, I didn't really, but I was extremely close to seeing as there was nothing else for me to expect. The guest appearances in this episode weren’t that great either. Nevel's role in this episode was completely pointless. Like, it could've been an original character and no one would've made any difference. Plus, Gibby was just a pure idiot in this episode. I mean, I know he's not the sharpest tool in the box, but telling a psycho who tried to kill your brother the full address of one of your friends? Really? The ending had set the scene for a part two, albeit very badly, but I guess Dan ran out of ideas and threw together whatever thought up. Anyway, what I think is that this episode could’ve been (and should've been) a one hour special, just like all the others were beforehand. That way, they could've varied between Nora torturing Dice, and Sam & Cat trying to find out where he is, having encounter with Nevel more dragged out so we would know what happened, maybe running into Gibby and having him tell them what Nora told him (without him being an idiot), and THEN they could've found Nora, and probably had enough time to have Sam & Nora face off. But, then again, it was just 30 minutes, so they just had to cram everything into that time span and just wrap up the loose ends. This episode was just such a let-down in so many ways, not only for the predecessors that came before it, but for Dan Schneider himself. He had so much potential for this episode and just threw it all away. If any of his new shows are as lazy and half-assed as this, I might just stop watching his shows for GOOD.
  • [[futuremoviewriter]]: "#First Class Problems" drove me to the angriest I ever got with this show. The Baums are not likable kids (too unlikable), the main plot and the things that happen are moronic and dumb, but the fact that Boomer is stupid enough to not realize how bad "We got the timers for the Baums!" sounds that he keeps saying it again and again and again was especially irritating! Even more so when he lashes out at Dice for interrupting him as he keeps saying it because it's his turn to talk and when Dice is finally given the chance to speak by ATC and explain everything, Boomer, the imbecile that he is, mocks Dice continuously and doesn't allow him the chance to get a single word in! And Dice gives in to it! This episode tested and tried my patience more than any other episode of any Nick show has and got me so unbelievably enraged that it was this point in time that I prayed and begged for the show to be canceled despite its completely unbelievable popularity and sure enough, by the time "#Gettin'Wiggy" came along, God finally had mercy on me!


  • excaruso: For Victorious, "Jade Gets Crushed" had a bad moment in the subplot where Tori tries to ready herself for her Tech Theater exam. Robbie helps her study by doing some performing exercises, and while the show tells you it only takes her 28 seconds to complete, by watching you can see that it was much longer. Okay, fine with me. The worst part though? Tori aces the exam and bests Robbie by one point, and Robbie's picture is taken down from the wall in favor of Tori's. The icing on the cake is when Rex takes the time to taunt him as the picture is thrown in the trash. In general this was pretty mean-spirited because Robbie is much smarter with this stuff than Tori is and deserved it more. Also, it's been shown in other episodes that Tori isn't as knowledged at certain drama terms, so this really came out of nowhere (and was rather predictable). I don't like how Dan Schneider always subjects nerds to this kind of torture.
  • Dark Lady Celebrian: "Tori Gets Stuck". From the toy car in Robbie's intestine, which was just unnecessary disturbing and squicky Nightmare Fuel, to the doctors letting Trina and Cat just walk into a friggin' TB ward, so Trina can record a deathly ill man's cough and use it for her stupid role. Then the hospital makes Tori give three pints of blood! And the doctor almost outright tells her he has no clue at all if it's safe (which it most likely isn't...two pints is touchy enough). And the blood she gives isn't even used, since it explodes all over Tori and Robbie, making that entire plot almost entirely pointless. And then during the play, Tori passes out from having to give so much blood! And then somehow it's supposed to be funny that Trina catches TB from being in the TB ward... It's a life-threatening condition, you idiots! And nobody helps her because her illness makes her role "more realistic." Can you say worst episode? I can and will. Bonus points for Jade stealing Tori's medical records in the beginning and getting no comeuppance for it whatsoever, and using them for something that could've damn well killed her (exposing her to flowers she is allergic to).
    • Xiristatos: I would like to add to this, because that episode is actually much worse than my fellow troper above just described. That toy car that had to be surgically removed from his intestines? One pint of blood was required to actually perform the surgery safely, but obviously that blood would have to be of the same type as the patient, so how was Tori chosen, out of all people? That's where the aforementioned stealing of her medical records by Jade comes into play, as when one of the doctors told Robbie's friends of this requirement, Jade almost immediately announced that Tori had the same blood type as Robbie, which of course she knew from those medical records... which were stolen for the sole reason of attempting the "prank" with the flowers described by the troper above in the first place, and that's not even the worst part. Those three pints of blood Tori had to give as opposed to just one? Well, the first bag of blood was missing when Jade, easily the most likeable character in the show, intentionally got rid of it when the doctor was looking away for a moment. So then a second pint of blood had to be taken... and then Robbie enters the room where Tori is currently in, picks up the second blood bag and just kind of plays with it in some infantile way, after which he accidentally drops it and splatters the blood all over the room. Nice. Now, this would be the first time I actually had something to be angry at Robbie about (given that he's always the Butt-Monkey at the hands of an army full of scrappies anyway), but this whole debacle happened because of Jade anyway, whose only reason for doing all of this being her wanting a role in her class's play... and her only punishment for all of this? She merely doesn't get that role, and she's just bummed about it... while Tori had to be in life-threatening danger at her hands (more than once in this one episode, mind you), who we then last see barely able to even stand up from the lack of blood in her body. Admittedly, I immediately knew that I would despise Jade more than anyone else from her very first appearance given that she was a Jerkass in the truest sense of the word even back then, but this single episode has finally cemented her as one of the most aggressively despicable examples of Karma Houdini in media history.
  • Marky JJ: "Prom Wrecker" was absolutely terrible. Tori was just at her worst here. While normally I can put up with her when Jade is being a jerkwad, here she was just completely uncaring and rude to Jade when she finds out that her prom leaves her unable to do her art project. To put this in further perspective, look at Wok Star, when the entire gang played parts in helping Jade save her play from Mrs. Li turning it into a mess. Then, compare that to this, where no one gives a flying flip about Tori's prom leaving Jade unable to do her project or even calls Tori out on her behavior. Then, right when people start to leave the prom and it looks like Jade is finally going to have her chance, Trina reminds Tori to announce Prome King and Queen... and Tori makes Jade queen and Doug king. So, in short, Tori gets Jade's performance knocked, gets back at her, and gets no punishment whatsoever. Seriously, at that point I would have just had them have a The Bad Guy Wins ending after that, because it was deserved in such a situation. Also, the running gag of Andre and Sherry repeatedly kissing got old incredibly quickly. To make matters worse, this episode could have been awesome, but was nothing but a bunch of wasted potential. Bonus points for when Robbie thinking Cat was making up lies about her date, and walking away right before we see him on screen. Tsk. Sorry Dan, not your best work.
  • Animeking 1108: I've decided to withdraw my "How Trina Got In" in favor of an even bigger dethroner in "Crazy Ponnie". I'm going to start by saying that I despise Jade. She defines the Teens Are Monsters trope. After "Tori Goes Platnum", I was thinking that maybe Jade will finally stop being such a gank. Unfortunately, the following episode crashed those hopes into the ground. During a sleepover, Cat accidentally waxed her eyebrows. Throughout the episode, Jade started stalking Cat and even threatened her with bodily harm. Sikowitz and Lane were right there, and they didn't lift a finger to stop her. At the end of the episode, she shaved Cat's head, and it just ended there. Since Dan Schneider loves to glorify bullying, Jade got away with it. I'm ranting about an Ensemble Dark Horse, ladies and gentlemen. This school shooting waiting to happen has fans.
  • LLSmoothJ: I was originally going to have "Jade Gets Crushed" as my Dethroning Moment of Suck, but held it off due to the possibility of something worse coming along. And by God did "The Hambone King" prove me right. Once again, Robbie has something he's good at (Hamboning), then when someone comes along and he is defeated, you'd think he'd get a chance to reclaim his honor, right? Please, he gets trained for his rematch and he does well before the jerkass rival's buddy cheats, thus screwing him over. And guess who steps in? That's right, once again Tori, who just happens to have a history of hamboning, steals the whole freaking spotlight away from Robbie. I don't care if it was to defend Robbie's honor, once the backstory was revealed, it was basically a Foregone Conclusion how it would end. This episode is basically "Jade Gets Crushed" in reverse, only that Tori comes out on top and Robbie gets screwed over once again. And they had the nerve to say that this episode was a tribute to Rocky? It would only be a tribute if Rocky managed to lose the big fight and Mickey stepped in and won it for him. Well it took you a while Tori, but you've finally made it! Welcome to the freaking Scrappy Heap! I hope you enjoy your stay because you're gonna be there for a long time!
  • supernintendo128: And who can forget the series finale, "Victori-Yes". After Sikowitz's students reject his terrible ideas of preforming a play on a bus or preforming "Annie" underwater, he challenges them to say "yes" for the rest of the day (although they don't have to do anything dangerous or illegal), that's it. No, really. From there, it's zero plot and unfunny gags. What a great way to end a show!
  • Chimanruler 15: Do you know what else puts Tori in the scrappy heap? She hatches a plan to get Trina back into Hollywood Arts by having Robbie beaten to a pulp in "Helen Back Again," all to massage her annoying older sister's massive ego. Let me get this straight: a conceited, stuck-up, little brat like Trina gets a happy ending, but an innocent, sweet, hapless guy like Robbie doesn't? I honestly wonder why Robbie continued to hang out with a girl that blatantly disregarded his physical health. That's made even worse when you realize that, no one, besides Cat, really cares about Robbie's safety. Also, Helen ran over Robbie's new bike with her car and received no punishment for it. She didn't even apologize for doing that.
  • futuremoviewriter: The ending of "Helen Back Again" made me extremely angry, but for me personally, "Driving Tori Crazy" garnered just as much if not more offense. While Tori had become annoying in later episodes before this one, this was essentially a Tori Torture Porn at its worse ("Ice Cream for Ke$ha" was a torture porn too, but it was fun and ended well at the same time). This one may end well too I suppose, but Tori constantly having to go through torturous trip to school after torturous trip to school was not fun to sit through, did not make it worth it in any way and I did not laugh at much of it if at all. The two biggest offenses to me in the episode trumped everything though. First, when Tori is justifiably complaining to her mother about how hard it's been, her mother gets her to close her eyes, block her ears and count. It seems like it's a means to calm Tori down and get her to relax, but nope! It's actually so she can leave the room, not hear Tori's whining and ignore the problem! What parent does that??? Even for a Nick Sitcom, that is a low blow! I know you like to make adults look like idiots, but that's so mean-spirited, it came off as utterly unbelievable! Then, Tori and Cat find out about the party bus she could rent to get to school peacefully and asks Cat multiple times in that conversation to not tell anyone else about it. Cat agrees multiple times not to and assures Tori she has made it abundantly clear. Cue the Gilligan Cut where everyone is on the bus the next morning and Tori complains to Cat that she told her not to tell anyone and Cat's response? "You didn't make that clear." Before Sam & Cat fully made Cat The Scrappy (as well as Sam too), that supposed joke in this one episode was completely and utterly bottom of the barrel for any Nick show and for Cat herself as well.
  • Mighty Mewtron: A lot of this show frustrates me as a theater enthusiast, but the second episode already brings the terrible lessons on theater. The lesson of "The Bird Scene" is that asking for feedback on acting is wrong and one should just be happy with their own choices. While self confidence is important in acting, of course, that doesn't mean the actor should ignore criticism, especially a novice like Tori (note how she never even tries to improve her acting technique in the episode and focuses solely on effects like costume- though this is justified by Rule of Funny.) Listening to feedback, especially in a medium dependent on an audience, is how anyone gets good at something! The subplot is also uncomfortable and implies men only attend dance class to meet girls. The way the boys crowded around the single girl in the class was very unsettling. The episode really shows how the show tends to fail when trying to teach performing arts.
Zoey 101
  • Animeking 1108: The final episode of Zoey 101 with the whole Logan/Quinn subplot. To keep their relationship a secret, Quinn goes with Dustin. When they finally become open about the relationship, it ends with Dustin running off crying and heartbroken, and that's the last we see of him in the entire series. A narcissistic Jerkass like Logan gets a happy ending, but not the main character's brother? Zoey didn't even talk to Quinn about using her brother like that? This was only an early warning sign of Dan Schneider losing it as a writer.
    • Shadow 200: Considering our Heroine has ditched him when he had his arm stuck in a vending machine and couldn't get out leaving him for who knows how long, it's not a real surprise she wouldn't say anything about it.
  • Chimanruler 15: My entry is "Drippin" from Season 3 of Zoey 101. Logan pays Dustin to bring him a care package, which contains a nice cell phone with impressive features. Logan knows that it's currently not legal in America, but he doesn't question why until it is brought up at the end of the episode. Anyway, Dustin wants to spend time with Zoey by taking her to dinner, but Zoey's busy. Instead, he decides to watch a scary movie with Michael, Chase, and Logan, but Zoey forbids him from doing it. Dustin watches the movie with the guys, anyway, and ends up getting scared. He runs to Zoey for comfort, and Zoey gets angry at what had happened. Does Zoey punish Dustin for his disobedience? No. Instead, she and her two roommates punish Michael, Logan, and Chase by slapping the backs of their heads twice for something that was Dustin's decision in the first place, and Dustin lets it happen. It doesn't help that this female violence against men is played for laughs. Yes, the guys shouldn't have let him watch the scary movie, but the blame is still on Dustin for choosing to watch it. Besides, Zoey didn't instruct the guys not to let him watch the movie, so she had no reason to say that they disobeyed her. While Dustin shouldn't have watched the movie, Zoey is not his parent and has no control over his actions, something that was established in "Defending Dustin" from Season 1. Anyway, Dustin whores himself out for the rest of the episode by acting like a scared little kid just to spend time with his sister and receives no punishment for any of his actions whatsoever. This plot could have been done so much better. Meanwhile, Logan, Michael, Chase, and every other boy in the boys' dorms are constantly woken up by fire alarms in the middle of the night. It isn't until the third time that it's discovered that frequencies emitted by Logan's cell phone are the cause of the fire alarms, which is why it wasn't legal in America. All of the boys, except Michael and Chase, get mad at Logan and want to beat him up. Instead of stopping the boys, Dean Rivers and the firefighters decide to get some coffee instead. Needless to say, Logan gets beaten up, and no one cared enough to help. Michael and Chase even laughed at Logan's injuries. There's a third plot in which Michael tries to start a new slang word, only for it to backfire on him at the end of the episode when he doesn't receive any credit for its popular use. This entire episode is poorly done.
  • futuremoviewriter: There were some pretty bad moments in this otherwise good show, but for me, "The Radio" had little to nothing good in it and is by far, the absolute worst one. First off, Stacey unintentionally spreading the rumor that Zoey found out the radio's true worth and making it sound like she wasn't gonna tell Chase (which he actually sort of guessed on his own) made her The Scrappy for me (this and her behavior in "Goodbye Zoey?"). Then, Chase, when he thinks she knew about the radio's true worth and didn't tell him, doesn't let Zoey get a word in so she can explain and get him to understand how she saw it on her end. This gets her mad to the point that she doesn't even try to explain and refuses to give the radio back. Next, the group becomes split on who's in the right and who's in the wrong (Lola and Michael side with Chase, Quinn and Logan side with Zoey) and it's all very abrasive and mean-spirited in both scenes when they all argue about it. How any of this could be Played for Laughs is beyond me. When the fighting gets out of hand, they decide to get a mediator as a neutral third party to settle the argument reasonably who sides with Zoey. Big problem though, the mediator is Mark! Mark at the time was Quinn's boyfriend! Of course he's going to side with her because he knows he'd be in big trouble if he didn't! How everyone failed to realize this or take it into account is completely beyond me! Not to mention the subplot of Mark waiting for the right moment to kiss Quinn is stupid and dull. Then, after Zoey and Chase reconcile, Chase's grandfather, knowing the radio's true value now, comes and takes it back! Everything should not be just fine now after all that strife that everyone had to go through! Even years later, I'm still extremely angry at how this episode played out! This is "Arnold Betrays Iggy" bad! Thank God for Zoey 101 episodes that came after like "Hands on a Blix Van" but even that one can't make me forget about how God awful this one was.


  • Animeking 1108: I don't really watch How To Rock that much, but the episode I just watched assured I won't be doing it again. The B-Plot of the episode involved the Bishōnen having an embarassing Yearbook photo, and the Black Best Friend and The Scrappy (yeah, I didn't take the time to learn their names) are so hell bent on finding out what it is. First, they have his sister bring it to them, but the picture was cut out. The Black Best Friend then has the nerve to call her evil for it. Because, god forbid there actually be a loving sibling on a Nick-Com. They finally get the picture because The Scrappy used a Paper-Thin Disguise over the phone, and the principal bought it! When the Bishōnen finally gets his zit cleared out, he's about to get a good year book picture, but the Black Best Friend and The Scrappy show up with the picture of his mouth hanging open. With his face aghast, the photographer still takes the picture, ruining his yearbook photo. And fans of this series wonder why it's getting cancelled? With characters as unlikable as these, I fully understand why.
  • webster24: While I don't mind Henry Danger, one episode just had a bitter ending to watch, and that would be "Birthday Girl Down". Basically, the plot is about how Henry is banned from Debbie Putch's birthday party since he was accused of setting the speed on the ball machine to 11 and causing her to fall off the roof. He successfully proves that he was not the one that did it, and Henry is permitted to stay. But right after that, just when it looks like Henry has learned his lesson (a moral that's rare in Dan Schneider shows), Debbie says that she's going to jump on her trampoline. The second she said the words "right near the roof", I knew exactly what was going to happen. And I was right - Henry gets a balloon that's stuck on the lights near the roof, and he jumps onto the trampoline and hits it the same time as Debbie, which causes her to fly off the roof and onto the pavement again. That basically ruined the entire thing, because just as it was looking to be cute that she was accepting his apology, he conveys that he's learned nothing. So much for that.
  • Space Protagonist: I previously said I'd give you the Henry Danger episode: "Henry's Frittle Problem", but now, I'm giving you a character's personality from I Am Frankie. At the end of season 1, Andrew made a Heroic Sacrifice to help Frankie escape, and risked being captured and used by WARPA. We should be proud of him, except for one little detail. When the gang helped Andrew escape from WARPA, he proved to be a jerk. Andrew refused to listen to his own creator because he thought he was using him, he's quick to trust Simone, an android who was introduced in Season 2. Plus, when James tried to introduce Andrew to the critics, Andrew and Simone thought he was being a selfish fame-seeking jerk, but look... when he went to school, he was proud to suck up the fame centered around him, and use it to his advantage, and he tried to sabotage James' interview just to hang out with his stupid android girlfriend. I didn't think it was possible to make a sacrifice maker unlikable, but Congratulations, you managed to prove me wrong!


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