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Recap / Family Guy S10 E22 "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2"

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Airdate: May 20, 2012

After 10 years, Stewie and Brian present three new stories based on suggestions from fans.

"Chap of the Manor": Best summarized as Family Guy as a (stereotypically) British sitcom. In this episode, Neville (Peter) learns that the Queen of England is coming to town, believing he is related to the Queen. when he tells his friends at the local pub, they don't believe it, so he, along with his son Collingsworth (Chris), tries to get a snippet of the Queen's hair to prove it. When their attempt at giving the Queen a haircut fails, they steal a motorcycle to get to the Queen they cause the Queen to crash and get killed. Later that night, Neville says they got the tests back and he's not related to royalty after all.

"Fat Man and Robin": Angered by a roast for Robin Williams, Peter wishes that everyone was Robin Williams. He struck by lightning and winds up in the hospital. When he touches Dr. Hartman, he turns into Robin Williams and Peter realizes that he can turn anybody he touches into the comedian. He goes on to turn almost everybody in town into Robin Williams, but he soon regrets it when he turns his family into Robin Williams. His various attempts at suicide to get away from all the Williams clones fail, so he sends them all off to journey the world, except for five he chooses to have as a substitute family. The episode ends with Peter revealing he cut off both his hands so he won't turn anyone into Robin Williams again.

"Point of Stew": We see a normal day from Stewie's point of view, where he rides down a tall slide at the playground, attempts a prank on Brian that backfires, plays in the bathtub, Lois reading him a bedtime story, going back in time to save Kurt Cobain from killing himself, and listening to Peter and Lois having sex while sleeping (which Stewie imagines is Lois and Peter sawing a tree).

This episode contains examples of:

  • Forgotten Framing Device: The episode starts with Brian and Stewie out of character talking to the camera about the mail they've received, and the first short shown is in response to a letter asking about the origin of the show. The framing device is dropped after that, showing two other unrelated shorts. This is in contrast to "Viewer Mail #1" where Brian & Stewie introduce each short, saying they were based on viewer suggestions.
  • Self-Deprecation: Stewie jokingly mentions that Family Guy is based on The Simpsons (which, in a lot of people's eyes, is a fact).

"Chap of the Manor" contains examples of:

  • Adjective Animal Alehouse: Peter drinks in a pub called "The Fox and Pig and Dog and Wolf and Cat and Fiddle and Whistle and Cock".
  • Black Comedy: Neville and Collinsworth’s pursuit of the Queen ends when they chase her into a tunnel… and her carriage crashes, in a recreation of Princess Diana’s death.
  • British Teeth: Everyone, including Brian (who is a horse in this reality instead of a dog).
  • Friendly Enemy: Unlike Peter and the Giant Chicken, Neville's fights with The Giant Pheasant are nowhere near as destructive (obviously), and they even exchange pleasantries with each other after it's over.
  • Jerkass: British Meg says she looks upon the entire family with favor. Neville immediately tells her to shut up.
  • Odd Name Out: The British versions of the Griffins each have different names, but the British version of Meg is just "British Meg."
  • Retroactive Legacy: The concept is pretending that Family Guy is an American remake of a British Sitcom.
  • Shout-Out
    • The entire segment contains British versions of old Family Guy characters and gags, including the "carton of cigarettes" gag becoming "carton of fags", the constant jabs at George W. Bush now aimed at Prince Charles, and the gag of Peter hurting his knee are now of Neville going "Tsssssss...bugger!"
    • The Stock Footage of an audience cheering.
  • Transatlantic Equivalent: In this segment, Chap of the Manor is the fictitious British show on which Family Guy was originally based on.
  • Wimp Fight: Instead of Peter and the Giant Chicken's epic fight, we get this between Neville and The Giant Pheasant.

"Fat Man and Robin" contains examples of:

  • An Arm and a Leg: Peter ultimately ends his power by cutting off his hands.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Peter wishes that everyone was Robin Williams right before getting struck by lightning, then finding out he can now turn anyone (or anything) he touches into his favorite comedian which he seems to enjoy at first. Until he realizes the flipside to having the golden touch, and soon even gets tired of all the jokes and lines from said comedian from everyone and everything he touched.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Heavy emphasis on bitter, but Peter manages to drive the Robin Williams clones away by sending them to other places to make other people laugh. But most of Peter's family members (except for Stewie, who pretends to be a Robin Williams clone to blend in) have turned into Robin Williams clones, so he keep five Williams clones as a replica of his family and has to cut off his hands offscreen to prevent himself from creating more Robin Williams clones. The segment ends with a now handless Peter seemingly losing his sanity while he has breakfast with his fake family, and Stewie sitting on a rooftop, still disguised as Robin Williams.
  • Blessed with Suck: Peter. The power to turn everything and everyone into Robin Williams soon becomes a burden when he turns his family into a bunch of Robin Williams' and they all start repeating the same lines again and again.
  • Broken Smile: Peter is shown smiling as he eats breakfast with his fake family, showing that he is losing his mind.
  • Driven to Suicide: Peter tries several times to commit suicide, but whatever he touches turns into Robin Williams, ranging from the gun he was going to shoot himself with to a car that crashed into him; he even jumps off a cliff and the sharp rocks he was going to hit turn into Mrs Doubtfire.
  • From Bad to Worse: Peter enjoys turning people into Robin Williams until he accidentally does so to Lois. He goes to Brian for help and accidentally does it again, leaving him completely on his own. note 
  • Madness Makeover: In the beginning, Peter's appearance is clean and well kept. But by the end of the segment, Peter's hair and clothes have become unkempt and disheveled as he is seemingly losing his mind (to say nothing of him having had his hands cut off).
  • The Magic Touch: Peter is given the ability to turn people into clones of Robin Williams.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Peter when he turns everyone and everything into Robin Williams.
  • Ominous Music Box Tune: Plays at the end.
  • Pretend We're Dead: Stewie is the only one who isn't turned into Robin Williams by doing this.
    "Alright, Rupert, all we have to do is act like Robin Williams and he'll think we've already changed."
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Peter screaming in frustration about how Robin Williams was treated on the roast.
  • Replacement Goldfish: At the end of the episode, with the entire town turned into Robin Williams clones and having lost track of who they were originally, Peter just picks five Robin clones at random to play-act at being his wife and children. He has no way of knowing if Robin!Lois or the others started out as the real one. At least in the case of Robin!Stewie, he's blatantly wrong, because the real Stewie is then seen hiding on the roof.
  • Sanity Slippage: By the end of the segment, Peter is shown looking disheveled with a brittle smile as he seems to loses his sanity while he's living with five Robin Williams clones posing as his family.
    Robin Williams clone (dressed up as Brain): Peter, can you pass the coffee?
    Peter Griffin : Sure, Brian the dog. (grabs the coffee maker with the stumps of his recently cut off hands) Anything for my family...
  • Stealth Pun: "Rockin' Robin" plays during a montage of Peter turning everybody into Robin Williams.
  • Take That!: In the last moments of the segment:
    Stewie: I'm guessing Disney wouldn't let us do the Aladdin one.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: When Peter turns Chris and Meg into Williams clones, Stewie gives a dry "We're fucked."
  • Wham Shot: Robin!Brian asks Peter for some coffee. It's when Peter gets him the coffee pot that viewers see his hands have been cut off.

"Point of Stew" contains examples of:

  • Dies Wide Open: The squirrel's eyes are wide open after Brian runs it over; Stewie closes the squirrel's eyes.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Stewie is openly disgusted by Quagmire's perverted ways, Brian's joy in running over Squirrels, Herbert in general, and Peter's drunken behavior.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: Stewie attempted to prank Brian by shoving a twinkie in his car's exhaust port. When Brian started the car, the twinkie came out, hitting Stewie in the head and knocking him over. As Stewie got back up, Brian had already started to back up, so he was forced to ride the underside to avoid getting squished.
  • Little Brother Instinct: When Stewie's under Brian's car and Brian drives by a school bus, it turns out that Herbert the Pedophile is under the bus, and Stewie tells Herbert to stay away from Chris.
  • Interrupted Suicide: Stewie goes back in time to 1994 and stops Kurt Cobain froms shooting himself.
  • Not So Above It All: While driving, Brian spots a squirrel and chases it until he runs over it.
  • Oh, Crap!: When a depressed Meg gives Stewie her ring and says it's her most prized possession, he looks over at the others and shouts "Red flag!"note 
  • P.O.V. Cam: The entire short's gimmick.
  • Time Travel: Stewie prevents Kurt Cobain from killing himself, but also makes him fat after offering him Häagen-Dazs ice cream to cure his depression.
    Stewie: Ha! You're still alive, you fat fuck!