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  • In the Daffy Duck cartoon "Plane Daffy" a soldier tries to shoot himself after confessing a military secret to a spy. He goes outside to the hallway, closes the door, we hear a shot, then he opens the door again and says: "Uh,... I missed!"
    • The Porky Pig cartoon "Porky's Romance" sees Porky, distraught over being cruelly rejected by his selfish love Petunia, hanging himself on a tree branch in one of the sadder scenes to be found in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Of course, this being Looney Tunes, Mood Whiplash comes into play when the branch snaps off under his weight.
  • In South Park, the episode where the homeless are like zombies, the scientist decides it's Better to Die than Be Killed, but each attempted shot (except the last) destroys his head a little more without killing him. By the end, he is writhing on the floor disgustingly, gargling and bleeding. Ick.
    • Another South Park example: in "Elementary School Musical", Cartman tries to commit suicide (over High School Musical's popularity) by sitting in his mom's car in the garage with the engine running. This doesn't work since his mom drives a hybrid.
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    • In the "Coon and Friends" story arc, Kenny, aware of his immortality, sometimes shoots himself in front of his friends in the frustration of them not being able to remember his deaths. In fact, when he and the other heroes are sent to R'lyeh by Cthulhu and Cartman, he fatally falls on a spike because he'd escape R'lyeh by waking up back home. At the end of the episode, he says he's going to go to bed by shooting himself in the head, knowing that he'll just wake up in his bed the next morning.
    • In "Britney's New Look", Britney Spears blows half her head off with a shotgun, but survives (looking like Mike the Headless Chicken afterward). She finishes the job at the end of the episode.
  • A running gag with chronically depressed Moe Szyslak of The Simpsons.
    • In "We're on the Road to D'ohwhere," he relates how he tried to hang himself, but the rope broke. So he sued the rope manufacturer, who gave him a huge cash settlement... and a new rope, which is already tied into a noose.
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    • In "Simpsons Christmas Stories," Moe makes three consecutive attempts: he hangs himself with a popcorn string that snaps under his weight, rides a sleigh into heavy traffic only for every single vehicle to miss him, and shoots himself in the ear, only for the gun to send a "Merry Christmas" flag out the other ear. Finally, he asks Barney to kill him as a Christmas present; however, Barney has already bought him a hat, so the heartwarmed Moe decides to live for the time being, making this an Interrupted Suicide of sorts. At the very end of the episode, however, he tries the sleigh-through-traffic method again, heading towards a loaded tractor-trailer, which of course misses him ("All eighteen wheels," as he notes bitterly).
    • Moe apparently succeeded once in a Treehouse of Horror special. Unfortunately, Homer had just killed the Grim Reaper so no one could die. Moe's left hanging there. "If I had known it would've taken this long, I would've put on the TV".
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    • Homer's attempted suicide in "No Loan Again, Naturally" is also played for laughs.
    • Another one played for laughs is Mr. Burns' in "The Fool Monty", where he survives an airplane hitting him, then slamming against pine tree branches and whacked away by a bear.
  • An Eastern European cartoon humorously showed a despondent man trying suicide and failing repeatedly... until he's held up at gunpoint, and abruptly fearing death, gives away his money as well as all his clothes. It ends with him naked and loving life.
  • Played for very dark, Mood Whiplashy laughs on Adventure Time in the episode "Princess Cookie". The episode deals with a rogue cookie named Baby Snaps that is holding children hostage in a store demanding Princess Bubblegum's crown, due to his aspiration to make people happy as a child leading to him wanting to become a princess. As a child, he told the princess, who giggled at him, which he took the worst way possible. Jake, after hearing his Freudian Excuse, feels sorry for him, and helps him to escape. This leads to them running away from the Candy Guards and when they reach a cliff, Baby Snaps thanks Jake for making him happy and jumps off the cliff. Cue him on the ground in pieces being recovered by Candy Guards yelling "I GLUBBED UP!" ...Yeah.
  • In one episode of The Oblongs, Debbie Klymer is driven to suicide when she sees that her beautiful face has been horribly scarred. Milo tries to stop her from jumping off a bridge, but she does it... and the water is way too shallow. That's actually why Milo wanted to stop her — everybody in the neighborhood has tried it at one point, it just doesn't work.
  • Rick of Rick and Morty attempts this in "Auto Erotic Assimilation." After being dumped by Unity for being a destructive and negative influence on everyone around him, he attempted to vaporize his head with a heat beam. The attempt failed because he passed out on the last second and fell out of the beam's path.
  • An episode of King of the Hill has Bill becoming increasingly depressed over the Christmas period. Eventually, he tries to end his own life by jumping off the roof of his house, which isn't really that high. To bungle it up even more, Bill simply lowers himself from the roof, hanging onto it with one hand before dropping into his garden! Later on, he attempts to gas himself with an electric oven.
  • Kaeloo: A Running Gag with Stumpy, who fails at everything, is to have him try to kill himself and fail.
  • Surprisingly happens in the very first Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon. Depressed that he can't make a friend, Casper decides to let himself get run over by an oncoming train, apparently forgetting that as a ghost, he's already dead. The train just goes right through him.
  • Family Guy:
    • In the "Viewer Mail #2" segment "Fatman and Robin", Peter gains the power to turn people into Robin Williams. The next day, they eventually start annoying Peter and he tries to get out by shooting himself in the head, but his power now also affects inanimate objects and his gun turns into a miniature Williams. As he runs away from an endless swarm of Williams clones, he attempts to jump off a cliff and impale himself on a sharp rock, only for his fall to be cushioned when the rock turns into Mrs. Doubtfire.
    • In "Lois Comes Out of Her Shell", Meg tries to kill herself by OD'ing on sleeping pills, but Stewie's evil turtle Sheldon replaced them with Alka-Seltzer tablets, so all that happens is that she lets out a long burp.
    • In "Mom's the Word", after deciding that life is pointless if you're just going to die eventually anyway, Stewie tries to off himself in several ways. First, he tries to hang himself, but can't due to the shape of his head, then he attempts Suicide by Cop, but the cop he gets is Joe, who is equally depressed and wants Stewie to kill him too, then he tries an Electrified Bathtub, which only turns him into a toast-themed superhero.
  • Moral Orel: the man Orel witnesses trying to kill himself jumps off a bridge, only to find out it's only knee deep and he only breaks his neck. He's then arrested because suicide is a federal offence in Moralton.


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