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iCarly makes its name in Comedic Sociopathy, characters being Jerkasses, and multiple moments of Kick the Dog and Getting Crap Past the Radar. However, it can only go so far before it begins annoying or offending people for the wrong reason.

Keep in mind: as with all Dan Schneider shows, iCarly runs on Comedic Sociopathy (as mentioned), sadomasochistic tendencies and Bellisario's Maxim, along with characters being Butt Monkeys and/or Karma Houdinis. Thus, while you might have laughed at something that someone else lists here, it might be the other way around, and vice versa. So we obviously won't just zap your entry, but you should be prepared to do even more explaining than normal as to what makes it a DMoS.


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     Season 1 
  • lightning37: "iStakeout". The main plot (where the police stay at Carly and Spencer's loft to track a clerk who they think is selling pirated DVDs) wasn't that funny, but the sub-plot was even worse. Because of some stupid bet about what MPEG stands for, Sam makes Freddie get a tattoo of her on his arm. And Carly does nothing about it. So after Freddie spends the whole episode trying to hide it from his mom as hard as possible, near the very end, Mrs. Benson sees it, and gets mad. Once again, Carly says nothing to back him up. After Mrs. Benson angrily takes Freddie to get it removed, we find out that the tattoo Sam's cousin made was temporary. Seriously? I know I wasn't the only one who wanted to punch Sam in the face after that.
  • Kashima Kitty: The episode that did it for me was the one where one of Carly's teachers had just broken up with her boyfriend. The students watch her lie on top of her desk, sobbing hysterically. When Carly goes up to console her, said teacher snaps and starts being a huge Jerkass toward her students. After Spencer goes to talk to her, the two end up dating, and we start seeing just WHY her boyfriend broke up with her abusive, controlling self, while she lets her students slack off. Carly and friends push Spencer to keep dating her despite the obvious issues she has, and when he finally decides he's had enough, she goes into 100% Jerkass mode. Carly and co come up with a plan to put a stop to it, involving their webshow. I expected something heartwarming like, they would get her ex-boyfriend to watch the show and have her talk about how much she misses him. I was watching the wrong show. Instead, they get her to mention that she downloaded mp3s off the internet, and get the police to watch, thus having her arrested.
    • Lucymae2: I have to say that Carly's teacher was being a Jerkass, and that she didn't really deserve to have a boyfriend because she was basically just a terrible person. However, the fact that she's making Carly, Sam, and Freddie, her students, do physical labor such as jumping jacks and washing her car just seems so unrealistic to me. Didn't they say in "iGot Detention" that the principal doesn't approve of physical punishments? They could've just gone to the principal and told him about what was going on, but instead they try to take matters into their own hands and end up making the situation much worse, like they do in practically every episode.

     Season 2 
  • Mack: "iMeet Fred". Freddie says that he doesn't think Fred's videos are very funny. Not bad. Not terrible. Not "Fred should stop", just "not that funny". Fred sees this and tells the world that he's not going to make any more videos because of what Freddie said. Freddie is immediately ostracised by everyone, including everyone at school and his school groups, his family and Sam, while nobody — not even on the internet — seems to be relieved that Fred's gone (because, you know, the entire world population just loves Fred so much). Not even Carly stands by him. When the trio go to Fred's house to confront him (in a high tree house), Freddie refuses to take back what he said. Sam then picks up a tennis racquet, takes Freddie into a room off-camera, and proceeds to beat him to a pulp with the racquet, to the point where she breaks it on him. Under threat of more beatings, Freddie finally takes back what he said. At this point, it's revealed that Fred didn't even care about what was said; it was all a ploy to get more viewers. Sam then throws Freddie out of the tree house. The apparent moral of this story? "It's okay to have an opinion, as long as it's not an unpopular one, and beating someone to make them change their views is acceptable".
    • MsBeauty: In addition, nobody gets mad at Fred! Before they found out that Fred was lying, nobody stopped and said "Fred's being overdramatic" or "He needs to chill; it's just one bad review". When he admits to lying, no one gets mad at him for it. Moral: "It's okay to lie to get attention".
    • Luna Veg 87: The fact that this episode was another Freddie Torture Porn isn't what gets me the most (one of the reasons I generally dislike this show in general is that it uses one of my least favorite tropes as a substitute for good character writing and instead as a Take That! to what the creator considers Acceptable Targets). What really annoys me is the purpose of the torture. Everyone in the entire world turns on Freddie just because he says he thinks Fred is not that funny (which is a much more generous criticism than a lot of online personalities tend to get, regardless of their overall popularity), and the kid is beaten with a tennis racket by Sam later until he takes back his opinion. So really, the only point of the Freddie torture was just to make Fred look good (even that gets undermined when Fred (or Lucas Cruikshank) admits to just faking his Rage Quit just for publicity. Yeah... how is the fact that he lied (and let Freddie get beaten within an inch of his life for basically no reason at all) supposed to make him look good? Really, it backfires all-around).
    • CantNotLookAtThisSite: What always got me about this episode is the fact that in Real Life, Fred is pretty much the Justin Bieber of the web comedy circuit: you either love him, or you spout vile insults about him at every opportunity. Why Fred (and Lucas Cruikshank) is depicted as an all-loved, wonderful, Chairman Mao-like cult of personality is beyond me. I mean, at least Freddie didn't say Fred should consider killing himself or other unpleasant things — as many, many, many people on YouTube say every day. This episode is just vile. Of course, the pathetically unfunny video montage at the end doesn't help. Paddling pools, screaming, cabbages. It's something that would captivate the sense of humour of a six-year-old child (admittedly that's probably the target demographic for this show, but my point still stands). If anything, the montage at the end proves Freddie right, and that's pretty much the icing on this cake of total crap.
    • Lucymae2: I have to agree with this one, too. The fact that nobody lets Freddie get away with expressing his own opinion kinda made me realize that when a majority of the characters like something, they will view liking it as a fact and not an opinion, and will torment anyone who disagrees. Usually the one who gets tormented is Freddie. And I agree with Freddie that the Fred videos are crap, and all my friends agree with me too, but it just goes to show what horrible influences (I'm not going to say friends) Carly and Sam are on Freddie.
    • AntMan: A slightly more minor one, but it still bugged this trooper: when Freddy says he doesn't find the videos funny, the best argument Carly and Sam give is that they're really popular and have a lot of hits. That has nothing to do with how funny they actually are! (Okay, well maybe a little, but it's still a crappy argument) Hell, at this point, I could be saying the same thing about the show itself.
    • Lionheart0: Even ignoring the Fred Shilling, the true icing on the cake was Sam beating Freddie to a pulp with a tennis racket. There's a fine line when a Comedic Sociopath actually turns into a Sociopath. The fact that people continued to ship the couple after that display is just ridiculous.
    • KrazyTVWatcher: To me, this is, without a doubt, one of the worst iCarly episodes I have ever seen. I mean, just because someone hates something you like doesn't mean you can outright harass them, let alone writing death threats.

  • Monkeyfightclub: This Troper isn't too fond of iCarly. Maybe it's because I'm not part of the intended audience. But iGo to Japan grinds my gears. There were lots of unfunny jokes, teenagers and grown adults yelling there and there. Some nitpicks, like deserts being in Japan, and a left-handed Toyota (Scion) in Japan. They portray Asians as idiots (again.), and this troper is perplexed as why are these in-universe webshows nominated? The nominees for best comedy webshow include a popular webshow hosted by teenage girls who are usually yelling and doing stupid stuff, a poorly done Widget show involving Siamese twins and oversized hands, and a French Jerk with a puppet dog. The truly dumb moment in question? The iCarly gang has to explain situation to the Japanese guards so they would let them in the award show. They do it by playing charades. Not only do they make themselves and the guards look like idiots, but the guards bought all what they're saying. Freddie hacks the screen system, and puts the whole moment on screen. The audience thinks it's funny, and iCarly is given the best comedy webshow award. The guards arrest the Japanese twins for their crime. That's a Deus ex Machina if I ever saw one.
    • ManInTheMoon: I'm watching this episode right now, and one line made me cringe. When the two Japanese web comedians are fighting, Carly insists that Freddie gets involved. Why? "You're a boy, do something!" Okay, back up. This is the inarguable Butt-Monkey of the show we are talking about here. The guy who is constantly abused both emotionally and physically by resident Jerk Ass Sam, and was shown up by his mother during a fencing match (because Glob forgive the creators actually let Freddie be independently interested in and physically capable of something). So why does Carly encourage Freddie to fight? She usually laughs along when other characters abuse and tease him, and much of this abusing and teasing involves poor Freddie's weak physical ability and lack of obvious masculinity (both of which are moot after a certain point due to Nathan Kress going through a growth spurt, and yet they still torment him). Seriously, this is probably the worst case of Double Standard on this show. And that's saying something.
    • Eddy1215: You forgot about the part where Freddie's mom admitted she had a tracking chip planted in his brain when he was born! Seriously, how unethical can you get?!

  • excaruso: "iTwins". It was stupid how Freddie was in such denial thinking Melanie was Sam in disguise. Even after Spencer knows about her, after she tells him that she's real, she calls him cute, and even says, "Would Sam do...this?" and kisses him straight on the lips, and when Sam says that wasn't her who did that, and you can easily spot the difference between their voices... Freddie refuses to buy it. Then, right after Freddie leaves, we see her arrive to get in the elevator with both Carly and Sam. And later in "iThink They Kissed" we learn that Freddie still doesn't believe her existence. Note to the writers of iCarly: We know you guys hate nerds, but seriously, Freddie is not that gullible! If we get another Melanie episode, I sure hope it isn't anything like this. Ugh.
    • AntMan: Well, technically, in "iThink They Kissed", he implied he was actually starting to believe it. Agree with the rest though. "I have to admit, I'm impressed by how fast you were able to walk all the way around to here and change your hair and clothes" Hey, genius, not only is it impressive, but since she's not The Flash, it's fucking impossible. Seriously, isn't he supposed to be the smart one?

  • Heroshii 15: iDate a Bad Boy. The trailers leading up to it were hyping this twist ending as to her "bad" boyfriend's secret. What's the secret? He collects a Beanie Babies Captain Ersatz. This gets by Carly, Sam and Freddie treated like it's the worst thing a boy could do. Really Schneider? Was that really the worst thing the censors would let you get away with? This is made even worse by the fact that these were the same people that created a webshow on the basis of, "kids can do whatever they want, no matter what society says."
    • CJ Croen 1393: Griffin, the bad boy in question, may well have set a record for "fastest Character Derailment ever". Before The Reveal he's the typical punk rock, possibly a criminal, leather wearing motorcycle riding tough guy. After the reveal, he's a blithering, obsessed Manchild. No lead in. No segue. Nothing hinting at it beforehand. The idea of him being ashamed of/trying to hide his collection doesn't work. He's obviously proud of it when he introduces it. And we're apparently supposed to assume that he's always been completely obsessed with these things. It would be easier if you, oh I don't know, hinted at it? Maybe given some foreshadowing? There's also the Unfortunate Implications that come with this. Remember guys, if you like things that were made for little girls, then you're a sorry excuse for a man and no girl will ever want to date you.
    • Bob The Hun: I'll agree that iDate A Bad Boy was a Dethroning Moment of Suck, but for a different reason. The Family-Unfriendly Aesop that if you like someone, you can date them regardless of the fact your legal guardian doesn't approve. Whether you feel its okay for teenagers to date or not, it's not for the kid to decide, it's up to the parents(or in this case, Spencer) whether the kid's ready to date or not. But Carly just does what she wants and acts like it's her call. It wouldn't be so bad if she was an adult living on her own, but she's a teenager. This isn't about whether teens should or shouldn't date, it's about how the episode implies you don't have to obey your parents if you feel they're wrong (how is a kid gonna know if their parents are wrong?) In addition to being a Family-Unfriendly Aesop, it's a Broken Aesop. The message they wanted to convey is messed up by making her boyfriend a thug and troublemaker. It might have worked if he was a good guy that Spencer misjudged, but he's a guy that Spencer has every right to keep Carly away from. Thus the "you should let Carly make her own choices" message is ruined.
  • RA2: No shortage of options in the show, but the one that takes the cake is iLook Alike, or more appropriately iThink it's Getting Chilly in Hell Because Spencer Finally Grew a Pair. Spencer forbids Carly from going to an MMA event because he thinks it's too violent for them. So, the Karma Houdini trio come up with the half baked plan to hire some lookalikes to cover for them note , which proves to be just as stupid an idea as it sounds when Spencer near-instantly blows the lid off. Spencer tracks them down and starts lambasting them, and an MMA fighter throws him through a table. In any reasonable show, it would end with said fighter in jail, Spencer in the hospital, and Carly serving her much due grounding. Instead, they just plonk the possibly-critical-condition Spencer on the couch, leave him alone, and he comes to and gargles out "you're grounded;" unlikely that that message ever actually makes it to Carly. This one takes the cake because while Carly always acts like an entitled bitch and rarely respects laws or any kind of authority, she seemed to have some semblance of respect for her brother. How can she be considered a good person when her guardian gives her just one rule to follow and she instantly breaks it?
    • Dark Lady Celebrian: iLook Alike is my DMOS as well. Carly acts like a complete entitled brat in this episode, and the worst part is it's portrayed as perfectly acceptable and Carly and her friends get away with it scot-free. The MMA fighter beating up Spencer was horrible to watch, and even more horrible is that he's portrayed to be in the right! The episode seems to be saying that Spencer deserved to get beat up for daring to say no to Carly for what's probably the first time in the entire series. This episode is basically what did it for the entire show, in my opinion.
  • Frnmmma 25: i Go Nuclear is this for me because of how the teacher handed out the grades. Freddie's project, which he put an incredible amount of time and money on, is given a bad grade because the hippie teacher thought that it cost too much resources to get the imported worms as composters in the first place, even though once the initial investment is done, you could just breed those worms and be much better down the line. Sam's project, however, is given an A, even though she only thought about it at that second, and her entire project on how we could be more eco-friendly just consisted of "eat plants, and then compost them", which she only came up with because she was eating an orange in class right before she was supposed to give her project. The teacher likes her idea so much, that he gives her an A, even though she didn't even do any planning before the project was due, and was only doing it by the seat of her pants. In Art class, kids are graded by the effort they put into their work, and whether they follow the guidelines because some kids have natural talent and only have to do a half finished sketch to make something look pretty, while another kid may have a mural that he worked days on, but it looks like crap because he has shitty art skills, regardless of how hard he tries. This wasn't like they had to write an essay, and then it could be judged on the technical aspects, this was basically an art project, where everyone who put actual effort and thought into their project had to go on a shitty trip to the woods alone with their hippie teacher, while the kid who did absolutely nothing managed to avoid that! Come on, why wasn't hippie teacher fired!? Who approved of this idiot as a teacher? All in all, this was just an excuse to screw over Freddie and and give the Jerk Ass Jerk Sue Sam rewards for something that she didn't deserve. What the fuck is with the writers?

     Season 3 

  • FromtheWordsofBR: "iSpace Out". I actually find this show to be a guilty pleasure, but this episode was just horrible. In this episode, the iCarly team gets invited to a competition against another webshow, Exercise Rox. The winner of the competition gets to do a webshow IN SPACE! But, before they can do that, they have to do tests to see if they withstand the basics of space travel. All goes well...until they have to do the space pod test. That's when Carly, Sam and Freddie start getting Space Madness, but Carly manages to make Sam and Freddie look tame. At this point, she develops claustrophobia and can't take it anymore, and breaks the window of the pod to escape from it, thus disqualifying the iCarly team in the competition. This ending is especially horrible because the hype for this episode was built around iCarly doing a webshow in space! I know it was an attempt to avoid a Jumping the Shark moment, but talk about about a "Shaggy Dog" Story!
  • Nightfurywitch My DMOS would have to go to this episode’s subplot. While the trio are gone, Spencer starts seeing a little girl. At first he thinks he’s just hallucinating, until she hits him. And does the episode end with us finding out who this little girl is, or even why she’s there? Nope! The little girl never says a word! The episode ends with the little girl now bugging Carly! This might be even more of a "Shaggy Dog" Story than the main plot!
  • Chimanruler 15: I've decided to change my entry to "iThink They Kissed" because I want everyone to know just how much of a huge bitch Carly Shay is. Firstly, when Spencer was telling Carly about his day, Carly outright ignored him, and when he told her to calm down, she hit him a few times without even apologizing. Secondly, she attempted to get Freddie to reveal his secret by using physical force on him. Thirdly, she told Sam that she found out about the kiss, despite agreeing not to mention it for Freddie's sake, and when Sam attacked Freddie, she did nothing about it. Fourthly, when the gang was tied up, she blamed Freddie for it even though she caused it by telling the escaped convicts where the duct tape was. Fifthly, she cannot learn to mind her own business. Carly, your friends don't need to tell you everything about their lives. Yes, you all promised not to keep secrets from each other, but promised =/= entitled. If they want to keep something to themselves, they have every right to do so, but considering that this is Carly Shay we are talking about, a girl who is manipulative, spoiled, whiny, entitled, rude, enabling of abuse, and dismissive of laws, privacy, and authority, it's really no surprise that she would behave in such a disgusting manner. The only good thing about this episode was when Freddie managed to pin down Carly. Just what did Freddie ever see in this girl?

     Season 4 

  • LLSmoothJ: iOMG: I only watch this series occasionally and Carly's actions towards Freddie in iParty with Victorious was eye roll-worthy. But let's rewind back to iOMG. I think we all know exactly what this is about. The fact that promos for the follow up episode implies that they start dating motivated me enough to add this entry. So you mean to tell me that after all the hell she put Freddie through, Sam Puckett, possibly the worst love interest and biggest Jerk Sue since Naru freaking Narusegawa, all of a sudden is in love with Freddie and now they're going to start dating? Esoteric Happy Ending doesn't even begin to describe this, knowing where this is likely heading, as I believe Freddie can do and deserves a lot better than Sam or her glorified enabler Carly.
  • AntMan: "iDo". Did we really need to see an entire episode of the gang getting blamed for things completely beyond their control? Seriously, nobody yelled at the bride for saying she loved someone else at the altar? And the B-plot was boring.
  • Mighty Mewtron: While I think the Seddie arc is the worst thing this show ever did, and there are definitely worse episodes on this page, one episode that really bugs me is iHire an Idiot. Carly and Sam hire a attractive but painfully stupid intern who does damage to the show like spilling lemonade on Freddie's laptop during a broadcast. Personally I find jokes about painful stupidity unfunny, but YMMV. What I don't like is how the girls refuse to fire him because he's really hot, only complying because Freddie hires an equally stupid female intern and they want her fired. The female intern, however, turns out to be Obfuscating Stupidity to help Freddie convince the girls to fire the male intern. Carly and Sam can be boy crazy at times, but this paints them as superficial hypocrites who sacrifice the quality of their show just to look at hot guys. It almost comes across as sexist.
  • TheInterlang: "iGot a Hot Room". This episode, which kicked off the fourth season, was my D Mo S. It was the beginning of a time where every episode was treated and promoted like a special, and it also marked a transition to unrealistic plots and gimmicks. iCarly was once a realistic fiction show; plenty of teenagers in Real Life have created web shows, and the show was an inspiration for many to make a YouTube account. This episode begins with a gummy bear table lamp catching on fire and destroying Carly's room, but somehow not destroying the rest of the apartment. There is no smoke damage to the iCarly studio, or water damage to the main floor. At the end of the episode, we see the new room, filled with all kinds of sci-fi gimmicks and other props. An electronic rotating wardrobe controlled by iPad? A magic mirror? Then there was the gummy bear chandelier, made with flame-retardant gummy bears (the word "retardant" was probably chosen for shock value, because it resembles a particular slur). And the room was already spoiled on every ad for the episode, so there was not even any suspense.

     Season 5 
  • Danjorw 1: The Fatcakes episode was the peak of the DMoS to me. When did Sam get that dumb. True, she was never book smart, but so dumb she couldn't answer a simple American question, not to mention being dumb enough to live in the country without an ID? It also seems like they stopped with the Radar humor, which is odd considering the entire cast is grown except Gibby. Wouldn't it make more sense to make off-color jokes when you are grown? Its like they forgot what made the show a hit.
    • starkitty93: I liked the episode up until the last few minutes or so where Carly and her date are mocking the date's sister for being 18 and having no license, I was 18 and licenseless when I saw this episode and that just fueled some hatred in me, the Victorious episode "Driving Tori Crazy" did something similar with Andre and Beck making fun of Tori for being 16 and licenseless.

  • White Chedda Pikachu: iCan't Take It is one the the absolute worst episodes of this entire show, in my opinion. It's part of the awful Seddie arc, which ended up providing much evidence as to why they shouldn't be a couple, and this episode comes after one where Sam an Freddie argued every five minutes about petty things. It begins with Carly asking Sam if it's going better with Freddie. She responds by saying they only had 3 fights this week and Sam didn't hit him, not in the face anyway. How nice of her to lower her Domestic Abuse. It's shown that how they act in their relationship is causing issues for others around them. For example, the first scene of the episode has Freddy showcasing a scene for iCarly he just finished editing, but he focused solely on Sam, literally editing Carly out of the frame. This is something that one would consciously and knowingly have to do. He is so obsessed with Sam that he forgot he was doing his job and messed up footage. And then later it's shown that Gibby is now the butt for Sam's abuse since she's dating Freddy, and it's not very nice either. He says she doesn't have to pick on anyone and she responds by hurting him more. Sam and Freddie also haven't told Ms. Benson about their relationship because obviously she would burst into flames if she found out her son was dating Sam, and I mean, considering how Sam is and how she treated Freddie not long before they began dating, it's not really that unreasonable that she would react this way. They have to hide from her, so they force Spencer to lie about sending Freddie to get yeast to cook bread (he later actually does it because lying makes him uncomfortable). Gibby, tired of the abuse, tells Ms. Benson about Freddie and Sam, and she screams very, very loudly. They come up with a plan to give Freddie a very valuable metal to bribe him into breaking up with Sam, but he refuses, causing her to scream and rip her shirt in a very unnerving way. Instead of, you know, trying to talk to her son about what he's doing and why she feels it isn't right, like an actual parent, but that's the least of this episodes awful morals... At some point between all this Freddie mentions a camp he wanted to go to, but he got rejected from it. This is really important later. As another example of the relationship affecting everyone else, they miss a webcast of iCarly because they were seeing a movie together. Carly has to do it with Gibby, but it ends up being so awkward that she cancels it after a minute. She is understandably angered by this, and later Gibby reveals he had told Ms. Benson about their relationship. Sam then beats him up badly enough to dislocate his breast bone, and also kicked Spencer in the groin when he came to stop the assault.Later, the cast agrees that Sam and Freddie's relationship is negatively impacting everyone, and Carly reveals that Sam had messed up Freddie's application to the camp he really wanted to go to. So they plan to show him the application to prompt Freddie to break up with Sam. They show it to him and he is obviously really hurt by this, because this camp could have help him get into any college he wanted, and it was just something he really wanted in general. Sam states it was four months before they started dating and apologizes, but Freddie doesn't want to hear it. Now, what was it that prompted her to do such a thing? She asked Freddie the time, and he didn't know. Carly feels guilty about revealing the fact that Sam ruined a big opportunity for Freddie, so she tells them that they shouldn't let this thing break them up. Gibby suddenly doesn't want to get in the way of "young love" and escorts Ms. Benson out of the room. This change in motivation just happens for no apparent reason. Freddie tries to express again what Sam did, and how much it hurt, but Carly just tells him to forget about it, twice! She pushes them to kiss, Gibby sings, Spencer cries while eating yeast, the end.
So the moral is, if your significant other has repeatedly harmed you in all ways possible for years, has actively tried to ruin your life over petty things, then it's ok, you should get over it, and your opinion doesn't matter. Freddie is basically shut down for being understandably upset over losing this thing he wanted, and Carly just tells him "who cares" and tells them to continue this bad relationship, which not a few minutes before this she was mad over. As was Gibby, who just all of a sudden supports it. The same Gibby who revealed the relationship to Ms. Benson in the first place, and the same Gibby who was taking Sam's abuse to the point he was actually seriously injured. And frankly that just isn't fair, and it makes no sense. Freddie isn't being unreasonable. Sam was being petty and weakly begs for forgiveness. Carly can't be decisive over anything. Ms. Benson, beig Freddie's mom, should be allowed to at least know who her son is dating, and if she doesn't accept it, then maybe she and Freddie should have an actual proper talk about things instead of bribery and hiding. Gibby didn't really do anything wrong by telling Ms. Benson, but then he just suddenly goes against her with weak/no motives. Spencer's subplot is practically nonexistent.The only thing I liked about this episode was Carly's Pun "last but not yeast".


     Season 6 
  • Marky JJ: In iGo One Direction, the main plot was pretty decent, but Spencer's subplot was horrible. He pretends to be a personal exercise trainer to impress a hot woman, but it turns out her bratty daughter is the one who wants the training, not her. Spencer works her to bits, and then tells her she has a crappy personality. He gives her a makeover, which she thinks makes her look terrible, and she just runs off. Spencer isn't satisfied that there's no resolution. Neither was I, and overall it felt pretty meaningless. It ended abruptly and with no creativity at all, and was unpleasant to watch.

     Season 7 
  • Animeking 1108: iLost My Head in Vegas showed both Flanderization and Character Derailment. After Gibby was conned out of his money, the Pawn Stars found Gibby's fake head, and it caught the attention of a customer. It was Gibby's prized possession, so he justifiably refuses the offer, but Sam uses the Vulcan Nerve Pinch and sold it while he was knocked out. Let me rephrase that: Carly, Sam, and Freddie stole something of Gibby's and sold it. I get that Gibby was tossed the Idiot Ball, but if they had Gibby willingly part with the head to make up for this screw up, I would have been fine with it. But they just had to screw Gibby over, and there was no indication that they would pay him back either. They just end it with Spencer in the shower. If this weren't already the final season, I would have Rage Quit by now.


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