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  • Abuse Is Okay When It Is Female on Male - To hell with that! If you hit me, I'm hitting you back! Male or Female! That is gender equality.
  • Double Standard - Some people never shut up about how hard and unfair these "poor women" have it when they're more than willing to enjoy anything that benefits them (especially if it's at a man's expense).
  • Every. Single. Pro-Slash./Anti-Het. Trope. Ever. - People prefer heterosexual pairings in their shows/fan fiction. Nobody has to put up with your Opinion Myopia, get over it Yaoi Fangirls. Same goes to the Yuri Fans.
  • First Girl Wins - Just because she's the female lead (usually) doesn't mean she's obligated let alone have priority of hooking up with the male lead. Get over it, people!
  • Karma Houdini - I'm a bit more lenient depending upon the situation, but for the most part if someone hasn't gotten their just desserts after crossing the Moral Event Horizon in one of my stories, they will in the next.
  • Sassy Black Woman - Do I even need to explain why?
  • True Art Is Angsty - No, I don't believe that depressing equals better!
  • The Unfair Sex - All it does is give women an excuse to be complete unbearable bitches without any consequences at all, knowing full well that they'd be screaming for retribution if the shoe was on the other foot.
  • What Measure Is A Non Bad Ass - Just because a character isn't a raging, insufferable, walking pile of testosterone doesn't mean they're horrible characters. The fact that many people these days follow this trope to a T is depressing.

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